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Capcom vs SNK 2/Eagle

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CVS2 Eagle CAPCOM Art.jpg
Health (at Ratio 2)
14400 Average
70 Average
Dash Length
17 Frames Long
Dash Type
Hop Corpse Hop=Yes, Proj. Hop=Yes
Run Speed
8.2 Average
Roll Distance
140 pixels Far
Roll Duration
27f Long
Wakeup Speed compared to Ryu
0f Average


Eagle is a British Bojutsu fighter who works as a bouncer at a bar. He was one of the original enemies Ryu fought in Street Fighter 1, and was one of the most powerful of them. He was hired as a hitman to kill Sagat, thought he sadly failed. He returned home a living legend for his fighting however. Alpha 3 and its stories are questionably canon, but during the events of Alpha 3, Eagle started travelling to perfect his Bojutsu martial art style. He challenged anyone he thought was strong, most notably Guile, who Eagle beats. Guile shares that he's on a mission to stop Shadaloo and fight M. Bison, and also sharing that Sagat is there as well. Eagle follows, eager to fight his previous rival. Upon seeing Sagat, Eagle is disappointed that he's just become a lackey of Shadaloo. They fight, and Eagle wins. M. Bison is impressed, and fights Eagle himself, also being defeated by the Bojutsu master. They rescue Charlie and destroy the Psycho Driver, and Eagle thanks Guile for one last romp on the battlefield.


Eagle is mostly a poking character with solid anti-airs, simple combos, good roll cancels, and effective supers. He can be quite simple to play, relying mostly on using his sticks to beat out opponents buttons on the ground and comboing into his Oxford Red stick rush special. Hitconfirming into his supers is fairly easy as well, and he has a versatile combo ending super in Union Jack Platinum. While his best anti-air special requires a roll cancel to be effective, roll cancelling does make it VERY effective. Overall, Eagle is just a simple poking and hitconfirming character.

He does have his weaknesses however. His main meterless combo ender, while it does good damage, doesn't give any knockdown. His anti-air special also requires roll cancelling to make it effective, and RC Sticks is a powerful fireball punish, limiting his use in non-roll Grooves heavily. He lacks any sort of zoning tools outside of his normals, and his mixups aren't the best without run/hop Grooves. Not having a meterless reversal also hurts quite a bit, since it means he has to commit to something like a super to wake up with something invincible. If you want a poking character with good and fun hitconfirms, Eagle is your guy.

Groove Selection

Best - C/K: C-Eagle is a powerful defensive character that can hitconfirm into a level 2 Union Jack Platinum for solid damage. While his Alpha Counter isn't the greatest, it's a useful defensive tool, and one that Eagle heavily appreciates. He can roll cancel Lariats for a more reliable anti-air, and his mobility with dash isn't too bad. C-Eagle is a more reliable and footsies-based Eagle playstyle. K-Eagle is the exact opposite. He makes an immediate major sacrifice by losing RC Lariat and RC Sticks, but gains a few big things in return. Run and hop make his rushdown a lot scarier, and he can be surprisingly good at it too. Rage lets him hitconfirm into a level 3 Union Jack Platinum for great damage, and since he has great range, JD is a reliable defensive tool for him. K-Eagle is a more rushdown focused Eagle with a good comeback factor.

Useful - N/A/P: N-Eagle is a bit of a mix between C-Eagle and K-Eagle. You get the mobility of K and the reliable supers and rolls of C, but you sacrifice a lot of potential damage, making him a bit less scary overall. N-Eagle is good for a more simple style. A-Eagle is similar to C-Eagle, but sacrifices any threat of a hitconfirmed super in exchange for Custom Combos. Eagle's CC is fairly damaging and overall good, though usually not as scary as a level 2 or 3 Union Jack Platinum. P-Eagle gets parries, which are alright for him as he has decent ranged punishes and damage. While it is rare, a parry from P-Eagle into 5MK > Level 3 Union Jack Platinum does massive damage and is very scary.

Worst - S: S-Eagle doesn't have much going for him. While Eagle doesn't exactly need meter, he really likes having it, so without low health being forced to charge is very demanding. At low health, you can confirm into level 1 Union Jack Platinum over and over again. This gives you more consistent knockdowns and damage, but the damage isn't as high as other Grooves are capable of. You lose out on rolls for RC Lariat/Sticks in exchange for a dodge, which doesn't help much. Run and hop are strong, but are also present in K-Groove and N-Groove which are better for Eagle overall.

Eagle is a poking and punishing character with lots of good normals and hitconfirms. He doesn't get consistent knockdowns without meter, and his best anti-air requires you to roll cancel it, but otherwise he's a very solid neutral-oriented character. Eagle is best in C-Groove and K-Groove.
Pros Cons
  • Normals: Thanks to the long reach of his sticks, Eagle has solid normals for keeping the opponent away or confirming into a super or 41236K
  • Super: Union Jack Platinum is a great and damaging combo ending super that lets Eagle melt the opponent with level 2 cancels or Raged level 3's
  • Roll Cancels: RC Lariat is a fairly annoying roll cancel that works as a great anti-air, and RC Light Sticks is a safe on block fireball and poke punish
  • Offense: With hop and run, Eagle can actually be fairly scary on offense, possessing a great hop normal and a great low confirm
  • Meterless Combos: While his meterless combos are still damaging, Eagle can struggle to secure a knockdown without spending meter
  • Reliance on Roll: Eagle's best anti-air special has to be roll cancelled, since it only has upper body invuln on the startup and not till the first frame
  • Defense: While he has some solid jabs to mash, the aforementioned lack of a true meterless reversal forces him to hold pressure on knockdowns or spend meter on an unsafe reversal super

Eagle CvS2 colors.png

Moves List

Normal Moves

Name State Spc Sup Hit Blk Sta Act Rec Dmg
Jab Standing y y +7 +7 3 4 6 300
Crouch y y +7 +7 3 4 6 300
Jump - - - - 3 20 - 600
Strong Standing y+n y+n -1 -1 4 2(5)7 17 400+800
Crouch y+n y+n -2 -2 4 2(6)4 22 400+800
Jump - - - - 3 10 - 1000
Fierce Close n,n y,y -2 -2 5 8 26 1100,1300
Far n n -17 -17 8 3 38 1300
Crouch y,n y,y -14 -14 5 9 29 1200,1100
Jump - - - - 7 6 - 1300
Short Standing y y +2 +2 4 4 11 500
Crouch y y +5 +5 3 4 8 400
Jump - - - - 3 20 - 500
Forward Standing y y +0 +0 4 6 16 900
Crouch n y +6 +6 5 6 11 800
Jump - - - - 3 10 - 900
Roundhouse Close n n +2 +2 8 9 17 1400
Far n n -11 -11 7 3 32 1300
Crouch n n DWN -9 11 4 29 1200
Jump - - - - 8 7 - 1200
Command Normals
None Close - - - - - - - -

Special Moves

Lariat/Spin (Manchester Black)

Counter (Canterbury Blue)
QCF + P (hold)

Sticks (Oxford Red)

Overhead (Liverpool White)

Reflector/Bat Swing (Saint Andrews Green)
DP + P

» Manchester Black: Eagle's lariat. RC LP version for a solid AA, especially against crossovers that are not meaty. The multiple hits make jump in parries/JDs more difficult. Avoid using the MP and FP versions in the corner against grooves with safe fall, as an opponent can safe fall and punish Eagle before he recovers.

» Canterbury Blue: This is not a true counter as it utilizes autoblock with a counter attack that comes out regardless of whether or not a move was 'countered'. Positioning of the stick and resulting counter attack are determined by the strength used. The autoblock stance can be held for about 2 seconds and will absorb multiple normal and special move hits, including projectiles. Supers cannot be countered. Eagle can be hit out of the counter attack, even the start up, because it has no invincibility frames. Because this counter ignores high/low hit properties, a move is countered as long as its hitbox touches the autoblock area. In general, the MP strength is most useful because it catches most moves.

» Oxford Red: Eagle's stick poke barrage. The strengths do 5, 7 and 9 hits. The last hits of any strength will whiff if the move is done from too far away. This move is not safe on block and looks like it would be good for a chip damage KO, but there is a gap between the initial hit and the pokes that an opponent can exploit with rolls, DPs or parries/JDs. This special is mostly meant for combos, with MK being the best strength to use because FK is too slow to combo off normals and LK does less damage. Oxford Red combos give a good chunk of meter. RC the FK version to go through projectiles midscreen. Don't do this full screen because the last hits will whiff.

» Liverpool White: A slow aerial overhead that's not safe on block, easily Eagle's worst special. It travels over fireballs, but so does a super jump into free combo. The only time this move should be in a match is when the player messes up an RC lariat and gets this move RCed instead.

» Saint Andrews Green: Reflects fireballs in a direction of choice depending on strength of punch used. LP returns the projectile horizontally with the MP and FP launching at higher angles. The swing itself does the same damage no matter which strength is used, but interestingly enough weaker versions launch the opponent higher in the air. Every version is punishable on block. This does not work on supers outside of Kyosuke's super fireball.

Super Moves

Rush Super (Union Jack Platinum)
QCFx2 + P
Spinny Super (Manchester Gold)
QCBx2 + P

» Union Jack Platinum: Easy to combo with good damage. This is not safe on block at any level and has atrocious recovery if whiffed. Level 1 has unusually high invincibility and will trade with meaty normals. Level 2 is one of the harder hitting level 2s in the game and will fully connect at any distance except counter hitting extended limbs. Level 3 can be used in combos, but landing this super at max range will cause the last hit to whiff.

» Manchester Gold: Not very practical outside of K-Groove. For the most part, the Union Jack Platinum makes this super useless in combos as it does less damage. As an AA it will only juggle a few times for pitiful damage, especially at level 3 since the last hit will not come out unless the opponent is grounded. This super is best used for finishing an opponent in the air or as chip. Only the level 3 version is safe, leaving Eagle at +1.

The Basics


» c.MP Hits low. First hit can be canceled into sticks to combo. The second hit cannot be canceled but has long reach. Don't spam this as the opponent can psychic jump this normal for a free combo.

» s.MK Use this to stuff certain anticipated pokes (like Vega c.MP).

» c.MK Decent speed and priority and somewhat safe to whiff.

» s.FP Long reach heavy hit. Use sparingly since it can be rolled and punished on block by characters with quick supers. K-Groove can punish at any distance with a JD.

» c.FK Same as above, only it knocks down. Good to punish whiffs.

Anti Airs

» s.MP Use against low jumps. Time this so the second hit is the AA.

» s.FP This hits opponents jumping just short of Eagle's position.

» sc.FP This feels like it has a lot of priority. The hitbox is deceptive because it initially hits far above and just ahead of Eagle before he brings the sticks to his sides. Use start on the console to help see the beginning hitbox animation.

» c.FP Controls the space directly above Eagle's head. Use to intercept cross ups.

» j.MP or j.FP Both are very effective air-to-air attacks.

» RC Lariat See Special Moves section.

» LP Counter Use against low jumps. The autoblock can help but is not necessary, just release the button.

» MP Counter Use only if the jump in will hit Eagle's midsection.

Bread and Butter Combos

» c.LP, c.LP, s.MK xx HCF + MK Eagle's easiest B&B, but c.LP can be blocked high. Use for quick punishes. Remove a c.LP if needed for distance.

» c.LK, c.LP, s.MK xx HCF + MK This combo is slightly harder because of the c.LK to c.LP link and does the same damage as the combo above, but c.LK must be blocked low. The jab can be left out, linking c.LK to s.MK is more difficult than c.LP to c.MK.

» c.MK, s.MK xx HCF + MK This is a nice hit confirm. If c.MK hits, go straight into s.MK xx sticks.

» c.MK, s.FP Only works if c.MK is a counter hit. Good damage for two buttons.

»c.LP, c.LP, cr.FP, xx HCF + MK

»c.LK, c.LP, cr.FP, xx HCF + MK

» j.FP OR j.FK, c.FP xx HCF + MK The most damaging combo Eagle can do without meter. j.FP does slightly more damage but is best used only on dizzied opponents since it can be ducked by most of the cast.

Some Eagle players like to substitute c.MP for s.MK in combos. The first hit of c.MP can combo into the sticks. This trades damage in exchange for distance and a different style of execution which may be easier to some players.

Super Combos

Take any of the combos above and replace the Oxford Red (HCF + MK) with any level Union Jack Platinum (QCFx2 + P). Be careful on distance when using the level 3 because the last hits will whiff at max range.

Union Jack Platinum links from c.MK when close enough. It's useful, although the timing isn't as easy as Cammy's s.FP super link. c.MK, s.MK xx super is also possible.

Grooves with short jump can j.FK into either super. Union Jack Platinum does more damage, but spinny super is safe if the combo is botched.


This section is a general list of openings an opponent can exploit against Eagle.

» s.FP Eagle can be punished when this is used too close. This is safe on block at max distances except to fast level 3s (like Balrog's and Bison's). The opponent can avoid with a roll and get a free combo.

» c.FK Can be rolled just like s.FP. At point blank range this will completely whiff on smaller opponents, but it should only be used from afar or as a whiff punisher anyway.

» Manchester Black This IS punishable on the ground, even in the corner against blocking big characters. Opponents with safe fall can recover and punish Eagle before the FP strength recovers near the corner.

» Canterbury Blue Punishable on block and possibly on hit at close range by fast moves (like quick level 3s and Vega's c.MP).

» Oxford Red There is a gap between the first hit and the stick barrage. An opponent can roll/dp/super/parry/JD at that point. The recovery is terrible. If this move lands from too far, the last hits will whiff.

» Liverpool White You should be punished for using this move. Slow, roll bait and punishable on block.

» Rolling Eagle has a slightly below average roll: long distance, 20 total invincibility frames, 3 high invincibility frames, and 4 recovery frames.

» Just Defend s.FP and c.FK are punishable if JD'd. c.FP used as anti air can be punished depending on how deep the JD is.

Advanced Strategy

Universal Systems

» Dash Eagle's dash is moderately fast and hops high enough to cross over downed opponents and ground fireballs (except Geese's Double Reppuken).

» Run Average run that's good enough for run c.LPs and c.MKs.

» Short Jump sj.FK xx super. Short jump creates more opportunities to land a cross up j.FK.

» Rolling and Roll Cancel Eagle's roll is slightly below average, but his roll cancels are very effective with RC lariat as anti air and RC sticks as a response to mid screen projectiles.

» Alpha Counter Uses the s.FK animation. It will trade with Sakura's custom. Note that the hitbox will not catch attacks that are very low to the ground (like Blanka's slide).

Groove Specific

» C-Groove Eagle's level 2 Union Jack Platinum is one of the better level 2s of the game with solid damage and effective cancels.

  • All level 2 cancels are done on the last hit (12th) or hit before last (11th, the final fast stick pokes).
  • 11th xx (QCFx2 + P) Level 2 to level 1.
  • 11th xx (HCF + K) This does slightly less damage than the entire super but adds stun and helps build some meter back.
  • 12th xx (DP + K) Corner only. This gets the full damage of the level 2 and then some. All strengths of the bat do the same damage, but the distance the opponent is launched in the air is different. Use the different timings for different meaty shenanigans.

» A-Groove Eagle has no problem using meter in A-Groove with ground, anti air and guard crush customs.

  • s.HK x3 xx HCF + MK (1 hit) xx s.HK x3 xx HCF + MK x3 xx QCFx2 + P Ground custom. Alternatively, start with an Oxford Red (HCF + MK) to fly through a fireball with CC invincibility.
  • c.MK xx s.HK x2 xx HCF + MK (1 hit)... Trip guard custom. Replace the first s.HK of the ground custom with c.MK and continue from there.
  • [s.HK x3 xx HCF + MK]xN Guard crush custom. Be sure to end with a s.HK.
  • QCB + FP (1 hit) xx c.FP x2 xx roll, [c.FP x3]xN, super Anti air custom. If the opponent is juggled to the corner: [j.MK x3, j.MP]xN until super.
  • The Liverpool White (QCB + K) can be used as an overhead reset, but it is easily escapable.

» P-Groove Fish for parries to land Oxford Red (HCF + K) or Union Jack Platinum (QCFx2 + P) combos.

  • HCF + K xx QCFx2 + P Only works in CvS2 EO.
  • QCF + P xx QCFx2 + P Only works in CvS2 EO. Counter something and super cancel the counterattack.

» N-Groove

» K-Groove


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