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Street Fighter 6 offers a traditional "Classic" control type and a simplified "Modern" control type. Throughout this wiki you will find notation intended for Classic type, as Modern intentionally simplifies controls by removing the granularity of commands available to the player.

Classic Controls

The default scheme for Classic control type on an Xbox controller.
  • Regardless of control type:
    • Move in 8 directions (cardinals & diagonals) using the D-pad or joystick.
    • Hold back to block Overhead and Mid attacks or down and back to block Mid and Low attacks.
  • Punches: Light Punch (LP), Medium Punch (MP), Heavy Punch (HP).
  • Kicks: Light Kick (LK), Medium Kick (MK), Heavy Kick (HK).
  • LP+LK: Throw, hold back to throw your opponent backward on connect.
    • Input a throw at the same time as your opponent to break the throw, AKA throw tech.
  • MP+MK: Drive Parry. Can be held.
  • HP+HK: Drive Impact.
  • LP+MP+HK+LK+MK+HK: Taunt. Holding a direction can change the taunt action.

Modern Controls

The default scheme for Modern control type on an Xbox controller.
  • Attack Strengths: Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks. Punches and Kicks are not distinguished in Modern.
  • A dedicated Special Move button is used with Neutral, Forward, Down or Back and the Special button to perform various moves.
    • With an added Heavy attack input, Super Arts are performed. I.e. Forward + Special + Heavy.
  • Drive Parry, Drive Impact and Throw have dedicated buttons.
  • An Assist button can be held while tapping Light, Medium or Heavy attack to perform predetermined combos easily.


Numpad Notation

The modern standard for expressing inputs in text for Fighting Games relies on mapping input directions to numbers, known as "Numpad notation". Street Fighter's attack buttons have 6 distinct abbreviations: LP, MP, HP for Punches & LK, MK, HK for Kicks. This is the notation standard for this wiki.

Here are the digital directional inputs possible in Street Fighter:

And here are how those same directions correspond to the layout of a number pad. 5 represents the lever neutral position, and 6 always faces the same direction the character is facing for consistency.

By representing lever directions with numerals as shown above, any set of lever and button inputs can be represented with a combination of button letters and numbers. For example, a crouching Light Kick is "2LK", while a Quarter Circle Forward and Heavy Punch is 236HP. Additionally, moves are given prefixes to signify certain properties, such a j. for "performed in midair". More information on notation specifics can be found in the Notation Glossary.

Classic Notation

The old standard for expressing inputs in Street Fighter relies on English language abbreviations. You may encounter it very often from veteran players, so here's a basic guide:

All commands assuming player facing right.

  • "cr." indicates a move performed while crouching i.e. "cr.MK"
  • "st." indicates a move performed while standing i.e. "st.HP"
  • "QCF" means Quarter Circle Forward (236 in Numpad)
  • "QCB" means Quarter Circle Backward (214 in Numpad)
  • "DP" or "SRK" means Dragon Punch motion - Forward, Down, Down-Forward (623 in Numpad)
    • "RDP" or Reverse Dragon Punch is Back, Down, Down-Back (421 in Numpad)
  • "HCF" means Half Circle Forward (41236 in Numpad)
    • "HCB" means Half Circle Backward (63214 in Numpad)
  • "SPD" or "360" means to rotate the joystick in a full circle in any direction.
    • "720" is two rotations of the joystick.
    • 360/720 is still often used as a shortcut in Numpad notation.


The buttons have other names they are often referred to. In the arcade days of Street Fighter, the buttons were often referred to by a "name" as opposed to their basic descriptions. So oftentimes, you will hear commentators or read articles or posts about the attacks using different names. Here are corresponding nicknames you will commonly see:

Name Nickname Notation
Light Punch Jab LP
Medium Punch Strong MP
Heavy Punch Fierce HP
Light Kick Short LK
Medium Kick Forward MK
Heavy Kick Roundhouse HK

One thing to note is that Medium Kick used to be known as "Forward", which caused a lot of confusion when the direction on the controller was also called "Forward". This is why, for the most part, many people refer to the direction your character is facing as "Towards" instead of "Forward" to avoid that confusion.

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