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Ultra Street Fighter IV/Omega

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Omega Street Fighter IV

Omega Mode was added to the game in the USF4 Version 1.04 patch of December 2014 as part of the Edition Select feature. Characters received drastic gameplay changes in addition to sweeping system changes that set it firmly apart from the base game. On its initial launch, several bugs plagued Omega mode causing it to be rarely played (most notably the Gen infinite). These bugs were eventually patched out, but due to its initial reputation few people returned to explore the game mode in-depth. In mid 2018, Bafael started working on Omega SF4 guides and videos, helping to revitalize interest in the game and encouraging people to contribute their discoveries in a collaborative document.

Many of the changes seen in Omega mode appear to have been made to test concepts for Street Fighter V. For example, Ryu has a parry, T. Hawk's moveset resembles Necalli, and Seth has many similar attributes to Urien. This also applies to system changes like easier links, faster dashes, and removal of hard knockdowns.

The character pages and frame data are a work in progress; the frame data sheet (including all moves, inputs, and character properties) can be found here.

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OSFIV-Decapre Face.png
OSFIV-Ryu Face.png
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OSFIV-Rufus Face.png
OSFIV-ElFuerte Face.png
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OSFIV-Balrog Face.png
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OSFIV-Rose Face.png
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OSFIV-Hugo Face.png


System Changes

  • Input Buffer - Many attacks have a buffer window at the end of recovery that makes combos and blockstrings much easier. This does not apply to all attacks, but most buttons that are useful in combos/blockstrings have this buffer. This does NOT apply to defensive button presses, so frame-perfect punishes have not changed.
    • After normals: 3f buffer
    • After specials: 4f buffer (e.g. Ibuki's ground Kunai, Poison's flip kick)
  • Unusual behavior related to buffer system:
    • Examples of expected buffer windows that are missing: Balrog cl.5LP, T. Hawk 2LK
    • El Fuerte, Gouken, and Hugo do not have buffers after their Focus Attack + Forward Dash
    • Decapre 5LP/2LP: both +6 on hit, but buffered normals come out 1f early, allowing links into 7f normals
    • Elena 5MK: buffered normals come out 1f late, so a link into 2MP/2MK fails unless it is delayed to a frame-perfect timing (this also makes plinking impossible)
  • Input Leniency - Dp.png (623) motions are much stricter, and the required timing to hit a button after a DP motion is much faster.
    • This makes it feel like Qcf.png (236) motions take priority over DP, but 6236 can give a DP input if the button is hit quickly enough
    • Crouching DP shortcuts no longer work, with a few exceptions (C. Viper Seismic Hammer, Zangief Banishing Flat)
  • No Red Focus or Delayed Wakeup (mechanics introduced in USF4)
    • Omega characters can still delay wakeup against an Ultra character, since this mechanic is tied to the move that knocks down rather than the character waking up
  • Hard Knockdowns - most have been removed.
    • Supers, Ultras, and a few EX moves still cause HKD
  • 2-Bar EX Moves - many characters have access to a 2-bar special attack.
    • These act like mini-supers, usually with a cinematic effect; some cause hard knockdowns
  • EX Move Cancels - some normals are cancellable only into EX Specials.
  • Many Supers have been buffed (higher damage, safer on block, new combo routes)
  • Many Ultras have fewer combo routes or have a harder time landing a full cinematic hit
    • e.g. Makoto U1 (non-cinematic combo version), Chun-Li U2 (fewer juggle routes)
  • Throws - 4f extra whiff recovery (20f -> 24f), and slightly shorter range (except for Decapre and Seth).
    • The range difference is barely noticeable, but may occasionally affect tick throws

  • Movement changes
    • Forward dashes: generally faster, and some have had their movement distance changed
      • Hugo’s dash was slowed down
      • Gen (Crane), Hakan (Oiled), Poison, and Zangief dash speeds were unchanged
      • Does not apply to Focus + Dash (with few exceptions, like Dhalsim)
    • Backdashes: some were normalized (e.g. Rose is slower, Chun/Decapre/Ibuki travel a shorter distance)
    • Walkspeed: some were changed (Ibuki, Gen, Seth) or had their USF4 speed buffs reverted (Guy, Ken, T. Hawk)
    • Jumps: some had their speed/distance changed (Adon, Cody, Elena, Gen, Guy, Hugo, Ibuki, Yang, Zangief)

  • Focus changes
    • Lv. 1 Focus Attack knocks down on hit/counterhit (except Oiled Hakan)
    • FADC/Super cancel does not work from invincible meterless DPs on block
      • Still works after EX reversals, and Ibuki can cancel her invincible MK Kazekiri into Air Super
    • Focus + Backdash has no invincibility, and is usually airborne for a shorter time
      • However, focus backdashes generally have faster recovery

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