Hsien-Ko (MvC3)

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Hsien Ko's official artwork


In a Darkstalker attack on their village, Hsien-Ko’s mom gave her life to save her family. Now, Hsien-Ko and her sister fight to save their mother’s soul.

First Appearance: Darkstalkers



Normal Moves

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.png - Anki Hou | Projectile attack. Sometimes Stuns or throws an explosive bomb. Button used determines Angle:

  • L.png | Straight forward, low arc.
  • M.png | Up/Forward, High arc (about 45 degrees)
  • H.png | Straight up, then falls straight down on opponent.

Qcb.gif + Atk.png Airokay.png - Henkyou Ki | Gong. Shoots a slow projectile out that blocks or reflects other projectiles. Travels about half a screen length.

Dp.gif + Atk.png Airokay.png - Sempuu Bu | Pendulum. Goes into the air and swings forwards, then backwards attacking. Can be cancelled into any normal.

Hcb.gif + Atk.png - Houten Geki | Special Throw.

Hyper Moves

Tenraiha (Level 1) | Drops 2 ton weight and spiked balls on the enemy. Hits OTG.

Cheireitou (Level 1) | Makes a wave of spikes come out of the ground. Travels more slowly than magnetic shockwave.

Daibousou: Rimoukon (Level 1) | Gives Super or Hyper armor.


The Basics

Advanced Strategy