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Troll's victory screen


Troll is the one and only charge character in the game who just happens to have a command throw that he can use to great effect. His overly large hitbox and very slow normals make him incredibly hard to play as for a beginner, but he is still one of the more viable characters in the game. Other than his command throw, his primary source of damage comes from counter-hitting his opponent with his Headbutt which just happens to have super armor. Patience and constantly looking for openings are what Troll is all about.

Character Feature

  • When stick is left in neutral, Troll will regenerate life.

The Basics




  • Slow normal, pounce, to supercancel. A pretty ridiculous combo that only works at point-blank range, but it does inflict a lot of damage like most of Troll's moves.


  • Fairly basic 2-in-1 that involves his club charge move. 5B combos into [4]6A and 2B combos into [4]6B. Probably not a combo you'll be using often.

5D > 63214C > juggle options

  • Overhead to command throw. Troll's overhead is gimmicky at best. Don't use this much.

63214C, 2C or Lv.2 Headbutt

  • Command throw to basic juggle. Essentially something you do when you don't have the meter for 236236X after the command throw. His C command throw does the most damage, but it also comes out the slowest. Feel free to mix in other command throws, bearing in mind the kind of damage return you're actually expecting. 2C is much easier to land than Headbutt, but Lv.2 Headbutt does more damage. Make sure you don't accidentally charge too long and use Lv.4 Headbutt or the inital rush forward will make the move whiff completely.

63214X, 236236A/B/C

  • Command throw to super. Activate the super a little while after the throw when the opponent is roughly level with Troll's head in order to get all the hits. Loses one hit off the super in the corner.

j.C, land, 5B/2B > 63214C > juggle options

  • Basic way to combo into the command throw as opposed to simply trying to land it out of the blue. Adds a decent amount of damage onto the combo.

6B/2B/5B > 236236D

  • Not an actual combo that you want to use, but an interesting tactic to use to punish a Mana Counter. Basically, once you see the flash from the opponent's Mana Counter, activate the super to have the invul frames go straight through it.


Requirements: Rune Ax

Headbutt Lv.3/4 > Rune Ax IB, Headbutt Lv.2

  • The idea is to activate the IB on the last hit of the Headbutt in order to catch them while they're in the air. Continue to hold D right as you activate the IB in order to keep the charge ready for the successive hit. You'll want to wait a little bit after the IB for your opponent to be low enough to take all the hits of the Headbutt and not just the one. Consumes 1.5 gauge but does a very solid amount of damage.


Item Compatibility

Demon Club

  • Troll's signature weapon which is slightly underwhelming as compared to much of the rest of the cast. It enhances the power of his attacks but gives him a bizarre magic boost which is not really needed since he's a purely physical character. Chipping normals are nice though and he does benefit at least a little bit from this item.

Nightmare Blade

  • A number of other weapons (Ice Blade, Rune Ax, Earth Hammer, etc.) bring up physical attack, which is good for Troll since he is a largely physical character, but the Nightmare Blade is good because of its SA. Using 63214X > 6B in the corner is a good way of trapping your opponent to land the unblockable. It will also work after 236236X or certain levels of Headbutt.

Mana Potion

  • As Troll isn't very good at meter-building, Mana Potions can be used to overcome this stumbling block. Considering the fact that Troll can do 50% damage after landing a single super, it's quite important for him to have meter available.

Shining Bow

  • The Stock Action is good for helping Troll get in closer to his opponent and he can use this time to buffer the charge of his Headbutt. The interesting part about the Shining Bow is that the IB grants Troll a ridiculously long amount of invincibility that no other character gets, which can be put to great use. It should also be noted that if the Shining Bow IB is used against Troll, his large hitbox makes him more susceptible to chip damage than other members of the cast.

Medal of Strength

  • While Troll already has a move that grants him super armor, the ability to land command throws without being counter-hit out of them is a very dangerous one. This tactic works most effectively when your opponent is cornered and has no easy way out outside of jumping, during which time you can punish their attempts by using 236236X.

Protection Ring

  • Troll has really bad magic defense and anything that can help soften the blow is certainly in his favor. There is also a chance that the ring will Block an attack for you, but the odds of this occurring are quite low and the chances it will be helpful when it does are even lower.

Invisible Mantle

  • While it seems like more of a bad joke than a legit tactic to use, the transparency that the Invisible Mantle bestows can make it difficult for your opponent to tell when a command throw is coming. Obviously, against the AI this tactic is useless, but it might be worth a try at least once against a human opponent.

Character Chemistry


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Mara
  • Fina
  • GerhardsenII
  • Goblin

Fair Matchups

  • Elion
  • Sandra
  • Zon
  • Nsidor
  • Curse Head

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vargan
  • Orc
  • Bernhard

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
  • Ramda
  • Evetta
    • One of Troll's most useful tools, the Headbutt, can be systematically and brutally shut down by Evetta's attack throw. Another reason this matchup is bad for Troll is because his hitbox is so huge and he is incapable of escaping the chip damage from Evetta's air super.

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Mid-level punch that comes out quick for one of Troll's normals. Which isn't saying much as it has a 10f startup. Not something you want to use very often.


  • Identical to the 5A animation, it comes out slower and does more damage. One of Troll's few cancellable moves.


  • Downward club swing.


  • Overhead stomp that pushes Troll forward a fair distance and has lower-body invincibility. Surprisingly enough, this move is actually cancellable, meaning that it is possible to hit your opponent with an overhead and then punish with a super. Not too shabby.



  • Lower-aimed punch that hits along the floor but will not stop clash-dashes. Has more range than 5A and also starts up faster (7f) which makes it slightly more useful as a poke.


  • A wide arc-shaped smack that will hit opponents out of the air at the proper angles. Another one of Troll's cancellable moves and one you probably won't be using very often for that purpose.


  • Upward club swing that serves as Troll's most useful anti-air and also works for juggles. A decent footsies tool when used at max range which is also useful for keeping your opponent just outside of 180 throw range.


  • Troll's one and only low which basically consists of him diving along the floor to knock the legs out from under his opponents. Since your main goal with Troll is landing command grabs and Headbutts, mixup isn't exactly your highest priority. Don't use this move unless you really have to. Or you want to try using it as a pursuit. Yes, I'm serious.



  • An upward punch that's pretty much aimed right in front of Troll's head and seems as though it's meant to serve as an anti-air. Unfortunately its piss-poor range and speed make it pretty useless for actually hitting opponents who are right next to Troll's head, but there is a small chance it will actually do what it's supposed to.


  • Troll's version of a blowback technique that most characters have assigned to 6D. It looks like an awkward slap with bad range and the recovery is so terrible that the only things you might be able to get off a wall-bounce are 2A or 236236X. The main use behind this move is the fact that it is only cancellable on block, which allows you to sneak in a command throw where you otherwise wouldn't be able to.


  • Another fine example of Troll's recycled animations, this move basically combines 5C and 2C and hits your opponent over the head first, then launches them up into the air. It also moves Troll slightly forward as he swings his club like a dumbass, but you're probably better off just using 2C.


  • Like 5D, but with crappy range, two hits and the ability to knockdown. Can be cancelled on the first hit.



  • A slightly angled jumping punch that works for clashing or trying (and probably failing) to get out the fastest air normal before your opponent does.


  • Suspiciously like 5A and 5B in that the animation is the same as j.A, only slower and with the range of the hitbox slightly increased.


  • Heavy jump-in that looks exactly like the other jumping normals, except for the swinging effect at the top of the hitbox which just happens to make it larger. You can use it as part of Troll's pressure game and also for comboing into his command throws.


  • More of a belly flop than a body splash, Troll's j.D doesn't extend to his entire hitbox and seems to be very limited in its actual usage. Almost like a more crappy version of Iron Tager's elbow drop that you can't actually combo from.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Troll grabs his opponent, pulls them close, then headbutts them away quickly. Don't use this. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Troll grabs his opponent, pulls them close, turns around, then headbutts them away in the opposite direction. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.


A headbutt that looks like a headbutt that headbutts and wall-bounces near the corner. Basic options after a wall-bounce are 6B, 236236X, or Troll's 2D pursuit if you're feeling particularly saucy. Opponents knocked out of the air can also be hit with Troll's pursuit, but standing opponents hit at mid-screen can't really be hit by anything.


Crush: [4]6A/B/C

  • Fiery club smash that knocks down.
  • Button strength determines speed and damage. A is fast, low damage. C is slow, high damage.
  • Can be used as an anti-air but is hardly an ideal one. Plummets on air hit.

Stomp: [2]8A/B/C

  • Jump move that moves Troll from one place to another. Can cross-up.
  • Only the A version can be comboed from and it must be at point-blank range.
  • The hitbox is only at the bottom of Troll's sprite and it has no invincibility, which means that you cannot try using this move like E. Honda's buttslam.
  • Burst cancellable.

Headbutt: [D], ]D[

  • Advancing headbutt with super armor in later charge levels.
  • Can be charged to different levels by holding down the button.
  • Lv.1 Headbutt. 2 hits. Charge for less than 2 seconds but more than 1 second of game time.
    • Extremely fast startup. Can be difficult to react to.
    • Wall-bounces on the second hit. Follow-ups are generally limited due to recovery.
  • Lv.2 Headbutt. 3 hits. Charge for less than 3 seconds but more than 2 seconds of game time.
    • Wall-bounce effect is no longer present.
    • Can be burst-cancelled on the 3rd hit.
  • Lv.3 Headbutt. 4 hits. Charge for less than 4 seconds but more than 3 seconds of game time.
    • Unlimited super armor for the duration of the move.
    • Burst cancellable on the 3rd or 4th hit.
  • Lv.4 Headbutt. 4 hits plus dash. Charge for more than 5 seconds of game time.
    • Unlimited super armor.
    • Can be burst-cancelled on the second hit.
    • Throw invincibility immediately after startup.
    • Lower-body invincibility immediately after startup.
    • After the second hit, all hits are considered overhead.
  • Cannot be clashed in any way.

Throw: 63214A/B/C

  • Command grab that smashes the opponent into the ground and floor bounces.
  • Button strength affects speed and damage. A is fast, low damage. C is slow, high damage.
  • Troll's hand can be hit as he's going in for the grab and will register as a counter-hit.

Endless Beating: A/B/C, repeatedly

  • Wild, rapid swinging of Troll's club.
  • A generates 3 swings, B generates 4, C generates 5.
  • Requires 6 successive inputs.

Mana Bursts

Beat to Death: 236236A/B/C

  • Troll smashes the ground with his club, sending boulders flying in all directions. 5 hits.
  • Important super used for command throw follow-ups, chip deaths, and even sometimes as an anti-air.

Trample to Death: 236236D

  • Three pounces followed by a flop.
  • Not the super you want to be using often.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 27 10 -2 -1
6A No Mid 31 8 -8 -1
2A No Mid 30 10 -5 -1
j.A No Overhead 10
5B Yes Mid 41 18 -4 -4
6B No Mid 47 13 Blowback -4
2B Yes Mid 42 17 +1 +1
j.B No Overhead 15
5C No Mid 51 23 -2 -16
6C No Mid 72 25/33 Knockdown -16
2C No Mid 54 18 Floats -16
j.C No Overhead 17
5D Yes Overhead 51 23 -2 -13
6D Yes/No Mid 53 16/27 Knockdown -11
2D No Low 49 23 Knockdown -11
j.D No Overhead 15