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Capcom vs SNK 2/Hibiki

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CVS2 Hibiki SNK Art.jpg
Health (at Ratio 2)
14000 Slightly Below Average
60 Low
Dash Length
15 Frames Short
Dash Type
Slide Corpse Hop=No, Proj. Hop=No
Run Speed
7.2 Average
Roll Distance
120 pixels Average
Roll Duration
27f Long
Wakeup Speed compared to Ryu
-4f Very Fast


Hibiki Takane (Japanese: 高嶺響, Takane Hibiki) is a character from SNK's The Last Blade fighting game series, first appearing in the 1998 release The Last Blade 2.

A young girl with a calm and shy personality, Hibiki is thrust into a quest for vengeance. Her father, Genzou Takane, was a retired swordsmith. One day, an evil silver-haired man compelled Genzou to fashion a sword against his will. After completing the task, Genzou fell gravely ill, telling Hibiki on his deathbed that this was the silver-haired man's fault. In his last words to his daughter, Genzou said that while he "cannot approve of such actions," Hibiki should "go find that man and the sword. The thing that I saw, what I felt...even you must understand." Hibiki reluctantly heeded her father's final words, packing her sword Kodama and leaving the family home.

Hibiki uses the Musō Shinden-ryū branch of the Iaido fighting style. Standing with Kodama sheathed at all times, Hibiki draws it with quick distance slashes, running attacks, and counter-attack techniques. Though a young girl, Hibiki does not shy away from violence when necessary, even going as far as blaming defeated opponents for their own deaths. Despite this, she still has a strong sense of justice, having no qualms of vanquishing evil, particularly in the pursuit of seeking vengeance for her father.

Before her appearance in Capcom vs. SNK 2, Hibiki appeared in two games from The Last Blade series: Her debut in The Last Blade 2 (1998) and The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny (2000) for Neo Geo Pocket Color. Both games have since been rereleased to modern consoles. Perhaps as a result of her popularity from CvS2, in 2021 SNK made Hibiki a DLC crossover character for Samurai Shodown (2019), with her representing The Last Blade series as a whole. She has been thought as a female equivalent of Ukyo Tachiban from the Samurai Shodown series, sharing a similar demeanor and sword-drawing techniques.


With her far-reaching pokes and special attacks, plus extremely damaging super combo potential, Hibiki is high-tier character. She is primarily a zoner that is at her best at a distance from her opponents, away from the effective range of the majority of the rest of the cast. Coupled with her movement options to help control space, her very strong anti-air attacks, and the threat of her counter, approaching Hibiki can be very difficult. Once zoning dominance has been established, Hibiki can use her quickness and deceptive special moves to approach and attack up close with her BnB combos or confirming into super moves.

Hibiki performs very well against much of the top-tier in CvS2. However, her playstyle requires at least some proximity to inflict big damage to opponents. Due to her limited options in that range she will quickly run out of options in prolonged or forced close combat. She can escape situations well with roll cancel Running Slash, which will cross through opponents and quickly go under jumping ones. Without RCs in K-Groove, which is a very popular groove for her, practical escape paths become more risky.

Even so, some of the advantages Hibiki has over the rest of the cast are strong. Hibiki has a special dodge (available to her in all grooves; her dodge has different properties than the S-Groove subsystem Dodge) that also has unique movement options, setting up guaranteed dead body crossups and instant air attacks in the corners. Her jumping HK comes out directly below her and Running Slash attacks can cross up on wakeup, creating ambiguous 50/50 situations. Her mid/upper counter stance can juggle into a super for free damage. Her primary super combo, a "rave" style super, can be stopped to add extra damage to the end of the rave on hit, or to create mixup options on block.

And she has the coolest super in the game. So there's that.

Groove Selection

Best - K/A: K-Groove and A-Groove are the two most powerful Grooves in the game, and Hibiki has strong options in both, but sacrifices something in exchange. K-Hibiki is the most popular, as Rage is very beneficial on a character who relies on pokes for damage so much. A solid hit from a Raged K-Hibiki can lead to a Rave Super combo, which does massive damage, and makes her up close game much scarier as well. You lose access to rolls however, which is a big loss for Hibiki who relies on roll cancel for reversal purposes. A-Hibiki gets her highest possible damage with her strong Custom Combo, and access to rolls for RC Running Slash or RC Distance Slash. You lose out on the mobility of K-Groove however, and on the powerful buffs Rage gives her.

Useful - N/C/P: N-Hibiki gets the mobility of K-Hibiki plus the rolls of A-Hibiki, but has a seriously lower damage ceiling, making her punish game a lot worse. N-Hibiki plays a lot more of a fundamental zoning game than the other two, since her punishes just don't hurt as much. C-Hibiki gets consistent access to her supers for punishes, and a decent level 2 combo, but still doesn't reach the damage of K or A-Groove, and since C-Groove has many similar tools to A-Groove, it just becomes a bit irrelevant to A-Hibiki. P-Hibiki gets surprisingly consistent punishes from parry, and parries in general can be beneficial for a zoner who wants to punish approaches. She never really gets a super to make her damage scary, however.

Worst - S: S-Hibiki gets very little in comparison. Charging isn't too big of an issue, but it leaves her unsafe and vulnerable in neutral, where she could make much more headway by spamming 5MP or 2MP, or waiting for a chance to anti-air. This makes her much more weak to rushdown as a whole, and while her defense isn't terrible, you would rather keep them under your control. S-Grooves dodge is very redundant, as Hibiki's own dodge special is a much better version of it. Infinite level 1's makes her punishes hurt a bit more, but is otherwise pretty useless, and the lack of any other benefits that can't be found in other Grooves means there's not much reason to play S-Hibiki.

Hibiki is a powerful zoner with amazing normals and long reach with her sword. She also has stellar up close mixups and high damage, and great defense with her dodge and RC Distance Slashes. She just can't have it all at once. Hibiki's best Grooves are K-Groove and A-Groove.
Pros Cons
  • Normals: Great normals and specials for zoning
  • Anti-Airs: Solid and simple anti-airs
  • Counters: Powerful counters
  • Supers: Damaging supers
  • Mixup: Solid mix, with a crossup dash and an ambiguous crossup normal
  • Unique Dodge: Dodge special with two movement options for dead body hops or retreats
  • Can't Zone and Mix at the Same Time: Has to be close for her best mixups, but struggles to maintain close range
  • Negative on Hit: Her main BNB combo ender, Distance Slashes, can be negative on hit, requiring her to know the matchup and whether they can punish it or not
  • Not Groove Friendly: Needs Rolls to RC her specials for a real reversal, but her most popular Groove is K-Groove, meaning she usually has to rely on supers which are riskier and more expensive

Moves List

System & Subsystem Mechanics

Dashes & Run


Dodge & Dodge Attacks

Guard Cancel Counter Attack & Movement


Normal Moves

Far Standing Normals


Stand Jab
5LP / far st.LP
CVS2 Hibiki 5lp.png
Light Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
200 _ RF/SP/SU H/L H/L 3 4 8 15 +5 +5 -

A quick jab with the elbow.

  • Useless as an attack from range, but a very handy check button against potential incoming ranged attacks with leading hurtboxes, such as Blanka Balls.


Stand Strong
5MP / far st.MP
CVS2 Hibiki 5mp.png
Medium Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
800 _ SU H/L H 6 4 17 27 +3 +3 -

Hibiki draws her sword straight out to arm's length.

  • Hibiki's most important normal move in the neutral game. It's an incredibly important spacing tool that outreaches many high/top tier character normals, discouraging them from walking, dashing, or small jumping into close range.
  • The ideal distance to use this button is as max distance, or just a bit outside of it—as any attacking characters would have to move forward into it—as your hurtbox will be protected by its hitbox. Thankfully the hitbox basically lines up perfectly with the sprite animation, so what you see is what they get hit with.


Stand Fierce
5HP / far st.HP
CVS2 Hibiki 5hp.png
Heavy Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1000 _ X H/L H 7 4 41 52 -15 -15 -

Hibiki takes a large, arcing swipe in the air in front of and above her head. HK is your de facto anti-air button, although whether you use it standing far, standing close, or crouching will depending on the trajectory of the incoming character.

  • Far HK can be a risky anti-air because it relies on the opponent coming in from distance, generally a foolish idea against Hibiki (unless they are in K-Groove and are looking to Just Defend in the air). If they try to anticipate a Distance Slash and jump over nothing, they will generally be in the sweet spot for this button.
  • Consider using crouching HK instead, if applicable. It gives you more time to react in the above scenario, and you will avoid close standing HK coming out instead which will make the opponent land much closer to Hibiki.
  • Never use this button against a grounded opponent. It will whiff from range!


Stand Short
5LK / far st.LK
CVS2 Hibiki 5lk.png
Light Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
300 _ SP/SU H/L H/L 5 8 7 20 +2 +2 -

A low kick that looks more like a quick step.

  • Useless as an attack from range, but a very handy check button against potential incoming low ranged attacks with leading hurtboxes, such as Cannon Spikes.


Stand Forward
5MK / far st.MK
CVS2 Hibiki 5mk.png
Medium Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
700 _ X H/L H 13 3 28 44 Down -8 -

Hibiki pivots on her forward foot, spins around, and steps forward to attack with the butt of her scabbard.

  • This is a very useful ranged attack, in spite of its slow windup, causing a knockdown on hit. The distance this covers is surprisingly good, and is safe on block given that Hibiki retreats to her original position away from the opponent.
  • The knockback this causes is also good, pushing opponents towards (or into) the corner and giving Hibiki options on how to close (or not) the extra distance created.
  • While the startup might take some time, the distance covered while doing so makes this move relatively fast and can be used to Hibiki's advantage. If an opponent is looking to jump over a potential Distance/Running Slash attack and is preparing to act on first movement, this attack will often hit them out of their jump attempt.


Stand Roundhouse
5HK / far st.HK
CVS2 Hibiki 5hk.png
Heavy Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1100 _ X H/L H 12 4 40 56 -8 -8 -

Hibiki takes a big swing of her sword directly in front of her.

  • This is a risky move given that Hibiki must be closer to the opponent to land it, and whiffing it will result in a big punish. At the closest "far" range, it can be unsafe on block.
  • For a quick punish at this range, combo crouching LP into Distance Slash instead.

Close Standing Normals


Close Stand Jab
cl5LP /
Close Lp.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5lp.png
Close Light Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
200 _ RF/SP/SU H/L H/L 3 4 8 15 +5 +5 -

A quick jab with the elbow. One of your two primary point-blank quick hitters and BnB combo starters, the other being crouching LK.

  • Though it has more frame advantage (+2) over crouching LK, it doesn't net you much usefulness outside of general pressure. Still, close LP and crouching LK are generally used interchangeably (and can cancel into each other).


Close Stand Strong
cl5MP /
Close Mp.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5mp.png
Medium Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
800 _ SP/SU H/L H 4 4 18 26 +2 +2 -

Hibiki draws her sword at the hip for a quick slash.

  • Primarily used as an opener for a point-blank punish combo into Running Slashes when you have more time than for a BnB, but not enough time to wind up for a full punish off of standing close HK.
  • May be useful for frame trap setups if blocked into standing LP or crouching LK, but be quick!


Close Stand Fierce
cl5HP /
Close Hp.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5hp 1.png
Heavy Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1000 _ SP*/SU H/L H 3 8 41 52 -17 -17 -

Hibiki draws her sword straight up in front of her and over her head. One of the most powerful anti-air normal attacks in CvS2, coming out in only three frames and covering a HUGE area in front of and above Hibiki's hurtbox. It also has a special property that allows Hibiki to continue the attack with a second downward strike. (See the Command Normals section for more info.)

  • With few character exceptions, this move (and her other HP anti-airs) will completely shut down any standard jump-in attempts, especially versus C, S, and N-Groove players.
  • It is easy to be over-reliant on this button. Watch out for jumping A-Groove activations, K-Groove Just Defends, P-Groove parries, and characters with air-to-ground super moves; they can severely punish Hibiki if they execute well or guess right.
  • (*)The recovery of close HP is cancellable into the downward slash or a special move, but only in a small window. You can mitigate some of these anti-anti-air tactics, particularly the K air JDs, by cancelling into Beckoning (Running) Slash to get out of the situation before you can be punished. The timing is difficult, however.


Close Stand Short
cl5LK /
Close Lk.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5lk.png
Light Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
300 _ SP/SU H/L H/L 5 8 7 20 +2 +2 -

A low kick that looks more like a quick step.

  • Interesting in that it's a standing attack that hits low (but see close HK), yet it's generally useless at close range. You will occasionally do this move accidentally as you confirm/buffer into a rave super off of crouching LKs.
  • Because it's a relatively rare move, consider using it in blockstring pressure to set up throws.


Close Stand Forward
cl5MK /
Close Mk.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5mk.png
Medium Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
800 _ X H/L H 5 6 11 22 +6 +6 -

Hibiki shoves her scabbard into the opponent's gut. Her tried and true meaty attack on the opponent's wakeup.

  • On hit it can be linked into crouching LKs for Hibiki's BnB (safer) or close MP for a bigger punish.
  • On block, it sets up frame trap possibilities into crouching LKs for more pressure, or even close HK if you want to go for something bigger.


Close Stand Roundhouse
cl5HK /
Close Hk.png
CVS2 Hibiki CL 5hk.png
Heavy Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1300 _ SP/SU L L 8 6 27 41 -9 -9 -

Hibiki draws at the hip, but this time thrusts the sword down at an angle toward the opponent's feet. The main starter for Hibiki's big punishes and can be a useful tool as a part of Hibiki's mixup game.

  • Have all day to punish someone? Wind up with this and cancel into Running Slashes or the super of your choice.
  • Did they block your rave super? Mix the low-hitting close HK with the similar-looking overhead special move for a quasi 50/50 in the rave chain. (See Super Moves for more info.)

Crouching Normals


Crouching Jab
2LP / cr.LP
CvS2 Hibiki 2lp.png
Crouching Light Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
400 _ SP/SU H/L H/L 4 5 12 21 +3 +3 -

Hibiki quickly draws her sword at arm's length while kneeling. The quickest and safest poke from distance in Hibiki's arsenal.

  • You will often be cancelling this move into Distance Slash, on hit and block. Raw Distance Slashes are riskier, so confirming into them with this poke is basically free damage and pressure.
  • Standing MP reaches a bit farther and will catch out advancing and jumping characters more often, so don't over-rely on crouching LP when working pokes into neutral.


Crouching Strong
2MP / cr.MP
CvS2 Hibiki 2mp.png
Crouching Medium Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
700 _ SU H/L H/L 5 4 19 28 +1 +1 -

Hibiki quickly (but not as quickly as crouching LP) draws her sword at arm's length while kneeling.

  • This poke has slightly more range than crouching LP (but not as much as standing MP) yet looks basically the same as it, so it is useful to incorporate it into neutral situations beyond crouching LP's max range to help control spacing.
  • May be useful as a quick super confirm from distance, but only in that window of extra range; standing MP is better.


Crouching Fierce
2HP / cr.HP
CvS2 Hibiki 2hp.png
Crouching Heavy Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1100 _ X H/L H/L 5 4 32 41 -6 -6 -

Hibiki draws her sword low from her knees and takes a big upward slash from the ground to above her head. Her second-best anti-air button after close HP.

  • The hitbox of this move extends very far from Hibiki, to the point where this is a good button to use in from extreme distances against grounded opponents in the neutral game!
  • Most shallow jump-in attacks will be completely neutralized by this anti-air. You might even be able to catch out shallow small jumps if you're quick to react.
  • Opponents neutral jumping outside your normal poke range may sometimes stick out a kick to check against ground advances or to build meter; crouching HP will hit them out of the air from VERY far away as they come back down.


Crouching Short
2LK / cr.LK
CvS2 Hibiki 2lk.png
Crouching Light Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
200 _ RF/SP/SU L L 3 4 10 17 +3 +3 -

Hibiki extends her leg and slides out her foot for a quick grounded kick attack. One of your two primary point-blank quick hitters and BnB combo starters, the other being standing LP.

  • Because it hits low, you'll be using this more than any other button to start BnB combos and pressure strings after approaching from neutral.


Crouching Forward
2MK / cr.MK
CvS2 Hibiki 2mk.png
Crouching Medium Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
700 _ SU L L 5 6 20 31 -6 -6 -

Hibiki takes her scabbard and drives it into the ground in front of her.

  • Not much usefulness during neutral or as a poke.
  • Given the location of its hitbox, it can be useful as a check against anticipated advancing low attacks, particularly a Cannon Spike at the beginning of a round.


Crouching Roundhouse
2HK / cr.HK
CvS2 Hibiki 2hk.png
Crouching Heavy Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1100 _ X L L 8 4 34 46 Down -8 -

Hibiki sweeps her sword across the ground.

  • Poor range for a sweep, especially considering the effectiveness of Hibiki's other attacks from distance.
  • Best used in the corners to guarantee a knockdown and set up Hibiki's corner options.
  • For other sweep check situations, use crouching HP instead. It doesn't knockdown, but the range is far better and Hibiki has other tools for inducing knockdowns anyway.

Air Normals


Jumping Jab
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Lp.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8lp.png
Jumping Light Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
500 _ - H H 3 16 - - - - -

Hibiki draws her sword and swings downward.

  • Only useful as a jump-in attack from a distance, given how long it stays out. Jumping MP is otherwise superior.


Jumping Strong
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Mp.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8mp.png
Medium Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
700 _ - H H 3 8 - - - - -

Hibiki draws her sword and swings further downward.

  • Serves as a much better jumping downward poke than jumping LP because of the larger and safer hitbox.


Jumping Fierce
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Hp.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8hp.png
Heavy Punch
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1200 _ - H H 5 4 - - - - -

Hibiki draws her sword from down low and takes a big swing upwards in front of her.

  • Yet another useful anti-air tool in Hibiki's arsenal, this time for catching jump-ins air-to-air. Might be a little slow to come out, but the giant hitbox outside of Hibiki's hurtbox means you can be a bit tardy with this and still get a clean hit.
  • This is an excellent button to use with an Essential Crunch hopback to create more space to a jumping opponent and fill that space with a giant sword swipe. (See Special Moves for more info.)


Jumping Short
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Lk.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8lk.png
Light Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
400 _ - H H 4 18 - - - - -

Hibiki angles the tip of her foot down at an angle.

  • This is a surprisingly good jump-in attack to get you close, ignoring DPs and anti-air supers.
  • The kick stays out for a very long time, letting you protect yourself with a hitbox relatively early in the landing phase of the jump. However, if you hit taller opponents too early, they may recover before you land. Prepare to tech a throw if this happens.


Jumping Forward
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Mk.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8mk.png
Medium Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
700 _ - H H 5 8 - - - - -

Hibiki thrusts her scabbard forward.

  • A great air-to-air button that will beat a surprising amount of stuff that is level with Hibiki.
  • For attacking while starting a jump or against opponents that are otherwise above you, use jumping HP.


Jumping Roundhouse
Ub.png,U.png,or Uf.png+Hk.png
CvS2 Hibiki 8hk.png
Jumping Heavy Kick
Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1100 _ - H H 9 4 - - - - -

Hibiki swings her sword underneath her with enough force to cause her to flip around before landing. This attack is a critical part of her close-up mixup game.

  • Given that the hitbox of this attack is directly under Hibiki, it makes crossup attacks very ambiguous and sets up 50/50 blocking situations.
  • The ambiguity doesn't stop in the air! Depending on the approach angle and crouching height of the character, there are scenarios where the opponent will be forced to block in the opposite direction due to the crossup, but Hibiki will still land in front of them! Being in a corner isn't a factor for this to happen.
  • Take care to not fire off this attack too early in your jump, or else the opponent will recover before you land.
  • On the other hand, this can be used as an instant overhead when close off a superjump. Only do this if you're sure the one hit will stun or kill the opponent, however, as it will leave you wide open to punishment otherwise.

Command Normals

Lead the Way
After close Hp.png,
Hold Hp.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
1000 _ - H/L H/L 8 2 36 46 -8 -8 -

After the upswing off her close HP, Hibiki chops her sword straight down.

  • HP does not necessarily need to be held down for this move to come out. As long as an HP (or a special move) is registered from frames 20-27 of the move (16-23 frames after the first active hit frame), the recovery of the first HP will cancel.
  • If the first HP makes contact with the opponent, the downwards slash will combo. If blocked, it will keep opponents in blockstun.
  • At the the maximum "close" distance for close HP, the downwards slash will sometimes whiff. It is generally safe at that distance, however.
  • If using the normal close HP as an anti-air, do not follow through with the downwards slash. Hibiki will take longer to recover.

Special Moves

Distance Slash
Distance Slash
236+P / qcf+P
Qcf.png + P.png
CvS2 Hibiki lp distsla.png
LP version
CvS2 Hibiki mp distsla.png
MP Version
CvS2 Hibiki hp distsla.png
HP Version
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcf.png + Lp.png
1100 _ - H/L H 6 4 47 57 -19 -19 -

Hibiki draws her sword and swings it out at distance.

  • Though it comes out the fastest, LP Distance Slash is the least useful of the three because it hits slightly lower and recovers more slowly than the MP version.
Qcf.png + Mp.png
1200 _ - H/L H 8 4 45 57 -17 -17 -

Hibiki draws her sword and swings it out at distance.

  • The most useful version of this move and the one you will be using most often. It does the most damage, hits relatively high up, and is the safest of the three.
  • Always use the MP version to end Hibiki's BnB combo.
Qcf.png + Hp.png
1100 _ - L L 14 4 53 71 Down -32 -

Hibiki draws her sword and swings it out at a great distance, aiming low against the ground.

  • While the HP version doesn't do the most damage, it does knock down.
  • Because it hits low from so far out, it can be a threat in the neutral game if opponents do not respect it from distance. Don't overuse it, though, or else they can jump over it and get a free combo on you.
  • The HP Distance Slash will cleanly go under air fireballs without needing to roll cancel. The recovery of the move is automatically extended for a few frames for the projectile to pass safely over Hibiki.
  • Although it hits low and must be blocked/parried low, the hitbox comes off the ground a bit and in rare circumstaces hit opponents out of the air before landing from a jump or recovering from a special move. This will not cause a knockdown, but an air flipout; be careful of this happening!

General Strategies

  • Hibiki's Distance Slash is her most important tool for locking down and frustrating opponents, keeping them far outside their effective ranges. As raw attacks they should only be used from medium-far to max distances to keep them safe. NEVER use a LP/MP Distance Slash up close. You WILL get punished!
  • In neutral, you will want to use the MP version to fish for free damage and whittle down an opponent's guard meter. The HP version is good for catching out standing opponents to keep them honest. If done effectively, opponents may try to anticipate Distance Slashes with jumps and rolls that you never do, setting up easy anti-airs or free combos for you.
  • When poking with crouching LP, you should generally always combo into MP Distance Slash unless you're using it as an opportunity to dash/run in closer for pressure. It will push you back, but that's good for Hibiki and it will at the minimum take a good chunk of guard bar away from the opponent.


Against some opponents with Level 3 supers ready, Distance Slash is NOT SAFE—even on hit at max distance! If these opponents are actively threatening a Level 3, you will need to avoid random distance slashes and ending BnB combos with a Distance Slash. Otherwise, you will eat a super!

  • Blanka (Direct Lightning)
  • Cammy (Spin Drive Special)
  • M.Bison/Dictator (Mega Psycho Crusher)
  • Rock (Shine Knuckle)
  • Balrog/Boxer (Gigaton Blow)
  • More TBA
Beckoning (Running) Slash
Beckoning Slash
aka Running Slash
214+P / qcb+P

Qcb.png + P.png
Hold P to delay attack
CvS2 Hibiki runsla 1.png
Running Phase
CvS2 Hibiki runsla 2.png
Slashing Phase
CvS2 Hibiki runsla xup.png
After a Crossup
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcb.png + Lp.png
1200 _ - H/L H 2 + 9 + Hold Time + 4 6 28 49 (Minimum) -13 -13 -
Qcb.png + Mp.png
1200 _ - H/L H 2 + 19 + Hold Time + 4 6 28 59 (Minimum) -13 -13 -
Qcb.png + Hp.png
1200 _ - H/L H 2 + 29 + Hold Time + 4 6 28 69 (Minimum) -13 -13 -
Qcb.png + P.png
1000 _ - H/L H 6 4 47 56 -15 -15 -

Hibiki runs at her opponent, drawing her sword and swinging at them from distance. If the sword is drawn when Hibiki is point-blank against the opponent, Hibiki will slash as she runs through and behind them.

  • The only difference between the regular versions is the additional "lag" time between executing the special move and when the slash comes out. During this time, the game will check if Hibiki is directly touching her opponent. If she is, the move will execute with Hibiki going through and behind the opponent as she slashes. When close, the LP version executes the fastest but has a smaller base window for this check, whereas the HP version executes the slowest but is most likely to register the passthrough.
  • However, all versions can be "charged" by holding down the attack button, which delays the sword slash until the button is released. If using this attack raw from a distance, it really doesn't matter which version you use, but you should probably stick with the LP version since it can come out the quickest if you need it to.
  • Be careful when comboing into a Beckoning Slash, particularly when opening with close HK or in the corners. You may get pushed back out of the point-blank range the move requires to cross through the opponent, which may cause Hibiki to execute the attack directly in front of the opponent and open her up for a world of punishment. To avoid this, hold the attack button for a brief moment to ensure Hibiki runs back up to the appropriate distance, but not too long that the opponent exits hitstun and the combo drops.
  • Roll cancelling this move is one of Hibiki's best options to escape corner pressure, as it will cross through the opponent and be generally safe, even on block. Reversal RC Beckoning Slash can also get you out of a meaty wakeup situation (such as Blanka Electricity) but the margin for error on execution is razor thin.
  • On a successful passthrough hit the move can be cancelled into a Distance Slash (use MP or HP depending on preference) or a Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash) super. The timing to crossup and land the follow up attack changes significantly if Hibiki is doing it against a cornered opponent.

General Strategies

There are three main uses of Beckoning Slash in Hibiki's gameplan:

  • Aggressive use in neutral for mixups on approach

The startup of Beckoning Slash is similar to Hibiki's run (in S, N, and K-Grooves). This can be used to your advantage to try to get in close for BnBs and super attempts. After a few of them from distance, opponents will be trained to wait to block if they see you running up from distance. From there you have an opportunity to surprise the opponent with a regular run-up, potentially leading to a counter hit situation as they react to your deeper approach. With regular mixups of max-distance Beckoning Slashes, run-in pokes, and deeper run-in BnB attempts, Hibiki can control all the space in front of her.

  • Ambiguous crossups on opponent's wakeup

Hibiki becomes extremely dangerous when she scores a knockdown and has room behind the opponent to work with. With the right timing, Beckoning Slash will hit an opponent on the opposite side as they wake up. (When followed up with an HP Distance Slash, Hibiki scores another knockdown and the situation repeats.) With the "wrong" timing, it hits on the expected side. Because the move passes through regardless, this becomes a 50/50 that the opponent has to guess on which side to block. Additionally, you can do a standard run instead of Beckoning Slash to meet the opponent on wakeup and engage in Hibiki's high/low mixup options with her meaty close MK or work in an overhead. When further combined with Essential Crunch, her deadbody crossup, you may able to get several slash/slashback combos in a row from sheer confusion alone.

  • Punish combos

When you have all day to attack an opponent, you will generally be using close HK into Beckoning Slash, followed up by either MP or HP Distance Slash on the other side to complete a damaging punish combo.

Piercing Moon Pounce (Overhead)
Piercing Moon Pounce
aka Overhead
623+K / dp+K

Dp.png + K.png
CvS2 Hibiki ovrhd.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Any K
Dp.png + K.png
800 _ - H H 24 4 31 59 -9 -9 -

Hibiki winds up and thrusts the butt of her scabbard upwards into the opponent. Hits as an overhead.

  • An important tool in Hibiki's mixup game, preventing opponents from merely low blocking against all of Hibiki's close attacks.
  • Cancels into a Distance Slash or Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash) super on successful hit only. You should always buffer in at least the Distance Slash when executing this move, as both it or the super will not come out if the attack is blocked.
  • Because it leaves Hibiki vulnerable on block, using this move at the furthest distances possible is a good idea.
  • The fourth hit of the 1st/2nd chains of Hibiki's Going My Way (Rave) super uses the same animation as this move, but does not hit as an overhead. If the super is blocked, you can interrupt the rave chain and input an actual overhead instead to potentially get in free damage. (See the Going My Way section below for more info.)
Melding Being Blade (Counter)
Melding Being Blade
aka Counter
41236+K / hcf+K

Hcf.png + K.png
CvS2 Hibiki cntr.png
Rightmost hurtbox is counter area
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Any K
Hcf.png + K.png
600 _ - - - 4 18 22 44 Juggle - -

Hibiki holds up her palm, ready to catch an attacking opponent. Catches mid/high normals, and physical special attacks.

  • The counter is the ultimate risk/reward move for Hibiki. Whiffing it leaves you wide open to punishment. Landing it throws the opponent into the air behind Hibiki, in prime position to corner carry and engage in more mixup tactics or land a super for free.
  • For corner carries, use Beckoning Slash.
  • For mixup tactics, quickly pursue with a jumping MP and hit the opponent low in such a way where Hibiki lands before the opponent does. From here, Hibiki can do a Beckoning Slash crossup for the block 50/50, among her other oki options.
  • Any level Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash) super will hit the opponent as they fall, but can miss if done way too early, or too late. If Hibiki lands the counter while in the corner, a No Fear Feint (Blackout) super is possible, but requires good timing. No Fear Feints off a counter are possible away from the corner, but require a quick run-up, a delicate super input, and excellent timing to pull off. See #No Fear Feint (Blackout) for more info.
Narrow Escape (Dodge)
Narrow Escape
aka Dodge

CvS2 Hibiki dodge.png
Invulnerability on Demand
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
2 or 3 kick buttons simultaneously
- - - - - 0 20 9 29 - - Frames 1-20

Hibiki leans back and shields her body with her arm. A fully invincible command dodge.

  • Hibiki's special move dodge is available to her in all grooves, and has different properties than the S-Groove subsystem Dodge. (In S-Groove, Hibiki gets her special move dodge and the subsystem Dodge!) Unlike the subsystem Dodge, Hibiki cannot directly attack out of it, cannot cancel the dodge into another dodge, and is vulnerable during its recovery. It also lasts for a shorter period of time in comparison.
  • However, Hibiki's dodge has unique movement properties; see Essential Crunch below.
  • Like a normal Dodge, Narrow Escape eliminate's Hibiki's hurtboxes and pushbox for the duration of the move. It is also good for avoiding an opponent's far-reaching fierce/roundhouse/sweep attacks, opening up a window for a counterattack, usually crouching LP into MP Distance Slash.
  • Because this move is instantly invincible and is a 3K move, it can be used to evade A-Groove activations even if you had stuck out an attack! Due to the generous detection timeframe of 3K, the game often lets you get away with one after you may have pressed one of the Ks (like cr.LK) to attack. If you are caught out by an opponent's A-Groove activation, try to time a 3K (or just mash it) so their first attack—almost always a fierce or roundhouse due to A-Groove damage scaling—will whiff through your surprise dodge. Punish or escape accordingly.
  • And she doesn't need 3 kicks to dodge.You can do with 2 kicks.
Essential Crunch
Essential Crunch
During Narrow Escape,
4+K or 6+K
b+K or f+K

B.png + K.png or F.png + K.png
CvS2 Hibiki ecrunch run 2.png
6+K starts Close the Gap, the Forward Run...
CvS2 Hibiki ecrunch backhop.png
...or use 4+K to Take a Break and hop back
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Close the Gap
(Forward Run)
F.png + K.png
- - - - - 0 4 35 39 minimum - - Frames 1-4

Hibiki breaks out of her dodge stance and runs towards the opponent. Should Hibiki run directly into the opponent, she will cross through to the other side of them.

  • Not only does this move cross through opponents, it also crosses over deadbodies and even is a guaranteed corner crossup! After downing an opponent in the corner, you can use the run to instantly appear on the opposite side of them. From there you can go for a BnB, a punish combo, a hop back overhead attack (see below) or cross over them again with a well-timed Beckoning (Running) Slash.
  • The 4 additional frames of invincibility at the start of the run gives you a potential total of 24 frames of invincibility to work with after including the 20 frames from Essential Crunch. It's not recommended to rely on this to run through direct attacks, but it may give you the little bit of extra invul time you need to get out of jail in some situations, like during A-Groove activations.
  • After Hibiki passes through the opponent, if you switch input directions back towards them (in the opposite direction you are running) Hibiki will continue to run, until you release the directional input. This trick may be useful to create some extra space after escaping from the corner, if desired.
Take a Break
(Back Hop)
B.png + K.png
- - - - - 0 36 0 36 - - -

Hibiki breaks out of her dodge stance with a quick backwards hop.

  • While airborne during the hop back, Hibiki can throw out any air normal. Normal properties of the moves apply—including meter building on medium and heavy attacks, which is a very fast way of gaining meter.
  • If Hibiki is at an uncomfortable middle distance to the opponent during neutrals—the range where a top-tier Small Jump attack can suck you in fast—a quick dodge into hop back can move you to a safer distance without having to risk potentially getting stuffed while attempting a regular backdash. Throwing out an air HP while doing this may net you some free damage. Use frequently to deny the opponent their optimal spacing.
  • After an Essential Crunch run crossup in the corner, Hibiki can immediately dodge and hop back into an air HP or HK for a quasi-instant overhead. If timed correctly this can lead into a full punish combo when Hibiki lands. As if the opponent has enough to worry about with a left-right 50/50, now they have to worry about blocking high or low on top of that!
  • An advanced application of this move is to dodge an incoming air-to-ground crossup attempt by your opponent, then hop back over them as they land for the same effect as the corner quasi-overhead. Use caution when doing this as most good jumping crossups last a fair bit of time and will not leave much room for error with the 20 frames of invincibility that Essential Crunch provides.


Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash)
Heavenly Spirit of Victory
aka Dash Super
21416+P / qcb,db,f+P
Qcb.pngDb.pngF.png + P.png
CvS2 Hibiki super dash lv1.png
Level 1 Dash Super
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Level 1
Qcb.pngDb.pngF.png + Lp.png
2300 0 - H/L H/L 4:4 13 41 62 Down -34 8 Full
Level 2
Qcb.pngDb.pngF.png + Mp.png
3500 0 - H/L H/L 4:4 13 37 58 Down -30 14 Full
Level 3
Qcb.pngDb.pngF.png + Hp.png
4900 0 - H/L H/L 4:4 13 37 58 Down -30 22 Full

Hibiki quickly dashes forward and passes through the opponent as she slashes, so quickly that the opponent does not feel the affects of the strike until Hibiki sheathes her sword!
This super is commonly input as Qcb.pngHcf.png + P.png.

  • The Dash super is Hibiki's basic super and is the only one available to her at Level 1 and Level 2.
  • The higher the super level, the further away Hibiki can land the super from. At Level 3, she can go more than half the screen and still connect. (If too far away, Hibiki will stop running without attacking, though it will still cost you the meter!)
  • Dash supers can be confirmed into off a BNB sequence (cr.LKs into cr.MP) but you will need to use fewer LKs if using a lower level Dash super to maintain enough proximity.
  • Raw Dash supers at Level 2 and 3 can be good anti-airs if the opponent is jumping in at a shallow angle. You can also consider buffering the directional input if you anticipate a Small Jump attack, which when executed will hit them as they are landing.
  • The most effective uses of Heavenly Spirit is after a successful overhead, successful counter, or more commonly a successful Beckoning Slash passthrough.
  • When executing the super after the Beckoning Slash, you need to wait until you are on the other side of the opponent before doing the input. If done too early, the game will recognize the Qcb.png as a Qcf.png instead. By the time you do the Hcf.png you will have switched sides with the opponent, flipping the relative direction of the initial input.
No Fear Feint (Blackout)
No Fear Feint
aka Blackout Super
641236+P / hcb,f+P
F.pngHcf.png + Hp.png
CvS2 Hibiki super blackout 1.png
To hit an airborne opponent, any part of the opponent's hurtbox must be in the sweetspot
CvS2 Hibiki super blackout 2.png
"Contemplating death feels no different than performing it."
CvS2 Hibiki super blackout 3.png
CvS2 Hibiki super blackout x.png
(*)If the opponent is too high, the super will hit here instead
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Level 3/MAX Only
F.pngHcf.png + Hp.png
5500 (*800) 0 - H/L H/L 4 8 41 53 Down (*-21) -21 22 Full

Hibiki draws her sword with a flash so bright it blacks out the screen. Only the sword slash is visible, followed by silhouettes of both characters on a white background. After a moment of silence, the opponent suddenly receives massive damage before Hibiki sheathes her sword. This is arguably the coolest-looking super in CvS2, especially if Hibiki wins a round with it!

  • Not only is it flashy, it is the single most damaging hit in Hibiki's arsenal. However, it is not her most potentially damaging super; see Going My Way, below.
  • The most effective use of No Fear Feint is after a successful counter. It is easiest to land when the opponent is thrown into the corner. In the open, players must quickly dash or execute a delicate run forward, using the her momentum to put Hibiki into position. To execute this in a run groove, input F.pngF.png to start the run, but hold the second F.png for a beat or two until Hibiki and the opponent are in position; then input the Hcf.png + Hp.png to finish the job.
  • In N-Groove, after a counter you can pop a stock while they are airborne and stil land the super, though only in the corner.
  • (*)Hitting an airborne opponent does not completely guarantee a successful super. If they are too high in the air Hibiki will hit them with the tip of her sword, dealing only 800 damage. This is a common mistake with hitting No Fear Feint off a counter in the corner, as is being too late and whiffing the super entirely!
  • If Hibiki wins a round with this super, she will go into a special win pose. Her hairbands will break, showing her hair down. As the opponent collapses and Hibiki puts away her sword, she says, "you were the one that started this."
  • An unfortunate consequence of this special win pose is a rare bug that makes this super unsafe on hit (?!?) against K-Groove opponents under the right (wrong) circumstances. See #No Fear Feint Unsafe on Hit?!? for more information.
Going My Way (Rave)
Going My Way
aka Rave Super
632146+K… / hcb,f+K…
Hcb.pngF.png + Hk.png
...followed by a Root sequence
CvS2 Hibiki super rave 1.png
The initial run up...
CvS2 Hibiki super rave 2.png
...and the first hit
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
All versions are Level 3/MAX Only
Root 1
Hcb.pngF.png + Hk.png, then


5500 0 - H/L H/L 4 + runup + 3 4 45 56+ +3 (*Down) -17 22 Full
  • Basically useless. No real opportunity to interrupt the chain and combo into more damage, and therefore it does the least total potential damage of the three roots.
  • Though a sequence of 10 button presses, it will register as an 11 hit combo due to the final attack being a rapid succession of two Distance Slashes.
  • Only useful as a show-off combo when assured of a KO and round win... but even then, Root 3 does it better!
Root 2
Hcb.pngF.png + Hk.png, then


5300 0 - H/L H/L 4 + runup + 3 4 45 56+ +3 (*Down) -17 22 Full
  • This is the main chain for extracting maximum damage out of the super combo. Always use it, on hit or on block.
  • When going through the button sequence, there is a two-beat (approximately!) pause between the 4th and 5th button presses, then briefer pauses after the 5th and 6th buttons. (The execution notation above shows the relative length of these pauses with "...." and "..") The other buttons should be pressed one after the other in steady succession. Once you understand the timing, execution is trivial.
  • For maximum damage, DO NOT finish off Root 1 with Qcf.png+Hk.png unless you know it will kill and you are going for a flashy/Finest KO
  • Always stop the chain after the 8th button (MK). After this hit, Hibiki will be at a significant frame advantage. You will want to use this to add on more damage than what the natural end of the chain would have given you. Pause a brief moment to allow the game to recognize you've stopped the rave (but not too long that the opponent recovers from hitstun) then execute a standard punish combo, close HK into crossthrough Beckoning Slash into MP (for damage/stun) or HP (for knockdown/oki) Distance Slash.
  • Or, if you are in S-Groove (with red health) or N-Groove (with your 3rd stock available) you can substitute the Distance Slash with a Heavenly Spirit of Victory super coming back the other way for the fancy "Level 4" super combo worth about 1000 more damage. Always do this in S-Groove if you can; for N-Groove, your current game situation will determine if the extra damage is worth burning your last stock, or if it'd be better to save it to quickly build up to another Level 3 opportunity.
  • If the super is blocked, there is still an opportunity for damage. The 4th hit of the chain resembles Hibiki's overhead, although it doesn't need to be blocked high while a part of the rave. However, if you instead input a standard overhead attack (623+K) instead of the next button of the rave chain, you can catch out an opponent's lazy blocking. Should they wise up to this and block high, you can instead hit low, preferably with the similar-animating close HK, and get a consolation combo that way. Note that this mixup is most effective only at this point in the chain because of natural pause in the rave sequence that can disguise an incoming non-rave attack. Trying a similar mixup at any other point will make what you are attempting obvious!
Root 3
Hcb.pngF.png + Hk.png, then


4200 0 - H/L (*L) H/L (*L) 4 + runup + 3 4 45 56+ +3 (*Juggle) -17 22 Full
  • Purely a show-off chain for ending the round with a flashy KO, given its poor damage in comparison to the other two roots.
  • Unlike the other roots, the button input timing does not require any pauses. Just hit the next button in the sequence right away, all the way through.
  • The final hit of this shortened chain is a close HP slash that pops the opponent into the air for an additional juggle hit of your choice. C, P, and K-Grooves can only perform a normal or special attack (Beckoning Slash would be the best) to add more damage. However, as with Root 2, S and N-Groove may be able to perform a Level 1 Heavenly Spirit of Victory for an easy-mode "Level 4" super. This does not do more damage than the full Root 2 path, but it's a lot more showoffy!
  • Although the initial hits can be blocked high or low, the 6th hit of Root 3 is a low sweep and must be blocked low. This is relatively useless information, as you won't do this chain if they blocked the initial hit, and even if you did there is no reason they wouldn't be crouch blocking.

General Information

Hibiki charges toward the opponent, unleashing a barrage of rapid attacks. A rave-style super, it requires a button press or command input for each hit of the super combo. Hibiki has three variations, or "roots," of Going My Way, each requiring a different sequence of buttons to perform.
(*) Frame data is for the initial hit of the super only. Noted additional properties are for events during or after the full rave chain as noted.

  • This super move is a reference to Hibiki's Speed style chain combos from The Last Blade 2.
  • This is the super you want to land, if you can help it. It can do the most damage by far of all of Hibiki's moves, and is up there with the most damaging regular super combos of the entire game. This is because like other rave supers in CvS2, the sequence can (and should!) be interrupted to tack on additional normal and special attacks. (See Root 2, above.)
  • The first hit in the rave sequence (LP in all roots) should be pressed as Hibiki is auto-executing the first automatic hit of the combo (visually, a close HP). There is no need to hold down or re-hit the initial kick button that activated the super. Additional hits will follow in the root path of your choosing and with the proper timing.
  • The super can be confirmed into with up to 3 crouching LKs, or using a close HK opener when punishing with it.
  • It can be executed just about anywhere on screen. Hibiki will run up to the opponent until making contact with them to start the rave chain.
  • You can take advantage of the startup invincibility to run through fireballs or distance attacks after the super flash, though attempt with caution. If they recover before you get there, you may be screwed!
  • Should opponents try to roll through the super, jump over it, or are already in the air, Hibiki will automatically execute the first hit once she meets their vertical plane. The super will end after this first hit, as the rave chain can only be executed against grounded opponents.


Meterless Combos

The Bread and Butter (BnB) Combo

The classic Hibiki combo.

cr.LK×3, cr.LP xx MP Distance Slash for 2200 Damage, 22 Stun

D.png+ (Lk.png,Lk.png,Lk.png,Lp.png) xxQcf.png+Mp.png

  • Always use MP for the Distance Slash instead of LP version. It does 100 more damage, 1 more stun, and recovers more quickly.
  • You can replace any of the cr.LKs with standing LPs and the combo will still chain, but the standing LP obviously doesn't hit low and doesn't come out any faster than the crouching LK.
  • If starting the combo at a further distance, you will only be able to get in two or one cr.LKs instead of all three.
  • cr.LP alone should generally always be followed by MP Distance Slash for a free attack/guard bar damage.

The Punish Combo

Have all day to land some big damage without using meter? Here you go.

cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 3400 Damage, 34 Stun

CloseHk.png xxQcb.png+Hp.png (crossthrough to opposite side) Qcb.png+Hp.png

Remember that once you cross through the opponent with a Beckoning Slash, the input direction flips. QCB on the left of the opponent and QCF on the right of the opponent is the same absolute input (214).

There are some variations on the Punish Combo depending on the length of your opening and your end goal.

  • The startup for close HK is 8 frames. If you do not have that long, start with close HP (3 frames) or close MP (4 frames), although these hit high. If you need a quick punish that starts low, you can open with (only) one crouching LK (3 frames), but the cancel window is very short!
  • For 100 more damage and 1 more stun, end with an MP Distance Slash instead. However, you are trading that for the knockdown you get with HP Distance Slash, when Hibiki can engage with oki tactics and further possible damage. Use either as desired.
  • Remember to make sure Hibiki crosses through the opponent by holding down HP for a beat on the Beckoning Slash input, especially in the corners. The HK starter will give you plenty of time to do that.

The Meaty BnB

When you need something a little more meatier for the oki game, starting the BnB with MK instead of the crouching LKs will do the trick.

cl.MK, cr.LK, cr.LP xx MP Distance Slash for 2600 Damage, 26 Stun

CloseMk.png, D.png+ (Lk.png,Lp.png) xxQcf.png+Mp.png

  • Requires a 3 frame link from MK to cr.LK, or more if off a late meaty hit or counter hit.
  • This combo string can be used in a frame trap situation by delaying the cr.LK attack a moment after close MK.

The Wakeup Reversal

An excellent option whether you're waking up, or they are.

Roll Cancel HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) HP Distance Slash for 2100 Damage, 21 Stun

RCQcb.png+Hp.png (crossthrough to opposite side) Qcb.png+Hp.png

  • Offensively, this is a strong part of Hibki's oki confusion game. Which side are you going to hit the opponent on? If you don't know, maybe they won't, either!
  • Doesn't necessarily need to be roll cancelled if using it offensively, but if doing so remember that the RC adds frames before the attack so adjust your timing accordingly.
  • Defensively, this is Hibiki's "Get Out of Jail Free" card. If trapped in the corner, being able to consistently pull off a roll cancelled reversal Beckoning Slash is a godsend.
  • If it hits, you get a free punish combo. If it's blocked, you get out of the corner anyway. (If you miss the reversal RC, you get punished. Try to avoid that.)
  • Be sure to hold HP for a moment just to be sure you'll be crossing through the opponent. The RC invincibility will cover you.

Combos With Meter

Into Going My Way (Rave)

Punisher combo: cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 7616 damage, 47 stun

  • Your big mistake punisher into a Level 3. Great damage, HUGE stun damage, and great setups after. If you hit this, you've got a great chance at the win or at least a comeback.
  • You can use an MP Distance Slash at the end of this combo for about 100 more damage and 1 more stun, but is usually not worth it due to losing the knockdown and setups from it that the HP Distance Slash provides.

Confirm combo: cr.LK×3 xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 6632 damage, 40 stun

  • This is how you will normally be confirming into the rave super, fishing for an opening to catch the opponent low.
  • If starting a bit further away, you will only be able to get out and confirm off of two LKs.
  • To execute this smoothly, hit the first (one or) two LKs as normal, then start the HCB/63214 sequence so that the last crouching LK comes out during the down directions of the input motion. Finish executing the super with forward and a kick button.
  • You can use an MP Distance Slash at the end of this combo for about 60 more damage and 1 more stun, but is usually not worth it due to losing the knockdown and setups from it that the HP Distance Slash provides.

S-Groove and N-Groove Only: cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory Level 1 for 8825 damage, 36 stun (or open with cr.LK×3 for 8603 damage, 29 stun)

  • If you still have a Level 1 super in your pocket after using the meter for the Level 3, you can add on a dash super at the end to do about 1000 more damage than with a Distance Slash.
  • This is a no-brainer to always do in S-Groove. In N-Groove, you must decide if the extra 1000 damage now is worth trading away the chance to build up another stock of your meter quickly for a new Level 3 attempt.

N-Groove Only 60-Stun Punish Combo, Requires all 3 Stocks: Pop Stock, j.HP, cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 3, interrupt chain after 7th Button (2nd LK), Pop Stock, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) MP Distance Slash into Stun; j.HP, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) MP Distance Slash for 12667 Damage
(Root 3 is good for something after all!)

  • It's possible, but requires you to get a free jump-in combo, then ridiculous execution precision and timing on your part. If you can somehow land it, as a Ratio 2 it will easily kill all Ratio 1 characters, will kill low health Ratio 2 characters (Akuma, Morrigan, etc.), and be a 95% combo against the rest of them!
  • The jump-in HP starter and MP Distance Slash are both required to get up to 60 stun. If you end with an HP Distance Slash, you will it will be only 59 stun!
  • The activation timing into the close HK xx Beckoning Slash is the key to this working. If you do the seven buttons in the rave chain quickly (but not as fast as possible) the timing for the activation and the close HK is almost done with the same rhythm.
  • If successful, this combo will do 9254 damage before the stun. If you've made it this far, feel free to skip the j.HP starter on the stunned opponent; you'll still get nearly 12000 damage because you're still activated and you're doing 20% more damage, counteracting the heavy combo scaling.
  • Here's a video of it:

Into Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash)

  • Confirm off of BnB Opener

Level 1: cr.LK, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 2900 Damage
Level 2: cr.LK×2, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 4300 Damage
Level 3: cr.LK×3, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 5900 Damage
The higher level super available, the more crouching LKs you can add before the LP into super. This combo is most practical for C-Groove players to confirm into easy Level 2s. Some Japanese Hibiki players that appear on regular streams prefer to combo into Level 3 with this super instead of Going My Way for some reason.

  • After Punishing with cl.HK xx Beckoning Slash

Level 1: 4600 Damage - This is an excellent amount of damage for a Level 1 off an easy punish.
Level 2: 5800 Damage
Level 3: 7200 Damage

  • After a Melding Being Blade (Counter)

Level 1: 2900 Damage - Compare to a follow-up Beckoning Slash, which corner carries and does 2000 total damage without meter.
Level 2: 4100 Damage
Level 3: 5500 Damage

  • After a Piercing Moon Pounce (Overhead)

Level 1: 3100 Damage - Compare to cancelling into MP Distance Slash, which does 2000 total damage without meter.
Level 2: 4300 Damage
Level 3: 5700 Damage

Into No Fear Feint (Blackout)

  • Punisher combo: cl.HK xx No Fear Feint for 6800 Damage

Not the most damage off of a close HK punish, but certainly the most flashy! Use to punctuate a round win if you're not sure the raw super will get you there.

  • In the corner after a Melding Being Blade (Counter) for 6100 Damage

The primary punisher after a successful counter with Hibiki's back to the corner. There is a specific but relatively large window the super must come out for a successful hit. Way too early or too late, it will whiff. Slightly too early, it will hit with the tip of the super hitbox and only do 1400 total damage.

  • Away from the corner after a Melding Being Blade (Counter) for 6100 Damage

A much more risky proposition, as this requires a dash up or delicate runup to get into position before executing the super input. Basically impossible to miss early, so if done as quickly as possible, and done cleanly, it should hit every time. Consider doing a Level 3 Heavenly Spirit of Victory Dash super off the counter instead for a much safer and more reliable 5500 total damage.

A-Groove Custom Combos

Information for this section comes from Gunter's Custom Combo Collection guide on his Google Drive space. For the full guide, complete with video, go to


Her traditional Ground CC utilizes her Beckoning Slash to bring her closer after cr.HPs (and cr.LPs, after the 8th hit scales damage to the minimum) push her too far away.

You can technically juggle with Beckoning Slashes as well, and as with all juggling CCs, it offers a little more leeway on timing, However, also similar to other juggling CCs, it’s also less damaging than her grounded CC.

Technically, Hibiki has a jumping CC. It’s really only useful after a counter, but good to know. (See #Other section, below.)


Hibiki’s MP Distance Slash is fast and puts them in a knockdown state, so it’s her best option as the initial hit of an anti-air CC. Again, she can technically follow with jumping hits, but the damage is low.

The better option is to follow the MP Distance Slash with another MP Distance Slash to create distance, and then follow with Beckoning Slashes to the corner.


Hibiki’s traditional Ground CC can be used as a Blocked CC, but there are other options you can do from there. If you land a Piercing Moon Pounce overhead, which must be blocked high, you can transition into the Ground CC. If you sneak in a Kick throw, you can juggle with an MP Distance Slash afterwards.

There’s also a super-advanced mixup involving a Beckoning Slash going through the opponent, canceling into a Narrow Escape dodge/Essential Crunch backhop to hit them if they are crouching, and continuing with hits as she returns to the ground.


  • Hibiki can start a custom combo after a Kick throw, so activating and doing the Kick throw is an unblockable custom starter.
  • For more damage, activate after the Kick throw, but the timing is very strict.
  • Two options for CCs after a Melding Being Blade counter: 1) Follow with MP Distance Slash into MP Beckoning Slash to the corner, then freestyle. 2) Follow with superjump(air activate, j.HP, j.HP, j.MK), another superjump with 3 j.HPs, then freestyle. The ground slashes option is more like the anti-air CC, but the jumping hits give you more leeway with timing.
  • Use the invincibility to go through a fireball/projectile with a Beckoning Slash after activating. (You can retaliate a blocked Sagat Hotfoot super in the same way.)
  • Blocking a Blanka Ball leads to a free CC, with different results depending on the timing of the first hit.
  • Blocking an Iori sweep and a Honda Headbutt leads to a free CC, beginning with a MP Beckoning Slash.
  • Against C/P/S Grooves Dan and Rolento, you can CC after a combo near the corner due to the Dan/Rolento OTG bug.
  • Any of the sneaky moves from the Blocked section can be used to reset damage if a Ground CC connects. A Piercing Moon Pounce overhead is the easiest.

(Old Wiki Information)

For R1 Damage I referenced Buk's System's Guide (-18%)

Since the damage output on most of her CC's as an R1 do pitiful damage, it's practically mandatory that you master usage of her Resets to make her worth it as a user

It should also be noted that upon finishing these CC's following up with knockdown mixups is cake and highly recommended, and by those alone following a CC you can take a round because after all the Resets are in the end another mixup.

CC, (close RHx2, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK xx super:

7892 damage (R2)

6471.44 damage (R1)

Very respectable damage. This generic ground CC is your "big punisher CC" and also the CC to use when you activate randomly. First hits hitting low is nice too, but I find that it's a little too slow to use as trip guard anti-air.

CC, qcf+MP, qcb+LP, qcb+MPx3, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6864 damage (R2)

5268.48 damage (R1)

This is your anti-air CC. The beauty of this CC is that you can anti-air somebody from REALLY far away on reaction and get a whole CC out of it. Is Blanka jumping up and down? Kill it. Blanka low jumping up and down? Kill it. Did you just block a Bison psycho crusher (or Blanka ball)? Kill it. Sak whiffing dive kicks? Kill it. You get the point.

kick throw, CC, qcf+MP, qcb+MPx4, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6812 damage (R2)

5585.84 damage (R1)

This is lovely. Guaranteed CC after a midscreen throw. You can also activate, THEN throw and combo off of that for a bit less damage. Still worth it, though, and pretty much guaranteed to work several times on everybody before they start catching on. And then when they start trying to jump out you do a low move and go into the ground CC...

CC, jump HKx4, c.HP, then go into generic ground CC:

7760 damage (R2)

6363.2 damage (R1)

Overhead CC on big characters. Works on characters Eagle-sized and taller. Also handy as an easy reset mid-CC, or if you went for a low hitting CC and they blocked.

Eagle sized logically would mean while crouching

Referenced from Buk's system's guide->Eagle, Zangief, Sagat, Geese, Chang & Raiden

CC, qcb+LP, c.HP, (qcb+LP, c.HPx2)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP, qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK, super:

7672 damage (R2)

6291.04 damage (R1)

Whiff punisher CC. Also works as one of the best anti-projectile CCs in the game. Hibiki can be really far away from the fireball thrower and still get a CC off of it.

To get an idea how far this can connect imagine the opponent in the corner and you opposite corner and dash forward.

Counter, CC

The damage for CC's off this varies. If you're midscreen, you could probably get away with the anti-air CC. If you're in the corner and throw them there just go for [j.HPx5]xN, super.

CC Resets

qcb+mp, just as you pass through and past the opponent KKK ~ b+K, you will hop back over the opponent. j.HK, j.MP, c.LK into ground CC.

While normally used when the opponent blocks your CC, it can also be used mid-CC to reset the combo meter.

--Can be avoided standing, in which case you mixup after the dodge with either a low attack or kickthrow

Dodge KKK,

Also a mixup following the dodge on the 1st reset. If they stand, go low with and continue the CC.

---This is a good alternative if the opponent stands to avoid the 1st Reset. Probably better than the next since the kickthrow takes a lot of time from the meter.

Dodge KKK, kick throw

Another followup to the dodge on the 1st Reset, it suffers in comparison due to the time (and hence damage) it takes from CC's, and it effectively nukes the chances for further resets.

---This is mashable of course, but for mixups it's there.

s.HK xx dp+k continue CC

Getto old-school reset. s.HK has enough hit-stun so that the similar looking dp+k will counter-hit jabs/shorts. It will catch people trying to jump out as a nice bonus.

--This is roll-able (hence RC, lvl 3, dp reversable). The timing fortunately IS strict. It is of course blockable standing if they see it coming.

d.HK, qcb+P, continue CC

Sweep then cross them up with the qcb+P Beckoning Slash and continue with the generic Ground CC.

---It's a crossup.

Advanced Strategy

System & Subsystem Mechanics Strategy

Dashes & Run

Roll & Dodge

Small Jump


Guard Cancel Attack & Movement

Groove-Specific Strategy


Cvs2 C-Groove Label.png
CVS2 CGrooveBar.png

In C-Groove

Against C-Groove


Cvs2 A-Groove Label.png
CVS2 AGrooveBar.png

In A-Groove

Against A-Groove


Cvs2 P-Groove Label.png
CVS2 PGrooveBar.png

In P-Groove

Against P-Groove


Cvs2 S-Groove Label.png
CVS2 SGrooveBar.png

In S-Groove

Against S-Groove


Cvs2 N-Groove Label.png
CVS2 NGrooveBar.png

In N-Groove

Against N-Groove


Cvs2 K-Groove Label.png
CVS2 KGrooveBar.png

In K-Groove

Against K-Groove

Character Matchups

Capcom Characters
#Akuma #Balrog #Blanka #Cammy #Chun-Li #Dan #Dhalsim #Eagle
#E.Honda #Guile #Ken #Kyosuke #M.Bison #Maki #Morrigan #Rolento
#Ryu #Sagat #Sakura #Vega #Yun #Zangief #Evil Ryu #Shin Akuma
SNK Characters
#Athena #Benimaru #Chang #Geese #Haohmaru #Hibiki #Iori #Joe
#Kim #King #Kyo #Mai #Nakoruru #Raiden #Rock #Rugal
#Ryo #Todo #Yamazaki #Terry #Vice #Yuri #Orochi Iori #God Rugal

Capcom Characters


Balrog (Boxer)


How much this matchup favors Hibiki very dependent on what groove Blanka is using.

  • C-Groove Blanka is 7/3 for Hibiki. Blanka's jump-ins are completely neutered by Hibiki's anti-airs, so if it's ground game vs. ground game, Hibiki is at a decisive advantage.
  • A-Groove Blanka is closer to 5/5. Having the threat of an activation as a counter tactic to Hibiki's anti-airs and ground mixups will force you to be a little more honest with your attacks, especially in the corners where A-Blanka can do a lot of damage very quickly.
  • K-Groove Blanka is 2/8 against Hibiki. With Just Defends and far-reaching Small Jump attacks, Blanka becomes an absolute monster up close, allowing him to attack Hibiki vertically as well as on the ground without fear. Blanka Balls become safer for Blanka due to being able to JD a frame early, and he can punish a Distance Slash with a Level 3 super (as in other grooves with Level 3 capability). This safety in mobility gives him a higher probability of getting into position to land crossups, rage throws and supers. Some of this difficulty can be mitigated with an A- or K- Hibiki's set of options.

In general, Hibiki should primarily focus on denying Blanka optimal spacing for hops, crossup hops, and Blanka Ball pressure. Sometimes this means getting close to Blanka, within MP poke range (though this largely depends on his groove and meter situation) but generally that means staying back and fishing for punishes with Beckoning Slash/run mixups as they try to build meter with neutral jump attacks and (RC) Electricity.

Blanka pressure strings will often end with cr.HP or cr.HK once he gets pushed out of range. This is an opportunity for a counter attack, using a Narrow Escape dodge into cr.LP xx MP Distance Slash. You may also consider using the cr.LP poke as a chance to run in closer and start Hibiki's own pressure game, such as using her overhead.


Cammy rushes Hibiki to death with her close s.HP following a knockdown. When that happens Hibiki's options are exceedingly limited outside CC activation or counter-attacks (a plus for C/N/K grooves) since she lacks a good reversal outside RC run slash. She ends up blocking the Fierces or getting thrown.

-Never let Cammy score that knockdown, hence never leting her get close enough to work that s.HP, unless you've taken the initiative with a knockdown of your own, then feel free to mix-up.

-You can anti-air fairly freely between s.HP or counters

-Keep a close eye on your openings, especially vs P/K Cammy

-Don't try any forward slashes if she has a lvl 3 stored, though if you're feeling gutsy you could aim for a qcf+HP while she's dancing back and forth.





E. Honda




M. Bison (Dictator)

A very tough matchup for Hibiki, especially in A-Groove. Bison can simply react to any HIbiki forward movement with Scissor Kicks, immediately shutting down any Beckoning Slash/run-in mixups from distance and often leading to a fence painting. His Devil's Reverse stomp and follow-up attacks will trade or beat Hibiki's close HP anti-air, and he can also punish a whiff from afar if he cancels it in some situations.

Take great care with Distance Slashes and the BnB combo. Bison can punish any MP Distance Slash with Scissor Kicks unless it is done at the maximum possible distance. In BnBs, spread out the cr.LKs as much as possible (link them instead of rapid fire them, basically) to push back away from Bison as far as the combo will let you get away with.




Rolento's mobility can easily frustrate Hibiki players. He is one of the few characters that can quickly deny her zoning position and setups necessary to maintain it. He can also punish a Distance Slash with a Level 3 Tripwire super, making it hard to use effectively.

The most effective strategy against a mobile Rolento is to approach frequently and aggressively, mixing Beckoning Slashes with standing/crouching MP pokes and aggressive run-ins and running jumps. Rolento players will rarely sit and wait as you approach them, which you can use to your advantage by having them guess wrong or baiting them to retreat into the corner, only to attack them when they try jumping out of it. One of the most unexpected things you can do is to simply run right at Rolento as he neutral jumps into the air, as he is usually looking to throw out a knife. When he does, you get a free punish combo when he lands. Be wary of his sliding cr.HK, which Rolento players will rely on to stop you from advancing.




Sak's got too much going for her for A-Hibiki to try to challenge her up close without meter. While both have nice mixups when they've got the intiative, this match is best done at range. In particular, just barely past the reach of her s.HK.

At that range you can prepare yourself for a drawn out match.

-Hibiki can d.HP whiffed Sak's s.HK's, RC Fireballs

-counter RC Hurricane Kicks

-use d.LP xx qcf+MP to keep her out

-anti-airs are pretty solid vs Sak, but don't get too predictable when she has bar. That as well as including her dive kick give her unique setups for her CC's.

-You don't want to whiff anything. Sak's roll at 112 [27/4R] is not quite Iori fast, but its fast enough to punish all of Hibiki's whiffs outside s.MP, d.MP, d.LP. Her mixups are strong enough that vs Hibiki it's practically guaranteed that you'll at the very least loose 1/3 of your guardbar if you let her land her BnB once. Watch your openings.

-Sak's normal anti-airs are susceptible to Hibiki's ambiguous crossup attempts. You can beat her close s.HP or d.HP between good distancing and varying the timing of the hits.

-Sakura lacks naturally invicible attacks outside CC activation, so she's highly vulnerable to Hibiki activating point blank (for her that's a mixup in itself) and throwing or just throw and activate.

-Vs Sak's who end their CC's with HK hurricane kicks to super you can grab her with Hibiki's counter during that gap between the 1st and last hits of the hurricane kick.

Vega (Claw)

Provided A-Hibiki is put in the user position, and starts this matchup with either a full bar or close to it activation helps her dearly; if she lands her CC at all he's done. Otherwise, this matchup typically goes to Vega.

She could try to play it defensive, but typically the match will result in Vega whittling away at Hibiki's life.

-His pokes pretty much own hers. Particularly At the range where this move hits, give or take, is where Vega wants to be fighting Hibiki, or just about anyone really.

-His anti-airs (s.HK, airthrow, jump back mashing)are solid.

-Vega's fast enough to take advantage of all her openings

Fortunately her s.HP seems to work just fine as anti-air, though a low jumping Vega would give her fits.

Seems like the only way Hibiki can kill Vega is to knockdown, get up close and mixup 'till Vega dies. Keep in mind he's a charge character so crossup run slashes/shortjump mixups are golden. The problem is landing that initial knockdown. Her only moves that give her that are qcf+HP, s.MK, d.HK, and her kickthrow. Vega's not too likely to give her the opportunity to land the latter 3, so she's dependant almost entirely on qcf+HP, which he can easily take advantage of if she's too predictable.

There's of course landing her CC, which sets up her mixups nicely.

Vega likes to jump straight up. A lot. If he does you could nail him as he comes down with RC run slash/forward slash, or anti-air CC.



SNK Characters







A very strange matchup for Hibiki, since everything you can do from distance, they can do from the same distance! Groove mechanics notwithstanding, this matchup becomes all about who can most effectively use their mixups once they manage to get into range.

Except against P- and K-Groove, Hibiki can punish an opposing MP Distance Slash with a reversal LP Beckoning Slash. (This means the opposing Hibiki can punish your MP Distance Slash with their own LP Beckoning Slash!)




The angle of Kim's jump is such that he can literally go over Hibiki's cl.HP anti-air. Using the button as an AA is still possible, but must be done a little later than usual and risks trading with Kim's strong jumping attacks.














Boss Characters

Evil Ryu

Riot of Blood (Orochi) Iori

Shin Akuma

Ultimate (God) Rugal

Notes & Additional Resources

Videos and Other Links

Hibiki Video Guide by Master Luke.
A great visual summary of all of the basics.

Tricks of the Trade - Hibiki by DJ-B13.
From a classic series of CvS2 video guides. Be forewarned that many things the Tricks videos are completely unrealistic or impractical against a competent opponent, but watching it will still give you a fair general summary of character gameplay.

Quote Translations

Bugs & Glitches

No Fear Feint Unsafe on Hit?!?

After landing a No Fear Feint (Blackout) super, there is a rare circumstance where Hibiki will enter her special win pose even though the round has not ended and the character she "killed" is still alive!

This can only happen against K-Groove opponents when they have very specific health and meter levels. Their meter needs to be full enough so that getting hit by the super will fill it and activate rage. The amount of health they must have should be low enough that the super would otherwise kill them, but high enough that so that after the 12.5% defensive bonus kicks in, they will survive.

To put approximate numbers on this, assuming both are Ratio 2 characters and there are no other groove buffs in the equation, if the opponent is on the verge of raging and has less than 5500 health (the damage of the super) but more than 4813 health (damage received after raging), the bug will trigger.

When this happens, Hibiki will execute the super as normal and enter her special win pose. However, there is no KO flash on the screen, and the win pose animation still has the red "shadow" of a Level 3 super. By the time she finishes and snaps back to a ready stance, the opponent has already recovered!

This appears to happen as a result of the game failing to account for the rage defensive bonus when calculating if Hibiki needs to enter the win pose, which actually starts at the same time as the KO frame (that never happens).

Should this bug occur, Hibiki will be at an approximate frame disadvantage of -8. Given that the opponent will have activated rage, there is ample time for them to respond with a Level 3 super punish of their own! Bummer, dude.

This is a bug that Hibiki players should be aware of, but one so rare you may only see it two or three times in your lifetime. It's alright to worry about this potentially happening should a K-Groove opponent's meter and life bars start to line up—especially in a tournament situation!—but odds are you're going to be fine. If you have the opportunity to land a No Fear Feint, don't hesitate!

This bug is easily replicated:

  • In a standard versus match, choose N-Groove, R2 Hibiki, and any other R2 character. (Use N-Groove to avoid any super damage meter bonuses. You can also use P-Groove, but the meter takes longer to fill.)
  • The opponent's team should be K-Groove R1 Yun, plus another R3 character.
  • Start the round and have the other player taunt to fill your meter up, as needed. Do not taunt to fill Yun's meter.
  • Perform exactly two raw No Fear Feint supers.
  • The first one will put the health and super meters exactly where they need to be for the second to trigger the bug.

Beckoning Slash/Dash Super Post-KO Meter Drain

This bug only occurs on early builds of the Japanese arcade version of CvS2.

If Hibiki wins a round with a passthrough Beckoning Slash, the game will still detect inputs for a follow-up Distance Slash or Heavenly Spirit of Victory super. Should the super come out, Hibiki will LOSE meter after the KO!

Once a round ends, health and groove meters will normally freeze. However, the early Naomi JP builds of the game have the infamous Post-KO Meter Build Glitch that allows players to continue to build meter on whiffed medium and heavy normals before the character enters their win pose. It turns out that the "Meter Build" glitch is only half accurate since meter can also be used and lost during this window... including the meter that is necessary for a post-KO Dash Super.

If you are playing on the JP arcade cabinet, and it has a a version of CvS2 that allows post-KO meter building, use extreme caution if winning a round with Beckoning Slash. Although you will get meter for performing the Distance Slash post-KO, you will lose a lot more if you accidentally input the super or the game recognizes your Distance Slash attempts as one. It's best practice to just take your hands off the stick immediately at the KO.

They fixed the post-KO meter bug on US arcade versions and the console versions, so in them go ahead and show off that post-KO super.


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