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Dorgan's victory screen


Playing as Dorgan is an uphill battle, as his overall range is poor and his offensive options are relatively weak. He lacks the meter-building options of the other characters and it can be difficult for him to score damage. The only reasons you should play as Dorgan are: for fun, for a challenge, or just for the satisfaction of landing his super throw.

The Basics



2A xx 2A xx 2A

  • Basic link that can't be dash-clashed and comes out fast enough that it's difficult to punish effectively.


  • Basic 2-in-1 to supercancel. 6B has slightly more range but comes out a tick slower. One of Dorgan's primary sources of damage.

j.D, land, 5B>236A

  • Anti-clash combo that works pretty well.

j.C, land, 6321463214X

  • Jump-in to super throw. Pretty straightforward.


j.C/6D/Mana Counter, 2C > [4]6B, [4]6A

  • This combo can be performed off a basic jump-in or 6D wall-bounce, but it's a lot more efficient to use a Mana Counter. When it comes to spacing, you need to be about halfway to the corner, just under the timer, if you're using a wall-bounce so that you have enough time to recover for the 2C and also so that you hit them with the highest part of it. Either way, once the 2C connects it is imperative that they land on top of the [4]6B, rather than being hit immediately by the special cancel. This will cause them to float high enough to be struck by the second hit and will also give you enough time to charge the [4]6A while the other attack is still going.

Requirements: Rune Ax

2C > Rune Ax IB, 2C > [4]6B, [4]6A

  • A nasty corner combo that requires the Rune Ax. Hit them high for the Rune Ax IB, then juggle them after for solid damage.

Requirements: Rune Ax

j.C, 5C > Rune Ax IB (x3), j.C, 5C > 236B

  • Basically a 100% combo that requires a full meter to do. Works best on Troll, but will also work to varying degrees on other tall characters like Nsidor, Bernhard, and Curse Head.


Item Compatibility

Rune Ax

  • Dorgan's signature weapon and an obvious choice due to its increased damage and fairly useful IB. Chipping normals are a nice bonus as well.

Blood Sword

  • An interesting choice for Dorgan that relies on the fact that his 2A has a very large amount of plus frames which allows him to link the Blood Sword IB after. Most effectively used in the corner, this can hold the opponent in place while you score a highly damaging j.C combo. The trick is using 2A 2A or spacing the 2A just so in order for all 3 hits of the IB to connect. At mid-screen your options seem to be limited to Dorgan's charge moves.

Character Chemistry


Serious Advantage Matchups

Dorgan has no serious advantage matchups.

Advantage Matchups

  • GerhardsenII

Fair Matchups

  • Mara
  • Curse Head

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Sandra
  • Bernhard
  • Goblin

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
  • Vargan
  • Elion
  • Ramda
  • Orc
  • Zon
  • Evetta
  • Troll
  • Nsidor
  • Fina

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Small axe swipe that comes out fairly quickly, but isn't really useful for anything outside of clashing or air resets. Combos into itself on counter hit like most A normals.


  • Medium axe swipe that looks similar to 5A, but has slightly better range and can actually be used to combo into things. This move functions as Dorgan's basic poke and can be comboed into 236A to do okay damage (with supercancel options) or just to score some safe chip damage.


  • Heavy axe chop that makes Dorgan take a step forward and has a sizeable vertical hitbox. It can be used as an anti-air if necessary, but all versions of [4]6X start up faster and also have the ability to knock down on hit. 5C is primarily used after jump-ins with j.C to score major damage, since you can combo 236B off of it and also have the supercancel option.


  • Hop kick that can't be comboed into anything and isn't much use beyond occasionally trying to surprise the opponent with an overhead.



  • Lower axe swipe that hits mid and stops dashes. Starts up in 6F and can be linked into itself up to 3 times. It's not terribly impressive, but it's a safe and consistent way to do damage.


  • Axe nudge that has slightly more range than 5A and 2A and just a tick less than 5B. An okay crouching alternative to what 5B is used for.


  • Wild upswing that knocks Dorgan on his ass and moves him slightly forward. In spite of its goofy animation, 2C is actually really useful because it launches opponents quite high up, can be used as an anti-air and is cancellable.


  • Sliding kick that knocks down opponents on hit. It has okay range, but is pretty slow and fairly easy to avoid.



  • Does not have.


  • Dorgan turns his back to the opponent and thrusts the axe blade over his shoulder in a really bizarre way that adds range to it. It also gives it a slightly more vertical hitbox. An alternative to 5B that has slightly more range and also enjoys limited use as an anti-air at the appropriate angles.


  • Two-hit spinning swing that knocks down on the second hit. It looks ridiculous and can't be cancelled into anything, but it works for the occasional knockdown attempt. Don't use it often.


  • Angry dwarf tackle. Blowback move with the usual properties. Can be comboed into 236A/B or 2C > [4]6B > [4]6A, but not very easily as it requires the right spacing.



  • Tiny chop similar to 5A that's good for clashing or just getting out a quick normal. It works as an instant overhead but j.B is better suited for the job and also does more damage.


  • A scooping motion that comes out surprisingly fast and also works well for clashing. Will combo from a landed j.C. Can be used as a fairly effective instant overhead on everyone except fellow dwarves and Zon.


  • Dorgan does a forward flip with his axe blazing a trail in front of him. Can be used to cross-up.


  • Axe dive that goes straight down and knocks the opponent down on hit. It can only be performed as Dorgan is falling down from a jump and there's a slight pause before his actual descent.


  • Awkward-looking hop kick that's pretty much exactly the same as the 5D animation.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Dorgan climbs onto the opponent to be at their level, then delivers a solid headbutt that knocks them to the ground. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Dorgan picks the opponent up and lifts them over his head and drops them behind him in something resembling a gorilla press drop. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.


A lunging headbutt similar to Dorgan's 6D animation, that can be linked into 2C, 236A/B, and 6B for a reset. Hitting a standing opponent at mid-screen doesn't really present Dorgan with a lot of options, but an air hit will allow him to make an attempt at crossing-up with j.B or j.D as his high/low mixup game is practically non-existent.


Target Wall: 236A/B

  • Fiery axe slash that hits mid.
  • A version is faster and will combo from B normals.
  • B version is slower and more damaging but only combos from C normals and counter-hit B normals.
  • Burst cancellable.

Target Floor: 236C

  • Fiery axe slash that hits low and knocks down.
  • Cannot be comboed into unless you score a counter-hit C move at meaty range. Use it more as a mixup tool or surprise attack.

Target Bottom: 214A/B/C

  • Flying overhead axe slash that knocks down.
  • Button strength controls distance. A is basically on the spot, B is further forward, and C is the farthest forward.
  • Plummets on air hit.

Rock Cutter: [4]6A/B/C

  • Spinning axe attack that travels in a straight line.
  • A version travels a short distance, hits once and knocks down. Starts up in 5F.
  • B version travels farther but also hits once and knocks down. Starts up in 7F.
  • C version travels the furthest, hits up to 5 times, and only knocks down on the last hit. Starts up in 9F.
  • Damage is roughly the same for each version.
  • Can be used as an anti-air.

Ore Carry: 632146A/B/C

  • Command throw that picks up the opponent, carries them for a bit, then tosses them down.
  • Button strength controls distance carried. A = short, C = long.
  • Pressing 22A/B/C is a follow-up known as Ore Break. Input window is fairly small.

Mana Bursts

Destroying Mine: 236236A/B/C

  • 8-hit autocombo involving slashing and explosions.
  • Button strength controls the length of the dash after the 4th hit. A is short, C is long.
  • Every part of the super can be dash-clashed, with the exception of the last hit, which is the explosion.

Rock Break: 6321463214A/B/C

  • Super throw with a large explosion.
  • Entirely physical attack which benefits from items like Demon Club and Earth Hammer.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 17 6 +4 -1
2A No Mid 15 6 +6 -1
j.A No Overhead 6
5B Yes Mid 24 9 +4 -4
6B Yes Mid 25 10 +4 -4
2B Yes Mid 26 11 +4 -4
j.B No Overhead 11
5C Yes Mid 46 17 -4 -16
6C No Mid 66 19/33 Knockdown -21
2C Yes Mid 59 16 Float -16
j.C No Overhead 13
5D No Overhead 36 19 +2 -7
6D No Mid 42 15 Blowback -17
2D No Low 42 15 Knockdown -17
j.D No Overhead 9