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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Saki Omokane

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She once protected the planet by letting you have her gems after dating her during a quiz, now she protects the earth for slightly more reasonable reasons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Controls the sky
  • Extremely annoying zoning
  • Can push you wherever she wants
  • Grenade hitbox makes no sense
  • j.M
  • Full screen overhead and low
  • Full screen unblockable
  • best AA super in the game
  • All kinds of space control
  • Command Grab
  • Good pick against giants
  • Not too many "Get off me" moves
  • Has corner combos but that's about it
  • If unblockable super is used incorrectly half her tools gets locked away unless you want to just waste the meter.
  • Non-gun normals are awkward.
  • Everything on the ground is beyond unsafe

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
7 3 - - - Low Reluctant member of the standing low club, hitbox is deceptive but it's still not all that hot
5 3 - - - Low Fast low jab, respectable
11 - - - - - Standing kick, for a zoner it's okay
7 - - - - Low Surprisingly fast for a medium low, decent range
18 - - - - Hard Knockdown Full screen bullet, hits mid, leads to hard knockdown.
18 - - - - Low/Hard Knockdown/OTG Full Screen low and OTG, if you got some baroque you can sneak in some good damage with this after a burst
12 - - - - Launcher Decent Launcher, not much to say on this one.
25 - - - - Stagger/f6-12 Invincibility Saki swings her heavy gun around, on hit it causes stagger. On hit you can launch or 'Headbutt'.
5 - - - - Overhead Jumps up and sticks her fist out, it's fast enough for air to air but that's it
8 - - - - Overhead It will take every fiber of my being not to get mad at this move. Saki sticks her legs out diagonally and basically locks the opponent down as hard as possible. j.M -> Grenade --> j.M Is EXTREMELY hard to challenge, and she can whip it out very frequently and chip away at entire life bars with no repercussions. This is your normal, USE IT
16 - - - - Overhead
(Ground) Stagger
(air) Soft knockdown
Saki shoots her gun diagonally towards the ground. Given that it's an overhead you can super jump and tag people blocking incorrectly. Very annoying normal

Universal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Var Starter 9 7 - - - - j.B animation
Crossover Counter 26 - - - 2160 - 3C animation
Throw 1 - - - 5200 -
Back Throw 1 - - - 5200 -
Air Throw 1 - - - 6000 -
Air Back Throw 1 - - - 6000 -

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
12/16/22 - - - - - Saki shoots out horizontal laser from her gun. Strength determines how many hits it produces. On block the strength determines how far back the opponent will be pushed (without pushblock)
10 - - - - Command Grab/Stagger The best zoner in the game has a command grab, because....???? And it's actually GOOD, it has a WIDE range (gets even wider if you connect with 6C for any reason. It's an amazing tick grab, it's yet another great tool for Saki. Can follow up with basically anything.
Let me add this tiny little footnote to show how crazy this character is.
Useable on Giants

15 - - - - Projectile Saki tosses out a grenade and stops all momentum of the opponent.
  • A tosses close
  • B tosses far
  • C tosses anti air
    Useable in air

22 - - - - None/None/Overhead (standing) or Low (crouching) Has Saki not sounded insane already? Let's up that, she can change the properties of her C bullet by loading special Ammo.
  • A Bullet loads the Buckshot, this is her least favorite ammo. It kind of works in close range but not really worth it *does most damage*
  • B Bullet loads a plasma ball. This ball hits five times and can absorb projectiles. It can protect saki in mid range
  • C Bullet loads the Rifle ammo, which is a normal 5C bullet EXCEPT, now it hits overhead. It also launches the opponent to super jump height AND it's a hard knockdown enabling her relaunches. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    • Also fun to note that in all of these bullets the opponent cannot tell at any moment what Saki has loaded

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
1+5 - - - 12734 - Saki sets her gun down and fires off a huge beam at a 45 degree angle. Stops any and all Anti-air attempts, however in any other context it's hugely punishable.

63214XX -> C
1 + 0 - - - 10000 Unblockable/Hard Knockdown Saki lays her rifle down and loads the SUPER ARMOR PIERCING SHELL, this shell has but one purpose. After loading it, Saki has to perform another 5C and it will be completely unblockable. For non-giants, this is a hard knockdown. For Giants, this is just free damage. This move will not combo on the ground or air due to slow start up; however, it is an advantageous property overall.
1 + 0 - - - 20930 All Counter/Hard Knockdown Saki stops and poses, any attack sent towards her turns into the World's Greatest Attack. Does not work against Bullets, Baroque is disabled for a few frames. This is her only real get off me move, of course highly punishable, use with caution. Useable on Giants

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