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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Joe the Condor

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Joe the condor(コンドールのジョー) is G2, second in command of the science ninja team Gatchaman. He is more violent and impulsive than Ken the Eagle, his superior, and it shows in his moves, as he routinely makes wild punches and shoots people.

Joe lacks any real mixups, has an awkward couple of lvl1 supers, and even with some fairly technical combo extensions his combo damage is pretty average, so overall he is not considered a high tier character. However, he has strong block string pressure and some zoning tools that can make him difficult to pin down and deal with in the neutral.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • 5A is an incredible pressure tool
  • Can basically live in the air and fight off anyone trying to meet him there
  • Decent unblockables
  • Air mixups
  • Damaging and stylish combos
  • Bird Missles
  • Literally cannot chip
  • No real overheads besides air attacks
  • His non-level 3 supers are just okay
  • Assist is purely anti-air, has some small combo extensions but serves its purpose.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
7 2 9 - 920 Low A fast shin kick. This is rapid cancellable and, has abnormally low recovery, a deceptively large hitbox, and also hits low, making dash jab strings using this move a cornerstone of Joe's offense.
6 2 10 - 720 Low A crouching kick. This hits low and is 1f faster startup than the 5A, but is outclassed in almost every other way by the 5A, so you don't see it as often.
10 2 19 - 1480 - A gut punch, joe leans forward and punches. Good for combo filler and can be useful for stabilizing some juggle situations.
10 3 14 - 1365 - A 2 hit crouching attack where he spins some kind of weapon upwards. Not particularly good.
15 2 20 - 2500 - A wild haymaker. Joe steps and follows through, moving forward a lot. Important combo filler, the forward movement also means you end up directly next to the opponent, which can be used for some guessing games (cancel into 236 kicks, throw, reset pressure into 5a, 2C)
21 - 21 - 2000 - Instead of a sweep, Joe jumps back and shoots a projectile at a downwards angle. Can't be comboed into, but can be baroqued and followed up with a dash 5L for a full combo, making it a decent bait/frame trap. Also hits OTG.
13 4 20 - 2820 Launcher A fairly standard launcher, upward palm strike. Has a good hitbox and pretty fast startup.
5 9 23 - 740 Overhead A knee strike that angles downward. The hitbox is small, but it has fast startup, giving it high priority, and can be somewhat useful for iad pressure as well since it cancels into itself.
7 4 30 - 1360 Overhead Upward angled jump kick, looks almost the same as Ken the Eagle's j.B but feels different because of his much faster jump arc. His most important combo filler normal, since you'll often have A and C held down for shurikens.
14 3 21 - 2700 Overhead Joe flips and does a double axe handle punch. Hits downward so it is his most common move for IAD pressure, also has a hitbox behind him towards the end so it can be used to cross up.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 14 3 - - 3200 - Same animation as j.C
Counter Tag 27 4 21 - 2400 - Same animation as his 3C, you can pick up off of it with 5B into most of his BNBs.
(Savage Shot)
42 - - - 3850 Projectile Joe has a fairly unique assist, shooting his gun upward at an angle several times. It whiffs against most grounded opponents so it's not very useful for pressure, and can hit a variable number of times, making the way hit hits unpredictable. However, it controls a large area of the screen in the air for a long duration, and can be good for specific combo extensions.
Forward Throw - - - - 5200 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Back Throw - - - - 5200 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Forward Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.
Air Back Throw - - - - 6000 Throw It's a throw, use it as a reversal.

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
17 16/19/21 26/28/36 - 4309 - Joe shoots a lasso out of his gun, standing in place until it goes all the way out and back. If it hits, it pulls the enemy down in front of Joe and he shoots them in the head. The L version angles downwards, and can hit OTG to end combos, which is the only way you should really be using this move. Doesn't chip. Usable on Giants
18 - 15/18/28 - 2950/3850/4699 Projectile Joe angles his gun upwards and shoots 2/3/4 bullets into the air at an angle. Covers space very well, but is difficult to convert anything off of. Doesn't chip.
17/18/18 - 16/19/24 - 2950/3850/4699 Projectile/OTG Joe angles his gun downward and shoots several bullets down from the air. Covers a decent area and is difficult to approach against. This and the aerial shuriken feather form the core of Joe's zoning game. It also leaves Joe at an advantage, allowing him to link off of it when juggling in the corner. Hits OTG Doesn't chip.
16 - 23 - 1500/2200/2950 Projectile One of Joe's most unique and important specials, the 3 buttons do increasing numbers of hits (1/2/3). These can be cancelled out of his specials and leave joe very advantageous, but can be avoided completely by crouching. Doesn't chip.
Shuriken Feather (air) [X] -> j. Release
17 - 18 - 1500/2200/2950 Projectile Once again a very important move for Joe. Not only are these good for zoning, but they leave Joe at an extreme advantage and are the cornerstone of all of his advanced juggle combos. Doesn't chip.
18/27/36 - 29/29/33 - 2800 - A strong, forward advancing kick to the chest. The light version comes out fastest (able to combo from 5C) and gives a crumple which is only hittable for a short time. The medium version doesn't combo without baroque but gives a stagger. The heavy version starts up slowest, has armor, and gives a wall bounce.
5 - - - 2800 - Joe's counter, coolest looking move in the game. Short active time on this move, but can counter a variety of physical hits, and you can baroque to follow up afterwards.

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
12+1 - - - 12223 - Joe launches 2 sets of 3 shurikens forward. If the middle shuriken in the second salvo hits, it transitions to a cutscene where Joe teleports above the enemy's head for a huge punch. If it hits point blank there is an alternate animation where joe walks forward and punches them in the chest. Useable on Giants
12+1 - - - 12223 - Air version of the Condor Magnum. Joe throws the projectiles at an angle downward, and is able to move and act in the air after it ends regardless of whether it hits or not. useable on giants
  • This version of the super also can cause a dead body glitch. After the second set of shuriken hit right before he disappears, DHC on the first available frame and Joe will continue his full animation regardless of whatever your point character does. Tag out and Joe is now invisible and almost fully invincible. Of course you don't need me to tell you this is banned
Bird Missile Strike

32+39 - - - ~10790 (+15000) - Cursed super. The startup is extremely long, after which the God Phoenix appears and fires across the ground, then launching a missile up into the air. The initial bullets don't do much damage and hit awkwardly, then after a long delay the missile comes down, exploding the entire ground and doing damage to friends and foes alike. Only useful for swag combos using team hyper combos and specific partners. Useable on giants
Kagaku Ninpo: Tatsumaki Fighter
1+12 5 46 - 22852 - Invulnerable on startup, this super can be used to bait bursts. Useable on giants
Kagaku Ninpo: Tatsumaki Fighter (air)
3+9 5 19 - 22852 - Invulnerable on startup, but the faster startup actually means it's harder to bait bursts with this than the grounded version, it will usually whiff. Even though the enemy falls through the air, it is impossible to hit them on the way down. You can hit them OTG once they land on the ground however. Useable on giants


Joe's standard midscreen bnb: 5a(hold),5b,5c,3c(hold),j.b,b,release a and immediately hold again, 66, j.b, dj.b, release C, 66, j.b, release a, 623a, 236a+b

Advanced Strategy


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