Chaos Breaker/Wind Boots

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Wind Boots - Doppelganger/Alter Ego - Use Count: 1

Possession Effect

Stock Action

  • Similar in aesthetic to Yang's Super Art 3 in Third Strike, but somewhat different in application. This item's SA creates a silhouette directly behind you that can extend basic chain combos or short corner combos, but seems to be limited to just that. For some characters you can create difficult loop setups, but for the majority of characters this item pales in comparison to better choices.

Item Burst

  • While on the surface the Wind Boots IB may look like it has the same effect as the Stock Action, there is another less obvious use for it: a version of Roman Cancels.
  • Using the IB during a special or super move (as long as it is cancellable in that way) will cancel that move and return your character to a neutral state, albeit one with the doppelganger effect activated. This allows you to safely cancel a move that would otherwise be unsafe on block and in some cases, even on whiff. The unfortunate drawback to this trick is that it is very meter-dependent and consumes half the gauge for a special move and the entire gauge for a super.