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Capcom vs SNK 2/Rolento

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CVS2 Rolento CAPCOM Art.jpg
Health (at Ratio 2)
14000 Average
60 Low
Dash Length
15 Frames Short
Dash Type
Glide Corpse Hop=No, Proj. Hop=No
Run Speed
9 Fast
Roll Distance
140 pixels Long
Roll Duration
26f Above Average
Wakeup Speed compared to Ryu
0f Average


Rolento Schugerg is a German-American man with a patriotic passion for military. Early on in his career, he joined the Red Berets, an elite task force for the U.S. Military. Eventually, he left the team, selling himself as a mercenary. He was in multiple conflicts around the world, touring to places like South America, Central America, and working for questionably ethical groups like the East German Stasi. Eventually, his tour of duty ended during the Vietnam War, where he became disillusioned with the world and the state of politics. He began dreaming of a utopian society, for the military man, by the military man. He chases that dream throughout his many adventures in the Final Fight and Street Fighter story.


Rolento is a highly mobile rushdown and pressure character. While he lacks in any fullscreen zoning options, his stellar close range power with his fast walkspeed and amazing brawling normals allows him to lock opponents in blockstun for forever. Even just walking forward and doing repeated 5LP's is hard to deal with. Any confirmed hit can lead into his 236P Patriot Circle rekkas as well, giving him a great knockdown and a chance for a mixup. Rolento's offensive pressure is one of the best in the game, and even his neutral can be hard to deal with thanks to his fast mobility and long reaching buttons. He can also zone a little with his 623K Stinger knife tosses, and these are also very useful for pressure as well.

What holds Rolento back is his defense. Without roll cancelling, Rolento has no meterless reversal, and RC doesn't exactly give him a good one either. Rolento often has to commit to a big risk to get something invincible, and that can be both expensive and damaging should he miss it. While he can zone and play neutral decently, he doesn't exactly want to, and often has to stay very mobile to avoid being pinned down and punished. Keep yourself moving on the offensive, and evade the opponents attacks so you can lock them down and make them block for a long time to truly play Rolento.

Groove Selection

Best - C/A: C-Rolento gives Rolento all he really needs: consistent access to supers, rolls, and a good defensive tool with Alpha Counter. His mobility is solid without run or hop, and his dash is very fast. While he doesn't get much in the way of level 2 combos, just being able to spend on supers consistently is good enough, and it means he can save it more for the next character or for an Alpha Counter if he needs it. A-Rolento gets much of the same tools, except instead of just consistent access to supers, he gets a very damaging Custom Combo. This puts his damage a lot higher, and makes his punishes a lot scarier. CC is also just a solid defensive mechanic on it's own, and gives him a real reversal option as well.

Useful - N/K/P: N-Rolento gets a lot more mobility using run and hop, which is sorta just a bonus on top of his already great mobility. His mixups are scarier with hop, and run makes his jab pressure strings even better. He also gets very consistent access to level 1 supers for reversals, and can roll cancel moves like Patriot Circle to punish errant fireballs. K-Rolento gets the same movement buff, but gets less access to supers. In trade, he gets Just Defend, which is useful for him as he can easily punish with a Patriot Circle combo after a good JD. He also gets Rage, which buffs his damage, and makes the threat of a level 3 Take No Prisoner super present, which is massive damage overall. P-Rolento is a bit less strong, but he gets good punishes off of pokes, and a parry gives him a solid knockdown. This is great for him as he can transition from a parry into his mixup well, and P-Groove having hops aids in that case as well. Lack of rolls or consistent supers makes his defense a lot weaker however.

Worst - S: S-Rolento loses out on a lot. Without charging, Rolento gets no access to any meter usage, and with no roll he can't RC for reversal or neutral purposes. Charging is a huge risk for Rolento as well, as he often wants to be staying mobile, and charging is the exact opposite of that. Run and hop help, but not enough to justify the loss overall, and the infinite level 1 supers is fairly useful but still not enough to make him worthwhile.

Rolento is a highly mobile aggressive character, with lots of specials that allow him to freely move around the screen, and solid mixups. He can turn any good poke into a Patriot Cirle knockdown and push pressure from there. He just has to watch out for getting caught, as his defense is fairly weak. Rolento is best in C-Groove and A-Groove.
Pros Cons
  • Mobility: Between three command jumps, a walljump, a great jump arc, great walkspeed, and a stellar run and dash, Rolento has every tool he needs to stay highly mobile
  • Offense: His pressure with walking in and doing plus frame normals over and over while threatening a throw, and high/low/crossup mix on an opponents wakeup, give Rolento plenty of ways to open up opponents
  • Simple Knockdowns: Rolento can easily cancel many pokes into Patriot Circle rekkas for solid damage and a knockdown
  • Buttons: Between moves like 5LP, 5MP, 2HP, 2MK, and 2HK, Rolento has plenty of useful normals in neutral
  • Defense: Rolento has no special with any invincibility, forcing him to utilize Roll Cancel to reversal properly, which sadly doesn't work out too well as he still has no solid RC reversal. Often, this means he has to risk a reversal super, which can leave him wide open for punishment and cost him some meter as well
  • Zoning: Despite his high mobility, Rolento is quite weak against solid zoning and defense, and he himself struggles to keep out strong rushdown opponents
  • Meter Hungry: While Patriot Circle gives a solid knockdown, it doesn't do much damage, and as previously stated Rolento relies on supers for their invincibility. This makes him quite meter hungry overall

Rolento CvS2 colors.png

Moves List

Normal Moves

Button Position Buffers: Itself Specials Supers Hit Block Startup Active Recovery Damage
Jab Standing n y y +5 +5 3 4 6 300
Crouching n y y +4 +4 3 4 7 400
Jumping - - - - - 3 16 - 600
Strong Standing n n n +4 +4 9 8 8 900
Crouching n n n +2 +2 10 1(3)1(3)4 14 300x3
Jumping - - - - - 7 4+4+4 - 300x3
Fierce Close n/n y/n y/n -7 -7 7 4 27 1200,1000
Far n/n n/n n/n -8 -8 8 4(2)4 28 400+900
Crouching n n n -2 -2 8 4 22 1300
Jumping - - - - - 10 4 - 1300
Short Standing n y y +1 +1 5 4 10 500
Crouching n y y +1 +1 4 4 10 400
Jumping - - - - - 5 10 - 500
Forward Close n y y +0 +0 6 5 15 800
Far n n y -1 -1 6 5 16 900
Crouching n y y -1 -1 4 4 17 800
Jumping - - - - - 10 8 - 800
Roundhouse Standing n n n -7 -7 10 3 28 1300
Crouching n n n down -10 8 10 24 1200
Jumping - - - - - 10 6 - 1200
Command Normals
f + Forward n n n -20 -25 9 3 37 700
(air) d + Forward - - - - - 6 10 - 1100

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Basic Custom Combo:

Activate, d+mk, d+hp 3x, d+hk,, KKK, j.hp,, KKK, j.hp, (corner now),, j.lp,, j.lp, s.hp, qcb qcb + Any Punch


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