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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Viewtiful Joe

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Viewtiful Joe gets to fight alongside and against all his favorite heroes in TvC! You might notice a similarity or two between him and some characters...

V. Joe is a zoner with obnoxious mobility that becomes capable of bursts of offense powered by his projectiles. Being able to recognize whether your opponent is approaching or retreating is crucial since V. Joe typically performs the opposite strategy better. Without his projectiles and movement he has to deal with stubby normals and a lack of reversal options, but with them he can trap people very well and deal surprisingly high amounts of damage.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Completely commands the air
  • Can fly across stages
  • Extremely annoying projectile that doesn't go away when he's hit
  • Damaging burst baits
  • fast overheads
  • Small character privilege
  • Decent Damage
  • Red Hot Kick
  • Incredibly stubby normals
  • Two not so hot supers
  • Assist requires massive working around
  • Can hurt himself

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
4 1 13 -1 640 - A very fast jab that can be rapid fired. Overshadowed by 2A since it hits low and has slightly more horizontal range.
4 1 13 0 640 Low A very fast crouching jab that can be rapid fired. Hits low and reaches a tiny bit further than 5A so this should be used over it in neutral.
5 1 21 -7 1280 - A quick kick. Can combo into Level 3 if done quickly enough. Might knock V. Joe back too far to continue if it comes after a jab.
6 4 21 -5 1040 Low A quick sweep. Does not move V. Joe backwards like in UMvC3 so it can be used in magic series without issue. Can combo into Level 3 if done quickly enough.
12 2 16 -2 960 Overhead A sneaky backhand that hits overhead. Only combos into supers by itself - baroque is needed to cancel into normals.
13 4 18 -3 2480 - A strong kick that moves V. Joe forward slightly. Combos into Level 3 easily.
8 13 16 -6 2240 Low A fast slide. Hits low and knocks down. Leads to air combos with baroque. Can combo into Level 3 if done quickly enough.
11 6 21 -8 2240 Launcher An uppercut. Must be up close to combo. Not a reliable anti-air option.
5 2 18 - 480 Overhead A jab in front of V. Joe. Not very good in neutral as it's overshadowed by j.B.
6 9 19 - 960 Overhead An airborne kick. Has a good amount of active frames and a big hitbox for V. Joe's size, making it useful for hitting foes under him. Randomly crosses up grounded opponents without switching sides.
8/13/18 12 22 - 720/720/1280 Overhead A 360 kick. Hits 3 times. The first two hits have massive hitstun on airborne opponents. The last hit knocks down and leads to combos on grounded opponents.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 11 9 - - 3200 - Same animation as j.C. Only one hit.
Counter Tag 33 3 52 - 2400 - Same animation as Mach Speed's ender, lacks invuln and leads to air combos.
(Shocking Pink C)
40 - - - 3600 Projectile
V. Joe's assist is not very useful in neutral since it can hit the point character and it activates slowly, but certain characters can get combo extensions if they time it right. There's a slim chance it will prevent the opponent from approaching or act as a free Mega Crash. Doesn't give red life if blocked.
Forward Throw - - - - 4800 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal. Has more range than it looks like it should.
Back Throw - - - - 4800 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal. Has more range than it looks like it should.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal or reset. Very fast recovery.
Air Back Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal or reset. Very fast recovery.

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes

20/24/26 - 43 -17 2400 Projectile Strength determines the flight path. A version goes straight across the screen, B version goes forward a bit then goes upwards, C version goes forward a bit then goes backwards over V. Joe's head. All versions travel at the same speed, can't be reflected and deal a lot of hitstun. The standard ground versions have the most recovery so they're best used in combos/with baroque. B version can be a good anti-air.
84/88/90 - 43 - 2400/2400 Projectile The flight path is identical to the standard Voomerang at first. It starts tracking the opponent after some time. A version tracks after reaching the edge of the screen, B version tracks after traveling roughly super jump height, C version tracks after traveling roughly half the screen. If V. Joe gets hit the Voomerang will stay on screen, commanding respect. It hits twice but can only hit other projectiles once.

20/24/25 - 49 - 2400 Projectile Strength determines the flight path. A version is same as grounded, B version goes forward a bit then goes downward, C version goes forward a bit then goes backwards through V. Joe. The air version is recommended since the recovery can be canceled by landing. When the air B version hits the ground it will stay there with an active hitbox for a little while.
Voomerang (air, charged)
j.236X (hold)
84/88/89 - 49 - 2400/2400 Projectile The flight path is identical to the standard air Voomerang at first, then it tracks after some time. A version is same as grounded, B version tracks after going down from roughly super jump height (or staying on the floor if done low enough), C version is same as grounded. Can be canceled early by landing after releasing the Voomerang, allowing V. Joe to begin pressuring opponents faster.
14 - 48 - 3600 - A version explodes after ~3 seconds, B after ~4 seconds and C after ~5 seconds. A version is best used in blockstrings if red life is gone since any punishes may get blown up, essentially giving V. Joe a free Mega Crash. B and C versions have less uses, mainly as a scare tactic. Easy to get combos started if it does manage to hit. Has a very tight baroque window. All versions give a sliver of red life if blocked.
14/15/17 - 25/25/12 ~+30 2440 Overhead A version has V. Joe kick straight down, B version has him kick at a 45 degree angle, C version has him kick in a straight line across the screen until he hits the edge. Causes hard knockdown. Very safe on block, while the C version is very safe on whiff as well due to the distance created or the awkward positioning in the corner. Used to pester foes, gain extra mobility and end combos. Can't be baroqued after landing. Beats some weaker projectiles. Try throwing a C Voomerang after C Red Hot Kick if you miss!
4 [A]2(14)3(7)3(10)3[B](11)3[C](16)3 - - ~1850/~2925/4200 - V. Joe's biggest source of air damage. A version hits 4 times, B version hits 5 times, C version hits 6 times, then they loop. Leads to relaunches if done close to the ground. C version is the only version that matters for combos. A version can be good for air stalling, while B version can be good for comboing short characters. Some characters fall out of Air Joe faster than others.
- - - - - - Joe has a second taunt, it literally doesn't do anything, but look!!!

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
7+57 - 114 -79 16800 Projectile A.K.A. Six Cannon, fires one very powerful shot that wallbounces. Has a huge amount of recovery and is tricky to combo into so is generally unused. Loses to many other projectiles.
Air Desperado
7+57 - 53 -21 16800 Projectile Air Six Cannon aims diagonally downward. Same properties but has much less recovery than the ground version, which is still a lot. A good followup to his Level 3. Can be used for safer DHCs.
1+7 2 50 -33 6363 - V. Joe rushes forward with a punch that, if it hits, leads to a flurry of punches ending with a launcher. Deals pitiful damage, has very little invuln, doesn't work on airborne foes and launches opponents too far away to effectively air combo them. Only useful for DHCs and preventing Mega Crashes.
7+11 2 32 -15 20916 - V. Joe kicks the enemy, taunts them, launches them and strikes a Viewtiful pose for big damage. Bad range but has a bit of startup invuln so it's good for punishing Mega Crashes. Can combo afterwards. Useable on Giants


Like in his game, Viewtiful Joe dodges out of the way of danger. Stay airborne, keep moving, throw out a variety of Voomerangs, fish for Red Hot Kicks and wear them down. If the enemy is playing keepaway try to get under them and pressure them when they land. After landing a RHK from high up, charge a Voomerang and apply pressure to try and open them up. Try and save meter for Level 3 or Mega Crash. Use j.b near the ground for air-to-air confirms or landing on opponents' heads. Don't forget about your overhead!

If V. Joe is blocking, 2C is his best punish option since it has the most range, but baroque is needed for starting a combo out of it. If he gets knocked down he has to be very careful since he doesn't have a good reversal. If he gets caught in a combo there's a small chance it'll drop due to his height, so watch for those mistakes.


Viewtiful Joe should typically be played on point. He's very good at building meter and if his partner gets hit he's very good at giving them time to heal. He can tip the scale more toward zoning or rushdown depnding on his partner. Some good partners are Tekkaman (probably his best partner due to fullscreen conversions and DHC synergy), Chun-Li and Polimar (calling assist after RHK to cross up or combo on the ground is potent; they're both good for VARs as well). As an anchor, his assist is among the worst since it damages both sides and takes a long time to activate. His VAR is lacking due to poor range and hitstun deterioration. His DHC options are bad as well, with both Level 1 supers being some of the worst in the game by themselves. The upside is that Voomerang can function as sort of a makeshift assist so anchor V. Joe isn't helpless when it's his turn.


V. Joe's ground combos are short like him and lead to launcher, Level 3 or baroque into Air Joe. j.C should hit twice for all of these. Any Air Joe combos have problems with short characters so they may require adjustments. His launch BnB is as follows:

  • 2A > 2B > 5C > 3C > j.A > j.B > j.B > j.C > jump > j.B > j.B > j.C xx 214C/tap.C

214C ender allows for a free Voomerang charge. You can replace it with Air Joe C for more damage. Air Joe's mash input includes the j.C input. His corner baroque BnB is as follows:

  • (corner) 2A > 2B > 5C > 2C xx 236A > baroque > jump > j.B > j.B > j.C xx tap.C > 5A > 5B > 5C > 3C > j.A > j.B > j.B > j.C > jump > j.B > j.B > j.C xx 214C

The midscreen version is height/character dependent solo. After you land from Air Joe C:

  • 5B/2B > 3C...

And continue the combo as normal. You could also add an assist during Air Joe to make connecting followups easier. Timing the ground normals after Air Joe requires the opponent to be above V. Joe's head when he lands. The loop (usually the second or third loop) should be almost over or just starting by the time you land. The last hit is the dropkick so keep an eye out for it. 3C might miss midscreen if done solo. An easier way to use baroque is as follows:

  • 2A > 2B > 5C > 3C > j.A > j.B > j.B > j.C > jump > j.B > j.B > j.C xx tap.C > baroque > jump > j.B > j.B > j.C xx 214C/tap.C

There's a less reliable Air Joe relaunch combo that works anywhere. There may be a split-second you should wait before jumping after the 3C:

  • 2A > 2B > 5C > 3C > jump > j.C xx tap.C > 5B/2B > 3C...

There's a way to combo into Six Cannon that requires baroque. It isn't very reliable (bomb might not bounce the right way) but it deals a lot of damage that can't be bursted:

  • 2A > 2B > 5C xx 214A > baroque > 5B > 5C xx 236A xx 236A+B

Comboing into Level 3 should be done as quickly as possible to prevent and potentially punish Mega Crashes. There's a very small chance the burst will cause the Level 3 to whiff, but it'll most likely hit them after the burst. The best way to confirm:

  • 2B > 5C xx 214A+B...

After Level 3 there's plenty of time to decide how to continue the combo. Six Cannon is an easy, unburstable option that deals good damage and leads to 214B midscreen (wait a bit) or Air Joe in the corner. Saving meter requires good timing or an assist. Right before landing:

  • j.236B > land > jump > j.B > j.C > tap.C...

This can lead to the corner or midscreen routes above that normally need baroque to start. You can also land and time the raw 3C, or land and baroque out of/use assist with 236C. It all comes together!

Finally, if you're starting a combo on the ground with an aerial, you're better off skipping A normals and starting with 5B/2B. Jabs might move them or you back too much to continue.

Unblockable Setups

Viewtiful Joe's unblockables suffer from having very short range and easily losing to advancing guard. They work anywhere without advancing guard if you're close enough:

  • (on block) 6B > baroque 2A
  • (on block) 2C > baroque 2A
  • (on block) 3C > baroque 2A
  • (on block) 214A > baroque 2A
  • (on block) 236A > baroque 2A

Since baroque is used this mainly leads to 3C midscreen but assists can help make other routes possible. Remember that timing baroque after 214A is pretty strict. The A version leads to combos into the explosion. If the opponent is cornered you can reset into unblockables on hit:

  • (corner) 2A > 2B > 5C > 2C xx 236A/214A > baroque 2A
  • (corner) 2A > 2B > 5C > 3C > jump > j.C xx tap.C > 5A > 5B > 5C > 236A/214A > baroque 2A


Viewtiful Joe does well against characters with limited mobility options and poor ranged normals (ex. Alex, Polimar, Frank West). He can struggle against characters that can close distance quickly and characters with disjointed hitboxes (ex. Ken the Eagle, Yatterman-1, Kaijin no Soki). He also generally struggles against lockdown preventing him from getting airborne. Keepaway and zoning are usually not a big deal since his mobility is so good. He does decently against giants by himself; he can RHK over them and throw Voomerangs unchallenged most of the time. Lightan's so tall that he needs to super jump, making V. Joe more likely to get cornered. With Tekkaman's assist and j.C's 3 hits comboing into it giants become a joke.


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