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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Doronjo

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Doronjo from the Time Bokan Series, enemy of Yatterman and the only """Villian""" in TvC

Doronjo is assisted by her two assistants Tonzura (The larger purple character) and Boyacky (The Green Character), and works as a team character much like Juda from HnK or the Lowain Bros from Granblue. As such she can be confusing or even intimidating for new players, but once you get the hang of her control scheme, she's definitely a fun character to play

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Complete Screen Control
  • Unblockables without baroque
  • Absolute vortex machine off a stray hit
  • insane blockstrings and crossups/crossunders
  • If timed correctly can get a hit off incoming with 100% certainty
  • 5 Anti-airs which are terrible, 2 of them require you to be psychic, 1 is only good for shallow jump-ins
  • Does not have a good "get off me" move, have to advancing guard perfectly, crossover counter or burst
  • Supers are very underwhelming, her counter super is very easy to avoid unless perfectly timed
  • Needs baroque or partner to be threatening, if lacking either her options (while still decent) become very limiting compared to the rest of the cast.
  • For damaging combos she effectively has one route, most damage is done off mixups and resets
  • Assist requires a bit of effort to be useful

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
5 3 13 - 640 - A regular old jab. Can actually link from 2A if the opponent is close enough, making 5A 2A 5A a viable route. Also works as a decent anti-air, stops most IAD normals clean.
6 3 14 - 640 - A standard 2A, mostly good for hit confirms, as noted above it can link into 5A after being chained. Doesn't hit low.
8 2 23 - 1280 - Medium attack, has decent range, hitbox extends to her pipe. Can be used as a meaty on wakeup to force opponent in blockstun for tree shenanigans. Can be used in combos but not as preferred as 2B.
9 4 23 - 1280 Low Your absolute best friend. Hits 1/4th screen away, low profiles, extremely strong hit confirm. Regardless of how far away Doronjo is, it will always link into 5C, and in the event your opponent does an advancing guard she will absolutely ignore the pushback if chained to 5C
17 4 22 - 2560 - Doronjo will step forward and kick, if followed from 2B or j.C, she will ignore pushblock. If opponent is standing this is your entry to tree loops or basically all of her blockstrings
13 10 23 - 2340 Launcher Doronjo's launcher, pretty standard. Could be used as an anti-air but it's not reliable. First hit launches if opponent is airborne, second hit launches regardless
14 5 32 - 2160 - Doronjo leans back and raises her leg in the air. It can be a slightly better AA than 3C but requires you to basically read your opponents mind because hte startup is so bad. Lifts opponent airborne and creates a softknockdown, does not launch airborne opponents.
5 10 - - 720 Overhead Doronjo sticks her knees out at a 45 degree angle. Because of the quick startup you can scrape people out of crouch guard by performing right out of jump or stuff some air-to-air encounters. Also if used as an IAD it can be a fantastic tick throw setup
9 5 - - 1280 Overhead Doronjo sticks her whole leg horizontally. It's not as fast as j.A, but is a much better Air to Air because of the length. Can create some ambiguous crossup situations and if used with tonzura grab can become a cross-under.
10 15 - - 2800 Overhead Doronjo sticks her butt out and outside of invincible moves it's a very hard move to challenge. When used as an IAD, the route j.C -> 2B -> 5C will ignore pushblock. if AG'd early she'll plop right to the ground, if AG'd late and cancelled into rock abandon or taunt she'll drift to the opposite end of the screen. Can cause forced roll.
18 - - - 2000 - Doronjo blows a kiss, it's a standing projectile that sticks out for a while and has a large hitbox, it's more commonly seen in tree combos thanks to its crazy hitstun and rarely in neutral. Very slight homing properties.
20 - - - 2000 - Doronjo blows a kiss in the air. It stops all her momentum, so if you're trying to avoid the ground you can do this. If you perform a rock abandon, and then kiss, by the time her animation finishes you can drop another one. Very slight homing properties.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 10 15 - - 1760 - Same animation as j.C
Counter Tag 28 2 - - 2160 - Same animation as 3C, can combo into any normal.
44 - - - 2000 Projectile
no Autocorrect
The best worst assist. It's a very slow moving projectile with no range, but the hitbox is large. Best for combos but if you can play oki you could do some meaty crossups with it or make a small shield for your character. Moves Horizontally.
Forward Throw - - - - 4586 Throw Doronjo grabs and slaps the opponent, if you setup a tree and throw before the tree explodes you can combo off it
Back Throw - - - - 4800 Throw Doronjo throws them to the ground and gives a kick, if a tree is about to explode you can combo off it.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw
Air Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
34/42/58 ->
- 39(if stopped)
77(if successful)
- 4838 Projectile(?) Boyacky appears and starts punching the opponent. If he's knocked out before he starts punching, he just leaves. He ignores pushblock and is a decent combo starter. Opponents can dash or act before he begins punching. Can absorb one projectile. If active, piglet flareup and none of her supers cannot be used. Arguably not a great move, it has some utility but piglet flare-up tends be in use more often. If timed correctly on incoming, the opponent cannot push it or respond in any decent way. You can get a free Naniwa Clutch or rock abandon from it.
4 - - - 3776 Projectile Boyacky appears and summons a tree. The button determines where. A spawns to the left, B center, C right. Once the tree is active, nothing in the game can stop it. Used for offense, defense, and combos. Absorbs one Projectile. If BBQ cancelled early enough you have an almost completely safe raw tag. If active Aizuwakamatzu Punch and her supers are not usuable. If Boyacky is hit before he presses the button no tree comes out. You can use yourself (via BBQ) or a partner as a shield to protect him during this period of time.
18 - - - 4480 Overhead/OTG Tonzura Appears and tosses a rock, the rock hits overhead. If used with baroque and 2B it becomes unblockable. A version tosses a rock right in front of the summoning spot, B throws it full screen, and C throws offscreen as an antiair. hits OTG. Absorbs one Projectile. If active, Naniwa Clutch, Punching Bag Fiesta, and Supreme Evil Plan cannot be used.
10 - - - 4480 Overhead/OTG Doronjo stops all momentum and summons Tonzura from the top of the screen holding a rock. The closer to the top of the screen your opponent is, the faster it hits. Can become unblockable if bbq'd into 2B. The rock can be broken by the opponent but it is very difficult. Hits OTG. Absorbs one Projectile. If active, Naniwa Clutch, Punching Bag Fiesta, and Supreme Evil Plan cannot be used. Can perform again in the air if stalled long enough with her air taunt and dashes.
6 - - - 2 Command Grab Tonzura appears and grabs grounded opponents. Megacrash safe, can ignore supers if active late enough. Hitting an opponent after grab makes them airborne. A spawns on the left side, B center, C right side. If active, Rock Abandon, Punching Bag Fiesta, and Supreme Evil Plan cannot be used.
19 - 17 - - - Doronjo lays down in the ground, low profiles everything and dodges projectiles. It can dodge some supers like Volnutt's machine gun arm. From this position she can taunt (Taunt comes out at a 45 Degree Angle), call out Tonzura or Boyacky, use two comfy normals, or stand up with 8.
2 21 26 - - - Doronjo does a breakdance move after getting comfy. It causes a hard knockdown. You can call assist or baroque to combo after, but that's it. Use this to setup Oki if you have a hitconfirm but no baroque or assist available.
14 11 41 - - 4836 Doronjo goes from comfy to 3C, works as her normal launcher

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
3+2 - - - 8000(per hit) f3-6 Invincible Boyacky appears and presses a button, as he looks up one of the gang's mangled robot comes crashing down and rolls off screen. The ball is active from where ever doronjo summoned it and rolls to the side she is facing when summoned. Hits twice but does not combo into itself. If Piglet-flare up or Aizuwakamatzu Punch is active this super will not activate, likewise those attacks and all of her supers are not available while this super is active. Breaks Guard/Giant Armor
  • If Boyacky is hit BEFORE pressing he presses the button, the ball never comes and you just wasted a meter. However if boyacky is hit AFTER hitting the button you can use him like normal while the ball comes crashing down. If boyacky does not get hit at all he has a squashed animation that lasts until after the ball goes off screen and results in a slower recovery.
  • Another weird quirk of the ball is that if Doronjo summons the ball while mid combo, the opponent will be completely invincible to the ball until the combo counter is inactive, however if she summons the ball outside of a combo, then the ball can interrupt your combo.
  • Yet ANOTHER weird quirk of this super is that if you perform this super and then DHC to another character within a few frames (~2 or 3), boyacky simply will not appear at all and the super will never happen, resulting in a wasted meter.
1+0 - - - 16143 Counter Doronjo poses and waits for the opponent to touch her with a physical attack, once hit she'll call out Tonzura and Boyacky to pummel them. After the initial super flash, the opponent loses the ability to Baroque for a few frames. If she gets hit in the corner, she can combo from any move possible. Counters megacrash. Also it counters Yatterman-1's projectile and she gets a special animation for him. Does not Counter Giants. Super is not available if any move that incorporates Tonzura or Boyacky is active.
1+51 - - - 30398 - Dokurobei is pissed and punishing the Doronbo crew, once this super is activated Doronjo is 100% invincible until she hits the ground, but because of its huge startup and small hitbox it's either a gigantic read or a combo setup. Seen extremely rarely but thanks to its damage it's not to be ignored. Unfortunately the bike cannot be used in battle....Not available if Tonzura or Boyacky is performing an attack. Useable on giants


Doronjo is an oddball character and she is extremely dependent on her assist and baroque. Without either she has some okay normals, but no blockstrings and her special attacks make her a sitting duck.

However with an assist or baroque she can be an EXTREMELY momentum based character. Calling a piglet flare up and immediately doing a barqoue will basically let her command an entire section of the stage uncontested, combined with her rock throw and your opponent needs to respect you. Her combo game with baroque expands hard with her able to pull off 40Bil damage off 10% baroque. j.C and j.B are extremely good air moves that can lock down opponents and help set up pressure.

Also by throwing out a tree she has a chance to create her own mixups. Tree BBQ j.B rockdrop j.B gives you a chance to hit three overheads or just let the rock drop and then 2B into a combo. Alternatively Tree BBQ 2A 214A can either set you up for an unblockable or your opponent will punish you only to get juggled by the tree, and since your opponent tried to hit you, that's free red life, giving you another tree loop ready to go.

Also in pressure you can break through block with a naniwa clutch if you know your opponent isn't going for chicken block, and as stated above, any Advancing guard is useless as the block route of IAD j.C -> 2B -> 5C ignores all pushblock no matter when the AG starts.

On top of this, if you do an IAD j.C and immediately call a rock abandon while the opponent performs an advancing guard you can activate one of two bugs with doronjo depending on their timing. If they time early Doronjo will land immediately while the rock still falls giving you a free unblockable or a chance to start pressure, if they AG late Doronjo will float full screen to the opposite end of the screen letting you regain a moment to figure out your next move.

Inversely she can be a very good zoning character, hopping in the air dropping rocks can shut down even the likes of Saki if done correctly, and thanks to baroque she can stay in the air for a good 2-3 Tatsuseconds if she wanted.

Doronjo also has raw tag setups. There are multiple ways to set it up, but as long as you are active before the tree explodes you can tag out, and the incoming character can even combo off of it.

If you're on the line and need to squeeze out that last bit of life from your opponent you can megacrash, rock abandon and baroque to get the last bit of damage out if it's an emergency

As long as she has space, a partner, or red life Doronjo can easily turn neutral into her game. But under overwhelming pressure or zoning she has to scramble to get the upper hand.


Doronjo's Assist is not the worst, but it's definitely near the bottom. It provides a great amount of hitstun and can be a temporary shield but it has much more use as a combo extender which is still not that great.

However with Naniwa clutch you can DHC into almost any super you need including Joe's Desperado Cannon. 5C has enough hitstun to let Alex Stungun headbutt while she performs in the beginning. Inversely if you're willing to spend 3 meters because you did a bad super you can DHC over to doronjo's ball super and DHC back to save yourself, or DHC into punching bag fiesta if you perform an unsafe super. Her DHC synergy is pretty solid.


NOTE: Because of her weird control scheme, I'm going to do a little notation here. I'll type in something like piglet flare-up (far), which means assuming that Doronjo is mid screen facing right, she'll summon a C Tree. As well, piglet flare-up (Close) assuming that she is midscreen facing right would be a B Tree. Also since Piglet-Flare up has a summon and an explosion part, the explosion portion of the tree will be denoted by (Explosion)

No Baroque, No Partners:

Megacrash -> Rock abandon (Far)

Piglet Flare-up -> air rock abandon (OTG)

A B C 3C j.A j.B j.C

(Corner only) Punching Bag Fiesta A B C 3C j.A j.B j.C

A B C 2C 22 2C

A B C 2C 22 C j.A j.B j.C

A B C 3C j.A j.B air Rock Abandon (Note the rock abandon is not part of the combo, but with Doronjo's super jump it can turn into an ambiguous crossup and upon landing you can actually combo off the rock with j.B which also crosses up)

Naniwa clutch -> j.B A B 3C j.A j.B j.C

A B C 3C TK Rock Abandon A B C 3C j.A j.B j.C (Note: This combo is extremely hard the rock abandon has to be frame one from the TK, in the event that you drop this, it can be converted into a blockstring since the opponent will be low enough)

With Baroque: (Midscreen) Piglet Flare-up(Far) BBQ Forward throw (Explosion) 5B 3C j.A j.A j.B j.B j.C

(midscreen) A B C Piglet Flare-up(far) BBQ A B 2B 2C (Explosion) B 3C j.A j.B j.C

(midscreen) A B C Piglet Flare-up(far) BBQ A B 2B 2C (Explosion) 214C Piglet Flare-up(far) 5A 5B 2B (Explosion) 5B 3C j.A j.B j.C

A B 2B C Naniwa Clutch (far) 66 2A 2A 236A+B j.B A B 3C j.A j.B j.C

A B 2B C Naniwa Clutch (far) 9 j.B 9 j.B j.B 3C j.A j.B j.C

Baroque and Partner: (Corner)A B C Piglet Flare-up(far) BBQ A B 2B 2C 214C (Explosion) Piglet Flare-up(far) 5A 5B 2C (Explosion) 5A 5A 5B 5C (P)artner Piglet(Far) 5B 2C 214C (Explosion) Piglet (Far) A B 2C (Explosion) A A B 3C j.A j.B j.C

Unblockable Setups

Doronjo probably has baroque unblockables but she has Doronjo specific tech she can take advantage of.

214A BBQ 2B is a traditional unblockable. The rock hits overhead, she hits low, simple.

Calling out a naniwa clutch and "dropping" a combo can lead to an unblockable grab.

She can also BBQ Rock abandon and hit low for an unblockable, or if you know your opponent is liberal with AG you can IAD j.C-< rockabandon which can give you a baroqueless cancel to 2B with if they AG.


Kinda Decent Giant Killer, Rock Abandon does decent damage and Trees are a strong tool. Supreme Evil Plan is a good anti-giant tool if PTX does a chain saw with no baroque or super, as well if Lightan tries to drop kick or raw super. In The Beginning breaks armor but is slightly difficult to setup.

Her bad matchups tend to include characters that can pressure her immensely (Joe the Condor, Yatterman-1, Batsu, Zero) and her more favorable matchups are anyone she can outrun or space out (Tekkaman, Alex, Casshan). However much like the rest of the cast, there are no overwhelmingly "bad" matchups.

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