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Ramda's console version
Ramda's arcade version


While not quite the "shoto" of the game, Ramda is very possibly the easiest character to master in the game due to his extremely straightforward play and lack of any truly extensive combos. Powerful footsies, high damage output and good defense.

The Basics



5A/2A xx 623A or 214214X or 236236D

  • Basic link that comes out pretty easily. You can use j.D to cross-up, then land on the other side and hit them with 5A and link the 623A. You can also use Death Pierce if you want to score more damage and depending on whether or not they wall-bounce, you can work in 623A or a second Death Pierce as well.

2B/2D > 236B >[214214A/B/C]

  • Basic 2-in-1, good damage. 2B has more range and is a better footsies tool but 2D is Ramda's designated low-hitting meaty. You can tack on the designated Mana Burst after the combo for more damage and to push them further towards the corner. Burst cancel is required for everyone except Goblin and Nsidor.

2D xx 2D > 236A [>236236C]

  • Double low meaty to basic supercancel. You want to be as close as possible for the initial 2D in order to get the link properly, and from there it's simply a matter of basic cancelling. Good damage and you can pursue after to further milk it.

6B > 214C > 214C

  • Ramda's furthest reaching combo and one of his most important. On knockdown it creates a good opportunity for an ambiguous cross-up. Once it connects, short dash up and forward j.D, and depending on where you stop in your dash you will either cross-up or remain on the same side. Extremely difficult to see, which can lead to another knockdown and similar oki setup.

2C > 2C > 236C/623C

  • Difficult to land outside of a landed jump-in or a conveniently spaced punish, but by far his strongest meterless combo (about 30% without any attack-boosting items). The choice between 236 and 623C is mostly screen-specific, as 623C is much easier to connect in the corner than 236C, but it also sets up better oki when midscreen. 236C just does more damage, if only a small fraction more, and is easier to execute due to the game's sometimes stringent DP inputs.

5D > j.214A

  • Only works properly on Troll and Nsidor as their hitboxes are much higher than everyone else's. It's not a combo that you'll be using frequently, but it's an interesting addition to your repertoire.

j.C, 2B > 236A [>236236C]

  • Really basic jump-in combo that can be used on block as a safer alternative to 5C. Pretty much anything that combos into 236A can be supercancelled if you have the meter and think it's worth it.


j.C, 2C, 2C > 623A xx 214214A or 623A or 623D

  • Basic corner combo for Ramda that can be altered to suit the player's needs. Use the second 623A if you don't have meter for the super or 623D if you don't want your opponent to tech. Feel free to use 2D as a pursuit if your opponent is lying on the ground.

Requirements: Blood Sword

2D > 236B > (Blood Sword IB > 2C > 2C)x3 > 236C

  • Practical way to set up the Blood Sword IB loop, which deals a maximum of 70-80% on virtually every character, but is extremely costly, meter-wise. The 236B will space you perfectly for you to finish with 236C for max damage.

Requirements: Earth Hammer + Zon Assist

j.C > (2C > Call Zon > Hammer SA)x3 > 2C > 623A > 623D

  • 100% damage loop, costs 3 full bars. The timing is not strict whatsoever, you can basically mash on Call Assist/Item SA during the other's animation and it will work. Don't expect to land this in a real match though.

Requirements: Hellfire Sword + Zon Assist

j.C > 2C > 2C > Call Zon > 2C > 2C > 236B > 214214A > 2D Pursuit

  • Another death combo, only this one is against defensively weaker characters and only requires 2 bars to do. Make sure to do the super as late as possible after the 236B (do not just cancel into it), otherwise it will whiff and you will be unable to complete the combo.
    • I have yet to land the fourth 2C in this combo which leads me to believe that it is not actually possible, on anyone other than Goblin, as Zon's assist causes them to float lower than necessary. In order to keep the combo going, one needs to wait just a split second before performing the third 2C so that the 236B can connect, then supercancel into Death Pierce. Linking Death Pierce after 236B doesn't seem possible and it isn't necessary as the meter accumulated from 4 successive C attacks is enough for a supercancel and Death Pierce can be delayed. The last problem with this combo is that it does not actually do enough damage to kill the opponent with only 2 bars, as the third stocked bar increases the overall damage of the combo. Even with this boost, this combo only does around 99% and does not actually kill any of the cast unless a critical hit is scored or they just happen to have Nightmare Blade equipped. Cole Wilson 14:03, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

Requirements: Hellfire Sword + Sandra Assist

j.C > (2C > Sandra Assist)xN > 2C > 623A > 623A or 623D or 214214A > 2D

  • Impractical, meter-heavy corner loop that has a number of variations depending on how much meter you're willing to blow or what you happen to be in the mood for. Sandra can be summoned up to 3 times if you have no interest in ending the combo with Death Pierce, but only twice if you wish to. Finishing with 623D is the more damaging option than 623A if you don't have the meter for 214214A.

Requirements: Hellfire Sword + Nagar Assist

j.C > (2C > Nagar Assist)xN > 2C > 2C > 236C

  • Yet another ridiculous 3-bar corner loop that takes advantage of an assist and the ability to float the opponent with 2C. The trick to keeping this going is timing your 2Cs so that Nagar can actually land on top of the opponent in order to connect properly. This can prove nearly impossible on the initial 2C, but the timing becomes more familiar in the later ones. Just wait a little bit after her fireball connects before you hit 2C again to give Nagar enough time to reset and to make sure she connects properly. This combo will do close to 100%, but it will also cost you all of your meter.


Item Compatibility

Hellfire Sword

  • Raises Ramda's damage output by a very large percentage. It also makes his near godlike pokes even more dangerous than before because you can do a ridiculous amount of chip damage.


  • Compensates for Ramda's less than average magic defense. It also works as a defense against characters with intimidating projectiles (Vargan, Nagar) and opens up corner loop possibilities with the IB.

Shining Bow

  • Stock Action useful for closing the distance since Ramda lacks a projectile of his own.
  • Item Burst comes in handy for use after 2C or 236B.
  • 2C > IB works after a wall-bounce from a Mana-Counter.

Earth Hammer

  • Raises Ramda's physical attack by 20% and opens up corner loop possibilities with the use of Zon assist. As Ramda is a largely physical character, the increase in damage is a nice one.

Character Chemistry


  • A solid choice if you're playing the Human Team, Sandra's assist can clash and punish projectiles and will also launch on hit. She can also be used in a really meter-heavy corner loop that is guaranteed to inflict a lot of damage as long as you are willing to spend 2 bars.


  • Vritra's assist is incredibly useful for breaking the enemy's guard and once you've managed to do so, the last hit of his series of attacks will launch the opponent, allowing you to score free damage.


  • Nagar's assist can be employed in a corner combo like many other characters, but will often have mixed results off of Ramda's 2C. A better use for her assist would be as a surprise attack against characters that rely heavily on keepaway tactics as Ramda lacks many good ways to get in.


  • As Mara's assist cannot be clashed, this can be a good way to punish clash-happy opponents who constantly try to close the distance by dash-clashing. Can be easily comboed off of after.


Serious Advantage Matchups

  • Evetta
  • Troll
  • Bernhard
  • Mara
  • Nsidor
  • Curse Head
  • Fina
  • GerhardsenII
  • Goblin
  • Dorgan

Advantage Matchups

  • Orc

Fair Matchups

  • Elion
  • Sandra
  • Zon

Disadvantage Matchups

  • Vritra
  • Nagar
    • Don't use 236236X if Nagar has meter unless you're positive that the first 4 hits will kill her as the damage from her 720 can quickly turn the tide of the match or outright kill you.
  • Vargan

Serious Disadvantage Matchups

Ramda has no serious disadvantage matchups.

Move Analysis

Normals and Command Normals



  • Ramda hits with the hilt of his sword. Always use this move inside 2A range and not 2A or your opponent will stuff it with their 5A, if it's at least 5 frames.


  • A fairly quick overhead swipe. Horizontal range is pretty poor but its vertical range makes it a really great anti-air. You are also able to buffer 623C into the move for following up after clashing with jump-ins. This will be your anti-air of choice.


  • A slower overhead swipe with better range. Terrible start-up(17f), leaves you at disadvantage even on hit, and doesn't have enough range to warrant trying to use it for spacing. This is really only good for combos off of j.C and nothing else.


  • Generic overhead kick that virtually everyone in the game has. Unfortunately for Ramda he cannot combo after his on hit, as it leaves him at -/+0f, and is punishable on block. Will also whiff on short crouching characters like Zon or Dorgan. Use sparingly, if at all.



  • Ramda's overall best tick. Although 5A starts up faster, 2A's range is far superior and you won't have to worry about accidentally getting 6A and then being at too much frame disadvantage to properly tick. It appears to hit low, but it in fact hits mid, so don't bother trying to use this in your high/low game.


  • AMAZING poke. Probably Ramda's best overall. Hits from about halfscreen, can cancel into any special/super and has more frame advantage than 6B. Best use for this is to poke from just within max range and buffer 236A. At max range 236A is safe on block and it nets you free chip and good spacing.


  • While not a useful footsies tool outside of hitting extremely telegraphed jump-ins, this is Ramda's party starter of sorts. All of his corner loops and big damage combos stem from this move. This move is the primary reason that Ramda's ambiguous cross-up j.D is so powerful, so make sure to implement it into your game. I have to reiterate, though, do not use this in your spacing game. It is at a huge disadvantage on block and can put you down a heavy amount of life against a lot of characters.


  • Poor range for footsies(ironically), but a superb cancellable meaty that is fairly safe on block. Ramda's ground oki game is nowhere near as scary as his aerial oki game, though, so use sparingly.



  • Though it has better range than 5A by a considerable amount, it doesn't leave you with much frame advantage on hit and starts up the fastest of all of his light attacks. Don't rely on this much. 2A is still superior up close, but you can incorporate this to gain some ground if you find yourself in between the zones where 2A or 2B would work best.


  • Though not as useful as 2B, 6B is still one of Ramda's best pokes. More range, though a little less safe on block, so make sure to keep at max range while using this. Max range will keep you safe from random reversal damage and is extremely difficult to get around due to the fact that it will smack jumps out of their startup and beats the vast majority of pokes in this game. If your opponent tries to get smart and dash-clash your poke, you can cancel into 214A to punish it.


  • Another incredible max range poke. Up close you leave yourself at hefty frame disadvantage and are begging for a combo to the face, but from just outside of half screen, this will bat away any of your opponent's attempts at throwing normals out there. Beware of random dashes, as you are unable to cancel this move into something to punish their clash.


  • A completely worthless move, you will get this a lot when you attempt to tick throw at improper ranges. Terribly unsafe on block and you can't really do much off of it even after a wallbounce. Really bad.



  • A pretty useless jump-in and an even more useless instant overhead. Only Troll and Nsidor can be hit while they're crouching, so don't even bother using this.


  • Fast, reliable air-to-air. You can even cancel into j.214A on clash to hit them out of the air. Can also be used as an air-to-ground jump-in against larger characters such as Troll and Cursehead, as it is much faster than j.C and more difficult for them to clash with.


  • Typical heavy jump-in. Pretty fast for a C normal, this is good for pressure and when you aren't going for cross-up setups.


  • Ramda's best jump-in and an extremely pivotal part of his gameplay. Due to the tricky hitbox and animation, you can create extremely ambiguous cross-ups off of a myriad of situations, such as a landed throw, 236A/B/C and 623A/B/C. Also good as a standard jump-in. The basic setup for this is to land a knockdown, dash or walk up to a certain range (to where Ramda's feet are nearly touching the grounded opponent's) and perform the move. If you perform the move early, you won't cross up, and if you perform it late, you will. You can also adjust the spacing to do a late j.D that doesn't cross up, or an early j.D that does. Upon landing it, you can combo into 2C for big combos that put you in another situation to create the setup. Bear in mind this is all assuming your opponent does not tech, which makes 236A/B/C the best move to set this up with.

Normal Throws

Forward Throw: 6D (when close)

  • Ramda picks the opponent over his head and slams them forward to the ground. Opponent can be pursued after knockdown.

Back Throw: 4D (when close)

  • Ramda picks the opponent over his head and slams them backwards to the ground. Opponent can be pursued after knockdown.


A dashing shoulder tackle similar to the beginning of his Barbarian Rush mana burst. If hit while the opponent is grounded, juggle/reset follow-ups are possible in or near the corner. As an anti-air, this will float them close enough to where you can juggle from anywhere on screen. If hit from about midscreen while the opponent is grounded, where combo follow-ups are not possible, you are able to dash forward to ambiguous cross-up range for a solid oki follow-up.


Body Separation: 236A/B/C

  • Heavy downward slash that breaks the ground apart.
  • A version is fastest, relatively safe on block, and does not knock down.
  • B version is slower, but floats the opponent high into the air.
  • C version is slowest, most damaging, and knocks down on hit.
  • A and B version are burst cancellable.

Wing Cutter: 623A/B/C

  • Anti-air slash that cuts up and toward Ramda.
  • A version is fast and hits once. It can be used more than once in the corner.
  • B version is slower, moves Ramda further forward but only hits once.
  • C version is slowest, moves Ramda the furthest forward and hits twice.

Loop Slicer 214A/B/C

  • Leaping circular slash that hits twice.
  • Button strength determines distance.
  • Burst cancellable.

Loop Slicer Finisher: 214A/B/C (After Loop Slicer)

  • Follow-up to Loop Slicer that hits once and knocks down.

Tackle Throw: 236D

  • Unblockable tackle that serves as a command throw.
  • Only works on grounded opponents.
  • The windup on the move makes its use somewhat limited, but it can be incorporated as a surprise attack to catch opponents off-guard.

Jump Catch Throw: 623D

  • Anti-air version of Tackle Throw.
  • Can be used during juggle combos but is rarely worth doing so.

Sword Rush: A/B/C, repeatedly

  • Series of 4 slashes, similar to 6A animation.
  • Minimum of 6 inputs required.

Death Descend: j.214A/B/C

  • Spinning sword plunge that hits 3 times.
  • Highly unsafe and best used in very specific situations.

Mana Bursts

Barbarian Rush: 236236A/B/C

  • 5-hit autocombo that finishes with a downward slash.
  • Button strength controls distance of initial dash tackle.
  • First hit (the tackle) does not have clash frames.
  • Can be super burst-cancelled on the 4th hit.

Death Pierce: 214214A/B/C

  • Quick stab super that can be charged up to 3 levels by holding the button.
  • Each level is signified by a distinct audio cue and each one does significantly more damage than the next. A fully-charged Death Pierce will do around 1/3 of a life bar.

Muscle Drive: 236236D

  • Super throw that hits 4 times.

Frame Data

Attack Cancel State Total Start-up Active Hit Guard
5A No Mid 16 5 4 +4 -1
6A No Mid 21 8 4 +2 -1
2A No Mid 18 7 4 +4 -1
j.A No Overhead 6
5B Yes Mid 26 9 4 +2 -4
6B Yes Mid 28 9 6 0 -4
2B Yes Mid 26 9 6 +2 -4
j.B Yes Overhead 9
5C Yes Mid 44 17 6 -2 -16
6C No Mid 42 17 8 +1 -18
2C Yes Mid 37 13 5 Float -21
j.C Yes Overhead 13
5D Yes Overhead 38 19 6 0 -9
6D No Mid 40 15 4 Blowback -15
2D Yes Low 26 9 4 +2 -7
j.D Yes Overhead 9