Chaos Breaker/Master Ring

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Master Ring - Move Cancellation - Use Count: 1

Possession Effect


Stock Action

  • Gives you the ability to cancel a move into another normal, primarily C normals and specials, like an FRC. With Ramda, for instance, you may do 5C > 236C xx Master Ring SA > 2B > 236B. Generally unused due to the more damaging loops one can create with other items, but still a fun item that likely holds more than has been fleshed out.
  • One top of its ability to cancel certain moves, the Master Ring can be used by itself as a method of freezing time. During this short time window, you will be invincible and the game will still read your inputs, allowing you to do things that would be otherwise impossible on reaction. This can be used during the super flash of a Mana Burst and will even allow you to perform your own Mana Burst as a reversal. The unfortunate drawback is that it can only be used from a neutral state, and any player worth their salt will combo into a super rather than just throwing it out. All the same, it is possible to use this move as a reversal against normals or special moves if the timing is right.

Item Burst

  • Pretty much identical to Hellfire Sword; Flame Geyser. Comes out in 6 frames and can be juggled from.