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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/FAQ

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I want to get started on netplay

  1. Download Dolphin, as of 3/22/2023, you specifically need Version 5.0-15445
  2. Obtain a USA Version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (STKE08)
  3. Configure your controls as listed in controls
  4. Click Config on the main dolphin menu, go to paths, and add the directory that TvC is placed so it can appear in the main dolphin menu
  5. Right Click on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in your main dolphin window and click properties
  6. Move to Gecko Codes and click add new Code

In "Name", put in:

Unlock Chars and Costumes

under "Code", paste this:


Click save
Click on Add New Code again
Under 'Name', Type in:

Skip to main menu

Under code, paste this:

003EBA4B 00000000
C2074658 00000009
2C00FFF8 40820014
38000000 38600001
3B400011 3BC00011
2C00FFFA 40820010
38000004 3B400015
3BC00015 2C000009
40820010 38000004
3B400015 3BC00015
2C030000 00000000

Click save
To start a netplay match, go tools --> "Start netplay"
If Hosting, choose Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (STKE08), and click host
Next to room name, there is a code, pass this code to whoever you are fighting and they can join
Alternatively, before you click the game name, there's a checkmark for "show in server browser", when this is enabled any player who is browsing the netplay browser (Under tools --> "Browser Netplay sessions") can hop in and join the game as well.
On first start the dolphin may compile shaders, this is a one time thing whenever your change graphic settings, you should not have to go through this again unless you're toying with your graphic settings
If you notice your controls are wrong, you have to stop the game, controls cannot be changed mid session while online
At this point Enjoy the game, why not look at the rest of the wiki and see what character looks cool? If looking for matches, check the Discord

What are all the options on the main menu?

The main menu has had an upgrade since CGoH. This is the new main menu in UAS:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Play Data Mode
  • Options Mode
  • Shop Mode
  • Gallery Mode
  • Extra Game-(This is unlocked when you beat Arcade mode and collect the yellow letters to make out the message: "Thank You For Playing" during the credits. You can collect these yellow with either Doronjo and her crew (on a bike-they jump), or with Roll (she flies on the screen with her broom. In order to use Roll in the credits, beat Arcade Mode with Roll).
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Mode-You MUST be connected to the internet in order to play people online. You can either with a router (you can find that online; this is the recommended option) or with Wi-Fi wireless (not recommended).

This is in order. When you hit the start button at the title screen, you are highlighting Arcade Mode.

What is the in-game shop for?

Similar to Marvel V.S. Capcom 2, the more times you play Arcade Mode, Extra Game Mode, Survival Mode, or Time Attack Mode, the more points you earn. In Shop Mode, you can buy artwork, colors three and four for all the characters (note: you must beat Arcade Mode in order to get the additional colors--example: if you want Ryu's 3rd and 4th colors, beat Arcade Mode with Ryu; a message should appear after you beat Arcade Mode with Ryu. Once you get the message, the colors for Ryu should be available for purchase), movies, and information about the roster and the stages.

How do I unlock the hidden characters in this game?

There are five Hidden Characters. They are:

  • Capcom Side:
    • Frank West
    • Zero
  • Tatsunoko Side:
    • Joe the Condor
    • Tekkaman Blade
    • Yatterman-2

Here is how to unlock them:

  • Capcom Side:
  • Beat Arcade Mode with three different Capcom characters to unlock Frank West
  • Beat Arcade Mode with six different Capcom characters to unlock Zero.
  • Tatsunoko Side:
  • Beat Arcade Mode with three different Tatsunoko characters to unlock Tekkaman Blade.
  • Beat Arcade Mode with six different Tatsunoko characters to unlock Joe the Conder.
  • Beat Arcade Mode with Tekkaman Blade, Zero, Joe the Condor, and Frank West to unlock Yatterman-2.

If you want to unlock them quickly then:

right click on TVC in the dolphin menu > Properties> Gecko Codes > click Add new Code, Name : Unlock Extra Characters, past this Code:


Then make sure the gecko code is actually checkmarked.

Alternatively download a full save file and import the save.

Are Giants Banned?

  • In the early 2010s, the giants were softbanned, which was a case by case basis, but as of right now giants have no bans against them.
  • This has lead to the "Phampy Clause", which allows a character change under these two specific scenarios
  1. If Player A has already chosen their characters before Player B and Player B choses a giant, then player A gets the opportunity to reselect their characters.
  2. As well, if player A and B play a match using non-giants and player A loses their match and goes to character select and choses a giant, then player B is allowed to change their team.

Are any stages banned?

  • If playing on original Wii Hardware it's highly recommended to stay on Training stage and at the very least avoid Burning Wasteland/Orbital Cargo Bay
  • On Dolphin all stages are acceptable, but Burning Wasteland is soft banned as it causes issues with players who suffer from color blindness as some characters and effects blend into the background. There is also some discrepancy depending on the user's own CPU hardware that may cause players to request to stay on Training Stage to maintain 60FPS but this is a case by case basis.

What are the changes in UAS coming from the previous version of CGOH?

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Throws are more useful (tick throws exist. You can throw someone while they are attacking, can throw after blockstun etc.)
  • Giant characters cannot be so easily comboed/infinited
  • characters gain a bit more meter while being hit
  • characters now have more proration as their health bars get lower (guts)
  • Characters fall faster now.
  • Megacrash pushes up and away. Can still combo after a megacrash.
  • Baroque is not as potent
  • cannot force the opponent into a corner after a juggle via the air combo trick
  • Damage scaling on DHCs is more severe, devaluing hyper combinations somewhat
  • Stage-specific music
  • New character select screen (with gear-like selection reels that leave the number of new characters to be included ambiguous)


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • None
  • Hurricane Kick (C version) no longer combos after wall bounce and does less damage. B version still works. May also have juggle limitations.
  • Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is weaker
  • Shin Shoryuken has less range (it becomes Metsu Shoryuken outside its range)
  • None

Chun Li

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • J.5C has more hit stun
  • Can combo her level 3 from Tenshouu kyaku
  • Lightning Legs pushes back
  • Infinite has been removed
  • There is a limit to how many jump 5C's she can string in a combo.
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • A version shoulder charge leaves the opponent grounded. B version knocks down and C version causes wallbounce.
  • 236C does a lot more damage (around 18000B)
  • New grab mechanics work very much in his favour
  • Does more damage overall
  • 5C elbow causes wallbounce
  • Opponents cannot jump after Hyperbomb flash
  • None
  • None

Megaman Volnutt

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Machine Gun and Weapon Change now share the same counter, Megaman can do up to 2 of either in the air, or one of each
  • Machine Gun Sweep fires at a higher angle on the ground
  • His Charge Shot can now be Baroqued and Super Cancelled
  • 5A - 5A - 5A - 5B - 5C xx 236+Attack Infinite no longer works.
  • weapon switch has a lot more delay at the end of the move, severely limiting his combo ability and overall versatility.
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Faster air dash
  • Can combo 2B/5C into 3C
  • Damage output improved
  • Roll Broom Swing now reflects projectiles and knocks down, even when not charged
  • None
  • None

Viewtiful Joe

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Mach Speed now has the same properties as Chun Li's lightning legs super. Joe can follow the opponent up after the launch and continue to combo.
  • Air Joe now drags the opponent down, meaning more hits
  • Charged Voomerangs home in more sharply
  • Voomerangs have more startup time. Therefore no more infinite
  • Slide infinite is gone too.
  • Can only do 1 red hot kick in the air now
  • Bombs have a fire effect added to the hit

Saki Omokane

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Level 3 super is more powerful as is the beam super.
  • 5C is now cancellable.
  • J.C is also cancellable allowing her to control space very well with J.C xx 421+A/B/C.
  • The unblockable version of 5C can be cancelled into 3C for some very damaging aerial raves
  • 6C causes the opponent to stagger step and combos into her 214+A/B/C grab. Her assist has not been changed to follow this pattern.
  • Her assist know knocks the opponent all the way back across the stage, allowing some characters like Ken to make good use of it.
  • The unblockable bullet chain (Unblockable 5C - 5C - 2C) now does around 15,000B damage as opposed to 18,000B damage.
  • Her lingering sphere shot no longer stays out for as long as before, meaning no infinite.
  • Fire effect added to grenade (visual)


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • None
  • Ryusei kick no longer bounces back after being blocked, making it less safe
  • Fireball no longer causes knockdown on hit

Kaijin no Soki/Kaijin no Souki

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Counter special now causes the opponent to go into a slow crumple on hit
  • 236C can wallbounce. A version causes stagger and can extend combos.
  • 235A can combo from 5C and 6C, but has no super armour.
  • 2B cancels into 2C
  • Draws out more souls per hit when in oni mode.
  • Healing orbs in oni mode seem more powerful
  • none
  • 'slowdown' effect added to his fierce hits (visual)
  • Charge sword super adds a lightning effect to the opponent for a few frames (visual)


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Normals and level3 super do more damage
  • 2B now combos into 5C
  • Valkyrie turn is slightly faster and can be cancelled
  • No longer has her j.2B infinite
  • none


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • All versions of Riot Tackle cause wallbounce from full screen
  • 6B4B sends the opponent into a vertical spin and knockdown, having the properties of a launcher. It is also more powerful than before.
  • Riot tackles can combo from 6B4B
  • 5C can be comboed into via 5B
  • [2]8B and C chainsaw special knocks down on hit. A version does not.
  • 623AB chainsaw super is much stronger, though still unsafe on hit or block
  • 3C launches the opponent at a less vertical height and is faster
  • many more options to combo into level 3
  • many more combo options in general
  • can combo AFTER level 3 super while the opponent is on the ground using 2C, since the launch time is now greater. May even be able to combo the opponent on the way down.
  • j.5C will combo all 5 hits if done on an airborn opponent
  • jumps with the opponent on a break out, making grabs safe to attempt.
  • Attacks that use the shield (such as riot tackle or 2A) have auto-guard properties. If he is hit during these states

he doesn't take damage

  • No more mega crash grabs
  • Rocket has been slightly nerfed. It takes longer for them to home in.
  • Fire effect added to all thruster attacks (visual)

Jun the Swan

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Her assist leaves a bomb on hit now
  • Can combo after landing the light illusion swan special (in a recent video, this seems to have been revoked, however she attempted to combo using j.5C and missed. Strange.)
  • Can combo 2C into 6C easily
  • None
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • 623 C combos easily into 623 super.
  • None
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Denkou punch B version causes stagger on hit
  • unblockable takes longer to charge
  • Electricity effect added to his electrical attacks (visual)


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • [4]6B > 236A > 6B is now a 3 hit combo on an airborn opponent. The 6B comes out with no delay. This means he can now wallslam at will without needing to use the chain.
  • + Can combo from 63214A/B/C > 236A wall slam attack. He can pick the opponent up off the ground when they bounce after the hit.
  • 236A sword spin special is slightly slower. The difference is barely noticable but it's there.
  • Slide infinite is removed
  • 5C has more lag
  • 2C has more lag
  • 5B may have less range
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Charge 46+A moves across the screen VERY quickly now. As fast, as, if not faster than, Ryu’s 236+C.
  • All hits of his chargeback Space Lance throw can now combo into Vol Tekka beam super
  • Vol Tekka beam super deals more damage
  • If Vol Tekka beam super is used in the air, Tekkaman's recovery time as he falls has been improved.
  • Due to the change in the pursuit speed, 3C /\ J.B - 28+C - 28+C no longer works. Modifying the air combo slightly may fix this.
  • 'Make it rain' super deals less damage
  • 3C's hitbox has been made smaller
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Ippatsuman’s 623+Attack has same properties as Ken’s 623+B/C.
  • Ippatsuman’s dash~623+attack has same properties as Ken’s 623+B/C.
  • He still has a useful reset combo: launch, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, jA, j.C, 623 Super.
  • Several resets actually combo now (examples: charge back, forward+C, 623 super; air combo, j.A, j.A, j.B, j.B, 7, j.A, j.B, j.C, 623 super) which means his damage scales more and he won't be doing as much damage.
  • his level 3 now eats up meter a lot faster.
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • 214+Attack seems a lot faster. The rock comes out very quickly.
  • 623+Attack is faster as well.
  • jumping rock summon starts lower and therefore hits faster
  • Her moves now do more damage. Probably to accommodate her combo nerfs.
  • 2B has less hit stun, making her attack strings less safe
  • J.B got nerfed. Has lesser range and the mid-screen re-jump (B) combo no longer works.
  • Its harder to land 423+B when the opponent is jumping in now. You have to dash towards their position and do the far grab to land the Grab-Tree-Taunt loop.
  • her tree takes longer to explode
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • Combos 2C to 6C with ease.
  • Yatterpellican has been replaced with Yatterwan for 2P colour
  • 2C has a smaller hitbox
  • 623+A/B/C all have more recovery
  • harder to combo into OTG Yatterwan fire breath super
  • None


Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • On airborne opponents, 236+Attack hits much like the assist version of the attack, thus allowing for easier comboing into charge 46+A and 623+attack, attack, attack. Has no knock away on airborne enemies.
  • 6C has less knock away and allows easier comboing of 623+attack, attack, attack.
  • Can combo into all charge 46 A/B/C specials and can dash after
  • Can combo into his level 3 super off 5C. Either 5C has more stun time or his level 3 super comes out faster.
  • None
  • None

Gold Lightan

Buffs Nerfs Neutral
  • 22+Attack covers the whole floor and is slightly stronger
  • 41236 + B&C knockdown
  • 5C can combo into 3C
  • golden pimp slap causes knockdown on hit
  • golden drop kick sends him very far across the screen, making it useful for punishing keep away!
  • can combo j.5C into gold crash any time
  • gold crash hits OTG
  • Jabs push opponent away more
  • gold crash hits low
  • None

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