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Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Yatterman-2

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Ai-Chan, the girlfriend of the tinkerer turned superhero is here to bully people with a robot


Strengths Weaknesses
  • j.M
  • Blind Mixups
  • The Robot
  • The Shield
  • Extremely damaging level 3
  • Unblockables
  • Fantastic DHC candidate
  • Second Lowest health in the game
  • Assist is ok
  • Needs meter and baroque management to be efficient

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
6 3 13 - 730 - Long reaching jab, nice
6 2 13 - 730 - Little kick
8 8 13 - 1767 - Decent reaching medium, hits three times, good damage
7 3 18 - 1680 - Swipes above her head, could be anti-air but it's iffy
12 9 16 - 1680 Low Ai slides across the floor. Massively unsafe. However you can do something like Yatter Shield -> A ->B -> 3B -> P which will crossunder the opponent.
11 5 26 - 2100 - Combo filler
54 5 24 - 3000 Unblockable/Dash Cancellable during charge Ai charges up her wand and lets loose, unblockable, needs baroque to follow up, can be dash cancelled while charging
11 4 26 - 2100 - Ai leans down and wacks em with the stick, good AA properties
55 4 26 - 3000 Unblockable/Dash Cancellable during charge Another unblockable, Dash Cancellable during charge
10 3 36 - 2240 Launcher Just as fast as Y-1's launcher, but the hitbox whiffs on air opponents.
6 3 29 - 800 - Small little air jab, don't worry about this, nobody cares
10 22 16 - 1560 Overhead This normal makes this whole character, Ai spinds her wand in front of her and everything else just has to deal with it. There is very very little challenging it unless you know your character's hitboxes very very well.
11 4 - - 2400 Overhead And then we have this, it's okay I guess
25 4 - - 3000 Overhead Her quickest unblockable

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 17 - - - 2320 -
Counter Tag 26 1 - - 2320 -
Forward Throw - - - - 3930 Throw Can follow with YatterStep -> C
Back Throw - - - - 3930 Throw Can follow with YatterStep -> C
Air Forward Throw - - - - 4586 Throw
Air Back Throw - - - - 4586 Throw

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
3 - 13/15/14 - 300 Stagger/Projectile Reflect 3 FRAMES? 3 FRAMES? This is your panic button, this is your combo extender, this is your defense, this is your offense, this is your anti projectile. This shield does it all.

If anyone approaches throw it out, you're pretty much safe. In the air it pushes them backwards and the hitbox reaches deep within AI, on the ground it causes stagger. If a projectile is coming your way, throw it out, not only will it reflect the projectile, it will generate it's own projectile and this new projectile seemingly has infinite projectile durability on top of that. The shield has saved so many matches for Y-2 players


- - - - 2220 - Next on the list of dumb things is yatter step, when you press this button yatter-2 does a dash.
  • Pressing nothing results in...nothing
  • Pressing A results in yatter 2 stabbing, it's got decent range but never do this
  • Pressing B results in an overhead
  • Pressing C results in a low. This hits OTG for some reason.

There is absolutely no way for the opponent to tell what button is about to come out, and when mixed in with her robot, assists, and other screen disturbances it gets as blind of a mixup as you can imagine.


- - - - - stagger Ai-chan produces an electric ball then swings at it. It's not an amazing projectile but can be slightly annoying. Ball bounces off floor and walls. can be used to close off areas of the screen
  • A Swing tosses the ball diagonally downward
  • B sends it horizontal.
  • C sends a vertical hail mary
Mash X
- - - - 2600/3200 - Ai-chan starts stabbing wildly, if done in the air it slows her momentum
  • Ground
    • A splash stabs forward
    • B Splash stabs diagonally upward
    • C Splash gives a Yatterstep before stabbing
  • Air (all versions are overheads)
    • Air A stabs forward
    • Air B stabs diagonally downward
    • Air C stabs directly downward

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Super Passion

7+10 - - - 6598/10422/13155 - Ai-chan generates an electric heart, holding it causes it to grow bigger. the small heart bounces around the stage, but the bigger heart falls slowly in front of her.
27+0 - - - - - AKA "The Dreamruiner", Ai summons Omotchama to assist her, this little robot just chills for a bit before he starts performing hundred hand slap, headbutt, and sumo splash. When he does this is entirely random and you have no direct control over him. At most you can only influence where he is as he will usually go back to Ai-chan unless his AI determines it's time to start attacking again. So on one hand he can ruin Ai-chan's combos, but on the other hand he can (and trust me he will) ruin yours. For one bar, she effectively has a combo extension, 3-4 megacrashes, and a free pressure tool, on top of all the stuff she can already do. Plus her meter does not freeze, if Ai-chan is played effectively by the time he leaves she'll have the meter to summon him right back, it's not uncommon to see high-level Y2 consist of this robot by her side constantly.
This Week's Surprise Robots
7+9 - - - 21745 (Mashed): 45359 - Ai slides across the floor and hops on yatterpelican to drop robots on the opponent. No that is not a typo, this super can be mashed, and when it's fully mashed, she has the strongest attack in the ENTIRE game

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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