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Evetta's victory screen


Evetta is a speedy character with fast normals and a decent projectile. What she lacks in range, she makes up for with raw damage potential and the fact that she can cancel her DP into her super and make it completely safe on block. No other character can match Evetta for her ability to chip her opponent to death and only the Shining Bow IB (her signature weapon) comes close.

The Basics



2A/5A xx 623A

  • Really simple 2-in-1. It is possible to cancel either A normal, but it isn't necessary.

2D > 214A/B

  • Low kick to attack throw. Use the A version for shorter characters, but be aware that it can still be difficult to connect the move properly.

5C > 236D

  • Heavy to sliding kick. Won't combo properly at max range, so make sure you're inside of that.

5D xx 5A xx 623A (> 236236C)

  • Basic link combo to optional super cancel.

j.C, land, 6C, 623C (> 236236B/C)

  • Jump-in to launcher. The trick to this is just waiting until your opponent falls far enough back down after the 6C that all 3 hits of the 623C will actually connect. This also puts you in the optimal firing position for Evetta's air super for even more damage.

5D/6D > 236236B/C

  • Overhead to super. A fairly effective way of raining down death on your opponent without getting too fancy.


6C, Taunt

  • Ridiculous combo taken from the Japanese Wiki. Apparently it's very moe.

5D xx 5A xx 2D > 236D

  • Simple link combo that works best in the corner, but will connect on a number of crouching characters or characters with wide hitboxes at mid-screen. Tall characters like Nsidor, Bernhard, and Troll are more difficult to hit (while standing) because their hitbox screws up the 5D xx 5A link. This can usually be remedied by spacing your 5D so that it connects lower than it would at point-blank range. On Nsidor, it is simpler to just omit the 2D and do 5D xx 5A > 236D instead. Evetta's 5D will completely whiff on the short characters (Zon, Vargan, Dorgan) during their crouch.

j.C, 5C > 623C > j.236236C, land, 623A > j.236236C

  • Devastating but extremely meter-heavy combo that can do around 100% damage if the planets align or you have a lot of luck. Even if you don't connect with all the hits necessary to kill your opponent in one combo, they will still be left with very little of their vitality left. The trick to getting full damage is to supercancel when your opponent is just above you, so when the super goes off, they get pushed further up and you have more time to hit the ground and recover to do the subsequent DP.


Item Compatibility

Shining Bow

  • Increases the number of hits on Evetta's 236X moves which brings up the overall damage and makes them more dangerous to clash.

Mana Potion

  • Good for keeping up Evetta's Mana Gauge since her super can do an incredible amount of regular and chip damage if used correctly.

Character Chemistry


  • Mara can be a very useful surprise attack if your opponent constantly clashes Evetta's arrows and will not come into range of her normals. A successful DP after can lead to heavy damage, if you have the meter.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Curse Head
  • Fina
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Troll
  • Bernhard
  • Nsidor
  • GerhardsenII
  • Goblin

Fair Matchups

  • Mara

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Sandra
  • Orc
  • Zon

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
  • Vargan
  • Elion
  • Ramda

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Dagger swipe that's fast enough to link into itself up to 3 times and is one of the few moves of its type that can be cancelled on hit. Great for close encounters and hit confirming into her DP or sliding kick. Can be linked off of 5D and will link into 2D.


  • Upwards dagger swipe that is intended as a quick anti-air. It has very poor range for footsies and has little to no use as a poke, unless you happen to think your opponent is going to jump.


  • Heavy dagger slash that is only outclassed by 6B in terms of range and is generally only used in combos, for punishes, or in very specific situations.


  • Overhead kick that has the amusing property of whiffing completely on short characters like Zon or Dorgan during their crouches. It can be cancelled into her air bow moves and links easily into a bunch of her moves, so it is still useful against taller members of the cast.



  • A crouching version of 5A that's similar to Elion's 2A in that it won't stop dash-clashes, but it has slightly more range than the standing normal. Can be linked into special moves in much the same way as 5A, but it won't link into itself or 2D.


  • Wide slash has more range than 2A and makes a good crouching poke.


  • Dagger sweep that has the same range as 2B.


  • Little foot poke that's very similar to a lot of other character's 2Ds and can be used for comboing into 236D and 214X. While it does come out quite fast and can link from 5D or 5A, it also not particularly safe on block.



  • Does not have.


  • Advancing dagger slash that has the most range out of all of Evetta's normals and is effectively her best ranged poke.


  • Upward launching slash that cannot be performed repeatedly, but can be used for various combos and is also cancellable. This move is best used after j.C or as a punish and is the only effective way to combo into 236236X.


  • Two-stage jump-in overhead kick that can be cancelled on the second hit. Can be used in place of 5D on the shorter characters.



  • Aerial version of 5A with a slightly larger vertical hitbox, if not much. Cannot be cancelled.


  • Double sideways slash that only clashes once. Outside of a low jump-in, you will never be able to get both hits to connect as an air hit will reset your opponent before the second hits.


  • Downward slash that can only be performed on the way down from a jump, not on the way up. Can also be performed off of a blocked 214X as an alternative to bow attacks.


  • Circular downward slash that can be used to cross-up.


  • Aerial kick that looks exactly the same as 5D. Can be used to cross-up.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Evetta climbs up her opponent, then kicks off the back of their head to do a flip, which knocks the opponent to the ground. Trades places with the opponent. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Evetta climbs up her opponent, then kicks off of their face to do a backflip, which knocks the opponent to the ground. Does not trade places with the opponent. Cannot be pursued on knockdown.


A wide slash that's the same as Evetta's 5C animation, it can be linked into 623C near the corner and possibly a supercancel if you have the meter. Downing an aerial opponent at mid-screen will open up the chance to use her 236D as a pursuit, but it is highly dangerous to do so. Simply firing an arrow on wakeup is a much safer alternative that will work on grounded opponents hit at mid-screen as well.


Arrow Shot: 236A/B/C (can be done in air)

  • Arrow projectile. Hits once normally, twice with Shining Bow.
  • Button strength controls angle. A fires straight ahead, B fires 30 degrees up, C fires 60 degrees upwards.
  • The air version inverts the buttons to an extent. A version is 75 degree diagonal, B is 45 degree diagonal, and C is 15 degree diagonal.
  • Holding the button will delay the release of the arrow but only during the ground version.

Dagger Slash: 623A/B/C

  • Dragon Punch attack.
  • Button strength affects height and number of hits. (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3)
  • Burst cancellable.

Somersault Attack: 214A/B/C

  • Aerial attack throw. Cannot be clashed.
  • On block, it is possible to fire an arrow or do her air super on the way back to the ground.
  • Switches places with the opponent.

Sliding Attack: 236D

  • Sliding two-hit move that hits low and knocks down.
  • First hit cannot be clashed, but it can be cancelled into 236236X. Why you would want to, I can only imagine.
  • Can be used as a pursuit.

Mana Bursts

Heaven's Arrow: 236236A/B/C

  • Fires a bunch of arrows that rain down across the entire screen. Generation is random.
  • Can be comboed into but the random nature of the super makes it difficult to use effectively.

Sky Arrow: 236236A/B/C (in air)

  • Fires a ton of arrows at your opponent. Angle control is similar to j.236X.
  • Impossible to clash in its entirety as there are far too many projectiles moving independently all at once.
  • Ridiculous amount of chip damage.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A Yes Mid 14 5 +6 -1
2A Yes Mid 17 5 +4 -1
j.A No Overhead 5
5B Yes Mid 28 9 0 -4
6B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -4
2B Yes Mid 26 9 +2 -4
j.B Yes Overhead 7/15
5C Yes Mid 40 15 0 -16
6C Yes Mid 42 16 Floats -16
2C No Mid 41 16 Knockdown -16
j.C Yes Overhead 13
5D Yes Overhead 34 21 +6 -3
6D Yes Overhead 47 10/34 +6 -3
2D Yes Low 20 5 0 -7
j.D Yes Overhead 9