Taskmaster (MvC3)

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Taskmaster's official artwork


Taskmaster has photographic reflexes, which allow him to copy any movement he has seen perfectly. He uses his abilities as a mercenary working for the highest bidder.



Normal Moves

Special Moves

(???) Airokay.png - Aim of Hawkeye | Taskmaster fires a few arrows from his bow. He can fire them forward or straight up which will make the arrows rain down a second later.

(???) Airokay.png - Spidey-Swing | Taskmaster swings on a rope, much like Spider-Man on his webs. Also like Spidey, Tasky's Swing can be comboed into and out of.

(???) - Shield Counter | Taskmaster preforms a counter. If he is hit in his counter state he pulls off a painful counter attack. Seems to have a high counter, low and a projectile counter that reflects the projectile back at his opponent.

(???) - Judo Throw | Taskmaster throws his opponent to the ground, then shoots them in the chest.

(???) - Shield Skills | Taskmaster preforms his own version of Captain America's Charging Star. Unknown if this is is a special or simply a command normal.

Hyper Moves

(???) Airokay.png - Hyper Aim of Hawkeye | Taskmaster takes aim and fires a flurry of arrows. Air version can be aimed forward or downward (downward hits OTG).

(???) - Black Knight's Counter | A counter super much like Weskers. Counters normals and supers, but not projectiles. If hit during the counter super, Tasky slashes the opponent multiple times before shooting them in the head.


The Basics

Advanced Strategy