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Chun Li has a strong suite of cancelable pokes, predominantly 4/6MP (Swift Thrust) and 2MK. These are complemented by a host of more situational tools like 5HP, 5HK, 6HK, 2HK, 5LP, and 5LK to form a midrange wall to walk opponents towards the corner. Chun gets particularly strong Punish Counter conversions out of Swift Thrust, 2MK, and 5HP, making it scary to challenge the screen space in front of her. 5HK is excellent against taller opponents like Zangief who can't avoid it as easily by ducking, but is still good when use alongside Chun's other poking tools due to it's exceptionally quick recovery.

If the opponent's character outranges Chun's faster options, she also has Kikoken to act as a longer, disjointed poke. LP Kikoken is excellent as a shield when used outside the opponent's effective poking range. MP and HP Kikokens both travel at different ranges and speeds, more suited to holding space instead of taking it. Lastly, as a surprise tool, Hazanshu is a long-reaching overhead with relatively quick startup as well as some projectile invulnerability. It won't get her out of zoning entirely, but simply presenting it as another option gives the opponent yet another thing to think about.

In neutral, Chun Li mainly uses Swift Thrust and 2MK for poking at the opponent, as well as whiff punishing them. These normals have quick startup and are complemented by her above average walkspeed in both directions, letting her weave in and out of her opponent's effective range. Her usage of other pokes will depend on the matchup, but those are always the baseline. Should the opponent get too close for Swift Thrust or 2MK to be effective, she can either start walking back or throw out her 5LP or 5LK to stop them from taking more space.


Frame Traps

Light Chains

All of Chun's light normals have uses during her light chain pressure, but there's an important distinction that rises from her nature as a charge character. Standing normals are typically better as she has access to 5MP and it's easier to walk between them, but they lose access to a Spinning Bird Kick knockdown unless Chun commits to pressuring with 5MP 2MP. Crouching normals don't give up charge but typically have worse reach unless she uses 2MK, which ends her turn.

Other Normals

5MP is an all-around strong pressure button due to its frame advantage. It's somewhat easy to sneak in after the opponent has been conditioned to expect a string of jabs as a small pressure reset. 4HP is not inherently plus but it can easily be made advantageous when used as a meaty. 5HK is excellent as a pressure tool should the opponent be standing, as it's 0 on block and her most advantageous Serenity Stream transition move.

Chun Li is excellent when it comes to spacing traps. Swift Thrust and 2MK, her main poking normals, are also fast enough to counterpoke opponents after she pushes herself out with lights and her 5MP.

Stance Pressure

Chun Li can easily threaten high with 214P~HP or low with 214P~LK and 214P~MK, but these options typically require conditioning. She can also threaten a slower, somewhat ambiguous mixup between 214P~HP and 214P~214P 2LK/throw, although this usually requires a knockdown (typically 22HK in the corner). Because Chun stands up when she exits the stance and does 214P~HP, it's very difficult to tell visually which one she's going for. They also hit at somewhat similar timings, although the low or throw options are just a hair slower when autotimed.

Important Transition Normals

2HP is the best overall normal to route into Serenity Stream from. 2HP 214P~LP forms a tight blockstring, and she can force a trade for respect with 214P~LK instead. 2HP hits twice which makes it relatively easy to confirm the situation afterwards.

2MK is another strong normal. Being +2 on block when canceled immediately into Serenity, Chun can frame trap with 214P~LP which will also have enough pushback to set up a plus on block LP Kikoken. When performed from a Drive Rush, Chun can frame trap with 214P~LK instead for a little more damage.

5HK is the most advantageous transition but also the most situational, as it whiffs on crouching opponents. It naturally combos into 214P~MK but most likely won't see much use outside combos.


Lightning Kicks
LK/MK Lightning Kicks

Chun's 236LK and 236MK are typically worst-case combo enders, but they still leave her with enough advantage on hit to continue her turn. Up close, her best normals to continue pressure with are 5MP, 5LP, 2MP, and 5LK. They're all fast enough to frame trap mashing in +3 scenarios, but are limited in terms of reach. If Chun is spaced out a little farther, she has to rely on Swift Thrust and 2MK which will trade with 4f buttons afterwards. If the opponent is close or conditioned to sit still, Chun can attempt a throw.

HK Lightning Kicks

HK Legs doesn't convert into anything without spending super meter, which means Chun can either set up a Kikoken or double dash up for a meaty. It's usually preferred to take the meaty as 236HK provides great corner carry.

Chun gets meterless extensions in the corner, which gives her two main options: 22HK and 236LK. 22HK will be expanded on later, but 236LK will give her a safe jump.


Chun Li does not get great okizeme midscreen from her throw. If the opponent backtechs it's only good for her in that her opponent is giving up space, as it's very hard to actually meaty them.

Throw is a bit more meaningful in the corner. Chun can walk up and meaty with 5LP, of which she'll only get two before getting pushed out. Alternatively, she can meaty with 2MK or [1]4MP to retain charge for Kikoken after. She does not get a throw loop, so the opponent must be conditioned to sit still before she can throw them again.

Spinning Bird Kick
Spinning Bird Kick

[2]8LK/[2]8HK, 214HK
[2]8MK, 66, 5MPMK~662K
[2]8K, 66, walk 5LP
[2]8K, [4]6P
[2]8K, 2MPw, 4HP (corner)

LK and HK SBK set up an auto-timed +1 meaty 214HK which Chun can link out of quite easily. MK SBK is particularly strong in that its extra frame of advantage allows the DR 2LK to hit 1 frame meaty, letting it combo into 5MP and be +3 on block for a strong mixup. Alternatively, she can dash and walk up to the opponent to meaty with a 5LP. Which she chooses will depend on the matchup and player preference. It's a lot easier to deal with back rise when using Kikoken, specifically the MP version.

In the corner, SBK can set up an auto-timed meaty 4HP with a 2MP frame kill. The 4HP will usually be +4 on block but can vary depending on timing. Due to the Serenity Stream cancel window, she can actually connect 214P~MK from a meaty 4HP. An easier to confirm alternative is 2MP. She can also omit the 4HP to meaty with throw, but that should mainly be done to discourage parry do to its relatively low reward.

Tensho Kicks
Tensho Kicks

see [2]8MK meaties for midscreen okizeme
22HK, 214P~HP or 214P~214P, 2LK/Throw
22HK, 5MKw, 4HP
22HK, 5LPw, 3HP

Midscreen Tensho is pretty similar to a midscreen MK SBK knockdown, albeit slightly more advantageous.

HK Tensho kicks have enough advantage on hit to set up a Serenity Stream mixup. On a grounded hit, Chun can meaty with 214P~HP or 214P~214P 2LK/throw for a pretty ambiguous mixup. She gets the same mixup from a juggled 22HK (like from 236HK) but it doesn't have enough advantage to make the throw beat 4f mashing. Alternatively, she can meaty with 3HP for an overhead after a 5LP frame kill.

Knockdown Advantage: all scenarios assume that opponent will Back Rise midscreen when possible, unless otherwise stated

Knockdown KD Adv. Oki/Notes
Forward Throw +11 ?
Back Throw +13 ?
Air Throw +10 ?
Drive Impact
(No Crumple)
+35 ?
Drive Reversal +23 ?
2HK HKD +33
HKD +48 (Punish)
6HK (Punish) +72 (Crumple) ?
(Snake Strike)
+25~31 (exit stance)
(Tenku Kick)
+41 ?
(HK Lightning Legs)
+50 ?
(Lightning Kick Barrage)
+29 ?
(OD Air Lightning Legs)
+21 ?
(Spinning Bird Kick)
+33/34/33 (L/M/H)
+55 (OD, grounded)
+41 (OD, juggled)
(Tensho Kicks)
+29/25/37 (L/M/H)
+30 (OD)
(Lv.1 Super)
+22 (ground)
+14 (air)
(Lv.2 Super)
+29 (no jump) ?
(Lv.3 Super/CA)
HKD +6 (Lv.3)
HKD +18 (CA)

vs. Burnout

Chun Li's Burnout pressure is pretty strong. Aside from all her main pressure normals becoming stronger, Swift Thrust and 236HK both become +1 on block. She can pretty easily loop 236HK pressure by varying her routing into it and the opponent's only real option aside from trading with it is to try to super out of it. Burnout also enhances Kikoken's already good frame advantage if she wants to hang back when pressuring in the corner.

Drive Rush

When canceling a normal into Drive Rush on block and following it up with another normal, there may be an interruptible gap in the blockstring. The following table lists these blockstring gaps when performed at the fastest possible timing.

Gap Value Meaning
0 True Blockstring (no gap) if input with fastest button timing; can still lose to Drive Reversal
1 to 4 Small blockstring gap; opponent can interrupt with an invincible reversal; a 4f gap can trade with 4f normal attack
5+ Large blockstring gap; opponent can interrupt without an invincible attack
Drive Rush Cancel - Blockstring Gaps
5LP/2LP/2LK 5LK/5MP 2MP 5MK/2MK/6/4MP 4HP 2HK 2HP 5HP 5HK 6HK 3HP
5LP~DR 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 17 19 24
5MP~DR 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 11 13 18
5LK~DR 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 13 14 16 21
5MK~DR 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 5 6 8 13
2LP~DR 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 16 18 23
2MP~DR 0 0 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 16
2HP~DR 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 4 6 11
2LK~DR 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 13 14 16 21
2MK~DR 0 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 12 17
6/4MP~DR 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 13 15 20
4HP~DR 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 5 7 12
214P~LP~DR 0 0 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 16
214P~HP~DR 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 5 6 8 13
214P~LK~DR 0 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 12 17
214P~MK~DR 0 0 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 16

The following table lists the general BnB combo routes when canceling a button into Drive Rush on hit.

Drive Rush Cancel - Combo Routes
Starter Hit Adv. Combo Route
2LK~DR +2 No combo without Counterhit or Punish Counter
5LP~DR +4 ?
6/4MP~DR +6 ?
5MP~DR +8 ?
214P~MK~DR +9
2MP~DR +11 ?
214P~HP~DR +13
5MK~DR +14 ?
4HP~DR +15



OD Tensho

Chun Li's main reversal, but not without its costs. As with other Drive-based reversals, it costs two Drive to use, but that's only if she's right. If she's wrong, she can lose far more Drive from the resulting Punish Counter combo. Be careful with this, and most of all do not burn yourself out.


Both Chun's lvl1 and lvl3 supers are true reversals, but unless it's the last round using her lvl1 is preferred. You do not want to be at a meter deficit in the last round.

Drive Parry

A universal option, but still good and worth mentioning.



The Gold Standard when it comes to anti-airs. Quick, tall, active, and reliable. Its only downside is the lack of reward, but connecting as a Punish Counter or any kind of Forced Down gives an easy juggle into whatever she wants.


Chun's other main option. 22HK deals the best damage and 22LK is the fastest, with the MK version being between the two. Excellent for smacking air stall moves or more predictable jumps. Just be warned that at certain distances, the opponent can fall out.

Other Anti-Airs

High risk, high reward read-based anti-air. Connecting 5HK on an airborne opponent can be confirmed into 214P~MK, although it must be delayed to properly connect. Chun is almost guaranteed good damage from this starter to offset its slow speed.


Difficult to use on reaction, but can be strong as a round-closer or to burn an opponent out. It's big and active right in front of her, which makes it easy to force opponents to land on it. Unfortunately, if the opponent ends up behind Chun, they'll either hit her with a crossup or get a hard punish due to the super's long total duration.


Hard to use, but is Chun's best option for sniping landings from afar. On late hits, it can actually juggle into Tensho Kicks for a smidge more damage.


Only useful in that they hit high up. Not very consistent, but very fast.

Tenku Kick

Should Chun be in Serenity Stream when someone jumps at her, using 214P~HK is her best bet.



Similar to other projectiles. Chun can use her own (granted that she has charge) to cancel out incoming fireballs or use the OD version to blow through them. It's not great at that due to her somewhat average Drive Rush and lack of a knockdown on her OD Kikoken, but it's there.


Useful already as a surprise overhead, each version of Hazanshu has a small amount of Projectile Invulnerability. Unfortunately, it kicks in late enough that it must be used on a read.


Chun's main anti-projectile tool. Any time she's within half a screen's length of the opponent, she can threaten with this when she has 2 bars saved up. Unfortunately, it can fall out if it catches an extended fireball hurtbox from too far.

Fighting vs. Chun-Li


Watch for when Chun charges for Kikoken. Most likely, if she's walking backwards or crouching (or alternating between the two), she's charging for one. Unless the Chun player catches on, it's safe to assume that a Kikoken is coming when you see that. Chun is strongest in her 5LP, 6MP, and 2MK range. Standing outside this range forces her to get closer to use those normals or get farther away to leverage Kikoken, 5HP, 5HK, or 2HK.

Offense vs. Chun

Chun Li has an OD reversal in the form of 22KK. Her lvl1 is also quite large and active in front of her, but she's highly vulnerable should she get crossed up. Her anti-airs, mainly 5MK and 22K, are strong at the angles they cover, but they don't have very much horizontal reach. Spacing a jump just outside their range or empty jumping can cause them to whiff or at the very least cause Tenko Kicks' 2nd hit to fall out.

Defense vs. Chun

214P~HP is almost always available for her as a reset but is somewhat slow. Keep an eye out if she presents it once, as some Chun players may never present it as an option at all. Otherwise, backrise her throw midscreen. She is not plus enough to chase opponents down with anything, which forces her to take space or throw a Kikoken. Kikokens are vulnerable to Drive Impact. Her throw game is more real when she reaches the corner, but she cannot throw loop you under any circumstance.

It's important to have punishes ready for 214LK, 236LK, and 236MK. If the Chun player overuses these options on block, make sure to have a punish ready. Don't take more Drive damage than absolutely necessary.

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