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Elion's victory screen


Elion is probably the closest thing to a "shoto" in Chaos Breaker, which makes him fairly easy to pick up and use. The elf warrior's selling points include: one of the best projectiles in the game, very good normals, high damage output, and a corner loop. Other than lacking a truly effective anti-air, Elion is a very good starter character and can go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

The Basics



5A or 5D or 2D > all Mana Bursts or 623A

  • Elion's three basic hit-confirms can be linked into all of his supers and his basic DP.

5D xx 623X

  • Basic overhead into DP combo. It's a pretty easy link so you won't need to time it that carefully.

5D xx 2D > 623A

  • Variation of Elion's basic DP combo. Only works on short characters, crouching characters or while a character is in the process of standing up after a knockdown.

2D > 236A > 623A or C

  • Low into Element Wall > Element Sword. The 623C version will whiff against most characters at mid-screen, but it will connect on everyone in the corner.

5C > 623D, 623X

  • Strong attack into launcher with DP follow-up. Works on everyone.

5C > 623D, 236A > 623C

  • Strong attack, launcher, juggle to follow-up. Only works on Nsidor and Goblin.

CH 5C>41236D>ACC, 623D, 623X

  • 5C must connect as a counter-hit in order for this combo to work. It is sometimes difficult to connect the 623D after the final C slash, so make sure you're as close to your opponent as possible.

5D xx 214214X, dash, 623C or 6C

  • Overhead into super. Good for taking your opponent to the corner and for comboing into 214214X and getting all the hits. You can start moving again after the last pillar of water comes out or once Elion has finished turning around. Dash up and do the DP to catch your opponent on the way down or use 6C if they're already too low for the DP or you want to go for the reset. Another thing to keep in mind is that 6C is the more damaging option of the two, but they should generally only be used to finish off an opponent.
    • Other options at mid-screen are: 6B > 41236D > CCC > 236A. This will reset the opponent and force them to eat a very large amount of chip unless they fail to block. It also forces your opponent to remain on the defensive and denies them the ability to tech-roll and regain lost ground. Just beware of accidentally getting 623D to come out instead of the Force Dash.
    • If your opponent has been taken to the corner, hit them out of the air with 6D and then use the Ice Blade SA on wake-up. It's practical and highly effective.


j.C, 5C > 214214X, (236A, 236A, 214214X)x2, 236A, 623C

  • Elion's 100% combo if done correctly. The 5C should space you perfectly to get 4 hits on Elion's super if you cancelled it properly, which will allow you enough time to juggle your opponent twice with 236A before they're low enough for the super. Ideally, you want to get 4 hits off of your super every time in order to do the 2 Element Wall juggles for a total of 20 hits in the end. This is fairly difficult to accomplish, but you can keep the combo going by simply hitting them once with 236A if they're too low (because you only got 3 hits instead of 4) and still come out dealing a large amount of damage.

j.C, 5C > 623D, (214214X, 236A)x3, 623C

  • Another variation on Elion's loop. You need to wait until your opponent is low enough after the 623D before you do your super in order to get the 3 hits necessary. From there, use 236A to maintain the juggle and then immediately perform your super. Repeat until your meter is drained, then 236A juggle to DP finish.


Item Compatibility

Ice Blade

  • Raises his attack power significantly and chipping normals make his 5A and 2A even more dangerous than usual. This is a highly recommended Item as the unblockable SA can make for some ruthless setups.

Mana Potion

  • Keeps your Mana Gauge filled for his 214214X which works great as an anti-air, is easy to combo into and is used for devastating corner loops.


  • If you successfully lock your opponent into place with the IB, following up with Force Dash to CCC is a powerful combo especially near the corner where you can follow-up with 623D into any number of other options. You can also use this as a loop if you have the meter.

Character Chemistry


  • His assist is good at putting a lot of projectiles on-screen at once and if you combine this with Elion's Element Shot, you stand a good chance of messing up any attempts at clashing. Vargan's assist is also useful in the corner as his last shot floats on hit, allowing you to start your own combo.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Evetta
  • Mara
  • Nsidor
  • Curse Head
  • GerhardsenII
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Vargan
  • Sandra
  • Bernhard
  • Fina
  • Goblin

Fair Matchups

  • Ramda
  • Orc
  • Zon
  • Troll

Disadvantage Matchups

Elion has no disadvantage matchups.

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • A quick, mid-level stab. Has absurd range for an A normal. Great for poking and pushing your opponent back where you want them. You'll be using this and 2A a lot.


  • A short-ranged slash. Despite how the animation looks, it has about as much range as 5A but is also slower. Use it if you're expecting a clash and need to cancel into something.


  • A turning upward slash that inches Elion forward. Can be used as a gimmicky anti-air at max range, but you'll mostly use it in the middle of combos. It also has a reverse hitbox.


  • One of the more useful overhead kicks in the game. It's relatively fast, fairly safe, and it links into his DP and both of his supers. Good on oki, just try not to overuse it. Also works as an anti-air under the right circumstances, but not really what it's intended for.



  • A quick stab similar to 5A, the difference being it has faster startup but more recovery. It has about the same range as 5B, but like most A normals, is not cancellable. Will link off of 5D if you're not sure about the hit or just want to tack on some chip if you have the Ice Blade equipped.


  • A relatively-quick, overhead slash. Arguably Elion's best anti-air, despite its limited vertical hitbox. One of the best aspects of this move, is the fact that it has the same horizontal reach as 5A, which can be used to poke your opponent and keep them from jumping.


  • A heavy, turning slash that acts as Elion's sweep. Outside of jump-in combos with j.C, this move is best used at max range to avoid reversals. Useful for unblockable setups and starting up Elion's oki game.


  • Typical low-hitting cancellable meaty that can be used to set up all sorts of situations. Use this for your high/low mix-up game on oki as an alternative to 5D. It is possible to link this move into his DP or super rather than cancelling it.



  • Does not have.


  • A lunging stab and Elion's farthest-reaching poke. The startup and recovery make it a terrible move to use at anywhere outside of max range, so make sure your opponent is out of 5A range before trying to use it. If an opponent clashes with one of your fireballs, use this move to stab them in the face.


  • Spinning circular slash that moves Elion forward a great deal. Has little to no practical use outside of trying to punish a clash or as a reset after 214214X. 6B has better range, is cancellable, and doesn't put you right next to the opponent while you're in recovery. Try not to use this move.


  • Elion's mighty boot. Fairly quick startup and decent range. As one of the few 6Ds in the game that is actually cancellable, it can be used in a number of different ways, such as setting up his corner loop. This is yet another one of Elion's moves that moves him forward, so be careful using it.



  • A downward, angled stab that's useful as a quick air-to-air and a decent instant overhead that works on everyone except the short characters and the short crouchers like Ramda and Evetta. Use it when speed is a priority whether it's for clashes or counter-poking.


  • A fan-shaped slash that's only really good for clashing, especially against air fireballs. The back of the hitbox can be used to hit an opponent as you're jumping over them, but the game does not regard it as a true cross-up. This is much easier to accomplish on tall characters like Bernhard and Curse Head, than on regular characters, but still isn't really worth the risk.


  • Flying half-circle of steel. Has more horizontal range than j.B and great for jump-ins. Can be used for cross-ups with the right timing, but you won't be using it a lot for that purpose.


  • An upward kick that's okay for air-to-air. Decent anti-clashing jump-in, but sometimes difficult to connect properly due to the fact that it hits sideways and not down. Combos into 6D.

Normal Throws

Forward Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Elion impales his opponent with his sword, then roundhouse kicks them off the blade. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Elion vaults over his opponent's head, then slashes them in the face after he lands on the ground. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.


A solid kick that's similar to Elion's 6D animation, only it moves him much further forward and as such, has fantastic range for a mana-counter. Near the corner, DP follow-ups are a simple task and the opponent can also be juggled with 236A to add more damage or to start his loop. At mid-screen or after an air hit, Elion's basic options are applying mixup on oki with either 2D or 5D. It's also not a bad idea to chuck a fireball to meet them.


Element Wall: 236A/B/C (Can be used in air)

  • Stationary projectile that appears directly in front of Elion.
  • Can be used to juggle an airborne opponent.
  • Button strength affects how quickly the projectile appears on-screen and how much hitstun it generates.

Element Shot: A/B/C After Element Wall

  • Water projectile that travels in a straight line.
  • Button strength affects projectile speed and how quickly it appears on-screen. A version travels the slowest, but appears the fastest. C version travels fastest, but appears slowest.
  • Can be Tiger Knee'd (2369) to great effect.
  • A version can be used to cover an advance.
  • Excellent pressure tool.

Element Sword: 623A/B/C After Element Wall

  • 3-hit uppercut used after Element Wall.
  • Button strength affects height.
  • Can be difficult to perform as the cancel window is very small.

Guardian Sword: 623A/B/C

  • One-hit anti-air sword slash. The "Swordyuken".
  • Button strength affects height and angle of slash. A is short and shallow, C is high and wide.
  • A version comes out very fast and is useful for juggles and links.

Force Dash: 41236D (Follow-up with A/B/Cx3)

  • A short dash that can be followed-up with up to 3 consecutive slashing attacks.
  • There are 8 possible attacks that can be used: 5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6B, and 6C. These attacks generally inflict less damage than their regular normal counterparts, but are safer on block and become cancellable when they originally were not.
  • Performing a Mana Burst during Force Dash counts as a special burst cancel and will consume 1.5 bars.
  • CCC inflicts a lot of damage and generates a large amount of meter.

Guardian Kick: 623D

  • Launching high kick that puts the opponent into a juggle state.
  • Cannot be clashed. (It's a kick, after all.)
  • Can be comboed off of 5C.
  • Is extremely slow to come out and should only be used in combos.

Mana Bursts

Element Slash: 236236A/B/C

  • 9-11 hit autocombo.
  • One of the few autocombos to include clash frames at startup.
  • Extremely punishable on block.

Awaking Element: 214214A/B/C

  • 5 hit water pillar attack.
  • Cannot be dash-clashed in its entirety.
  • Easily comboed into and numerous ways to juggle after.
  • Attack is separate from the player, so it can be stopped with Mana Counter.
  • Invincible on startup.

Great Element: 214214A+B+C

  • Rare 3-bar Mana Burst.
  • Cannot be burst-cancelled into.
  • Huge projectile that covers the screen. Opponent left in juggle state after hit.
  • Since it is only one large projectile, it can be clash-dashed properly.
  • Complete and total waste of Mana.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 19 8 +4 -1
2A No Mid 18 6 +3 -1
j.A No Overhead 6
5B Yes Mid 28 9 0 -4
6B Yes Mid 32 11 -2 -4
2B Yes Mid 27 8 0 -4
j.B Yes Overhead 8
5C Yes Mid 38 15 +2 -16
6C No Mid 40 17 +3 -23
2C No Low 40 15 Knockdown -23
j.C Yes Overhead 13
5D No Overhead 32 19 +6 -3
6D Yes Mid 39 13 Blowback -16
2D Yes Low 22 8 +5 -4
j.D Yes Overhead 9