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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Megaman Volnutt

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Volnutt decided to take a vacation from the moon to chill with the tatsunoko heroes. It's the blue bombe-er, uh digger at it again


Proto-Amaterasu but cooler

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Can completely ignore incoming chip damage
  • Extremely good zoning
  • Very good Anti-air super
  • Very solid normals
  • Really good Assist
  • Can change his playstyle on the fly to fit the current situation
  • Very easy combo route that can be adjusted as needed
  • Weapon Change mechanic can be overwhelming for newer players
  • The direction weapon change moves doesn't always follow inputs when airborne
  • Lvl 3 is the weakest in the game and gets hurt even harder from damage scaling
  • Machine gun super has the potential to whiff and leave volnutt in extremely unsafe situations

Move List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
6 1 16 - 800 - Fairly fast jab
6 2 15 - 640 Low Low kick, reaches decently far
9 - 23 - 2020 - Big FAT kick, hits two times, hitbox goes higher than the animation shows. You can link 6B Drill -> Weapon Change Forward -> 5B -> 3C from it, that's how insane it is
9 3 - - 1040 Low Pretty good low, decent distance, reaches far.
14 5 - - 1280 Stagger Megaman winds up and gives a right hook. Causes massive amount of stagger. Does not cancel/chain into other normals, must Weapon Change or link 5A afterwards.
Usable in air
17 - - - 2772 - Megaman Stops and fires a few bullets. Very annoying to deal with.
When used in air, 6B shoots forward
- - - - 3647 Anti-air Meganman fires 4 machine gun bullets at about a 60 degree angle upwards that hits super jumping opponents.
When used in air, 3B shoots diagonally down
21 17 - - 2040 Wall Bounce/Projectile Reflect Megaman pulls his shield out and shoves it forward, on hit it causes wallbounce. Reflects one projectile.
Useable in air
19 - - - 4722 (4062 OTG) Low/OTG Megaman slides his drill along the ground, unsafe even on weapon switch.
12 - - - 2400 - Megaman does a little shoryuken with his drill. Can be cancelled only within the first few hits. If cancelled super early (like ridiculously early), Volnutt will get a "Magnet" effect and can jab characters infinitely.
Usable in air
11 - - - 1280 Tiny Projectile Pew Pew
11 - - - 1200 Tiny Projectile PEW PEW but anti air.
6 6 - - 640 Overhead Air jab
9 3 - - 1120 Overhead Air kick, use it mostly for combos

13 - - - 1280 Projectile Volnutt shoots out a tiny little projectile, which isn't really worth much, except when combined with weapon switch it becomes potentially the most annoying projectile in the game. A flow of j.C -> Weapon Switch --> j.C --> jump --> repeat can litter the entire screen with bullets that almost reminds you of Astral Vision from MvC3. Alternatively by holding 7 or 9 and doing an IAD as soon as possible you can do a ghetto bullet spam, it doesn't cover max jump height but can still be annoying
j.2C shoots it downward

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 14 - - - 3200 -
Counter Tag 26 - - - 2400 - uses the 3c animation
Forward Throw - - - - 4800 Throw
Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw have to oki.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw
Air Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes

5 - - - - Transform Volnutt changes his arm, changes the function of 6B. Input determines the direction he moves when changing
  • 236 moves forward
  • 214 moves backwards
  • 22 provides no movement

The strength determines what weapon comes out.

  • A brings out machine gun arm
  • B brings out Shield. While shield is active, Megaman no longer takes Chip damage, however for every hit the shield takes, meter will drain
  • C Brings out Drill
  • To get the fist back, change into the form you currently are, for example if you are in drill, perform a weapon change with C and Volnutt will gain his fist back.
11 - 33/33/44/44 - 1280/3280/7084/10903 - Megaman's pew pew gets pew pew'ier. Holding C provides 4 levels of strength signified by the size (and the sound effect it makes). The fully charged buster matches the damage of most Character's level 1 damage. Shooting it raw is usually unsafe so it's followed by a super or BBQ.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
1+1 - - - 9734 f1-4 invincible (arm force to gun) Volnutt shoots out 41 shots, very good in combos. Extremely good in DHC and crossover combinations. Using it in neutral is your gamble, at full screen is can be low profiled by almost everyone and if you use it in the air it's super easy to super jump or dash under.
Volnutt can control the angle of the gun which lets you ignore people trying to push block as you can get them to accidently backdash and hit them with the super.
Usable in air
1+1 - - - 15951 f1-4 invincible, gun forced to Drill Volnutt's shin shoryu, absolutely amazing super, if anyone is breathing in your air space, this super wins. After executing, it always leads to a crossup which you can attempt to 5B but be ready on defense if it gets blocked.
  • If used on a giant in dizzy state you can loop this.
1+8 - - - 14832 (19580 when mashed fully) Mashable/Forces Fist Arm Possibly the worst use of 3 meters in the game. The super has no range, it's a hitgrab so it doesn't ignore block, it does no damage unless mashed and even that isn't really alot. But you can combo after it so that's something I guess.
Useable on giants.

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