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Fina's victory screen pose


Fina is a magic-based character which gives her a slight edge over certain characters, but also cripples her against others. Her primary offensive power comes from her array of projectiles and her ability to DP juggle, but the fact that her basic fireballs can be easily clashed with little fear of punishment, makes her zoning game incredibly weak. She is also surprisingly slow and her terrible defense makes her a very "high risk/high reward" character.

The Basics

  • Nearly all of Fina's ranged normals push the opponent too far back to actually combo with any of her special moves, which means her only real source of damage is within A range.



6A > 623A, 623X

  • Basic double DP combo. Best used at point-blank range. In the off-chance your opponent is outside of 623A range after the first DP, use one of the other variations to make up the distance.

5D xx 6A > 623X, [623X]

  • Overhead link to double DP. Works best on wakeup. For regular standing characters, the link is easiest to do at 5D's max range, but you may have trouble connecting with two DPs at mid-screen. It's also easier to get both DPs if you do this combo in the corner, otherwise, it might be easier to just do 6A > 623C.

6A > 214214X

  • This is hard as hell to pull off and requires some mad buffering skills, but it can be surprisingly useful when done right. Just bear in mind that it isn't the easiest to do.

j.C, 6B > 623X, 623X or 236236X

  • Jump-in to your choice of double DP or super. You can use this as a regular jump-in or a cross-up, so you'll have to change which strength of DP you're going to use depending on how far away your opponent is. If your opponent is all the way out of DP range, you can still tag them with the super.

j.C/j.D, 2D > 214214X or 236236X

  • Meaty cross-up into super. Does around 50% damage on most characters. It is possible to accidentally hit your opponent outside of the range of 214214X if the j.C or j.D did not connect properly, so if you're doubting your spacing, use 236236X instead. Less damage overall but saves you the agony of a whiffed super.

41236D, 236236X

  • Low fireball to super. A good way to throw off opponents who like to clash-dash through all of your projectiles. There's a slight delay between when the first hit ends and you can start inputting commands again. The timing isn't overly difficult.


6A > 623A, 623A, 623A or 236236X

  • Only works on Nsidor and Goblin. Since both characters have such long falling hitboxes, it's incredibly easy to DP juggle them over and over. It is even possible to hit Nsidor with 623A up to FOUR times in the corner or three times and then do Fina's super. You'll need to omit 6A if you want to hit Nsidor 3 times and then use a super, otherwise you'll just get 2 DPs and a super to connect.

Requirements: Shining Bow

j.C, land, 2C, 2C > IB, 2C > 623A, 623A > IB, 2C > 623A, 236236X

  • Fina's ridiculous 100% combo. You'll need to hit your opponent with the bottom of the j.C to avoid pushing her out of range for her 2C. Supercancel into the IB during the second 623A and just link the last super.

Requirements: Nagar Assist

2B/2D > Nagar Assist, 623AxN

  • Similar to Nagar Loops with other characters, Fina needs to hit the opponent just as they get struck my Nagar's fireball to hit them up as high as possible. After that, just keep mashing DP until they touch the ground. A good turnout will score around 4-5 reps, which (depending on the opponent and your currently-equipped Item) can mean most of their lifebar is gone.

Requirements: Nagar Assist + Magic Enhancing Item

j.C, (2C > Nagar Assist)x3, 2C > 623A, 623A

  • A more meter-heavy version of the above combo that takes advantage of Fina's rarely-used launcher. The most important part of this combo is waiting until the fireball connects before re-launching with the 2C or the opponent will hit the ground far too soon. The return on this combo versus how much meter is spent isn't quite balanced, but it will do around 90% depending on what Item is equipped.


Item Compatibility


  • Using the IB to hold your opponent in place, this opens up combo possibilities that might not otherwise be feasible.

Spiked Mace

  • Use the Item Burst as a way to keep your opponent locked down in blockstun, during which time you can use Mana Charge (214[D]) for free.

Shining Bow

  • Can be used in the same way as Spiked Mace to acquire free meter, but also has some use in closing the distance as the SA cannot be dash-clashed. Also used for Fina's 100% combo.

Shining Staff

  • Fina's specialized weapon and a great way to boost the strength of her attacks. Makes her 214214X super even more dangerous than usual.

Seven Keys

  • While it is a rare item that you cannot choose from the character select screen, the Seven Keys give Fina a massive bonus to magic damage which can completely destroy characters with low magic resistance. Even characters with otherwise good magic resistance will feel the sting of her supers a lot more acutely.

Character Chemistry


  • Pairing these two femme fatales together can lead to some heavy damage in the corner if you manage to time your DPs right. The trick, of course, is actually getting the assist to connect.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Nsidor
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • GerhardsenII

Fair Matchups

  • Goblin

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vargan
  • Elion
  • Sandra
  • Zon
  • Troll
  • Bernhard
  • Mara

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
  • Ramda
  • Orc
    • With his 236B, Orc can easily roll under and punish Fina's basic projectiles for big damage if he scores a wall-bounce combo. The fact that most of his attacks are physical-oriented and Fina is weak against them certainly doesn't help matters either as he can easily take off most of her life in a single corner combo.
  • Evetta
  • Curse Head
    • Fina needs to get up close in order to do any real damage, which means she's in the prime position to be hit by command throws. Couple that with the fact that Curse Head does pure physical damage which Fina has a low tolerance for and you have a bad matchup in the making.

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Fina extends a glowing hand. There's pretty much no reason to use this move when 6A does the same thing and does it much better. For some reason, the blocking animation is that of 6B instead of what it should be. Try not to use it.


  • A relatively quick swing of the staff. Yet another normal that's inferior to its command counterpart. The best use for this move is for clashing since it has a slightly vertical hitbox and it covers more area than 6B.


  • Heavy bash with the side of the staff. Horrible range, terrible start-up, and bad recovery make this move pretty much useless. Use it as filler to tack on more damage at the beginning of a punish, but that's about it.


  • A leaping overhead kick. The animation makes it tricky to block at times and you can link to her A normals or her DP on hit. Another interesting tactic is to intentionally whiff this move in the corner after a knockdown to make your opponent block standing. This can be done to land a throw or to land a low immediately after. It's gimmicky, but worth a try.



  • Low glowing hand. Pretty much identical to 5A, except that it hits slightly lower, but not low enough to stop a clash-dash. It can be linked into Fina's DP in much the same way as 5A, except for the fact that 2A is slightly better on block.


  • Staff poke that hits low. It has little more reach than her A normals, which makes the fact that it hits low it's only redeeming quality. It will combo into fireballs at meaty range, but you're better off using supers if you plan to combo off of it. Good for mix up when poking with 6B and it's also one of Fina's only effective ways of stopping dashes.


  • Upward staff bash that launches on hit and is supposed to pass for an anti-air. The hitbox is mostly vertical and actually has less horizontal range than any of her A normals which makes it extremely hard to use. Outside of Fina's 100% loop, there's really REALLY no reason to ever use this terrible move.


  • Two-stage Kyo Kusanagi-style kick that hits low and is cancellable on either hit. Despite its appearance, you cannot use this move to pass under projectiles, however, it can be used to worm your way under your opponent and move out of certain situations. While it isn't really "safe" on block, this is a good move to use when spaced correctly and makes for an easy hit confirm.



  • Looks incredibly similar to 5A, the difference being that it's a swipe rather than just an extension of her hand. This is a good close-ranged poke that can be easily cancelled into 623X (the 6 buffers the motion) and can be linked from her 5D. Make sure you use this move instead of 5A and remember that it's only cancellable on hit.


  • Forward staff jab that just happens to be Fina's best poke. It's great in terms of range and for basic footsies, but the problem is that you can't get much return on an actual hit. Fireballs will usually come out as a DP due to the 6 input, but that doesn't really matter since they wouldn't combo at max range anyway. The only move that will combo, outside of supers, is 623C, which in itself isn't terrible, but you can't double DP off of it. Use this move for ranged pokes or stuffing jumps and 6A for actual damage.


  • Spinning staff bash that has the longest range of all of Fina's normals. Not cancellable and terrible on block, there isn't much use for it. Ever.


  • Spinning blowback kick. It's not cancellable and doesn't really do anything fantastic that every other blowback kick doesn't do, although it does have a slight vertical hitbox that most moves of its type don't. This basically means that you can try using this as an anti-clashing anti-air, but do so sparingly.



  • Quick, short-ranged poke that's the same as all of Fina's other A normals. Really only useful in certain air-to-air situations.


  • Upward swing that hits mostly in front. Serves as a decent air-to-air at the right ranges.


  • Another spinning attack, this one being downward and having the potential to cross-up. It's difficult to combo into 2C, but works fairly well for cross-ups into supers.


  • Downward kick that can cross-up. A very handy anti-clashing tool that can be used to combo into her air fireballs or the air version of Divine Justice.

Normal Throws

Forward Throw: 6D (when close)

  • Fina laughs as she pulls her opponent in for a kiss which blasts her opponent with magic and knocks them down. She doesn't discriminate against race or gender. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (when close)

  • Fina grabs the opponent by the upper body and does some sort of suplex, throwing the opponent behind her. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.


Fina sends the opponent flying with a hit from her staff that looks the same as her 6B animation with a light magic effect put on top. She cannot score a free pursuit off an air hit like other characters can, but a wall-bounce will give the option of a DP juggle or 236236X super. Typically, hitting a standing opponent at mid-screen limits your options to fireballs on wakeup, but if they are close enough, you can consider using 41236D instead of 236X.


Judgement: 236A/B/C (can be done in air)

  • Large, single-hit projectile flies in a straight line.
  • Button strength affects speed. A slowest, C fastest.
  • For air version, button strength affects angle. A being steeper, C being wider.
  • Burst-cancellable, but only on hit so there's not much reason to do so.

Justice Sword: 623A/B/C

  • Light pillar anti-air attack.
  • Button strength affects how far forward Fina moves. A short, C long.
  • Hit puts opponent into juggle state. Only A version is fast enough to hit again.
  • Burst-cancellable.

Holy Wall: 214A/B/C

  • Wall of light that can hit opponents and clash one hit.
  • Button strength affects how far in front of Fina projectile appears. This also affects the duration of the move. A being shortest, C being longest.

Holy Shot: A/B/C (after Holy Wall)

  • Fina dashes forward with large projectile in front of her which activates in two stages.
  • Button strength affects distance of dash. A being short, C being long.
  • A version does not knockdown. B and C will knockdown.
  • Burst-cancellable.

Mana Charge: 214[D]

  • Mana charge. Zero to max mana gauge is about eight seconds.
  • There is lag between when the move is active and when the gauge starts charging.
  • Recovery after a charge is quite large, making the move extremely dangerous to use.

Holy Jail: 41236D

  • Low projectile that holds the opponent in place briefly.
  • After recovering, you can hit your opponent with 236C or 236236X at mid-screen. The corner opens up a few more options, but the window is still pretty small.
  • Cannot be cancelled into.

Mana Bursts

Divine Justice: 236236A/B/C (can be done in air)

  • Fires a series of independently-moving projectiles. 7 hits for ground, 5 hits for air
  • Comes out fast and is extremely difficult to avoid for most characters because of how long it is and how much of the screen it occupies.

Holy Tempest: 214214A/B/C

  • Large, light aura projectile with a large range. 11 hits.
  • Can be used as an anti-air, but will lose a lot of hits because of it.
  • Quite possibly the most consistently damaging super in the game, doing anywhere from 30-50%.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
6A Yes Mid 18 5 +2 -1
2A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
j.A Yes Overhead 5
5B Yes Mid 28 11 +2 -5
6B Yes Mid 27 9 +1 -5
2B Yes Low 27 9 +1 -5
j.B Yes Overhead 11
5C Yes Mid 42 17 0 -15
6C No Mid 42 17 +1 -15
2C Yes Mid 39 14 Float -16
j.C Yes Overhead 13
5D No Overhead 35 19 +3 -6
6D No Mid 44 13 Blowback -16
2D Yes Low 42 11 -2 -11
j.D Yes Overhead 11