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Orc's victory screen


Orc is a character that excels at juggling and is good at applying pressure through the use of his many different summons. He has very good normals, effective supers, and decent damage output. His only drawbacks are his relatively low magic defense, his wider than usual hitbox, and slightly challenging playstyle.

The Basics



214C, j.B

  • Unclashable orc summon to air reset. It's the quickest way to get more damage off a successful hit from your big friend.

2B>214C, 236B

  • Combo into "upper". 236B needs to be performed immediately after in order to connect.

6A/5B>62314D, 623C

  • Staple Orc BnB. 6A is only cancellable on hit and 5B has more range. After the 4th hit of 63214D, just nail them with the DP for more damage.

j.C, 5B>236B [xx 236B]

  • Jump-in, wall-bounce to possible second hit. The j.C can be omitted if you just want to quickly send your opponent flying in the other direction. If you position yourself at half-screen or just outside of it, you should land the wall-bounce. The basic idea is to start rolling (hold B) after the first hit, then release when you're in range of the second.

5B>63214D, 2B>236C

  • Only works on Nsidor and Goblin. If you use this particular combo in the corner, feel free to add 623C as well.

214B, 214214D

  • A silly combo that makes use of the Orcish spearman. The basic idea is to perform it in such a way as to get your opponent to bounce off the wall and into an aerial state, then juggle them with the tank. Not really practical, but fun all the same.


2B, 2B > 236C, 623C

  • Tack on j.C at the beginning for more damage. The timing isn't really tight and it's more damaging than Orc's standard BnB. Use this combo on Vargan and Dorgan instead of the one below.

j.C, 2B > 236C, 2B > 236C, 623C

  • A variation on the above combo that requires slightly more precise timing. This combo also doesn't work properly on Vargan and Dorgan because of their size.

j.C, 5B>63214D, 63214D > 214214D or 623X

  • Only works on Nsidor and Goblin. Thanks to their ridiculous falling hitboxes, you can easily hit them with more than one 63214D. The 214214D will only work on Goblin as Nsidor can not be hit properly by all of the hits of the second 63214D.

5B>63214D > 236236A

  • Basic corner variation on Orc's standard BnB. The super cancel must be performed on the last hit of 63214D RIGHT as it connects in order to avoid the launch and get all the hits.

Requirements: Nagar Assist

j.C, 2B>214C, 2B, Assist, 2Bxn, 2B>236C, 623C

  • Only works on Troll, Gerhardsen, and Manticore. Does around 50% damage without any stat boosts, and does around 90% damage with Spike Mace. This combo is possible without using the assist, but it won't do as much damage and you won't be able to land as many 2B reps before they come back down.

Requirements: Spike Mace + Nagar Assist

j.C, (2B > Nagar Assist, 2B, 2B)x3 > 2B > 236C > 623C

  • The same idea as the combo used on the larger characters, the difference being that you can blow all 3 bars to do a 100% combo depending on the character. Make sure you delay the assist after 2B on the initial launch to ensure Nagar connects properly, then work on timing the 2B reps in order to hit your opponent up as high as possible. The goal of your 2B reps is to hit the opponent up high enough that they land on top of Nagar's fireball so they take full damage from the assist and also bounce higher into the air. This will allow you hit them even higher after and allow you to maintain a comfortable juggling height for subsequent assists or the 236C finisher.


Item Compatibility

Spike Mace

  • Orc's specialized equipment which brings his attack power up by a very large amount. He also benefits from being able to put more summons on-screen more quickly and making his opponent guess whether he's using his 214214D super or the IB.

Rune Ax

  • Raises attack power by a decent amount, but more importantly, opens up the ability to burst-cancel into the IB for massive damage. Works well at mid-screen and in the corner and can be followed-up with 623C after. Also works for 100% loop setups off of 2B.

Shining Bow

  • Similar to the Rune Ax IB, but can also be performed off of 2B. In the arcade version, the Shining Bow could be used to exploit the guard-switching glitch and create an unblockable setup, but this has been patched in the console version.


  • Use the Item Burst during 63214D at either mid-screen or in the corner to create some highly damaging setups. Doing this in the corner will allow you to juggle your opponent mercilessly with 2B.

Any Item with unblockable SA

  • An effective way to add more damage to 236B combos and also a good way to make use of anti-air Mana Counters as Orc lacks a 2D pursuit.

Character Chemistry


  • Used in the corner to put your opponent into the air, allowing you time to juggle them.


  • Another assist using primarily for putting your opponent into the air. Get them in the corner and let the carnage begin.


  • Goblin's assist comes out fairly quick, hits overhead and launches, and does a lot of damage with a single hit, making it an effective choice for corner juggles.


  • Nagar can create devastating loops for any character with a decent launcher and Orc's ability to juggle with ease takes advantage of this on a whole new level.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Sandra
  • Evetta
  • Bernhard
  • Mara
  • Curse Head
  • Fina
  • GerhardsenII
  • Goblin
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Zon
  • Troll
  • Nsidor

Fair Matchups

  • Elion

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Ramda

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
  • Vargan

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Mid-level hatchet poke with very little range. Good for clashing and linking into 236236A, it comes out fast and works well for scoring counter hits.


  • Medium-ranged smack with Orc's banner. Has a smaller hitbox than it looks but works well for comboing into special moves like 236B and 63214D. A decent poke and good for applying pressure with summons on block.


  • Heavy upward hatchet slash that the AI seems to think is an anti-air. While it can be used as one, it is hardly safe to do so and should be used sparingly. Best used for punishing your opponent after they've made a very big mistake.


  • Headbutt overhead with a lengthy startup that you don't want to use in your mixup game. It has a surprising amount of reach because of the way Orc stomps as he performs the move, but the number of times you'll actually use it are pretty small. Cannot be comboed from.



  • Lower hatchet poke that stops dashes in their tracks. Like 5A, it comes out quick and combos into itself on counter hit. Good close-ranged poke.


  • Upward jab with Orc's banner that is used for a lot of his most damaging loops and combos. It's fairly quick, but shouldn't be abused too much. The fact that it's so quick and launches the opponent nicely into the air makes it very very useful and incredibly deadly. Works well as an anti-air with the right spacing.


  • Low-hitting hatchet chop that knocks opponents down. Since Orc practically falls to the ground while he's performing this move, it is not the safest move in his arsenal. It has decent range and works well as a surprise attack but should be used with caution.


  • A low kick that does not look low at all and would make CT Hakumen proud. Has pretty good range for a low of its type and will combo into 236B or 63214D. A very handy move.



  • Quick hatchet chop that has slightly more range than 5A and is cancellable on hit. Cancel timing can be pretty tight for certain moves but it will open up a number of options on hit. At the appropriate ranges, this move can be used to outpoke your opponent with its speed and slightly larger range.


  • Orc's longest reaching ground poke that suffers only from its inability to be cancelled. Good for zoning, applying pressure, and keeping your opponent in blockstun while they're taking slip damage from 214214X.


  • Heavy hatchet chop that cannot be cancelled and mostly serves as a ranged punish. It has about as much range as 6B, but obviously does more damage.


  • An alternative to kicking, Orc lunges forward, headfirst, to blast his opponents across the screen. Like its brother, 5D, this move suffers from a fairly large startup and is somewhat limited in its actual usage. Seems to work as a really awkward anti-air as the actual hitbox is near the top of Orc's head.



  • Downward hatchet poke that starts up incredibly fast, which makes it great as an instant overhead and even better for clashing. This move is amazing for clashing and will stop a lot of things if done properly. It also has the ability to cross-up, although j.D is generally better suited for the task.


  • Angled poke with Orc's banner that has incredible reach and makes it very useful for poking and in air-to-air encounters. It also works as an incredibly effective and annoying way of playing keep away with your opponent and is fairly good for clashing as well.


  • Heavy downward hatchet chop that works like most jump-ins of its type. Good for adding on damage to the beginning of many of Orc's combos and can be used for clashing attacks that hit under Orc, rather than in front of him.


  • Jumping kick that stuffs clash-dashes and will cross-up at the appropriate ranges. Good for guessing games and getting in close to your opponent.

Normal Throws

Forward Throw: 6D (when close)

  • Orc throws his opponent to the ground in front of him and then stomps on their head 6 times. Good for building meter.

Back Throw: 4D (when close)

  • Orc throws his opponent to the ground behind him and then stomps on their head 6 times. Still good for building meter.


One of the few Mana Counters in the game to get its own original animation instead of just reusing something else, Orc's looks like a modified version of his 2D that hits higher. Not one of the better ones in the game as it has somewhat limited range, but it gets the job done in some situations. Basic wall-bounce options consist of 623C, 236B, or any air reset. At mid-screen or after downing an air opponent, you have the option of dashing up and j.D or applying pressure with arrows or other projectiles.


Is Dope!: 236A/B/C/D

  • Rolling attack with upper-body invincibility with 4 different variations. Hold button to travel further forward.
  • A version is a downward slash similar to 6C. Only version that can be super cancelled. Plummets opponent on air hit.
  • B version is a blowback attack with the 6B animation. Will wallbounce the opponent.
  • C version is an upward slash similar to 5C. Can be used to juggle the opponent.
  • D version is a headbutt that knocks down on hit. Similar to 5D, except for the knockdown.

You Stupid!: 623A/B/C

  • Typical Dragon Punch style attack. Mainly used in combos.
  • A version has 1 hit, B and C version have 2 hits.
  • Button strength determines height and distance.

Open Fire!: 214A

  • Summons a group of 3 archers to fire on the opponent.
  • Is impossible to jump over since each arrow travels in a different trajectory and it can be difficult to clash depending on your distance.
  • Archers will retreat and hold their fire if Orc is hit during the animation and they have not yet loosed their arrows.

I Skewer!: 214B

  • Summons an orcish spearman to dash across the screen, run the opponent through, then toss them against the wall.
  • Counts as 2 hits but only needs to be clashed once. The wall hit counts as the second.
  • The spearman can be killed if an attack hits him instead of his spear.

Hell!: 214C

  • Summons a very large orc to uppercut the opponent into the air.
  • Cannot be clashed. Attacks can kill the summon or otherwise disable it.

Dance and Fuck!: 63214D

  • 4-hit autocombo that ends in a launcher.
  • Staple part of Orc combos that can be used to generate meter.
  • Certain hits can be clashed. The 3rd hit is a kick, which cannot be clashed.
  • Can be supercancelled into all 3 supers effectively with the right timing for the appropriate supers.

Mana Bursts

Teach You Good!: 236236A/B/C

  • Double headbutt to Shoryuken. Basic autocombo.
  • Not highly damaging, but comes out in 1F, making it very useful for punishes.
  • Button strength controls initial roll distance. A short, C long.

Abracadabra, Curse!: 214214A/B/C

  • Summons an Orcish wizard who fires a ball of magical energy that hits twice.
  • A successful hit will incur slip damage (damage over time) or drain the opponent's Mana Gauge. The effect is entirely random.
  • Button strength controls the basic trajectory of the magical ball.

Trample: 214214D

  • Summons a horde of orcs pushing a very large siege machine clear across the stage.
  • There is no way to stop the machine, but it can be avoided or dash-clashed. Very effective for trapping your opponent and/or finishing them off with chip damage if they don't know how to clash it properly.
  • Hitting Orc during the summon will allow him to move freely during the duration of the super, allowing him to do combos that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 17 5 +3 -1
6A Yes Mid 18 6 +3 -1
2A No Mid 17 6 +4 -1
j.A No Overhead 7
5B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -4
6B No Mid 30 11 0 -4
2B Yes Mid 35 14 Floats -4
j.B No Overhead 8
5C Yes Mid 44 17 -2 -22
6C No Mid 50 18 -7 -22
2C No Low 54 19 Knockdown -16
j.C No Overhead 15
5D No Overhead 43 20 -4 -13
6D No Mid 42 19 Blowback -8
2D Yes Low 31 11 -1 -10
j.D No Overhead 7