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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Alex

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Alex From Street Fighter III with a not so great rendition of Jazzy NYC. He's the same grappler you expect and the only small character with a snapback. Due to naturally having no projectiles and no double jump, expect to struggle a bit while using him, but when you get started you can wipe out entire characters with ease.


Standard Vs. Grappler

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Only non-giant character with a snapback
  • Insane damage, also gets a huge boost from baroque and can wipe most players with just 20%
  • Gets damage and meter boost during VAR and benefits from Height Damage boost
  • Pretty decent anti-airs
  • Standing overhead which can lead into multiple combo routes
  • Very good Giant Killer
  • Cannot double jump
  • A well timed pushblock ruins setups
  • Gets outzoned easily despite being able to nullify fireballs
  • Has basically one worthwhile super
  • Has a couple of ways to close the gap but any decent player can interrupt or stop it, footsies and fundamentals need to be in top form as well as watching meter management.

Move List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
8 1 18 - 1200 - Jab, nothing special, it's a jab
8 1 12 - 1120 - Same here, it's a jab, but crouching, oohhh
11 3 21 - 2140 - A decent normal, it has some Anti-air properties, but more than likely it'll be combo filler,
10 2 15 - 2200 Low A really solid poke, if both players are grounded this will probably be your hit confirm to most combos
18 3 30 - 3380 Overhead One of his many overheads. It cannot be linked from any of his other normals, but it will chain to 2C or a special. After using it it's probably best to start charging for an elbow slash.
14 2 33 - 3340 Low Decent range sweep and effectively all his combo and blockstring starters
14 3 21 - 3880 Knockback A slightly iffy anti-air, seen extremely rarely in neutral and even more rare in combos. It can link to elbow slash or dropkick. Definitely keep it in mind but don't depend on it. It can be chained from 2C but Alex needs to be breathing on his opponent for that to work.
16 6 29 - 3200 Launcher Kind of works as an anti-air, but otherwise use it as a launcher. If your opponent doesn't pushblock you can easily punish blocked launchers with a powerbomb.
6 8 24 - 1120 Overhead Air attack that hits diagonal, it's nice that it comes out fast but isn't too useful other than maybe correcting positioning during air combos.
8 5 28 - 2080 Overhead Imagine Vergil's sword in UMVC3 but it's alex's fist, hits everywhere, your main setup for air bomb resets, grounded IAD cross ups, air blocks into powerbombs, bbq advancing guard cancels into powerbomb, etc. This is THE move
11 N 29 - 3320 Overhead It's HEAD DIVE!!!!! Massively unsafe but causes extreme stagger that you can combo A LOT off of it, the closer to the ground you are, the more unexpected it becomes. Combining it with an assist makes it a bit more safe but you should probably not get into the habit.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Specialized VAR Starter Tech for Alex
6 9 - - 2300 Overhead uses the knee smash animation. Alex remains unique in that he can partake in the VAR Boost glitch, by jumping and performing an instant Air Dash, using J. C then using a VAR, his entire momentum will multiply in the direction that he air dashed. So Alex jumping, doing an IAD backwards, following by J. C then using a VAR will cause him to fly backwards across the screen, can be used to bait with j.C
Counter Tag 27 3 28 - 2400 - uses the 3c animation
(Slash Elbow)
43 2 26 - 3200 Fairly decent assist, just imagine it as a ryu fireball that only reaches 3/4th screen
Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw, your opponent remains standing so you can try a mixup, knee drop, or powerbomb depending on your read.
Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw Unlike the forward throw this grounds your opponent so instead you have to oki.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6400 Throw
Air Back Throw - - - - 6400 Throw

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
2/5/9 3 51/46/40 - 7600 (7900 vs back) Throw Command grab. If opponent is backwards it turns into a suplex.
Useable on Giants
2 4 - - 7798 Throw Air command grab. Can be used in or out of combos, but because of damage scaling you want to attempt to drop a combo and hit the air powerbomb before your opponent can recover
4/17/24 3/3/2 29/34/28 - 2800/3120/3440 Backturn + Projectile Erase
  • A Flash chop provides little hitstun, can be used to setup resets but is not entirely worth it as it doesn't even combo powerbomb or stungun headbutt.
  • B Flash chop allows A Power bomb to turn into suplex, also links easily into Stungun Headbutt. If BBQ is performed on hit, C Flash chop connects easily
  • C Flash chop cannot naturally link from anything, needs BBQ or a grounded assist to land it. Once landed, any grounded opponent hit by it turns around and stays in hitstun for a LONG time.
  • All three versions can stop one projectile
59 2 28 - 17229 Unblockable + Projectile Erase If you full charge the C version of Flash Chop, it becomes an unblockable with a cinematic followup.
Useable on giants and he has to crouch real low when hitting roll
17 2 27 - 2800/3000/3200 none/knockdown/wallbounce Probably going to turn into your main tool of approach, Alex flies towards the opponent.
  • A Elbow is rarely used. If opponent is grounded they will remain grounded, but if the opponent is airborne they will receive a soft knockdown. The only real use for this is maybe stungun headbutt loops or a soft knockdown into hyperbomb.
  • B Elbow always performs a hard knockdown and is a decent neutral tool. It also allows Alex to carry wall to wall in a consistent manner.
  • C Elbow always wallbounces.
  • All versions can be followed with Drop Kick
17 3 39 - 2000 Snapback + Self-Knockdown The only normal character with a snapback, the self knockdown allows you to use wakeup rolls for movement or mixups with assists on incoming. If used on a giant in juggle state or a solo character, it causes wallbounce (provided a wallbounce was not used earlier in the combo). If the wall bounce was used, the opponent will just fly full screen.
11/13/13 2/2/6 - - 5680 Airgrab Anti air grab. Can be used for resets, but less damaging than air power bomb. Virtually no reason to use A or B smash. Maybe for some obscure mixup you can grounded A B 2B A knee smash BBQ j.A for the sneaky overhead but even then you have better options. Let loose the C Knee Smash when you see an AA opportunity and your opponent will ground themselves for you.
26 5 24 - 2600 Overhead/OTG If you want quick damage or need to kill on OTG use this, but other wise it's easy to forget this exists.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
12+8 3(14)3(17)3(14)2(18)4 39 - 13098 Throw (5th hit only) 4 hits and then a grab, the last one will hit everyone once and never again.

4+23 4 18 - 4920 Grab + Stagger + Dizzy (mashable) Alex jumps a distance depending on the button used, and if the opponent is grounded in front of him when he lands, commences the headbutts. A second one will un-dizzy, allowing for a link into looped SGHs. Cool for style points but not super common. Can kinda sorta be used as a bait burst but hard to call compared to moves like Dark Hold or Slow and Zoom. Special animation on giants and puts them in juggle state. You "could" use it as a punish for projectiles but come on, this is a VS. game
  • L+M lets alex jump right in front of him, useful as a link from B Flash chop.
  • L+H pushes Alex mid screen.
  • M+H pushes Alex near full screen.

Suplex Hyper Bomb
632147896XX While opponent is backwards
7+0 5 38 - 25960 (26320 vs back) Throw + invuln f1-15 Hyper...buh. Nothing else needs to be said *mic drop*. Oh wait, except you get a different animation if the opponent is backwards. Get that hyperbomb off flash chop. Useable on giants

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