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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Frank West

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Frank West from the Dead Rising Series makes his Fighting Game Debut. Effectively taking over for Jill Valentine from Marvel 2, he summons Zombies and uses every day objects to win the match. He's very much not a beginner character but definitely fun. Everyone loves a real megabuster

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Absolute OTG King
  • Easiest Infinite in the game
  • Can turn into a psuedo command grab character
  • Has a normal for every situation and can convert any stray hit into a combo/infinite
  • Can get out of any situation with a roll
  • Commands the air with his knee drop
  • Covers space effectively
  • Real Megabuster stops any and all offense on the ground
  • Can tear through Giants like paper by himself
  • Trying to setup zombies requires some foresight due to the startup
  • While not mandatory he does benefit a bit more with an OTG Assist (Roll, Casshan)
  • Has a normal for every situation, which can be just as overwhelming
  • Has only one really good super, one is just a combo filler and the other is a reset gamble
  • Very execution heavy and big brained in general
  • Can kill himself with his zombies

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
7 2 21 - 800 - Normal jab, nothing notable
7 2 25 - 720 Low Low Jab, slightly larger reach than 5A, but still just average
11 2 34 - 1440 - Standard mid attack, Frank leans forward, again nothing crazy
10 2 30 - 1360 - Okay here's the crazy, Frank sits down and punches the air. If your opponent is crouching it will whiff %100 of the time. It however has merit as an anti-air.
23 3 31 - 3280 - Frank whips out the golf club and gives a swing, hits all around him. Doesn't link from any of his other normals so you have to use this mid juggle if you want to combo it. Causes soft knockdown and knockback.

15 3 22 - 2400 Launcher Frank walks forward and does a shoulder tackle. This launcher is notable for having two extremely weird properties.
  • The first is that's it, you've already done half his infinite. Do the launcher and immediately input Giant Swing, then repeat. congrats you're a frank player
  • Second is the movement frank does with the launcher, after doing the infinite, if you microdash a bit and launch again, Frank will switch sides, which is important for learning his alternate combo routes
15 7 45 - 2400 Low/Hard Knockdown Frank slides across the ground. On block you can cancel into roll or any of his specials, on hit the opponent is put in hard knockdown. Immediately on hit you can call a Heavy Zombie Spree for the solo pickup midscreen but you do you.
6 8 16 - 960 Overhead Really fast air normal, but expect it only to work air to air, hitting a grounded opponent isn't impossible
8 2 25 - 1040 Overhead Frank sticks his arm out 45 degrees for the air heisman. Offers decent hitstun. Much like j.A expect little success on grounded opponents
12 3 23 - 2560 Overhead/Forced Roll Frank jumps and gives a hard kick. Hits grounded opponents easier than the other attacks and an easy combo starter. Causes forced roll.
13 - 49 - 4800 Hard Knockdown Frank pauses and does a knee drop to the ground, EXTREMELY hard to challenge, on hit it's a hard knockdown. Whether you block it or not Frank can perform a special. If Frank does an air dash and cancels the dash into 2C within a few frames, he'll travel in the direction of that air dash

Universal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Var Starter 15 2 - - 1760 -
Crossover Counter 29 2 - - 2160 -
Throw 1 - - - 5200 -
Back Throw 1 - - - 5200 -
Air Throw 1 - - - 6000 -
Air Back Throw 1 - - - 6000 -

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Light: 10
Medium: 16
Heavy: 18
Light: 0
Medium : 3
Heavy : 3
- - Light: 0
Medium/Heavy: 24
Medium/Heavy: Hard Knockdown
Heavy: Low
This is essentially the same roundhouse from Marvel 3.
  • A Roundhouse is a fakeout, frank cancels his movement
  • B Roundhouse pushes the enemy fullscreen, has a slightly deceptive hitbox, can tag airborne opponents
  • C Roundhouse is a sweep and pushes them barely half screen
Zombie Summon

22 - - - 2400 Hitgrab Frank looks through his camera and spots a zombie, the zombie remains active until any player character hits the zombie or the zombie walks offscreen. The zombies can also interrupt attacks (Like Zombie Spree or take a hit from a beam super). If a zombie grabs a giant they are put in a juggle state. Zombies can be blocked and depending on the player's state the falling animation of the zombie can have its own hitbox. If Frank performs Giant Swing on any zombie he'll start swinging the zombie around and gain super armor during the attack. Any Zombie that gets hit by Grand Slam or 5C turns into a projectile and the zombie landing temporarily turns it into a ground trap. Whether the player or opponent gets hit by the zombie doesn't matter, the zombie attacks all.
  • A Zombie summons a zombie from behind frank
  • B Zombie summons a zombie from the screen away from Frank
  • C Zombie summons a zombie from the ceiling
    • C zombie is the only zombie with a hitbox on summon.
    • After falling it can be hit with an OTG attack before it gets up
    • If Frank inputs Giant Swing while C Zombie is falling he can immediately grab it and perform giant swing on it
28 - 8 - 5200 Projectile/OTG A zombie zooms by in a shopping cart, festive!! After recovering frank has full mobility. One Durability Point
  • A Zombie has a blue shopping cart, it is the slowest, optimal for cart loops or mixups
  • B Zombie has a yellow shopping cart, it's moderately fast and anyone hit by it flies fullscreen
  • C Zombie has a red shopping cart, is impossibly fast and causes wall bounce on hit.
Light: 15
Medium: 20
Heavy: 25
- - - Light: 2400
Medium: 3200
Heavy: 4000
All Versions: Projectile Reflect
Heavy: Wallbounce
Frank pulls out a bat and swings it at whatever is moving. Can launch zombie with it and reflect projectiles
  • A Bat is quick and launches enemies half screen
  • B Bat has moderate speed and pushes enemies full screen
  • C Bat is extremely slow and causes wallbounce

4 1 - - Light: 4783
Medium: 6089
Heavy: 7654
Hard Knockdown Frank grabs the enemy and gives them a giant swing, Grab also works on zombies. As mentioned before it's the core component of his infinite, do 3C --> Giant Swing until you get tired of doing it.
Useable on giants'

3 - - - - Invincible Frank rolls out of harm's way. Has invincibility during dodge.
  • A Dodge rolls towards opponent and pushes them
  • B Dodge rolls towards opponent but Frank will roll behind them
  • C Dodge rolls away from Opponent

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
17 + 2 - - - 10072 - Frank puts on the mega suit and blasts the screen. Not mentioned in the frame data is the beam itself, which immediately covers non-super jump height frame one. If you are doing anything but blocking, the buster will hit.
26 + 0 - - - 10252 Hard Knockdown Frank extends his arms for a hug and whacks you with the bat. Very easily telegraphed, there are some setups to try to get an unavoidable reset but they are not easy to do. After the super is done Frank can call any version of Zombie Spree to pick up from it. Useable on giants
3 + 15 - - - 20590 Hard Knockdown Frank puts a servbot head on the opponent and shoves through a mob of zombies before giving them a faceplant. After the super is over Frank can OTG. The side Frank is on during the headplant is the direction he will face when the super is over. Super whiffs at close range, either use at mid range or use an attack that raises them in the air like 2C
3 + 17 - - - 19440 Hard Knockdown Frank gets a super exclusively for Giants, Frank takes a picture before seeing zombies falling down on the giant. So to help out he puts gas canisters all around the giant and blows him up. Can follow up with an OTG.

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