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Sandra's console version
Sandra's arcade version


Sandra is a good all-around character and has a great many tricks at her disposal to deal with many kinds of situations. Her shield and her ability to air throw open up a myriad of options that are unavailable to most of the other characters and she can inflict a great deal of damage in a very short span of time. While she does lack a real projectile, she can close the distance to her opponent very quickly and very efficiently, allowing her to quickly turn the tide.

The Basics



5A or 6A or 2A xx 623A or 236236D or 236236C

  • All of Sandra's standing A moves can be easily linked into her DP or super. 2A has the longest range and also serves to keep your opponent from dashing, making it the most useful for links.

5D xx 2A xx 623A

  • Only works on wakeup. Basic overhead link to 2A to DP. Not highly damaging, but a decent way to get your opponent on oki.

6C > 41236A > 236236D

  • Long-ranged cancellable heavy into special into super. Sandra is one of the few characters with a cancellable 6C and it is a useful alternative to j.C. Just cancel the super right as 41236A connects.

[2]C, 2C>8C

  • Double launch to Sandra's "Flash Kick". This can be used as an anti-air, but there's a good chance you will whiff the actual charge move depending on how the opponent was hit. A reliable basic combo, all the same.

2D > 214A

  • Basic 2-in-1 that works surprisingly well on oki. Since Sandra's 2D can be used as a pursuit, you can force your opponent to get up faster than they usually would and deal with the 214A. In other words, forcing them to eat chip damage.


[2]C, 2C>8A, 236236A or 623A

  • A variation of what Sandra can do at mid-screen. Using the A version has less recovery than the C version and will allow you to perform your super before your opponent can touch the ground. Add a j.C before the double 2C and you can do around 50% to most characters. It's also possible to use 623A instead if you don't have the meter.


Item Compatibility

Magic Shield

  • Sandra's signature weapon that isn't actually a weapon. The added boost to her defense and chance to Block increases her chances for survival and the IB is incredibly useful as an anti-air. A solid choice for Sandra.

Character Chemistry


  • An excellent way to punish jumps or to do a highly damaging corner loop with 2C, Nagar's assist can be very useful in the right situations. Best used off of an anti-air 2C near the corner for maximum results and to increase the chances of the assist connecting properly.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Bernhard
  • Mara
  • Nsidor
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Evetta
  • Fina
  • GerhardsenII
  • Goblin

Fair Matchups

  • Ramda
  • Zon
  • Troll

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Nagar
  • Vargan
  • Elion
  • Curse Head
    • Unfortunately for Sandra, the only way for her to actually make damage against Curse Head is to be within his command throw range. She also lacks any effective ways of running away or playing keepaway while he has Berserk mode activated.

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Orc

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Quick hilt bash with little range, but it will link into 623A and both of her supers. Strangely enough, is cancellable only on block. Her 2A is more useful but 5A is good for clashes.


  • Sideways sword swipe with a slight vertical hitbox. More useful for clashing than anything else since its range isn't as good as 6B or 6C.


  • Heavy downward slash that travels in a semi-circle and has about the same range as 5B. Mostly used for adding damage to combos or punishes. Its limited range makes it less effective for following up on jump-ins in certain situations, so use 6C if you're too far away.


  • Typical universal overhead kick that can be comboed from on counter hit, wakeup, or at max range. Not one of the better kicks in the game, but it still has uses.



  • Floor-aimed sword swipe that has the usual properties of hitting mid, stopping dash-clashes, and looking like a low. Has a very deceptive hitbox in that it hits farther than one might expect given the animation. Due to its extremely fast startup and typical 2A properties, Sandra's 2A is very important to her gameplay as a successful hit can easily link into a super or it can be used to hit confirm and score additional damage with a counter hit beforehand.


  • Basically a miniature version of 5B with less horizontal and vertical range. If for some reason your opponent is outside of 2A range and you really don't want to leave the crouched position, 2B is your attack of choice.


  • Upward slash that's similar to Ramda's 2C in that it serves as an anti-air launcher and is used in a number of highly damaging combos. While it is slightly safer on block than Ramda's, caution should be exercised when attempting to use this move as a footsies tool. It is, after all, a C move and still has the usual recoil effect on block.


  • Meaty low kick that looks much the same as everyone else's kick of this type. A useful move that works well on oki and works as a pursuit. Cancelling into 214A will combo at point-blank range.



  • A sideways hilt swipe that looks almost exactly the same as 5A and has about a pixel added to the hitbox. Cancellable only on block like 5A and links into all the same things as the other two A moves. Not really much need to use this move unless you find yourself in a really weird situation.


  • Forward stab that moves Sandra slightly forward and is her best ranged poke. While it is possible to combo from this move, generally you'll want to use it from max range and it's very unlikely that you'll be able to combo from there.


  • Step-in overhead slash that looks more like a chop than a slash. Has the most range out of all of her standing normals and is roughly tied with 3D. One of the best aspects of this move (aside from its range) is the fact that it is cancellable, allowing you to combo into 41236X a lot more effectively than you otherwise would be able to. The biggest drawback to this move is the considerable startup, so make sure you use it at the appropriate ranges.


  • A blowback kick like any other blowback kick. Mainly used to discourage dash-clashing or for sending your opponent towards the corner where your friend 2C comes into play.


  • Sliding kick that functions similarly to Nagar's and can also pass under Evetta's arrows. Has good range and works well as a sweep.



  • Quick downward stab that looks like the aerial version of 2A and has about the same range. It makes a fantastic instant overhead that will work on every character.


  • Sideways swipe that looks like it should reach farther but actually has the same range as 5B. Typical air-to-air normal.


  • The air version of 5C that works as regular heavy jump-in. As addressed earlier, following up with 5C will not work at max range so you'll have to use 6C or something that starts up faster and has more range.


  • A double kick that can be comboed from easily if used as a jump-in and works fairly well in the air to punish clash attempts. Will sometimes come out after a failed air throw attempt.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (when close)

  • Sandra jumps onto the opponent and begins bashing their face against the inside of her shield. Does a minimum of 3 hits and up to a maximum of 8 hits. It is possible for your opponent to mash the attack buttons and get out as quickly as possible, so you will need to mash the buttons as well to get as many hits in as you can. Can be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (when close)

  • Sandra grabs the opponent's head with her legs and throws them behind her. Looks a lot like Mai Shiranui's D throw. Can be pursued on knockdown.

Air Throw: 6D or 4D (when close in the air)

  • Identical to her back throw. Will always throw the opponent behind her no matter which version you use. Unlike regular standing throws, it is possible to air throw an opponent that has been placed in a juggle state. Can be pursued on knockdown.


Powerful slash that looks exactly the same as Sandra's 5C animation, it can be linked into 623C or 236236X near the corner. At mid-screen, an opponent hit out of the air can be tagged with Sandra's 2D > 214A pursuit combo while a standing opponent can receive a similar treatment on wakeup.


Advanced Strike: 41236A/B/C

  • Dashing slash that hits 3 different guard positions.
  • A hits mid, B hits overhead, C hits low.
  • B version can be used to juggle airborne opponents.
  • Only A version is burst cancellable.

Aerial Turn: 623A/B/C

  • Anti-air attack. Basically a Shoryuken.
  • Has no invincibility.
  • Button strength determines height.

Down Stud: [2]8A/B/C

  • Leaping overhead slash.
  • Button strength determines height and distance.
  • Knocks down on ground hit. Puts into juggle state on air hit.
  • C version can be used to cross-up.

Steel Shield: A+D (can be performed in the air)

  • Defensive position that will clash one hit.
  • Hold 2 to guard low attacks.
  • Remains active until command is repeated or any other action is taken.
  • Air version remains active until landing. It is possible to air throw your opponent after clashing an air-to-air attack.

Sword Wind: 214A/B/C

  • Short-ranged projectile.
  • Button strength determines speed and range. A is fast but short, C is slow but longer.
  • Can be dash-clashed.

Mana Bursts

Aerial Burst: 236236A/B/C

  • Series of 5 slashes that travel upward. Works as an anti-air.
  • Button strength controls angle of ascent. A goes straight up, B goes slightly forward, C goes even further forward.
  • Untechable. Use 2D to pursue afterwards.
  • Will not always score 5 hits on Nsidor as it puts him too high up.

Ground Burst: 236236D

  • 7-hit autocombo that launches on the last hit.
  • Untechable. Go for the pursuit.
  • First hit does not have clash frames, meaning that the opponent cannot clash it and you can be hit out of it.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
6A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
2A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
j.A No Overhead 12 5
5B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -4
6B Yes Mid 28 9 0 -4
2B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -6
j.B No Overhead 9
5C Yes Mid 41 17 +1 -17
6C Yes Mid 44 17 -2 -16
2C Yes Mid 37 13 Float -16
j.C No Overhead 13
5D No Overhead 36 19 +2 -7
6D No Mid 38 15 Blowback -13
2D Yes Low 26 9 +2 -7
j.D No Overhead 9/15