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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/System

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Basic Mechanics

Example Mechanic Explanation


When your enemy knocks you down from a throw, tripping you, or at the end of an air combo, you land on the ground hard. You can roll backwards (take your arcade stick/controller pad and hold back) or forwards (take your arcade stick/controller pad and hold forward).


To throw, tap forward or backwards+C.You can also do an air throw by tapping forward or backwards+C. Throws are different depending on your character. You can escape throws on the ground and in the air by tapping forward or backwards+C. If you are successful, you will escape your enemy's throw and a message will pop up, saying "Break Away."

Dashing and Air Dashing

Everyone in this game can dash forward (with your arcade stick/controller pad, tap forward twice, or F, F or 66) or backwards (with your arcade stick/controller pad, tap back twice, or b, b or 44) in the air. You can also dash forward (tap forward twice, or F, F or 66) or backwards (tap back twice, or b, b or 44). An alternative to dashing and air dashing tapping command is to tap all three attack buttons (A+B+C) at the same time.

Super Jump

With your arcade stick/controller pad, tap down, then quickly tap up to do a super jump. Everyone has this ability.

Double Jump

After a regular jump (tap up) or super jump (tap down, then quickly tap up), you can do a second jump by tapping up on your arcade stick/controller pad.

Advance Guard

While blocking, tap all three attack buttons (A+B+C) at the same time. Your enemy will be pushed back from you. This removes block stun and gives you some space to attack/escape. You can also avoid chip damage (or while blocking a special or super, you receive tiny damage) by doing Advance Guard.

Tagging/Cross-Over Attack

Just like all the other Marvel versus Capcom series, this feature lets you switch out your current character with your partner. Simply tapping Back+P (or 4P) (Partner button) will get your partner out. Your partner will tag in with a hit and do a one second pose with some speech or grunting. However, if you tag out and your enemy blocks or misses your enemy, it can leave you open for your enemy to hit you. You cannot block for the one second that you are out, so be careful when you tag out. Also, Tagging helps out your other partner because whatever is red on their health bar can be restored as long as they are not tagged back to the fight. However, you cannot simply "tag around," because once you switch to your partner, there is a 5-6 second delay before your partner's portrait appears (the portrait will be static like a T.V. when they are either dead or tagged out). Once their face appears, it will say "Assist O.K." and the healing process begins. If your partner dies, you are alone, and your partner's portrait stays static. Note: When picking Gold Lightan or PTX-40A, you cannot pick another character.

Pre-Match Tagging

You can switch your character with your partner before the match begins. As they taunt, before the screen flashes "Ready" and "Fight," tap on the arcade stick/controller P, and your partner will switch places.

Partner Assist Attack/Cross-Over Assist

Simply press the P (Partner button) to get your partner out to attack. Unlike Marvel V.S. Capcom 2, you cannot choose the "Assist Type," rather, everyone has their own unique assist attack. Some are better than others. You can call use Partner Assist Attack while you are attack with normal/specials/supers or while you are normal jumping. However, you cannot use Partner Assist Attack while you super jump. Note: When picking Gold Lightan or PTX-40A, you cannot pick another partner, which means you don't have the ability of Partner Assist Attack.


In order to activate Baroque, you have to have some red bar in your life bar. Once you do, you can activate Baroque by simply pressing A/B/C+P (you'll know you've activated it because your character will look like a rainbow). Baroque is unique because it gives you the ability to extend moves and combos to deal more damage. It also gives you the ability to combo into supers that may not be possible or very difficult to do normally. The more red bar you have in your health bar, the more damage you will do in Baroque mode. However, you have to be in a middle of a normal/special move to activate it. It is advised to use Baroque within a combo. For example, a Ryu combo with Baroque thrown in may look like this: s.A -> c.A -> s.B -> c.B -> s.C -> F+C -> A+P (Baroque) -> dash (tap F two times) -> s.A -> c.A -> s.B -> c.B -> s.C -> F+C -> QCB+A xx QCF+AB (or in numerical notation: 5A2A5B2B5C6C -> A+P (Baroque)-> dash (66)-> 5A2A5B2B5C6C -> 236A -> xx 236AB). The only drawback is once you activate Baroque, you lose your red bar, which means you lose your "potential" amount of returned health. One addition to Baroque in UAS is if you activate Baroque during an air combo and have used all of your air jumps within your air combo, it is possible to extend your air combo because:
  • You gain one additional jump
  • You gain one additional air dash/air dash back

Advanced Mechanics

Example Mechanic Explanation

Variable Air Raid/Cross-Over Air Raid

During an air combo, you can switch your current character out with your partner, and continue your air combo. This is done by doing QCF+P (or 236P). Variable Air Raid appears to reset the damage scale in the middle of your air combo. Variable Air Raid uses one super bar. PTX-40A and Gold Ligthan cannot use Variable Air Raid.

Variable Counter/Cross-Over Counter

While blocking (while being attacked, hold your arcade stick/controller pad back), take your arcade stick/controller pad and tap forward+P, (or 6P). You must have a partner in order to use Variable Counter. Variable Counter uses one super bar. PTX-40A and Gold Lightan cannot use Variable Counter.

Mega Crash

Mega Crash will be familiar to those that have played the Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue, or Arcana Heart. What this does is gets you out of tough situations, such as long blocking, or long combos, or getting out of supers. You simply hit all four buttons at the same time (A+B+C+P). Mega Crash will push the enemy back, giving you some room to think of your next move. However, there are a few draw backs. First, you have to have two super meters. Second, every time you use Mega Crash, it takes some of your life away. And finally, because Mega Crashes gave many characters the ability to extend his or her combo (i.e. Karas in the corner), the use of a Mega Crash during the combo is greatly reduced; so unless you know your enemy will die within a combo that uses Mega Crash, it might be worth saving the two super bars and your health. However, if you are using it to gain the ability to use Baroque, that may lead to some interesting set-ups.


Launching is done by tapping downwards and forward (DF)+C (or 3C). Every character in this game has a launcher. The launcher leads into air combos (by tapping up, or 7/8/9).

Variable Combination/Double Team Super/Cross-Over Combination

To do a Variable Combination/Double Team Super, choose your super, followed by tapping P during the super animation or "flash". For example, your team is Ryu/Karas. Do Ryu's QCF+AB (or 236AB) super, then tap P during Ryu's super animation to get Karas to join in to do his super. Variable Combination/Double Team Super uses three super bars.

Delayed Hyper Combo/Team Hyper Combo

Similar to Marvel V.S. Capcom 2, you use your current characters super, followed by inputting your choice on your partners super. For example, your team is Ryu/Chun-Li. Do Ryu's QCF+AB super, then input Chun-Li's QCF+AB (or 236AB) super during Ryu's super. Ryu's super gets interrupted, and Chun-Li continues with her super.


* Snapbacks are character specific. Alex, PTX-40A, and Gold Lightan have Snapbacks.
  • Alex's Snapback - Take your arcade stick/controller pad and charge back, then tap forward+C (or charge 4, then tap 6C), (he hits the enemy with his elbow) -> (delay, wait until the elbow flash animation is done) -> then do DP+C (or :623C) (doing a drop kick animation and kicking out the enemy).
  • PTX-40A's Snapback - Take your arcade stick/controller pad and charge back, then tap forward+C (or charge 4, then tap 6C)(he hits his enemy with a charging elbow, pushing them off screen).
  • Gold Lightan's Snapback - Take your arcade stick/controller pad and motion HCB+C (or 63214C)(he does an air dive kick right into your enemy) (Note: This has to be done when your enemy is jumping, otherwise, your leg will hit the ground, and you will not get Snapback to work).

Ground Dash Glitch

Originally found from SRK member Smurvis, is a glitch where your character can cancel a ground dash (both backwards and forwards) into another dash (making the second dash much fast). Almost everyone in the game can Ground Dash Glitch except for: Gold Lightan, Tekkaman Blade, Morrigan, and Zero. To do a ground dash glitch, tap 6696 (or 4474 for back dash version) to do the forward version. You can slightly delay the 96 (or 47 for the back dash version) input to go even further. This can open up to new ground combo possibilities. Smurvis made a video on the Ground Dash Glitch, you can find it here: You can also find the thread discussing the Ground Dash Glitch here:


Character Damage Scale

Thanks to Keits from the shoryuken forums, he was able to get the entire rosters HP (hit points, lol...or more like health points, I think). The link is here: Here is the chart of the roster (with Keit's notes from the posted link above):

These are all estimations. They are not perfect, take them for what you will. The only thing thats perfectly accurate is if I say 2 characters have the same health, they 100% do.

Guts - At 30% HP remaining, characters reduce incoming damage by 20%. At 15% HP, characters reduce incoming damage by 30%. '

Health listing and estimations

- MOST HEALTH first -

1.) Gold Lightan ~71,500hp

2.) PTX-40A ~65,000hp

3.) Alex, Tekkaman ~54,500hp

4.) Kaijin no Soki ~52,000hp

5.) Frank West, Tekkaman Blade, Casshan ~49,500hp

6.) Ryu, Batsu, Doronjo, Polimar ~48,000hp

7.) Chun Li, Viewtiful Joe, Ippatsuman ~46,000hp

8.) Morrigan, Saki, Joe the Condor, Jun the Swan, Ken the Eagle ~44,000hp

9.) Megaman Trigger, Yatterman-1, Yatterman-2 ~42,000hp

10.) Roll, Zero ~40,000hp

11.) "Karas Tier" Karas ~37,500

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