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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Casshan

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Casshan (or Casshern) is from the anime of the same name, and fights along his robot dog Friender.

Casshan is a character with high damage, but some strong setups if he can get into the right position. He also possesses the powerful RDP knee, the swiss army knife of moves. His stubby normals and average movement means he can struggle in the neutral, but if you find the correct openings, he can end a match quickly.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Hits HARD, has best baroque boost in game
  • Knee has unflinchable armor, stops nearly everything in the game
  • Friender comes in and does his thing, doesn't care what attack the opponent is doing at times.
  • Dive kick is dominating
  • Boulder Chop has extremely good hitbox and can stop a lot of incoming
  • Has great tools for dealing with giants
  • Strong Unblockable
  • Normals are okayish
  • No real mixups, Knee and Friender only go so far
  • Supers hit hard but require a lot of setup
  • Has the most linear air dash, slightly difficult to perform any crossups because of it

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
8 1 13 - 1040 - A standard standing jab. It hits at a fairly normal range but is a little bit slow compared to other jabs in the game.
7 1 - - 1040 - Another jab, this time crouching. Unfortunately does not hit low, but is 1f faster than the 5a, so is probably your go-to for a quick combo starter.
10 - - - 1920 - Casshern moves forward a bit and delivers a gut punch. Useful for combo strings because of its forward movement, still relatively short range for a medium.
9 - - - 1920 - A crouching chop, really only useful as combo filler. Still doesn't hit low.
- - - - - - Casshan extends his leg for a toe kick. It can cancel into his specials or supers, but not any of his other normals, meaning you have to use baroque to convert into a combo. Although visually he extends his leg fairly far, he leans backwards a bit, and the range ends up not being significantly farther than his 5B.
16 - - - 4121 - A double hitting downward angled chop. One of the hits can whiff at certain ranges, but it's pretty reliable after 5B. High damage with both hits, so definitely include it in your combos if you can.
10 - - - 3200 Low A standard sweep, knocks down and is Casshan's only low hitting move. You can use this to mix up with your knee special in blockstrings, making it pretty useful even though it's not good for combos. You can pick up off of it with baroque or by using his DP chop to hit OTG.
13 - - - 2720 Launcher Casshan's launcher, pretty standard. He does an upward angled chop that you can follow up.
8 6 - - 880 Overhead A jumping jab, has decent priority but nothing special
10 2 - - 1760 Overhead An upward angled kick. It has a pretty nice hitbox on it, and can be somewhat versatile, but is mostly used for air combos.
13 4 - - 3200 Overhead A double axe handle, Casshan's standard IAD pressure tool. Does high damage and has a good amount of stun. Has a small crossup hitbox, but is hard to use as a crossup reliably without a setup.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 13 - - - 3200 - Same animation as j.C
Counter Tag 26 - - - 2400 - Same animation as 3C, you can launch after this for a normal air combo.
(Boulder Chop)
58 - - - 4004 no Autocorrect Casshan's assist is the same as his 623 boulder chop move. It has a deceptively large hitbox and is one of the only assists that can hit OTG.
Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6400 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Back Throw - - - - 6400 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Denkou Punch

20/20/19(84) - 47/46/47 - 3600/4000/4400(10400) - An advancing punch. The light version keeps an opponent grounded normally, so it's useful for baroque extensions. The medium one combos off of 5c and staggers, so it's very useful for optimal combos. The heavy version pops up off the ground and can be held to charge. If fully charged, the heavy version is unblockable, and Casshan will grab the opponent and throw them to the opposite wall for a wall bounce. If Casshan has his back to the corner he can juggle off of this, otherwise he can hit otg afterwards with a divekick. The charged version can also break armor/grab giants.
33/33/34 - - - 4004 - Casshan hops slightly into the air and comes down with a chop to the ground that causes a small explosion. The explosion actually has a pretty good hitbox, but the main usage of this move is to hit OTG after certain combos.
Shooting Star Kick

18/18/23 - - - 3200/3200/5055 - Casshan's special dive kick, one of his best approaches, even though it can be awkward to combo after. The light version travels at a steep downward angle and will keep an enemy grounded, so you can either baroque or use certain assists to convert off of this into a standing bnb. The medium version travels at closer to a 45 degree angle, and will pop up enemies if it hits them standing. Both the light and medium versions hit OTG, and can then cancel into his Brutal Ax super to end combos from distance. The C version is technically a different move, the Drill Kick. This is a hitgrab which will do several hits and then give a hard knockdown. Once again you can cancel into Brutal Ax, but make sure your inputs don't get crossed up. Because it is a hitgrab, the drill kick will also break armor/ hit giants.
Friender Call

3 - - - 3600/800/6668 - Casshan calls his robot dog Friender for assistance. The A version hits overhead and comes out from an angle above and behind Casshan that makes it difficult for an enemy to interrupt. Can be useful for covering Casshan's approaches, and can technically be used to set up unblockables. In the B version, Friender runs the whole way across the screen, and if it makes contact with an enemy it bites them. If it bites a grounded enemy, it latches on for a very long hit stun that's easy to confirm into a combo. The B version can also break hyper armor and stun giants. The C version once again runs along the floor, but stops at Casshan's position and breathes a stream of fire. Casshan is free to act during this, so if you manage to make an enemy block it you're free to apply pressure or combo them if it hits.
16/17/19 - - - 2964/3588/4212 Overhead Casshan's Knee, a very powerful move. This move hits overhead, has a high/mid guard point, and gives a hard knockdown. The heavier versions move forward farther, with the A version staying mostly in place. Since they all give hard knockdown, they can be cancelled into Brutal Ax for a followup, or baroqued into a combo.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
15+3 - - - 12258 - Casshan punches twice, the second hit staggering, then pauses, and launches. If the third punch hits, it goes into a canned animation where Casshan and Friender both attack the enemy. Very difficult to hit outside of a grounded combo, which means it's not very useful unless you're trying to finish someone off before they can burst or finish a match with a simple combo. The last hit works on giants for some reason
  • The super has no followups, but for some reason if you can get the last hit on an opponent at max normal jump height, their knockdown animation will be slightly altered which will let you follow up with Brutal Axe
14+7 - - - 10005 - Casshan punches the ground as in his Boulder Chop special, and a pillar of energy erupts from the ground. This move hits otg, does a number of hits, and launches the enemy very high up into the air before it ends. Does less damage compared to Scrap Android, but the functionality of this super makes it his go-to super.
24+5 - - - 25552 - Casshan slowly brings his arms up to his head and begins releasing a green beam which slowly advances partially across the screen before Casshan collapses from the exertion. Does high damage, but is difficult to connect off of anything other than a grounded 236B, and doesn't have invulnerability that goes up until the hit. It has its uses for ending the match, and can be used to burst bait in some situations, but is generally not a great level 3. Useable on Giants

The Basics

As mentioned in the opener, Casshan has stubby buttons and only average movement, which means his neutral is only ok. However, he has a couple strong and advantageous moves. first off, his divekick can be used at varying timings (after jump, air dash, double jump, 2nd air dash), and as long as you don't super jump you can cover it with assists for a strong approach. He can also use the knee in neutral, since it blows up any approaches other than lows, and can catch enemies blocking low if you're close enough, then baroqued for safety.

Advanced Strategy


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