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Capcom vs SNK 2/Dan

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CVS2 Dan CAPCOM Art.jpg
Health (at Ratio 2)
14800 High
70 Average
Dash Length
15 Frames Short
Dash Type
Hop Corpse Hop=Yes, Proj. Hop=No
Run Speed
8 Below Average
Roll Distance
140 pixels Far
Roll Duration
27f Long
Wakeup Speed compared to Ryu
0f Average


Dan Hibiki is the stupid and egotistical owner of the only dojo in the world that teaches Saikyo Style, Dan's self made martial art. Dan dedicated his life to creating and practicing martial arts after his father, Go Hibiki, was killed by Sagat. Go was known as one of Sagat's rivals, and in their last fight, gouged out Sagat's eye. In retaliation, Sagat beat him to death. Dan hunts after Sagat to this day, even after Sagat has changed and begun to atone for his crimes. However, Dan's ego and headstrong nature gets in his way a lot. He believes Saikyo is the greatest fighting style, and he is the greatest fighter in history. While he shows potential sometimes, he is overall very novice and unskilled. His belief that he is the best however holds him back from improving at all, and he constantly charges into fights that he can't win.

Famously, Dan's design is a jab at SNK devs. Once Street Fighter II: World Warrior was released, a lot of the team moved over to work for SNK. There, they created the Art of Fighting series, and the protagonist Ryo Sakazaki. Ryo shared more than a few similarities with Street Fighter's protagonist Ryu, from moves to personality to design. While Ryo has since evolved to be much more unique, Dan was created to be a mockery of Ryo in the beginning, and you can see many similarities in their moveset.


Dan is the original joke character. Most of his moves are bad on purpose, and he has very little that isn't entirely outclassed by other characters. He plays similar to the shotos like Ryu and Ken, with all-rounder normals, a fireball, and a DP. However, many of his tools are much worse overall. His fireball is tiny and doesn't go anywhere, his DP has no range and is slower than average, plus it only has invincibility randomly, and his 214K Dan Kicks barely work as combo enders at all. His supers aren't bad, but are overall underwhelming with a lot of flaws. He lacks any dangerous mixups, and his damage is much lower than average when he can even land a combo.

This isn't to say Dan doesn't have any unique strengths. The fact he is a joke character and is so underplayed is a strength in itself, as your opponent likely doesn't know the matchup. In reality, Dan's biggest strength is his j.214K Air Dan Kicks. These are great tools for mobility and getting advantage on block, and allow Dan to move around in the air more freely than almost anyone else. He also is still a shoto, and while his normals are the worst of them, he still has at least a mediocre tool for every situation

Groove Selection

Best - K/A: K-Dan is the best way to play Dan, which isn't saying much. Rage gives him a much needed damage buff, while run and hop give him better mobility and more legitimate mixups. JD doesn't work too well in his favor, but it is appreciated as a defensive tool in general. Dan's higher than average health means that he can more often have Rage as well, and his level 3 supers are actually pretty useful, making his offense a bit scarier. A-Dan gets access to all of the powerful A-Groove mechanics, and some unique and strong Custom Combos. CC in general is a powerful mechanic that Dan can abuse, though not that well. Rolls give him a much needed escape option, but without run or roll, his offense is basically nonexistent.

Useful - C: C-Dan gets all the same tools as A-Dan, plus airblocking, minus Custom Combos. Without CC his damage is a lot worse, but a solid hit into a level 2 combo actually does very respectable damage. Airblock lets him more safely take to the air, where he can abuse his Air Dan Kicks a lot more. You still have to deal with Dan's own weaknesses however.

Worst - S/N/P: All three of these Grooves are very hard to work with. S-Dan is a horrid character without meter, but with meter he at least gets to end combos in supers sometimes and replace his fireballs with the super version. Without any notable other strengths, and the necessity to charge meter, S-Dan has to give up a lot of screen space to build meter that he needs for damage. N-Dan gets run and hop, and roll too, but only having level 1 supers and having no mechanic like Rage or CC or level 2 combos to make any punish actually scary makes him very weak. N-Dan is inferior to K-Dan if you want the mobility and A-Dan if you want the rolls. P-Dan is basically worthless. Dan's meterless punish game is nonexistent, and his level 3's are good but not above average like other characters in P-Groove. Without any other mechanic to make P-Dan attractive, he has nothing of note really.

Dan is a joke character, and one of the worst characters in the game. He has very little in the way of offense or defense, and has to rely on basic neutral and his above average air mobility to even barely squeeze out wins. Dan is best in K-Groove.
Pros Cons
  • Health: Dan's health is actually surprisingly high, letting him tank through a lot of hits
  • Shoto: Regardless of them being much worse than average, he still has shoto normals to control space with
  • j.214K: Air Dan Kicks are very useful mobility and mixup tools that have a tendency to beat out non-invincible anti-airs and let him fly around the air unpredictably
  • Low Damage: Without meter, Dan's punish game is basically nonexistent, with no real links or good cancels. While a Raged level 3 or Custom Combo still hurts, Dan relies on these one shot high damage situations with meter, and without it he isn't scary in the least.
  • Weak Neutral: Slow mobility and lack of many ways to get in or any good roll cancels means Dan gets zoned out hard, and while j.214K helps, it isn't as good as a standard divekick in this sort of situation
  • Bad Defense: His Koryuken DP is only invincible at random, and is very low range. Dan relies on mashing normals or rolling to get out of pressure, and neither of these he is particularly great at
  • Joke Character: In the end, excluding j.214K, everything Dan has is done better by other characters. If you want to play a character like Dan, you have so many options with the other shotos like Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Ryo, or Sagat. He is outclassed in almost every category

Dan CvS2 colors.png

Moves List

Quick Glance Frame Data

Button Position Buffers: Itself Specials Supers Hit Block Startup Active Recovery Damage
Jab Standing O O O +4 +4 3 4 7 300
Crouching O O O +5 +5 3 4 6 300
Strong Close X O O -1 -1 4 4 21 800
Far X O O -1 -1 4 4 21 800
Crouching X O O +2 +2 4 6 15 1100
Fierce Close X O O -1 -1 4 5 20 1200
Far X, X X, X O,X -1 -1 6 4 21 1300,1200
Crouching X, X O, X O, O -6 -6 5 2 28 1100, 700
- - - - - - - - -
Short Close X O O +1 +1 4 6 8 400
Far X ) O +1 +1 4 6 8 400
Crouching X O O +2 +2 4 4 9 400
Forward Standing X+X O+X O+X -4 -4 4 2,2 22 500+400
Crouching X O O +1 +1 5 6 13 800
Roundhouse Close X X X +2 +2 12 3 18 1300
Far X X X +2 +2 12 3 19 1300
Crouching X x O down -14 5 6 32 1400

Normal Moves

f + Fierce P (while close): 1890 dmg
f + Roundhouse K (while close): 2100 dmg

Special Moves

Qcf.png + P.png
- HP Version covers about half screen.
LP: 1 hit - 840 dmg
MP: 1 hit - 945 dmg
HP: 1 hit - 1050 dmg

Dp.png + P.png
- Will occasionally flash, becoming invincible.
LP: 1 hit - 1680 dmg
MP: 1 hit - 1785 dmg
HP: 1 hit - 1890 dmg

Dankukyaku Qcb.png + K.png
- LK Version can be used from the air to beat various ground normals.
LK: 1 hit - 1050 dmg
MK: 2 hits - 845 dmg / 735 dmg = 1575 dmg
HK: 3 hits - 845 dmg / 735 dmg / 630 dmg = 2205 dmg

Super Moves

Shinku Gadouken Qcf.png + Qcf.png + P.png
- Can be linked into from most standing normals.
Lv. 1: 3 hits - 2310 dmg
Lv. 2: 4 hits - 3360 dmg
Lv. 3: 5 hits - 4935 dmg

Kouryurekka Qcf.png + Qcf.png + K.png
- Cr. MK into Lv. 3 for 6720 dmg.
Lv. 1: 4 hits - 2730 dmg
Lv. 2: 5 hits - 3990 dmg
Lv. 3: 6 hits - 5880 dmg

Hissho Buriken Qcb.png + Qcb.png + K.png
- Slowly drags the opponent in if it hits.
Lv. 1: 5 hits - 2940 dmg
Lv. 2: 7 hits - 4305 dmg
Lv. 3: 11 hits - 6195 dmg

Chohatsu Densetsu Qcf.png + Qcf.png + Start


Kuuchuu Chouhatsu

  • (In Air) Start

Shagami Chouhatsu

  • (Crouching) Start

Zenten Chouhatsu

  • Qcf.png + Start

Kouten Chouhatsu

  • Qcb.png + Start

The Basics


Advanced Strategy



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