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Member of British special forces unit Delta Red. Distinguished herself in the operation against Shadaloo, with which she shares a fated connection. Hyper-competent but somewhat moody. Currently working at HQ.

Cammy specializes in quick attacks and movement, closing the gap with her walkspeed and moves to run a high-pressure, close-range offense with the ability to whiff punish careless opponents for overstepping. Cammy can easily evade and counterhit careless attacks from the opponent, which lets her get in and start laying down rushdown pressure to keep the opponent locked down.

To that end, 5LP, 2LP, and 5LK are her main pressure tools up close or from walking in that allow her to confirm into Spiral Arrow for knockdowns and corner carry. 5MK, 2MP, and 2MK are especially good at mid-range poking, counterpoking, and punishing; 5HP, 2HP, and 5HK are built for punish countering big moves and giving Cammy room to advance on the opponent in various ways, whether they be links, hard knockdowns, target combos, or Drive Rush Cancels. Her special moves also do a great job at letting her close the gap between her and the opponent to keep things pushing when they really overextend. Spiral Arrow can clip opponents from much farther away than even her longest normals, and her Cannon Strike is a divekick that crushes low attacks and lets her confirm into combos when spaced correctly. Cannon Spike is a DP that rounds out the anti-air options provided by 4MP, 4HK, and her air throw, and Quick Spin Knuckle plays double duty as a gap-closing complement to Spiral Arrow that lets her skip through projectiles with the MP, HP, and Overdrive versions.

Once she's in and on top of the opponent, or has pushed them to the corner, Cammy can utilize her normals alongside other system mechanics to enforce a powerful strike/throw game or set up for oppressive okizeme tactics with her light punches, 5MP, and 2HP. One of her strongest tools once she's gotten into the opponent's head at close-mid range is Hooligan Combination, an advancing attack with three separate jump arcs and five separate followups; combined with her other buttons, this lets her run a terrifying set of mixups if prepared correctly. Cammy often needs to sacrifice meter for an OD move or a Drive Rush connection to make Hooligan setups work, but once she's paid the price, she gains access to an extremely versatile mixup tool that has excellent payout regardless of the option she picks.

Cammy can also charge up the heavy versions of her Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination, increasing their startup time but gaining most of the properties of their Overdrive equivalents in exchange. While these require a bit more setup to use, they can also let her get the benefits of the Overdrive versions at no cost to her Drive Meter, which lets her preserve it for other uses.

In exchange for Cammy being so dangerous once she's managed to close the gap, she does not have a fireball to help her control space, nor a grounded overhead to assist her with strike/throw mix. Many of her gap-closing and offensive options are also easily called out if the opponent makes the right read (particularly things like badly spaced Spiral Arrows, Spin Knuckles, and raw Hooligans), which brings an element of risk to Cammy's gameplay that requires having a good sense of timing and being willing to commit to potentially dangerous options in order to get a potential payoff. If you enjoy a character that strikes an even balance between rushdown, pressure, and precision counterpoking, then accept the mission of infiltrating your opponent's defenses with Cammy.

Pick if you like: Avoid if you dislike:
  • Incredible neutral both on the ground and in the air, with fast walk speed and incredible pokes
  • Some of the best anti-fireball tools in the game
  • Strong pressure options and corner carry for enforcing strike/throw, shimmies, and reversal-proof setups
  • Overwhelming your opponent with aggressive, variable approaches and mixup options after knockdowns
  • Relying on strike/throw conditioning and whiff punishing as your main ways to open opponents up, without access to a grounded overhead
  • Lacking a fireball to control space

Classic & Modern Versions Comparison

List of differences with Modern Cammy
Missing Normals
  • Standing Light Kick (5LK)
  • Crouching Medium Punch (2MP)
  • Jumping Light Punch (j.LP)
  • Jumping Medium Kick (j.MK)
  • Jumping Heavy Punch (j.HP)
Missing Command Normals
  • N/A
Shortcut-Only Specials
  • Hooligan Combination (2S)
    • Heavy/OD Only
Miscellaneous Changes
  • 2L is 2LK but switches to 2LP if chained into
    • Unlike other Modern characters who have this "auto-chain" property, this doesn't happen consistently on whiff
  • Swing Combination (5HP~HK) is now the starter for H Auto Combo

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