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Vritra's victory screen


Vritra is, hands down, THE most agile character in the game and can easily bounce off the walls of the stage, attack his opponent, then leave and come back for more. He also has numerous dodging special moves and a very intimidating mixup game that grows more and more frightening with the knowledge that he can start an infinite with relative ease. While Vritra is not a character meant for beginners, a skilled Vritra player is a force to be reckoned with.

The Basics

  • 2D > 236D is easier to perform as 2D> 36D to avoid inputting 22D by mistake. A very handy crossover trick.



5A xx 623A or 236236X (on counter-hit)

  • Basic link that lots of characters have but, interestingly enough, Vritra can only combo into his super from a counter-hit.

2C(1)/2D > 236C (mash ABC)

  • Very basic BNB, though highly damaging. If about halfscreen from the corner, you are able to dash up, and 2D > 236D while they are still knocked down to create a very tricky crossover that can lead into another knockdown and more heavy damage.

5B/5C > 646B/C

  • Highly damaging 2-in-1 that sends the opponent flying. Performing this close enough to the corner to get a wall-bounce will allow you to sneak in a 2D and possibly another crossover.

j.C/j.D > j.214C > 623X/646X/214214C or 214A (mash A) > 623A/214214A

  • A basic way to float your opponent that leads to many many different options at midscreen. 623X is a really basic way to finish the combo and probably the simplest. 646X is a good option because it removes their ability to tech, giving you more oki options. 214214C is an easy way to make use of your meter and do a decent amount of damage. 214A adds more potential damage to the combo but also switches sides with your opponent, allowing you to push them more easily into the corner and once again presents the options of using a DP or super.

Requirements: Earth Hammer

j.C/j.D > j.214C > Earth Hammer SA > 646A/B (> 2D)

  • Floating the opponent, then hitting them with the Earth Hammer SA does a good chunk of damage and gives enough time to follow-up with 646A/B for a solid, untechable finish. The A version is your main go-to variant, but B can be used if the opponent is too far out of range. Sneaking in a 2D pursuit after is highly recommended.


j.C > j.214C > (Wall Kick)xN

  • Vritra's infinite, AKA the 1UP Combo. The trick to doing this is to buffer the directional input of the 66D into your dash forward, then jump forward and then immediately slide the joystick into down-forward position to hit D, so the motion ends up being something like 669~3D. This allows you to execute wall kicks much more consistently and smoothly, and using this motion you are actually able to use the wall kicks as completely safe instant overheads outside of combos.

j.C > j.214C > 623A > 623A

  • Basic double DP combo that you'll probably only use if you don't have time for the infinite, want to inflict enough damage to win the time out, or you're just too lazy to do the infinite. The only thing you need to worry about is letting your opponent fall low enough for the first DP in order to actually hit them since it pushes your opponent up far enough to hit them for the second.

j.C > j.214C > Wall Kick > 214A (mash A) > 623A/214214A

  • Another corner combo that isn't Vritra's infinite but even goes so far as to use his Wall Kick as part of it. The Wall Kick will put your opponent into the air in such a way that you'll get more hits out 214A, and also have an easier time following up. Solid damage.


Item Compatibility

Nightmare Blade

  • Vritra's signature weapon that increases his damage output and critical hit rate. A very very good choice for Vritra.


  • While it isn't nearly as good of a choice in the console version with the removal of the guard switching bug, the Talisman IB can still be useful for landing cross-ups. Another way of using it is landing his Wall Kick off of a successful SA counter. Difficult to do on reaction, but certainly not impossible.

Character Chemistry


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Sandra
  • Curse Head
  • Elion
  • Fina
  • Evetta
  • Dorgan
  • GerhardsenII
  • Mara
  • Orc
  • Troll
  • Goblin
  • Bernhard
  • Nsidor
  • Zon

Advantage Matchups

  • Vargan
  • Ramda

Fair Matchups

Vritra's only fair matchup is against Nagar. He has no disadvantage matchups.

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Sword jab that has decent range and speed for an A normal. It will link into 623A on regular hit and links into itself and 236236X on counter hit. A very good close-range tool.


  • Long-range sword stab that serves as one of Vritra's best pokes. It has the same range as 2B, which is another great poke, but as it hits mid, it can be dash-clashed.


  • X-shaped slash that has less range than all of Vritra's B normals, but makes an okay anti-air. One's primary concern is the startup, but the vertical hitbox is good, so spacing and knowing when your opponent will strike from the air will help your chances of success.


  • Not only does Vritra have to stab things twice, he also has to kick things twice. Well, maybe just in this move. It's a pretty slow move and it moves Vritra forward a lot, so it's probably not something you'll want to use frequently.



  • Close-ranged dash stuffer that looks like more of a flick than an actual slash. Has slightly less range than 5A/6A, but you'll barely notice it.


  • Long-range foot stab that hits low and has a slight edge over its brother, 5B, simply because it can stop dashes. This move has the strange property of being cancellable only on block, which can be useful if your opponent is catching wise to your game and you wish to switch things up a little bit.


  • Turning double slash that can be cancelled on the first hit and will knock down on the second. It has slightly more range than 2B, but only because Vritra moves forward as he spins in a circle. It should be noted that this move will stop after one hit if it has been blocked and suffers from the recoil effect of every other C move. 2D is a safer alternative, but it has less range. Plan accordingly.


  • Low. Meaty. Kick. Cancellable. There are only so many ways to say this, but it's important to note that this move can be used as a pursuit and also opens up cross-over possibilities with 236D. Kind of like doing Slayer's dash over and over again like an asshole. Same idea.



  • Quick slash with Vritra's right hand that has exactly the same amount of range as 5A, can't be linked, but does slightly more damage. Don't even waste your time trying to use this as anything remotely resembling an anti-air because it has no vertical hitbox whatsoever. Slightly more damaging poke (on hit and block) with less options than 5A on hit. Yawn.


  • Lunging double stab that easily has the most range out of all of Vritra's normals, and can be cancelled on the first hit. The only problem is that this move is only cancellable on hit and not on block and at max range, you'll only be able to score a single hit that is far less damaging than 5B or 2B. Use sparingly.


  • It's a turning double slash with slightly less range than 6B, but more than the other basic B moves and get this: the first hit cancels on hit and block, the second hit only on block. The only way to actually get the second hit to connect on block is by doing the move far enough away to actually whiff the first hit, which is pretty much pointless. You'll probably be counter-hit out of this move a lot, so you probably don't want to use it.


  • Side kick that pushes Vritra forward and sends the opponent flying in typical blowback move fashion. One of the proud few cancellable 6Ds, it makes wall-bounce options that much sweeter. It's too bad you won't really use this move all that much.



  • Like 6A, only with shorter range and no damage bonus. It's decent for clashes and is cancellable, which makes it immediately more useful. Good for instant overheads on all but the shortest characters.


  • Horizontal stab that looks pretty much like 5B and is used like most other j.Bs as a solid air-to-air. Also works as a jump-in on taller characters like Troll and Bernhard.


  • Double sword plunge that doesn't seem like it should boast a whole lot of range, but seems to get the job down pretty well. Used for jump-ins or clashing attacks directly below Vritra.


  • Downward kick that can be used to cross-up. Works effectively when used from the 623D command jump as it gives your opponent much less time to react than simply jumping into the air and trying to do it.

Normal Throws

Front Throw: 6D (in close)

  • Vritra pulls the opponent close, then demonstrates how a giant pair of scissors works. Can be pursued on knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (in close)

  • Vritra slides behind his opponent, then demonstrates how a giant pair of scissors works. Can be pursued on knockdown.


A savage thrust forward that's the same animation as 646A, that can spell instant death for your opponent near the corner. A successful wall-bounce can lead to 646X follow-ups or the use of Vritra's 669D wall-kick which can be used to start his infinite. Downing an aerial opponent opens up the ability to 2D > 236D, which can be used as a cross-over and can be difficult for your opponent to react to. Standing mid-screen opponents are less susceptible to this tactic, but a similar method can be employed.


Shout Strike: 236A/B/C

  • Turning forward slash that becomes many slashes. 8 in total.
  • After the initial hit connects, you must mash A/B/C repeatedly in order to keep momentum and actually score all of the hits.
  • Final hit ends in blowback which will wall-bounce and open up juggle options.
  • Button strength affects overall damage and range of first slash. A is short, C is long.
  • Burst cancellable.

Battle Cry: 623A/B/C

  • Anti-air slash that cuts directly above Vritra. 1 hit.
  • Button strength affects speed and damage. A is fast, C is slower.
  • Places opponent in juggle state.
  • Burst cancellable.

Howling Jump: 214A/B/C

  • Vritra performs a forward flip.
  • Button strength determines distance. A is short, C is long.

Raging Cut: A/B/C(After Howling Jump)

  • Helicopter slash that travels in an arc.
  • Button strength doesn't matter, but they must be mashed in order to keep Vritra airborne.
  • Places an airborne opponent in a juggle state.

Raging Kick: D(After Howling Jump)

  • Fast downward kick that causes Vritra to bounce off after contact.
  • Plummets opponent on air hit.

Front Shift: 236D

  • Command dash forward with upper-body invincibility.
  • Useful for cross-overs.

Back Shift: 214D

  • Command dash backwards with upper-body invincibility.

Dodge: 22D

  • Upper-body invincible dodge move that doesn't move Vritra.

Front Leap: 623D

  • Quick, low jump forward.
  • Used for cross-ups or applying pressure.

Back Leap: 421D

  • High backward jump that's usually used for wall-kicks.

Cyclone Cutter: 214A/B/C, in air

  • Spinning attack that floats opponent on hit and places in juggle state.
  • Has slight landing recovery.

Pain Strike: A/B/C, repeatedly

  • Series of violent forward stabs.
  • A is 3 hits, B and C are 5 hits.
  • Requires 6 successive inputs.

Fatal Strike: 646A/B/C

  • Vritra rears back, then violently thrusts forward.
  • Button strength determines damage, speed, and distance. A is quick, C is slow.
  • Wall-bounces on hit but the recovery is too long for juggles.

Front Dash Kick: 66D, in air

  • Front kick that bounces off the wall and juggles opponent.

Back Dash Kick: 44D, in air

  • Back kick that bounces off the wall and juggles opponent.

Mana Bursts

Rampage: 236236A/B/C

  • Highly damaging 13-hit autocombo that finishes with blowback.
  • Has slight invincibility and first hit does not clash.
  • Can juggle airborne opponents but will lose a lot of hits as a result.
  • Burst cancel timing is abnormally long. Anywhere from the 2nd hit to the 9th hit.

Vicious Killer: 214214A/B/C

  • Ascending series of slashes that finishes with a kick. 7 hits.
  • Button strength controls angle of ascent. A goes straight up, C further outward.
  • On whiff or block, will not finish with kick.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 16 5 +4 -1
6A No Mid 21 6 0 -1
2A No Mid 19 6 +2 -1
j.A Yes Overhead 5
5B Yes Mid 22 9 +6 -5
6B Yes Mid 42 12/18 -5 -6
2B No Low 29 8 -2 -4
j.B Yes Overhead 8
5C Yes Mid 41 13 -3 -16
6C Yes/No Mid 52 13/22 -5 -21
2C Yes/No Low 57 12/24 Knockdown -21
j.C Yes Overhead 13
5D No Overhead 49 19/26 -4 -13
6D Yes Mid 44 17 Blowback -17
2D Yes Low 26 7 0 -9
j.D Yes Overhead 7