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Upleft.gif/7 - Back Jump Up.gif/8 - Neutral Jump Upright.gif/9 - Forward Jump
Left.gif/4 - Back Walk, Stand Block
(Hold to charge back)

Left.gifLeft.gif/44 - Back Dash
Universal Numeric Notation.jpg Right.gif/6 - Forward Walk

Right.gifRight.gif/66 - Forward Dash
Downleft.gif/1 - Crouch Block
(Hold to charge down+back)
Down.gif/2 - Crouch
(Hold to charge down)
Downright.gif/3 - Offensive Crouch

Six Button Notation

Lp.png - LP - Light Punch / Jab Lk.png - LK - Light Kick / Short
Mp.png - MP - Medium Punch / Strong   Mk.png - MK - Medium Kick / Forward
Hp.png - HP - Heavy Punch / Fierce Hk.png - HK - Heavy Kick / Roundhouse
P.png - P - Any Punch K.png - K - Any Kick
2p.png - PP - Any 2 Punches   2k.png - KK - Any 2 Kicks
3p.png - PPP - All 3 Punches   3k.png - KKK - All 3 Kicks

Special / Super / Ultra Inputs

The following is a list of common input notations and how they are performed. All inputs assume the player is facing right (P1 Side).

  • Mash P.png : Rapidly tap punches (Blanka, Decapre, E. Honda, Gen only)
    • 5th punch input determines which strength of special move is used
  • Mash K.png : Rapidly tap kicks (Chun-Li only)
    • 5th kick input determines which strength of special move is used
  • QCF (Quarter Circle Forward) / 236 / Qcf.png :
    • Down, Down/Towards, Towards (Down.gifDownright.gifRight.gif)
  • QCB (Quarter Circle Back) / 214 / Qcb.png :
    • Down, Down/Back, Back (Down.gifDownleft.gifLeft.gif)
  • DP (Dragon Punch) / 623 / Dp.png :
    • Towards, Down, Down/Towards (Right.gifDown.gifDownright.gif)
    • Shortcuts:
      • Downright.gifDown.gifDownright.gif / 323
      • Right.gifDownright.gifRight.gif / 636
      • Note: Downright.gifDownright.gif / 33 does not work as a shortcut on its own; at least one additional down or forward input is needed.
  • RDP (Reverse Dragon Punch) / 421 / Rdp.png :
    • Back, Down, Down/Back (Left.gifDown.gifDownleft.gif)
    • Shortcuts:
      • Downleft.gifDown.gifDownleft.gif / 121
      • Left.gifDownleft.gifLeft.gif / 414
      • Note: some RDP moves do not accept input shortcuts, like Ibuki or Elena RDP+K
  • HCF (Half Circle Forward) / 41236 / Hcf.png:
    • Back, Down/Back, Down, Down/Towards, Towards (Left.gifDownleft.gifDown.gifDownright.gifRight.gif)
  • HCB (Half Circle Back) / 63214 / Hcb.png :
    • Towards, Down/Towards, Down, Down/Back, Back (Right.gifDownright.gifDown.gifDownleft.gifLeft.gif)
  • 360 (360 Degree Motion) / 360.png :
    • Rotate the joystick in a full circle in any direction
    • As a shortcut, Half Circle (forward or back) + one additional upward direction counts as a 360
  • Charge Back + Forward / [4]6 / Cb.pngF.png
    • Can also charge Down+Back
    • A few moves may require ending in Down+Forward
  • Charge Down + Up / [2]8 / Cd.pngU.png
    • Can also charge Down+Back and end with Up+Back, which retains back charge

  • 2xQCF (Double Quarter Circle Forward) / 236236 / Qcf.pngQcf.png
    • Shortcut: Down.gifDownright.gifDown.gifDownright.gifRight.gif / 23236
  • 2xQCB (Double Quarter Circle Back) / 214214 / Qcb.pngQcb.png
    • Shortcut: Down.gifDownleft.gifDown.gifDownleft.gifLeft.gif / 21214
  • 2xHCF (Double Half Circle Forward) / 4123641236 / Hcf.pngHcf.png
    • Shortcut: Left.gifDown.gifRight.gifLeft.gifDown.gifRight.gif / 426426
  • 2xHCB (Double Half Circle Back) / 6321463214 / Hcb.pngHcb.png
    • Shortcut: Right.gifDown.gifLeft.gifRight.gifDown.gifLeft.gif / 624624
  • 720 (360 Degree Motion x2) / 360.png360.png
    • 2nd circle input does not require a full rotation
  • Charge Back, Forward~Back~Forward / [4]646 / Cb.pngF.pngB.pngF.png
    • Can also charge with Down+Back
  • Delta Motion / [1]319 / Cdb.pngDelta.png
    • Can end in any upward direction Upleft.gif/Up.gif/Upright.gif
    • For Vega, this affects which direction he travels for Super and Ultra 1

Button Combinations

Lp.png+Lk.png: Throw

  • Performs a close-range throw that cannot be blocked. Some characters can also throw while in the air. The same input is used to defend (tech) against throws (air throws cannot be teched).
    • A throw tech can also be input while crouching, but if the defending character is not already being thrown, then cr.LK will come out (resulting in a failed throw tech).

Mp.png+Mk.png: Focus Attack

  • Begins charging an attack that has 1 hit of armor.
  • The attack can be released at one of three strength levels:
    • Lv. 1 (quick/no charge) - crumples on counterhit
    • Lv. 2 (partial charge) - crumples on hit
    • Lv. 3 (full charge) - unblockable, leads to a crumple state
  • The focus charge (or attack on hit/block) can be cancelled with a forward/back dash
    • This is useful for maintaining pressure or avoiding punishment
  • Some normal/special attacks can be cancelled into Focus Attack for 2 bars (referred to as EX Focus Attack)
    • This version of focus attack does not have armor, but can still crumple if the Lv. 2 Focus Attack is fast enough to combo
    • This technique is the basis of the FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel) system that allows characters to extend combo routes, juggle into ultra, or use safe invincible reversals

Hp.png+Hk.png: Personal Action (Taunt)

  • Performs a unique taunt animation; each character has 10 taunts to choose from
    • Dan has unique jumping and crouching taunts that can hit the opponent, while Dudley's crouching taunt throws a projectile rose
    • Guile's crouching taunt causes him to put on or take off his sunglasses
    • Some taunts can shift the character's hurtbox to match the animation (such as lying down to avoid projectiles)

State Modifiers

  • st. - "Standing" - move should be used while standing
    • In numpad notation, "5" represents a neutral standing state (5HK)
  • cl. - "Close" - indicates a standing proximity normal that must be used at close range (e.g. cl.MP)
  • far. - "Far" - indicates a standing proximity normal that must be used at farther ranges (e.g. far.MK)
    • Often times, far proximity normals are simply referred to with "st." prefix (e.g. cl.LP / st.LP)
  • cr. - "Crouching" - move should be used while holding down (e.g. cr.HK)
    • In numpad notation, "2" represents a crouch state (2HK)
  • j. - "Jumping" - move should be used while in the air (e.g. j.HK)
    • Numpad notation usually keeps this indicator rather than using "8HK" or "9HK"
  • EX / Ex.png - EX Special Move - inputting a move with 2 punches or 2 kicks uses a more powerful version of the move that consumes 1 bar of Super meter
    • Seth's EX Tanden Engine (and several moves in Omega SF4) consumes 2 bars, and some moves do not have an EX version (Zangief Double Lariat, Ibuki Command Dash)
    • The 2 buttons must be pressed with in 1 frame of each other (or using a 3P/3K macro) for the EX move to work.

Combo Connectors

  • + : Indicates that 2 actions should be performed at the same time
    • e.g. Lp.png+Lk.png hit simultaneously
  • , or > : Indicates the next part of a sequence
    • "," is usually used to indicate a link while ">" indicates a chain/target combo, but this notation is not universally followed
    • e.g. LP > MP > HP (Ibuki's Target Combo 4 chain)
    • e.g. cr.MP, cr.MK (Down.gifMp.png linked into Down.gifMk.png)
  • xx : Indicates that the first action should be cancelled into the second.
    • e.g. cr.MK xx Hadouken
    • e.g. Hadouken xx Super
    • e.g. Shoryuken xx FADC
  • ~ : Indicates that the first action should be immediately followed by the second action (usually 1 frame apart)
    • e.g. st.HP ~ Throw (input for some kara throws)
    • The plinking technique uses this notation

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