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It's Ryu as you remember him from such classics as Street Fighter, Shadowverse, Monster Hunter, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and Street Fighter: The Movie The Game.

Ryu is a good all around character who pairs well with almost anyone and takes excellent advantage of the game's mechanics. He has strong solo damage, and his DP means he never has to take any pressure when knocked down due to baroque. One of the only times he was gifted with an air dash, he also has a strong rushdown game in tvc, and can be very hard to contest.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • j.C is slightly oppressive
  • Insane combo game, probably the strongest of any VS.
  • Solid tools for giants
  • Assist works perfectly for anyone
  • Strong tick throw
  • Wakeup DP is viable and safe
  • Kind of hard to open people up at times
  • A lot of scrambling
  • Decent pokes but can't really pressure
TVC Ryu Art.png

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
6 2 16 - 800 - A standard standing jab, comes out fast, rapid fire means you can use it to stabilize juggle combos, it can also be used to anti-air in some situations
6 3 15 - 720 Low A standard low hitting crouching kick. Hits low, pretty fast, can combo out of it into whatever.
8 3 24 - 1440 - Combo filler
9 3 23 - 1360 Low Ryu standard cr.mk, can be good for poking, also makes it easy to convert combos at difficult ranges.
21 1(3)2 27 - 2184 Overhead 2 hit overhead, special cancellable on both hits. Combos into light donkey kick for a conversion, along with other specials.
15 2 18 - 2480 - A strong hook. Too slow to be much good outside of combos, but it's got an lot of excess hit stun on juggle, making it possible to link 5C > 2A for some advanced combo loops in the corner.
12 2 29 - 2400 Low Ryu's sweep. Hits low, knocks down, can cancel into 6C.
16 3 26 - 2160 - Special cancellable, this will combo into any of Ryu's specials after cancelling out of 2C, making it important in his combos.
9 6 29 - 2400 Launcher Ryu's launcher, both this and his air combos are awkward, so you might not use it much.
5 9 - - 960 Overhead Ryu's j.LK, a knee that angles downward. The hitbox is small, but it has fast startup, giving it high priority, and can be somewhat useful for iad pressure as well.
9 1(2)5 - - 2028 Overhead Hits twice, so it can be used to mix up, but it's mostly his best juggling too.
11 9 - - 2560 Overhead Ryu's classic j.HK. It has extremely high priority once it's out, making ryu's IAD game a very potent threat. Also knocks down, and can be used for setting up forced back roll situations.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 11 9 - - 1760 - Same animation as j.C
Counter Tag 21 - - - 2160 - Same animation as Shoryuken, has a lot of invuln, and easy for Ryu to combo off of into most of his normal bnbs.
42 - - - 1760 Projectile
no Autocorrect
Ryu's assist is pretty helpful to a lot of characters, the fireball causes a lot of hitstun which makes it easy to use in extending combos, and the utility of having a fireball control the ground space is very strong for covering approaches.
Forward Throw - - - - 5200 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Back Throw - - - - 5200 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Back Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
17/21/24 - 47/46/47 - 2400/2800/3200 Projectile Strength determines the speed of the fireball, A version is the slowest and C version the fastest. Barouqe canceling this move lets you use the fireball as a sort of shield and can be good to cover your approach if you don't have a good assist for coverage or it's on cooldown/dead.
16/19/22 - - - 2400/2800/3200 Projectile Basically the same as the ground version, but in the air.
6/6/6 - - - 2400/4501/6036 Invun on f1-5/f1-9/f1-12 Invun DP, the first active frames are grounded, so if you barouqe those and press 5A right away you can get a full combo off a reversal. Very strong tool.
15/18/20 - - - 2870/4474/6183 - Used a lot in combos, the animation is pretty long so it buys a lot of time for even slow assists to catch the opponent.
15/15/15 - - - 2964/4560/6216 - The aerial tatsu has a couple unique properties, first off it keeps a grounded character grounded, so you can use it for optimal combo extensions on standing characters, also it causes a forced back roll if you hit air to air, so you can follow up with guaranteed pressure on the ground (not in combos)
14/17/20 - - - 2320/2480/2640 - Donkey Kick, causes a wall bounce and Ryu's main ground combo extender. The light version is easier to combo (off of overhead for example) but the heavy version causes the screen to not scroll, making for easier pickups afterwards.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
3+5 - - - 8887 - Standard beam super. There's a set amount of hits on the super, but the animation is fixed, which means sometimes if you happy birthday or have some hits clash another projectile while also hitting the opponent, the hits will run out early and you'll be left sitting there like a dummy.
Air Shinkuu Hadouken
3+7 - - - 8887 - Air version of the beam super.
17+12 - - - 12535 - Does more damage than Shinkuu Hadouken, but if it juggles most of the hits will whiff, making it do significantly less. However if it hits on a grounded opponent not only will all the hits connect, but it will keep them on the ground until the last hit, enabling some unique DHC options.
3+3 - - - 16560 - Invulnerable on startup, it launches for a potential followup. Use medium tatsu into 2L to time the combo afterward perfectly. Midscreen you can also instantly throw a light hadouken and it will catch.
Useable on giants


One of the only games where Ryu was blessed with an air dash, his rushdown game in TvC is much stronger than you'll usually see. Use iad.C to pressure opponents, and mix it up with jumping tatsu to beat out air to air attempts. Once you get your opponent to respect your pressure, that's when you can start opening up your offense with some stagger pressure on the ground or his overhead.

Defensively he's one of the strongest characters in the game. He doesn't have to respect a lot of pressure due to the threat of dp baroque, in particular he should almost always have some red life whenever he's knocked down, meaning he usually doesn't have to show any respect when he's waking up.


Ryu's assist (hadouken) has long hit stun and good horizontal coverage, along with preserving the grounded state, which makes it a good, although not top tier assist. This, combined with his strong solo play and very enabling DHCs makes him one of the strongest and most versatile anchor characters in the game. He pairs well with just about any character.


Ryu has a pretty good ability to juggle with normals on the ground, so a lot of his combos will loop his magic series into a special and extend it in some way. The normal grounded starter for his combos is

  • 2A,5B,2B,5C,2C,6C xx 421C

After this, you can just continue to use his standing magic series as you expend any resources (baroque, assist, meter) that you have to extend the combo, for example

  • 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C baroque
  • 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C assist
  • 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C 623A+B

So an example combo if ryu has both assist and baroque available would be

  • 2A,5B,2B,5C,2C,6C xx 421C 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C baroque 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C assist 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 214C 623A+B

Unblockable Setups

  • On block > 421x baroque 2A

Since the donkey kick moves Ryu forward, it leaves him at close range to baroque the recovery and unblockable as the opponent's blockstun ends. Loses to advancing guard.

  • Combo > 421A,5A,5B,2B(whiff) Barouqe 2A,2B etc...

You can cancel the 2B on whiff into Baroque just as the opponent is recovering from the juggle, this leaves them unable to block the 2A, which can then be canceled.

  • Combo > 5A,5B,5C,6C xx 236A baroque 2A

In the corner, Ryu can do a full combo ending in a normal hadouken, then baroque the recovery frames and hit the opponent with an unblockable 2A just as they hit the ground.



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