Chaos Breaker/Nightmare Blade

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Nightmare Blade - Use Count: 3

Possession Effect

  • Attack +10%, magic +25%. Critical-rate up.
  • Vritra-specialized equipment. Increases physical attack power by 32% and magic attack by 25%. Normals do chip damage.

Stock Action

  • A charged, unblockable attack that takes on the animation of your character's 5C. Takes about 2 seconds from startup to hit animation.

Item Burst

  • Three streams of dark lightning that cover half the screen vertically and the whole screen horizontally. Use it to tack on extra damage at the end of juggles where you normally wouldn't be able to reach your opponent. Only the area between the top and middle streams actually connects, so you'll have to time it. Untechable. Comes out in 8 frames.