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Capcom vs SNK 2/Chun-Li

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CVS2 Chun-Li CAPCOM Art.jpg
Health (at Ratio 2)
14000 Low
70 Average
Dash Length
16 Frames Medium
Dash Type
Slide Corpse Hop=No, Proj. Hop=No
Run Speed
9 Very Fast
Roll Distance
140 pixels Far
Roll Duration
27f Long
Wakeup Speed compared to Ryu
6f Extremely Slow


Chun-Li is an Interpol officer in the narcotics division from China. She's a highly trained martial artist, and is notable for being the female protagonist of the Street Fighter series and the first female fighting game character ever, debuting in the original Street Fighter II: World Warrior. Her father taught her martial arts at a young age, as he was also a highly trained martial artist and Interpol officer. One day, he disappeared, which launched Chun-Li into a passion for law. She became a detective at 18 before joining Interpol, becoming the main head of their Shadaloo investigations. She learned from her old teacher, Gen, that her father had been dealing with M. Bison before his disappearance. She confronted M. Bison, asking him what had happened to her father. Bison laughs, and quickly defeats her in combat. He says that if they ever fight again, he will kill her just like he killed her father, and he escapes away. Chun-Li is still hunting Bison to this day.


Chun-Li is a solid and neutral focused character. Her buttons make for great pokes and space controlling tools, and her high walkspeed and fast jumps let her position wherever she wants to. Buttons like 2MK, 2MP, 5MP, 5HP, and 2HK can keep the opponent out and give her a chance to confirm into her powerful super, Houyokusen. Her super is key to her gameplan, as it gives her massive damage and a very strong mixup afterwards. She also has a useful fireball for zoning, and her signature Lightning Legs for combos and pressure.

Chun-Li isn't without weaknesses. Her health is quite low, meaning that a few good hits spells the end of the round for her. This is exacerbated by her weak defense, as she has no meterless reversal and no safe super to reversal with. She has stellar jabs for mashing, but this is a risk still. She also struggles to get any meaningful meterless damage, as her specials aren't very combo friendly, and even when she can combo into them, none of her specials give her a knockdown.

Regardless, she's a powerful high tier character, especially in C-Groove. She likely has the best level 2 combo in the game, with massive damage and a powerful mixup afterwards that allows her to take rounds off any solid poke with meter. If you don't mind the weak meterless damage and below average defense, Chun-Li is a solid pick.

Groove Selection

Best - C: C-Groove is easily Chun-Li's best Groove. Her level 2 combos with Houyokusen are likely the best C-Groove level 2 combos in the game, with massive damage potential and the chance for a mixup afterwards that leads into even worse situations for the opponent. C-Chun-Li can easily steamroll rounds away with meter. Roll Cancels aren't entirely important to her, but RC Legs are fairly strong, and rolls give her a powerful neutral tool and escape option. Alpha Counter and airblock aid her defense a lot as well, making her overall a lot more well rounded.

Useful - K/N/S: K-Chun-Li loses rolls for access to JD's, and Rage level 3 Houyokusen. One good JD with Rage can lead into massive damage and a mixup, and her neutral is still just as scary. Hop and run make her even more mobile as well, but the damage potential with Rage doesn't match up to the more consistent level 2 damage with C-Groove. N-Groove gets access to run, hop, and roll, alongside counter rolls which are useful escape tools. You can also basically always threaten a hitconfirm or whiff punish into level 1 Houyokusen, which isn't as high damage but is still a threat nonetheless. Lower damage ceiling and lack of any other really powerful tools holds N-Chun-Li back a bit compared to other Grooves however. S-Chun-Li is actually quite fitting, as Chun-Li can charge without much worry and infinite level 1 Houyokusen is very scary overall as every mixup afterwards leads into another super. S-Chun-Li has a great comeback factor, but has to deal with the weak mechanics of S-Groove.

Worst - A/P: A-Chun-Li is a much weaker version of C-Chun-Li. While A-Groove is still powerful, and her Custom Combo is no joke, her poking threat becomes much worse as she would always rather whiff punish into Houyokusen than use a Custom Combo. Everything else A-Groove has, C-Groove also has, and C-Groove has airblock as well. P-Groove is weak for a similar reason, as Chun-Li basically never has a super to make her pokes or punishes actually threatening. A good parry vs a P-Chun-Li with full bar will hurt, but it'll hurt less than a K-Groove JD with Rage, and hurt a lot less than a C-Groove level 2 combo.

Chun-Li is a neutral monster who can turn any poke into big damage and a scary mixup with her Houyokusen super. She has long reach, great mobility, and suprisingly solid mixups. She pays for this with weak meterless punishes and low health. Chun-Li is best in C-Groove.
Pros Cons
  • Buttons: Most of Chun-Li's buttons are long reaching and fast, with great ability to stuff the opponents movement or their buttons
  • Super: Chun-Li's Houyokusen is a fast and high damage super than can be super jump cancelled, which allows her to end in an air combo and a standing mixup for massive damage sequences
  • Mixup: She has surprisingly good mixups, between a good low confirm, great crossup, a command normal that can ambiguously crossup, and a damaging throw with a great knockdown
  • Neutral: Between her amazing buttons, unique fireball that recovers very fast, and situational but solid anti-airs, Chun-Li can wall opponents out for entire rounds
  • Meterless: Without meter, Chun-Li gets very little reward from her hits, making her very reliant on having a super stored for future use
  • Defense: While she has a stellar 2 frame 2LP, she can't do it on wakeup. Chun-Li has no meterless reversal, and she would rather save the meter to whiff punish with, leading her to often hold pressure on a knockdown
  • Low Health: Chun-Li has lower health than average, meaning a few good hits can take her out quickly

Unique Attacks

Forward Kick
F.png + Mk.png
Df.png + Hk.png
(in air) D.png + Mk.png
Can perform another aerial attack afterward; High.png
Wall Jump
(in air, near wall) Uf.png
Target Combo
(during angled jump) Hp.png---.pngHp.png


F.png + Hp.png
Kick Throw
F.png + hk
(in air) F.png + hp

Special Moves

Hcf.png + P.png
different versions travel different distances HP is shortest
press K.png repeatedly
can be extended, forces stand
Spinning Bird Kick
D.png (charge) U.png + K.png
forces stand

Super Combos

Houyoko Sen
Qcf.pngQcf.png + K.png
can super jump Cancel.png last hit
Qcf.pngQcf.png + P.png

Basic Stats

  • Health at Ratio 2= 14000(Below Average, Median Health is 14400)
  • Stun Bar= 70 (Average)
  • Stun Duration Time= +/- 0f (Average)
  • Guard Guage Recovery Rate: Normal
  • Crouching height= 61 (Very Short)
  • Dash: Length= 98 pixels, Duration= 16f, Height= 0 (Cannot corpse hop)
  • Run Speed= 9.0 (Fast)
  • Roll: 132 Distance, 27f invincible, 2f upper body invincible 4f Recovery. (Average)
  • Wakeup-Speed compared to Ryu= +6f (Very slow)


Chunli CvS2 colors.png

Preferred Grooves

The constant threat of at least level 1 Houyoko Sen is critical to Chun Li's gameplan, so C and N grooves are ideal choices for Chun Li. Roll cancels are an added bonus.

C Groove-


  • Touch of Death C-Groove cancel combo- Canceling her level 2 Houyoko Sen into Lightning Legs allows you to link a S.HP or c. Jab.gif , c.Strong.gifafterward and cancel that into a level 1 houyoko sen, which allows the Jump HK followup. That combo alone will do over 9000 damage (at ratio 2), and a successful mixup after will usually dizzy low/mid stun characters, which should kill anyone.
  • Cheap Level 1s- Chun's level 1 Houyoko Sen with the followup is the most damaging level 1 in the game (not including the mixup potential). C-groove offers level 1 supers at about a 25% discount compared to N or A. It's simple math.
  • Delayed Get-up- Unpunishable method to mess with setup/safejumps.
  • Air Block- This is semi important with Chun's floaty jump, but jump LK usually is a better option. Chicken blocking into low jab is a decent strategy against high priority jump ins.
  • Dash- allows for an easier buffer for RC Lightning Legs.


  • No Run means more methodical approaches and no running Jab.gif pressure.
  • No Low Jump means you have to be really careful about jumping, Chun's jump is super high and floaty.

N Groove-


  • Low jump- Low jump HP (both hits) can cover the up and down of the low jump arc. Low jump MK & LK are all good, and very useful get in tool. Low jump crossups are nice. Low jump headstomp is also easier to instant overhead people with. Lastly, since chun can link of her lightning legs, Low Jump combos are much easier with Chun Li than most characters. (Special moves cancel the extra landing lag of low jumps)
  • Run- Chun's run is very fast and her low [File:Jab.gif]is extremely positive on block. This is abuseable.
  • Counter Roll- A great defense against A groove guard crush customs.
  • Counter Attack-> Level 3 Kikosho (corner only, power up activated) Not many characters can do this.
  • Level 3 Houyoko Sen-> Level 1 Kikosho. (Very difficult to time, good damage)
  • Safe fall Because Chun-Li's wakeup options are fairly poor, this helps her avoid knockdown mixups. Use caution, the safe fall is punishable.


  • The extreme one shot damage of C-grooves Level 2 cancel combo

Other Grooves

  • A-Groove: Her custom combos aren't anything special so A groove isn't an optimal pick (her level 1's end up offering better utility).
  • P-groove: Has the stored level 3, and parry into stand MP->level 3 is a big threat, but she doesn't get much off of parries without super. Plays like a budget C-groove Chun
  • K-groove: Has some juice if your JD's can take you into the 3 supers/round area. She can set JD's up well after blocked SBK's or Lightning Legs. Low jump is great for her. Overall not a hard character to keep out when she's raged, so relying on counter hit confirms is key.
  • S-groove: Non flashing life S-Groove Chun is an abysmal character. Having to charge just to get level 1's (which you need for any decent damage) is obviously really bad. In desperation mode, however, she's death incarnate, capable of chaining level 1-> mixup-> level 1 into death.

Preferred Team Position & Ratio

Due to her need for meter, controlling style, and effectiveness against common anchors, Chun-Li is often the middle character as a Ratio 1. She struggles against many common leadoff characters like Cammy, Vega, and Iori, so make sure your opponent doesn't take big leads into the 2nd round.

Chun is also a fairly decent anchor, and especially shines against Sagat, Blanka, Bison, and Geese.

Frame Data

Block Frames
Move Name HL Damage Stun Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Notes
Close Jab.gif HL 200 2 ch/sp/su 3 4 9 +4 +4 - Crouchable by under Height 64 characters (16)
Close Strong.gif HL 500*500 5*5 sp/su 5 2(16)2 22 -2 -2 -Crouchable by under Height 66 characters (24)
Close Fierce.gif HL 1000 10 sp/su 4 8 20 -2 -2 -
Close Short.gif HL 400 4 sp/su 4 5 9 +3 +3 -
Close Forward.gif HL 900 9 sp/su 10 7 14 +2 +2 -
Close Roundhouse.gif HL 1200 12 sp/su 5 9 22 -5 -5 -
Far Jab.gif HL 200 2 ch/sp/su 3 4 9 +4 +4 - Crouchable by under Height 64 characters (16)
Far Strong.gif HL 800 8 sp/su 6 8 13 +1 +1 -
Far Fierce.gif HL 1100 11 - 12 8 21 -3 -3 -
Far Short.gif HL 300 3 sp/su 6 4 13 -2 -2 -
Far Forward.gif HL 800 8 - 7 6 19 -3 -3 -
Far Roundhouse.gif HL 1100 11 - 12 3 25 -4 -4 -
crouch Jab.gif HL 400 4 ch/sp/su 3 4 7 +6 +6 -
crouch Strong.gif L 800 8 sp/su 5 9 17 +4 +4 -
crouch Fierce.gif HL 1200 12 sp/su 8 11 20 -7 -7 -
crouch Short.gif L 300 3 ch/sp/su 5 4 11 +2 +2 -
crouch Forward.gif L 700 7 - 9 4 14 +2 +2 -
crouch Roundhouse.gif L 1000 10 su 8 8 27 -11 - Knockdown
Jump up Jab.gif H 500 5 sp 4 22 - - - -
Jump up Strong.gif H 800 8 - 5 10 - - - -
Jump up Fierce.gif H 1200 12 - 6 8 - - - -
Jump up Short.gif H 600 6 - 6 22 - - - -
Jump up Forward.gif H 1100 11 - 6 10 - - - -
Jump up Roundhouse.gif H 1100 11 - 10 8 - - - -
Jump forward Jab.gif H 500 5 sp 4 22 - - - -
Jump forward Strong.gif H 800 80 sp 5 10 - - - -
Jump forward Fierce.gif H 700 7 - 6 8 - - - Can juggle into target combo
Jump forward Short.gif H 400 4 - 4 26 - - - -
Jump forward Forward.gif H 700 7 - 5 12 - - - -
Jump forward Roundhouse.gif H 700*600 7*6 - 6 6(9)10 - - - Can juggle both hits on airborne
Right.gif + Forward.gif H 800 8 - 15 4 15 +5 +5 -Not crouchable by over height 70 (10 characters)
Right.gif + Roundhouse.gif HL 1100 11 - 12 4 25 -4 -4 -
Downright.gif + Roundhouse.gif H 1000 10 - 37 6 8 +6 - Airborne 1-?F (Translation Needed)
Far Short.gif > Short.gif HL 300 3 sp/su 3 4 13 -2 -2 -
Air Down.gif + Forward.gif H 900 9 - 5 10 - - - Can be canceled into itself on hit or block
Air Fierce.gif > Fierce.gif H 500 5 - 6 10 - - - -
Throw Right.gif or Left.gif + Fierce.gif 52px 1600 - - 4 1 13 - - -
Throw Right.gif or Left.gif + Roundhouse.gif 52px 1800 - - 6 1 13 - - -
Air Throw Any Direction EXCEPT U.png + Fierce.gif 24px 1800 - - 1 1 0 - - Vertical Low Requirement: 70px, Vertical High Requirement: 78px
Kikoken Jab.gif HL 700 7 - 20 ? 40 (Total 59) -11 -11 Knockdown on air hit, Forces Stand, Fizzles after aprox 3/4ths of screen
Kikoken Strong.gif HL 800 8 - 16 ? 38 (Total 54) -9 -9 Knockdown on air hit, Forces Stand, Fizzles after aprox 1/2 of screen
Kikoken Fierce.gif HL 1000 10 - 12 ? 36 (Total 47) -7 -7 Knockdown on air hit, Forces Stand, Fizzles after aprox 1/4th of the screen
Kyakuretsukyaku Short.gif HL 300xN 3xN - 6 4(5)4(5)4(5)4(3) 17 0 0 Can be extended with any version of Kyakuretsukyaku, the extention will start on 5F, Forces Stand
Kyakuretsukyaku Forward.gif HL 300xN 3xN - 6 3(5)3(5)3(5)3(3) 17 +3 -6 Can be extended with any version of Kyakuretsukyaku, the extention will start on 5F, Forces Stand
Kyakuretsukyaku Roundhouse.gif HL 300xN 3xN - 6 3(4)3(4)3(4)3(2) 17 +6 -3 Can be extended with any version of Kyakuretsukyaku, the extention will start on 5F, Forces Stand
Spinning Bird Kick Short.gif HL 500x2 5x2 - 21 2(6)2 24 -2 - 21-35F Airborne, Forces Stand
Spinning Bird Kick Forward.gif HL 300x4 3x4 - 21 2(6)2(6)2(6)2 24 -2 - 21-53F Airborne, Forces Stand
Spinning Bird Kick Forward.gif HL 300x3*200x3 3x3*200x3 - 21 2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2 24 -2 - 21-67F Airborne, Forces Stand
Kikoshou - Level 1 Jab.gif HL 2700 - - 4+7 2*2*2*2*3 38 -18 - 1-8F Invincible
Kikoshou - Level 2 Strong.gif HL 3700 - - 4+7 2*2*2*2*2*2*3 38 -18 - 1-14F Invincible
Kikoshou - Level 3 Fierce.gif HL 4400 - - 4+7 2*2*2*2*2*2*3*4 38 -18 - 1-22F Invincible
Houyoku-Sen - Level 1 Short.gif HL 3000 - - 4+14 2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)14 27 -17 - 1-8F Invincible, Final hit can be super jump canceled
Houyoku-Sen - Level 2 Forward.gif HL 4200 - - 4+15 2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)14 27 -17 - 1-14F Invincible, Final hit can be super jump canceled
Houyoku-Sen - Level 3 Roundhouse.gif HL 5400 - - 4+16 2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(4)2(10)14 27 -17 - 1-22F invincible, Final hit can be super jump canceled
Block Frames
Move Name HL Damage Stun Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Notes

Normal Move Analysis

Standing Normals (Close)

a) Jab.gif - Chun-Li's only true rapid-fire weak attack. She does a small slap move to the face. It hits pretty high, so some characters can crouch it. (Vega, Cammy, Morrigan, Yun, Chun Li, Sakura, Mai, Kim, Vice, Yuri, Nakoruru, Rock, Hibiki, Maki, Iori, & Athena) Can be used as a sub-par rushdown tool against people who can't crouch it and as a rapid-fire anti-air tool against parry happy P-Groove players. It's bufferable, but only a lvl. 3 super would connect 100%.

b) Strong.gif - Up close, Chun does a double slap that hits mid. Not a good normal, but if people can't crouch it, use it after crossups. Every character that can crouch stand [File:Jab.gif]can crouch under this move, as well as Ryo, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, King, Dan, Rolento, Haohmaru) Makes it easier to combo into a super. Good to use against P-Groove, as this is a high parry only and hit confirmable.

c) Fierce.gif - Close up, Chun does her back Fierce.gif from SF3:3S a palm thrust to the midsection, which is cancellable into supers and specials. Has a pretty good deal of priority, sticks out for a while, and it's meaty. Overall great normal.

d) Short - Up close, Chun hits with the side of her foot. Looks really wierd, as she twists her whole leg. Not very good. Cancels into supers and specials.

e) Forward - Chun extends one of her legs in a 45 degree angle. Up close, she uses the leg up front, so she turns her back to the screen. It is much slower than the far version, and cancels into supers.

f) Roundhouse - Up close, Chun extends a knee to the opponent's mid- section, while doing a double fist up top. It cancels into specials, supers, and superjumps. Super Jump Cancelable normals are rare and rather fun. This means that you can develop your own set of mind games if you ever get to anti-air any person with this move. Besides the same setups you can use after a kick super, there is also a new factor involved: s.rh is not a knockdown. Therefore, you can do an empty jump, land, throw, among other things. Now, if you want to confuse your opponent, you could try doing the 'Timed Setups' (c). If you decided to sj. cancel, you could jump after them immediately, and do a j.short, which will stay on the same side, even though because of its ark, it looks like it should cross up. However, if you pause slightly before you sj. and do the same thing, the j.short will position itself as a crossup. Also, when you are cornered, you can make someone block a close s.rh, superjump to the wall, wall jump out of the corner, and get back into offense with a crossup j.short! Now the opponent is instantly cornered, and you have the advantage. Finally, when you have your opponent in the corner, throw out a meaty s.rh. If they block it, sj. cancel it, and do an aerial hit. They'll probably block it. You can land and do ANOTHER s.rh, cancelled again. It isn't a really solid trap, but more of a mindgame, because if they jump, they eat an air attack, just as if they try any normal anti-air, they eat a headstomp. You can also just jump empty, land and throw them, and go for another meaty s.rh! It seems like it shouldn't really work, but it does... at least most of the time.

Standing Normals (Far)

a) Jab.gif - (same as close Jab.gif )

b) Strong.gif - She does a cat-claw with her hand, sticks it straight out. By far her best normal move, along with c.Strong.gif. It cancels into both specials and supers.

c) Fierce.gif - Chun does he does her s. Fierce.gif from SF3:3S, but obviously, nowhere near as fast as in it. It IS her longest reaching normal, but it doesn't cancel into anything. Works best for whiff punishment when you do not have supers handy.

d) Short - Chun does her short kicks chain. These kicks have very good priority at the tips (Using it to beat out Cammy's s.rh is a good example.) These chain for 3 hits, and they still cancel into specials or supers. It may be able to stuff Sagat's c.HP, so perhaps it's use can be merited. Can chain into f+short. You can buffer to kick super, but only the level 3 version will hit.

e) Forward - Chun extends one of her legs in a 45 degree angle. Much faster than the close version, making it a good anti air against short jumps. It also cancels into supers.

f) Roundhouse - While standing or holding towards on the joystick, Chun goes into the air slightly and does a low sidekick. This move dodges some low attacks, as well as outprioritizes a big deal of them. Very good against people who mash low hits while you rush them. Pretty safe if blocked or whiffed. If you hold towards on the joystick, she does the exact same thing, only moving slightly forward. Does not cancel into anything at all.

Crouching Normals

a) Jab.gif - Chun-Li's basic combo starter. She does a clap fist while on the ground. Does not go into rapid-fire chaining like most [File:Jab.gif]/shorts do. You can link them though. Cancels into supers and specials.

It's THE go to move when you're in their face. This move is as fast as normals come in CvS2. You can link fairly easily from this, especially on counter hit. Hit counter hit cr.[File:Jab.gif], link cr.Strong.gif/ far st.Strong.gif/ close st. Fierce.gif xx super is a big part of why Chun is so good.

b) Strong.gif- The magic button of death :) Chun-Li lays her whole body on the ground and fully extends a grounded fist. This attack beats out a LOT of stuff in the game, and should be abused more than s.Strong.giffor the simple fact that it hits low. It cancels into specials and supers, making it a simple option. It's better for supers than s.Strong.gifbecause since it's a low hit, it's easier to buffer the motion. Can be used as a low profile anti air against moves like Sagat's Jump HK.

c) Fierce.gif - Probably the weirdest normal in terms of priority, Chun slides along the floor with a fully extended arm. It beats out a LOT of stuff (Yama s.rh, dunno about Cammy s.rh), but loses to most of the other stuff that it SHOULD not lose to, like Nako low Strong.gif. Anyways, it's her most damaging normal, along with close s.rh. Cancels only into supers.

d) Short - Exactly her c.forward from 3rd Strike, without the long cancelling frames. Cancels into specials and supers, and hits low. That's about the only thing good about this move. Again, use c.lp instead, unless you're going for a high / low game. It's still fairly week for high / low games, as there isn't much that can connect after a Although, xx kick super level 3 works. If you don't mind the loss in damage or range, comboing c.[File:Jab.gif], c.[File:Jab.gif], c.short into Chun level 3 is FAR easier than the link to crouch Strong.gif. Low profiles and can go under fireballs.

e) Forward - Chun-Li's classic low forward. She bends her outermost leg, and extends the other one completely in the floor, making it a great long distance poke, if you think you might whiff c.rh. Does not cancel into anything.

f) Roundhouse - The magical anti-air button. Incorporate this to your offensive game and defensive game. It's a fully extended leg kick, which is a sweep, as well as your main anti-air. It's range is decep- tive: it hits slightly shorter than what it looks. It has OK recovery time, but as usual, don't whiff it, as it becomes roll bait. Cancels into supers, but only the Kikoushou will hit.

Jumping Normals

NOTE: Some attacks have two versions: Jumping straight up and jumping at people. V1 means it's jumping at people. V2 means it's jumping up.

a) Jab.gif- Chun places her body at a flat horizontal state and slightly extends one of her fists. Has decent priority, but you're better off going with j.short.

b) Strong.gif- Same animation as j.[File:Jab.gif], but has wierd hitbox issues. Some attacks look like they touch the back of her body but MISS. Hibiki's s. Fierce.gif comes to mind. More damage than j.forward though.

c) Fierce.gif - V1) Chun hits with a real hard punch, twice. You can vary the speed slightly, but not drastically, unlike with Bison's j.Strong.gif. Hits pretty well, and is really good with short jumps as a way to get in quickly. V2) Does the exact same punch, but only once, and does more damage than the other version.

d) Short - V1) Chun-Li's crossup. She fully extends her innermost leg and hits with any part of her body up to her buttocks. REALLY good in priority. V2) Chun extends one of her legs fully up. Has so-so priority, and I never really found much use for it.

e) Forward - V1) Same animation as j.short, but hella more priority, but does NOT cross up. Very good to use for when you know you won't cross. V2) Same as with straight jump short, only it damages slightly more.

f) Roundhouse - V1) Chun kicks high with both of her legs. This kick is mainly used after a kick super, as it pops them up for a follow-up reset (reffer to After Kick super follow-ups for this). Not really useful out of the follow-up, as it lacks priority. V2) Chun does a split (ouch) in the air. Has GREAT horizontal range for an airborne attack, and works as a really good air to air attack. Works with short jumps as an anti short jump anti-air :).

Command Normals

a) twd + Forward - Chun advances spinning and does a side-kick to the face area. It's a high hit, but it advances forward a lot of distance. The main use for this is to pressure after Kikkokens, in case that people try and jump out, you knock them out early in the air. Besides that, never use it, unless the person can't crouch it. If they can't, you get a free pressure game every time you move in with this. The characters that can't crouch this move are (Raiden, Geese, Chang, Zangief, Sagat, Eagle, Rugal, Yamazaki, Benimaru, & E.Honda). The move is +5 so you can combo [File:Jab.gif], cr. Strong.gif, or stand Strong.gifafter this.

b) oc. (down/forward) Roundhouse - Chun-Li does the traditional version of her neckbreaker (also known as flip-kick). This hits high, and knocks down when connected. It is seldomly used in some guessing games, and just tossing one randomly works well enough.

c) j.down + forward - Chun-Li's headstomp. While in the air, she fully extends one leg fully downwards, and stomps the opponent in the head. If used with a short jump, it becomes an instant overhead.

Special Move Analysis

(data compliments of FSgamer)


Lightning Legs

Press K repeatedly

LK      [5/4][5/4][5/4][5/4]/3/**/17   300***   +-0/+-0
MK      [5/3][5/3][5/3][5/3]/3/**/17   300***   +3/-6
HK      [5/3][4/3][4/3][4/3]/2/**/17   300***   +6/-3
* It takes 5 K inputs in order to activate this move. However, you don’t have to use the same button. You can drum your fingers over the K buttons and the fifth button you press will correspond to the strength of the Lightning Legs. For instance, doing LK~MK~HK~LK~HK will result in HK Lightning Legs.
** Can be mashed, so the hitting part loops until you stop mashing, then the move recovers. Takes 17 frames from the end of the last legs.
*** Each hit does 300 damage.



LP      19/*/40      700      -11/-11
MP      15/*/38      800      -9/-9
HP      11/*/36      900      -7/-7
* Projectile moves are active for as long as they are on the screen. HP Kikouken travels about 1/4 of the screen, MP Kikouken travels about half the screen, LP Kikouken travels about 3/4 of the screen.

Spinning Bird Kick

Charge d,u+K

LK      [20/2][6/2]/24                      500x2         -2/?
 Airborne from frames 21~35
MK      [20/2][6/2][6/2][6/2]/24            300x4         -2/?
 Airborne from frames 21~53
HK      [20/2][6/2][6/2][6/2][6/2][6/2]/24  300x3,200x3   -2/?
 Airborne from frames 21~67

Super Moves



Level 1      4:6/2+2+2+2+3/38         2700      DN/-18
 INV [full:8]
Level 2      4:6/2+2+2+2+2+2+3/38     3700      DN/-18
 INV [full:14]
Level 3      4:6/2+2+2+2+2+2+3+4/38   4400      DN/-18
 INV [full:22]
* Damage is reduced the farther Chun Li is from the opponent. Damage is also reduced if it hits an airborne opponent.

Houyoko Sen


Level 1      4:[13/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/14]/27
 3000        DN/-17    INV [full:8]
Level 2      4:[14/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/14]/27
 4200        DN/-17    INV [full:14]
Level 3      4:[15/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2][4/2] [10/14]/27
 5400        DN/-17    INV [full:22]
* Last hit is superjump cancelable.

Super follow ups

The last hit of Chun's kick super is superjump cancelable. That means exactly what it sounds like. She can cancel the last hit of her kick super with a superjump, and continue to combo her enemy. Here are the most common and useful follow ups.

  1. Kick super xx Her most useful move after the super mixup wise. This hits twice, and hits your opponent higher into the air. This allows you to land much earlier than your opponent. Enough to walk behind where he/she will land. With all the time you have, you can set up for a nice high / low / cross up mixup. Here are some options...
    1. Walk behind where your opponent will land, combo xx super xx follow up. This is a very nice cross up. Many people get confused as to which way to block. I recommend crossing up, cr.[File:Jab.gif], close st. Fierce.gif , and depending on if you hit or not, super. Or, if you don't have meter, fireball.
    2. Walk to seem like you will cross up your opponent, but stop, don't cross, combo xx super xx follow up. If your opponent gets used to you crossing up after the super, or has prior knowledge against Chun, this is good. This, combined with the above option sets up a good 50/50 mixup on it's own. Again, if you hit, super xx follow up
    3. Upon landing, cross up Yup. You can use this for almost guaranteed way to make sure you continue pressure, but it's fairly obvious as to what you're trying to do. You can continue pressure to try and throw / counter hit. Again, it's still fairly obvious as to what you're gonna do, but if you have LOW JUMP, it's a little more tricky. One, because if you low jump, it's more ambiguous as to what side you're gonna hit on. Two, because your opponent has less time to react to short jumps, you can play an okay high / low game. Now, if Chun could have a better quick, low hitting move that was bufferable into super that WASN'T cr.Strong.gif, I'd change the word "okay" to "badass". If you cross up with, cancel into HK legs, and combo super xx follow up. See a pattern yet?
    4. (contributed by FSgamer) Walk, oc.HK "I know this sounds dumb, but df+HK is a pretty decent move to use after the walk under cross-up. Although the move is slow it can be hard to react to it properly. It can hit from the front, it can hit from behind, and there's a certain distance where it hits from the front but she lands behind the opponent, which can confuse the hell out of the opponent. Plus, it has frame advantage so you can always pressure the opponent with c.LP afterwards if they block."
    5. (contributed by FSgamer) RC Lightining Legs when they land "Why not? it's invincible, can lead to a combo into super, does good chip damage, etc. Just one more mix-up to Chun's arsenal."
  2. Kick super xx sj. Fierce.gif , Fierce.gif Easier timing then But...No terribly great mixups. Leaves you fairly close to your opponent upon landing however, so you could continue to try and pressure fairly easily. Mainly done for if you need it to kill someone and don't wanna mess up the timing.
  3. Kick super xx sj. d+mk (her famous headstomp), Fierce.gif (whiffs) Fierce.gif (hits) This is going to be odd to explain. Okay, the second hit of her Fierce.gif has 1 point of juggleablity. This means, it can hit someone in hitstun who is in the air. Her sj. d+mk allows her to stick out another move in the air after you do it. So if you sj. d+mk, and mash on Fierce.gif fast enough, you should be able to get the second hit of her j. Fierce.gif out fast enough to the point where it will juggle. As for useage...I don't even know if it does more damage than her double Fierce.gif follow up. It gets pretty much the same mixups too. So *shrug*. Use it if you want to be fancy, I suppose.
  4. Kick super xx (slight pause) headstomp This follow up allows you to still be in the air when your opponent lands. Meaning you can treat it as a jump in attempt of sorts. Your opponent doesn't really have time to try a normal anti air, but they can still uppercut you if they have one. A tricky follow up to the headstomp...Is to headstomp when your opponent lands. This pops you up yet again, and lets you stick out ANOTHER move. From here you will be headed behind your opponent. Which means you go for a cross up short, combo xx super xx follow up. *FSgamer - "You can change the timing of the so that it can hit from the front as well." If you don't see the pattern by now...Drop Chun.


The Basics

Chun's gameplay revolves around comboing into her crazy level 1s or her deadly level 2 cancels, and pressuring with her quick, high priority pokes. The reason is her supers do some serious damage, even at level one, and lead into some very confusing mix ups. There are several ways she can land her super. Here are the basic ways...

Bait something, counter hit cr.[File:Jab.gif], cr.Strong.gif/close st. Fierce.gif xx kick super

Chun can mix up between cr.[File:Jab.gif]and walk up throw pretty easy, thanks to her fast walking speed. One of the most common ways to nail a counter hit with Chun is mix up between walk up throw and walk up cr.[File:Jab.gif] again. If they do anything to avoid getting thrown, you hit them with cr.[File:Jab.gif], cr.Strong.gif/close st. Fierce.gif xx kick super xx sj. follow ups. Her cr.[File:Jab.gif]is as fast as normals get in CvS2 (2 frames). On counter hit, the cr.[File:Jab.gif], cr. Strong.gifis very easy. Attempting to close st. Fierce.gif is a little risky in this scenario, because of range. You might get a far st.fierce, which does not link. But, it does more damage if you pull it off.

whiff punish something with far st.Strong.gifxx kick super

If you see someone whiff something laggy, punish with far st.Strong.gifxx super. Far st.Strong.gifis her farthest reaching move, and is also bufferable into kick supper. It's a high priority poke as well.

cross up j.short, cr.[File:Jab.gif]cr.Strong.gif/close st. Fierce.gif xx kick super

Her j.short is pretty decently prioritized, and stuff a lot of anti-airs. The fact that it's a cross up also helps her keep pressure, as cross ups leave you very close to your opponent. If you land the cross up, combo into super. Close st. Fierce.gif is much safer to try this time. Not only is it an easier link, you're closer to your opponent thanks to the cross up, and the chances of you getting a far st. Fierce.gif almost non-existent.

cross up lj.short xx hk lightning legs, cr.Strong.gifxx kick super

lj.shorts are really hard to react to, especially if you cross up with them. Cancel the recovery of the lj.short with HK lightning legs (the reason for this is that low jumps have 8 frames of recovery on landing that is cancelable only into special moves), from there, you can link off of HK legs. It's a little tight, and the timing is a little different, but once you get it down it's a great tool. Of course, you can only do this in grooves with low jump. You can link a cr. [File:Jab.gif]after the hk lightning legs too, if you want an extra move to hit confirm, but it's not necessary.

RC HK legs, cr.Strong.gifxx kick super

If you can RC her legs, this is a killer. A good setup would be to wake up with RC legs to counter your opponents wake up pressure. From there if you hit, you can link off it into super. RC legs is a very good momentum shifter. I'll get into more detail about RC legs later though. Honestly, I think it should go into the Advanced Strategy section because it's a little complicated.

Advanced Strategy


Credits / Thank yous

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