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Capcom vs SNK 2/Roll Cancelling

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Roll Cancelling

Roll cancelling is the most infamous mechanic/glitch in competitive CVS2, and it used to be controversial because it either makes or brakes CVS2 for you, it's a glitch/bug exclusive the non-EO versions of the game, and it's only usable in roll grooves (C/A/N).

Roll cancelling is basically stealing the invincibility frames of a roll and applying them to a special attack; done by inputting: Roll (LP+LK) at around 3 frames before a complete special move command, for example; Geese's Jaei-Ken (HCB+K / 63214+K) is with a half-circle motion, which breaks down to the following notation: (F,DF,D,DB,B), now as you can see, this is the complete anatomy of a half-circle back (or forward if you reverse it), when you attempt to do an RC (Roll Cancel, please memorize the shortcut.), you will do about half to 3 quarters of the command before executing a roll, then press K once the Kara-timing has been met, in Geese's case, that will be the following: (F, DF, D, *ROLL*, DB, B+K)


(F, DF, D, *LP+LK*, DB, B+K)

The notation must be executed immediately and accurately, you can practice RC'ing in training mode by selecting Ryu (or anyone with a fireball) and setting the dummy on Record and record them doing a fireball while you do your thing on the other side, you can tell if a roll cancel worked in this case by passing through the fireball during the special move without absorbing it, and if you fail, the scenarios will be like the following:

1- Geese Rolls: you are attempting to RC too early in the command, or you didn't match the kara frame window of a cancel.

2- Geese does a short Jaei-Ken: the RC timing was too late, resulting in the game taking the input as a full move.

3- Geese throws a jab/short: you haven't pressed LP+LK correctly.

Here is a video demonstrating what a successful RC looks likes, with various cases, character and moves:

Credits: CustomGM

Bas also uploaded a good RC tutorial video.

RC electricity, other irregular RC cases and deeper details to be added soon.