Chaos Breaker/Talisman

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Talisman - Use Count: 3

Possession Effect

10% increase in Magic Defense.

Stock Action

Creates a blue barrier that deflects a single hit and counterattacks; opponents can be pursued afterwards if knocked down. Remains in front of you at all times. Only clashable moves or dashes can trigger the counterattack. D moves will not work.

Item Burst

A quick barrier of electricity solely for offensive purposes and a sort of "get off me" move. Up to five hits. This is one of the more diverse item IBs in the game; you can create an unblockable setup in the corner, and to an extent, midscreen. The IB creates a bug that causes you to be stuck in whatever guard you are in at the beginning of the IB. Therefore, you can create a powerful 50/50 during corner oki: low meaty to IB. If they block, they must continue to block low through the IB's duration, which allows you a free jump-in combo. If they are hit by the low meaty, the IB will connect and you can simply jump in and combo from that. With characters like Nsidor and Vritra, this spells death for an opponent's character. Midscreen is a bit trickier: You must actually combo into/connect the IB, walk back and jump in for a free combo. Midscreen, it appears that the pushback from the IB causes them to break free of the unblockable before you are able to combo. Regardless, people playing characters like Vritra/Nsidor, and anyone with good low meaties who can cause loop havoc with enough bar (Bernhard, Mara, Orc, etc) will want to try this item out at least once, just for this. (This has been patched in the console version).