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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Roll

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Everyone rumored, no one believed.

The comeback we were all yearning for.

Roll, truly the last and greatest Ultimate All-Star of our time, finally emerges from her brother's shadow in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Going from a virtually unplayable clone of Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, so bad that even Servbot is more viable, Roll has been given her own original moveset based around her lethal housekeeping skills and her hi-tech broom.

Roll is a unique character in TvC. She's used mostly on anchor due to her strong assist and ability to control neutral with her notorious j.C. She can do situationally very high damage with 2 separate power up mechanics, but can have problems converting off of some hits. She is also the undisputed ruler of unburstable damage, with a number of OTG hits that can not be escaped.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Small body privilege
  • Relaunches from anywhere on the screen
  • healing
  • Can pump out unburstable damage when needed
  • Good DHCs
  • Splash powerup gives her an insane damage boost
  • Assist is annoyingly good
  • Can wavedash her air dash
  • Normals are a little stubby
  • Can't convert off j.C normally like the rest of the cast
  • Despite her overhead being good her followup options are limited unless she gambles on baroque
  • Health isn't lowest but is down there

Move List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
4 2 13 - 720 - The fastest normal in the game at 4f. Rapid fire capable, but extremely short range.
5 4 10 - 640 Low A short range low kick. Lower damage and slower startup, but longer range compared to 5A, this move is a little easier to use and still tied for startup with the rest of the fastest jabs in the game.
6 5(7)4 5 - 1716 - A two hit broom attack, this move's extremely low recovery frames mean that this move is positive on block and hit, a rarity in this game. It links into other moves such as itself, or j.A, leading to an infinite on large characters like tekkaman.
7 3 - - 1360 Low A very fast low hitting normal with a deceptively long range. Useful for punishes or whiff punishes at slightly longer ranges, and Roll also moves forward meaning it's good for converting into 5H in combo strings as well.
20 5 - - 1840 Overhead A single hit overhead that can be cancelled into any of Roll's specials or supers, or baroqued to follow up with a full combo. Slightly visually deceptive since roll doesn't swing the broom until the end of the animation, but definitely reactable.
12 6 - - 2800 - A broom attack, like one slow hit of her 2B. Important combo filler as it's the only way to get into her launcher from a normal magic series.
12 3 - - 2240 Low A sweep using the broom. This move has long range and a strong hitbox. It can be used to mix up people who are looking for 6B in blockstrings. You can combo it into OTG damage with her sweep special, or a wallbounce swing if you have a charged broom.
17 2 - - 2400 Launcher Roll's launcher, she swings her broom in an upward arc. Reliably combos off of 5C.
5 12 - - 640 Overhead A high priority poke with the handle of Roll's broom. This cancels into itself, and can combo into charged j.236A for a wallbounce and a combo when hit air to air. It can also be used as an instant overhead, where it combos into uncharged j.236a.
7 5 - - 1120 Overhead A downward angled kick, relatively fast but mostly used for combo filler.
11 8 - - 2240 Overhead A cornerstone of Roll's game. This move has very high priority with fast startup for a j.C and a massive disjointed hitbox. Since it knocks down air to air, you can usually convert some sort of OTG sweep off of it. It has relatively short hitstun for a j.C, making it difficult to combo off of normally. Roll players should get used to up-cancelling it into j.A to reliably convert off of IAD.C

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 11 - - - - - Same animation as Roll's j.C.
Counter Tag 27 - - - - - Same animation as Roll's 236 special. Unfortunately Roll doesn't get the normal extension of "just launch" after this crossover counter, so you have to come up with some other options such as jump attacks or just doing an OTG sweep afterward.
(Roll Splash)
55 - - - 1200(640) Projectile
no Autocorrect
Potentially Roll's strongest aspect, this assist is extremely enabling for certain characters and is one of the best in the game. The initial attack is a projectile that doesn't travel very far but has a good hitbox that protects in front and slightly above the point character. This hit has a long hitstun against aerial, and staggers grounded opponents. If it misses, however, it leaves a puddle on the ground, which acts as an obstacle in neutral and also hits low, making it the only assist in the game that can enable high/low unblockables.
Forward Throw - - - - 4800 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Back Throw - - - - 4800 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw If used close to the ground in the corner, it can be comboed into an OTG super sweep, which is rare in TvC. Difficult to land against a good opponent but still worth noting.
Air Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
20 1 26 - - - Does what it says on the tin, gives roll a power-up. Roll's broom will begin to glow, slightly raising the damage on her attacks. The next time Roll uses a special, she will get the "powered up" version of the special, and the charge will be consumed.
8/9/12 - - - 2800 Projectile Reflect A large swing with the broom, which reflects projectiles and knocks back opponents in front of Roll.
Roll Broom Swing - Charged
Power up -> 236X
8/10/12 - - - 4400 Projectile Reflect The charged version of the broom swing functions similarly, but adds a wall bounce effect to the hit. This is useful for converting combos such as off of 6B or 2C.
Aerial Roll Broom Swing
8/10/12 - - - 2000/2400/2800 Projectile Reflect Similar to the broom swing, but in the air. When hitting air to air, the A version simply knocks the opponent back a bit, but the B and C versions cause hard knockdown, which enables her corner loops. However, the A version will maintain grounded when hitting a grounded opponent, which can help Roll convert off of her j.A instant overhead, while the charged version becomes too slow.
Aerial Roll Broom Swing - Charged
11/11/12 - - - 3600/4000/4400 Projectile Reflect The charged version of the broom swing functions similarly, but adds a wall bounce effect to the hit. The different versions not only do different damage, but wallbounce at different angles, enabling various conversions and combos.
29 - - - 1200(640) Projectile The same move as roll's assist. Difficult to combo into or out of, not very useful as a neutral tool. However, sweeping up the puddles produced by this can give a damage boost.
Roll Splash - Charged
Power Up ' -> 623X
29 - - - 6136 Projectile The powered up version of Roll's splash attack goes full screen in a straight line, hitting enemies multiple times if it hits. Although neither are particularly useful, this feels worse than the uncharged version.

17/19/22 - - - 359(1516)/949(2151)/1722(3014) - Roll's signature move, she moves forward across the screen, hitting many times. Mostly used for its OTG properties. If you mash the button that you used to initiate the sweep, roll will stop in place and sweep furiously at the ground. The numbers in parentheses show the mashed damage numbers. If the Mop Up travels over a puddle, it will consume it, granting Roll a 10% damage boost for the rest of the match, stacking up to 5 times for a total 50% (!) damage boost.

22/25/32 - - - 1722(4030)/3051(6051)/4471(8391) - The charged version of the Mop Up has slower startup, but higher damage. The mashed version has a large flame effect added and does significant damage.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes

1+6 - - - 15783 - The super version of Roll's signature Mop Up special. The Mop Up Turbo does a large amount of damage and has some unique properties. If it hits a standing opponent and the last hit connects in the corner, you can follow up with a 2nd Mop Up Turbo OTG, essentially linking the super into itself. However if the super hits OTG, it is unsafe on hit, so make sure it either kills or you have something safe to DHC into. If you begin this super on top of one of Roll's puddles, the puddle is consumed, instantly granting Roll all 5 levels of her damage increase, a 50% damage increase for the rest of the match.

1+12 23 59 - 0 - Roll summons an orb, which descends from the top of the screen to her position. If it touches Roll or another robot, it heals them, but if it contacts a human character, it will stagger them, regardless of if they are a partner or not.

3+3 - - - 16560 - Roll's level 3, she sweeps in front of her, making a small fire which is the hitbox of this attack. If the enemy is hit by this fire, they are ignited, staggering away, as Roll dumps a huge bucket of water on their head to put the fire out. This move can hit OTG, but will not trigger the cinematic, doing significantly less damage.
Useable on Giants

The Basics

Uncharged midscreen combo: 2a,5b,2b,5c,3c,,, 236c/j.c

Charged midscreen combo: 2a,5b,2b,5c,3c,,, 236c ground dash, 3c,,, 236c/j.c

In the corner you can loop: [3c,j.aabb 236c falling j.b] This gets tighter the more loops you do. You can also add enders like [j.aabb 236b falling j.b double jump j.bc] that add a bit more damage. Try to find a combo that you feel comfortable with

Advanced Strategy

As roll, your biggest neutral threat is j.c. The disjointed hitbox combined with the fast travel speed and distance of Roll's air dash means it's very hard for many characters to consistently contest air dash j.c. You'll often be hitting this air to air, which doesn't net roll a conversion, meaning you'll often be using it repeatedly just to attempt to bully your opponent into blocking.

If you convince an opponent to block, Roll's offense can be pretty scary. Air dashing with j.A gives double overheads, so it can be used to open people up. If a grounded string is blocked, you can mix up between 6b and 2c in block strings, or go for pressure with 5b, a very rare plus on block normal in TvC. Be careful for pushblock, because it's trivially easy for a lot of the cast to whiff punish her strings if pushblocked.

If you finish a combo with roll, midair you should use 236c to guarantee a power up, if you get flying screen a j.c knockdown does not guarantee a safe charge. Not only does having the charge increase Roll's combo damage, it also gives her some additional no-baroque conversions, namely 6b, 236a or air-to-air j.a, 236a.


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