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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Kaijin No Soki

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Yuki Hideyasu is the real name of our blue samurai friend, Soki. Soki posseses the dark power of the oni, and his name means "Pale Blue Demon". He resembles the oni god in his games, so he has another nickname, "Oni of Ash".


Heavy hitter with Dhalsim range

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Longest normals in the game, can reach 3/4th screen at a button
  • Extremely long and annoying blockstrings
  • Strong damage
  • Good DHC and crossover combination potential
  • Wide Throw Range
  • Extremely easy unblockables
  • Super armor attacks can catch players off guard
  • Large hurtbox
  • Very little options to swat characters out of the air
  • Level 3 is mostly to show off or a desperate last push
  • Armored attacks can be thrown
  • Mixups are largely telegraphed

Move List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
9 1 22 - 800 - Low damage jab, but makes sense as he can chain it about 5 times into itself before starting a combo
10 1 24 - 800 - not as good as 5A, but makes up for actually being a low attack
12 2 33 - 1600 - Soki swipes around head level, kind of works as an anti-air, but eh, good for his loops though
12 3 38 - 1600 Low Soki gets down and does a kick. It's a pretty good poke for a low
17 2 44 - 3200 - Soki leans forward and swings his sword straight down. Also a decent anti-air, usually a good confirm to go to 2C
21 3 39 - 39 Low half screen low, so that's a thing, but honestly it's usually combo or blockstring filler.

17 5 33 - 3800 - Soki leans forward and stabs across the screen, reaches about 3/4th of the screen. If no projectiles are on screen and your opponent is under max jump height, this is a stupidly good poke. On hit you can Issen (->B+C).
17 3 27 - 3200 Launcher Soki's launcher, it's a good part of his loop, could be used as an anti air but eh, nothing special about this.
8 4 24 - 800 Overhead Air jab and unfortunately his fastest attack despite how tiny it is.
11 4 26 - 1600 Overhead Stabs diagonally with his sword. A tiny bit useful in neutral but again eh, expect it as combo filler.
19 2 41 - 3200 Overhead Soki jumps and swings his sword around him, it's kind of decent as an air normal and the only one really worth using outside of combos, but still not all that hot. Provides good hitstun for confirms though.
- - - - - Hard Knockdown/Juggle state On certain attacks, Soki can perform this follow up. Can be followed up with any super, or cancelled with baroque for a follow up.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter
11 4 - - 3200 Overhead j.B
Counter Tag 33 - - - 2400 - uses the 3c animation
Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw Can use Finisher afterwards for OTG
Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw Can use Finisher afterwards for OTG
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6400 Throw Can use Finisher afterwards for OTG
Air Back Throw - - - - 6400 Throw Can use Finisher afterwards for OTG

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes

36/39/43 4/3/5 40/41/39 - 3000/3350/3700 (In air) Forced Roll
(On Ground) Stagger/Overhead/Armor
Light: f1-39
medium: f1-34
heavy: f12-45
Soki raises his sword over his head and slams it on the ground. If airborne you are immediately knocked down, if on the ground you will get staggered on hit. Soki gains armor akin to giants during the animation
  • On hit he can Issen (->B+C) which turns into a launcher

10 20 21 - 3900 (on hit) Counter (mid/high)/Crumple Soki attempts to make a parry stance, if hit by a high attack he goes full anime and slashes right through them. If hit the opponent goes into crumple.
  • Can be cancelled by Issen (->B+C')
22/26/29 4 33 - 3200/3440/3680 Light: Stagger
Medium: Hard Knockdown/juggle (f1-26 Armor)
Heavy: wallbounce/Armor (f7-24)
Soki performs a shoulder tackle.
  • A version performs a stagger, without baroque soki can only jab or use a super to follow up
  • B Version provides a hard knockdown, without partner or baroque soki can only follow with a super
  • C Version gives a wallbounce, at full screen soki may have to 6C -> Issen
12 15 35 - 2400 Low/OTG Extremely fast annoying low, use it as a BBQ mixup with Head Splitter to throw people off, or get some extra damage off throws. Hits OTG

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
22+5 - - - 12366 f22-25 invincible/OTG (Last Hit) Soki creates a fire tornado and then stabs the opponent after dropping them. Really good DHC Candidate, fairly good damage, not much to complain about.

8/56/103 - - - 7200/18684/25673 1: (Ground)Stagger
(Air) Wallbounce
2/3 Restand/Stagger
Soki charges his sword and crazy stuff happens. Extremely rarely used in neutral, but very useful in combos/resets.
  • Level 1 is his Green Sword.
    • On Air enemies it causes wallbounce
    • On ground enemies is causes Stagger, but soki does not recover in time to do anything.
      • To follow up on Level 1 Green Sword, soki has to Issen (->B+C) On hit and follow up via that route.
  • Level 2 is his Blue sword, achieved by holding the buttons after activating super.
  • Level 3 is his Red Sword, at this point the game will force soki to release the super.
    • On hit for level 2 and 3 the enemy is put in a dizzy state. If you are able to DHC into something harmless (Like Zero's Sugenmu or a whiffed super, they'll remain in dizzy state for a period of time. Alternatively if you can get your opponent at max jump height, Soki will hit with them with his sword, but whiff the rest of the super, putting them grounded again for you to start a new combo. Useful for TOD setups.

22 - - - - Install/Armor Soki dons the mask and turns into an oni. He effectively becomes a giant with perpetual hyper armor. Even if your partner is alive, Soki's partner button becomes the Absorb Button, and every time you hit an opponent orbs will fly out of them. Oni mode lasts until you run out of meter. You are still able to perform Sword purification, but you are unable to use Oni Tactics.
  • Blue orbs steal meter from your opponent and help prolong oni mode
  • Yellow orbs restore health
  • Red orbs fill your oni meter at the bottom, if you have at least 7 red orbs, you can perform Soki's ultimate attack Oni Cutter regardless of your current meter level.
Oni Cutter
After Oni Mode with 7 Red Orbs Absorbed 623XX
1+ 9 - - - 28160 - Soki Slices you in half with unscaled damage, due to the amount of work you have to do to get it I'd say that's fair because the opportunities to actually land this are incredibly low. As stated before the amount of meter you have is irrelevant, if you have all 7 orbs and 0.1 of meter you can toss it out and hope for the best.
Useable on giants (Good luck)

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