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Zon's victory screen


Zon is, by every definition, a "hit-and-run" character and lives or dies by his ability to effectively get in and out of danger. He has low physical defense and crappy normals, which makes it dangerous for him to stay up close for too long. Mastering Zon's projectiles and effectively making use of his teleport is the key to winning with him.

The Basics



5B/2C>236X [> 236236X]

  • Basic 2-in-1 to projectile that can be cancelled into super.

5A/5D/j.D xx 214214D

  • Basic hit-confirm into super. 5A comes out quick but can be clashed and you'll need to watch your distance. 5D closes the distance pretty easily and works consistently, while j.D works as a potential cross-up if you space it correctly.

j.C, 2C > 214C > 214C or 214214D

  • Jump-in combo to tackle move. Can be cancelled into super for more damage but a simple 214C will probably move them closer to the corner. Doing the super near the corner opens up Fog wakeup options.

j.D, 5B/6B > 236236X

  • Non-clashable/potential cross-up to super.


As caused by 6D, 421X, 236236X, or a Mana Counter.


  • Not a highly damaging option, but one to quickly tack on damage all the same. It basically consists of sending out a projectile and making your opponent land on it. Works when you're too far away and don't have meter.

214X > 214X

  • The strength of the button used entirely depends on how far away your opponent is, but it's an effective and meterless way to add damage to your combos. This won't work from 6D.

Air Throw

  • This option requires you to be quite close to your opponent after the wall-bounce and can usually be performed with a 9D motion. It takes a bit of practice to get the spacing, but it's well worth it as air throws don't scale very much and you can increase their damage with physical attack buffing items.


  • That's right. Use a super, then use it again. Typically, you'll only get 2 out of the 3 hits on the second super and it requires a bit of spacing to pull off. Still, it's a pretty good return and works especially well against opponents with low magic defense.


  • The basic idea is being close enough to the wall that your opponent will bounce back right into the trap you set for them. You will lose a number of hits as a consequence, but the damage will more than make up for it.

214A > Air Throw

  • This can be hard to do and requires pretty much perfect spacing in order to land.

214A/C > 214214D

  • Similar to the Air Throw setup, except it involves getting your opponent to land on the 214214D.


Item Compatibility


  • Use the Talisman IB in the corner to hold your opponent in place while you activate 632146D. Doing so will buy you enough time to safely get the move out and to connect with it after the IB has finished putting the opponent in blockstun or during hitstun.

Dark Staff

  • Zon's signature weapon boosts his attack power by a decent amount and it also generates Mana Gauge while the stick is left in neutral. A decent choice.

Mana Potion

  • Some of Zon's most important tools are only available to him when he has meter, so having a good way of replenishing that is a good idea.

Character Chemistry


  • Essentially the same function as the Talisman IB, Orc can be used in the corner to pin the opponent down in blockstun while you ready 63214D.


  • In the same vein of usage as Orc's assist, only there's slightly less time to activate 63214D. On the plus side, the first hit of Mara's assist is unclashable which can make the damage option not so bad even if they don't block properly.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Bernhard
  • GerhardsenII
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Evetta
  • Mara
  • Nsidor
  • Curse Head
  • Fina
  • Goblin

Fair Matchups

  • Vargan
  • Elion
  • Sandra
  • Troll
  • Nsidor

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Nagar
    • Stalker rushdown is pretty much out of the question as Nagar has many ways to ruin your day including her 236236X supers which will take you straight out of the air.
  • Orc

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Quick, single bubble attack. It's fast enough to link 214214D off of and it, along with 6A, are your most effective weapons at close-range.


  • Double bubble attack that has barely a pixel more range than 5A and starts up much slower. Generally you won't want to use this move a whole lot unless you're comboing into it from a jump-in of some sort. 214X, 236X, and 236236X will combo off of it.


  • Downward staff attack that's marked by 3 bubbles. It has a pretty terrible startup, so you're much better off using 2C if you want to combo into or off of a C move.


  • Overhead death cloud. Aside from looking really cool, Zon's 5D is useful because the hitbox is all-around his body and not just a certain point. You can combo into 5A on counter-hit and you can also link his 214214D off of it. It's also cancellable, but the only thing that you can cancel into in the air is his teleport.



  • Single bubble attack that looks like it should hit low, but naturally doesn't. It has even less range than 5A, which means that you'll be using it very infrequently. Pretty much only good as a "once in a while" attempt at stuffing a dash-clash.


  • Little staff smack that doesn't look like Zon put a whole lot of effort into it. Judging by the mostly vertical hitbox and the fact that hitting an aerial opponent causes them to fall, this move is supposed to pass for an anti-air. Curiously enough, opponents hit by this move are not placed in a juggle state, which seems to defeat the purpose of knocking them out of the air. Only try using this if your opponent is right next to you and you think they might try jumping.


  • Slightly upward staff swing that looks very similar to Zon's 236X animation. A better alternative to comboing with 5C, this move is one of the more useful C moves.


  • Black cloud sweep that seems to be Zon's only low normal. It has about the same range as 6A, which certainly isn't great, but isn't the worst in Zon's arsenal either. The best part about this move is the fact that it is cancellable, giving you many more options on oki.



  • Looks almost exactly the same as 5A. The only way to tell the difference is by watching how far out the bubble moves and noticing the slight change in range. Use it in place of 5A when you want slightly more range.


  • Another normal that looks virtually identical to its regular counterpart. Once again, the only real difference is range. Will combo into 236236X and 214C.


  • Very similar to 5C, the difference being that the staff travels slightly more horizontal and as such has slightly more range. The most obvious difference between this move and 5C is the fact that 6C is not cancellable. Not a terribly useful move.


  • Black cloud blowback attack. It seems like it should have more range than it does, but it actually has about the same range as 2C. Wall-bounces are very fun for Zon to land and 6D works pretty well for exploring those options.



  • Tiny bubble at the bottom of Zon's staff that comes out quick and can be used for the occasional clash or hitting something directly below him. Most useful as an instant overhead, but only while jumping forward. You're better off using j.B.


  • Downward staff swing. Used for hit-and-run teleport rushdown. For some bizarre reason, this move gives the same amount of meter as C moves. It can also be used as an instant overhead.


  • Looks exactly the same as j.B only slightly slower. More hitstun obviously, and it can also be used as an instant overhead of sorts, but only while jumping backwards.


  • Black cloud that uses the same animation as 5D. Good unclashable attack that can be used for cross-ups and the like.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Zon grabs his opponent, pulls his head back, then chomps on them, and sends them flying away.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Zon goes around behind his opponent, then chomps on their back, and sends them flying away.

Air Throw: 6D or 4D (in close)

  • Zon engulfs the opponent in a black cloud of death that hits twice. The direction of the opponent can be controlled with the choice of 4 or 6. Can be used as a juggle.


Zon's counter looks like the animation for his basic projectile and a successful hit on a grounded opponent near a corner will open up all of his wall-bounce options. Hitting an airborne opponent near the corner presents the opportunity to use 632146D or simply throwing a projectile on wakeup. Opponents hit by the mana counter at mid-screen can mostly be pinned down with projectiles on wakeup.


Phantom Soul: 236A/B/C

  • Ground-hugging bubble projectile that hits mid. Cannot be dash-clashed.
  • Button strength controls speed. A slowest, C fastest.
  • Interestingly enough, this projectile can be used to juggle falling opponents or catch them during their own jumps.
  • Burst cancellable.

Phantom Shift: 214A/B/C

  • Magical dash attack. Hits once.
  • Button strength controls distance of dash.
  • Will hit opponents out of the air and juggle them.
  • Can be cancelled into Phantom Mind.
  • Burst cancellable.

Phantom Mind: 214A/B/C (during Phantom Shift)

  • Leaping magical attack. Follow-up to Phantom Shift.
  • As a multi-hit technique, it is good for chip damage.

Phantom Mist: 421A/B/C

  • Counter stance that can be maintained by holding the button.
  • A works on jumping attacks, B works on mid-level attacks, and C works on low attacks. Note that this stance will ONLY catch attacks of the right type. ie. A won't stop lows. B won't work on jump-ins.
  • Will not work on projectiles or anything classed as such. It must catch a part of your opponent's body which includes D attacks.
  • A successful catch will damage the opponent and send them flying back. If near a wall, this will wall-bounce, allowing you time to juggle with Zon's many options after.

Stalker: 236D/214D/623D/421D (air also)

  • Command teleport.
  • The DP and reverse DP version put you into the air. Using them in the air puts you on the ground.

Fog: 632146D

  • Command throw of sorts that turns Zon into a black blob.
  • You can move left or right during this time, but you cannot jump or guard.
  • Overlapping with your opponent's sprite will trigger the throw animation which is unblockable.
  • After a few seconds, you will turn red and be able to move faster than before. After 8 seconds has passed without catching your opponent, you will return to normal.
  • Dangerous when used on its own, but works effectively with the Talisman IB or on wakeup in the corner.

Mana Bursts

Contamination: 236236A/B/C

  • Screen-filling projectile that hits up to 3 times.
  • At max range this move will only hit twice, but when close enough the third hit will connect and cause wall-bounce.
  • Extremely effective as an anti-air. Will typically clash with one hit but still hit the opponent for all the rest. If the opponent is too high up though, there is a chance they will only sustain one of the three hits.
  • Can be dash-clashed successfully but the opponent will be locked in the clash after Zon has already regained movement.
  • Stupidly safe on block.

Pollution: 214214D

  • Magic pillar super. Hits 14 times.
  • First hit is low but on block the remaining hits are mid.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
6A No Mid 19 6 +2 -1
2A No Mid 18 5 +2 -1
j.A Yes Overhead 6
5B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -4
6B Yes Mid 27 10 +2 -4
2B Yes Mid 25 10 +4 -4
j.B Yes Overhead 8
5C Yes Mid 43 18 0 -16
6C No Mid 38 18 +6 -16
2C No Mid 40 15 +1 -16
j.C Yes Overhead 12
5D Yes Overhead 34 19 +4 -5
6D No Mid 44 15 Blowback -14
2D Yes Low 34 13 Knockdown -11
j.D Yes Overhead 11