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Storm's official artwork


Ororo Munroe was gifted with the mutant ability to control weather. She joined the X-Men and has been one of their most reliable members.


Storm's Colors


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAirokay.png - Whirlwind | Fires a whirlwind horizontally across the screen.

Qcb.gif + Atk.pngAirokay.png - Double Typhoon | Two vertical typhoon projectiles are placed on the screen.

Any direction + Atk.png+S.pngAirokay.png - Lightning Attack | Storm rushes in the direction specified with a hitting energy field around her.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.pngAirokay.png - Lightning Sphere | Fires a lightning projectile.

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAtk.pngAirokay.png - Lightning Storm (Level 1) | Lightning erupts from Storm's body in all directions.

Qcb.gif + Atk.pngAtk.pngAirokay.png - Hailstorm (Level 1) | Storm floats towards the back wall, calling hail down on the opponent. Does great chip damage, and hurts assists a LOT.

??? + Atk.pngAtk.png - (Level 3) | Storm encases the opponent in ice, then batters them with whirlwinds.


  • α - Whirlwind: Shot | Front F.png
  • β - Typhoon: Shot | Front F.png
  • γ - Lightning Strike: Direct | Tilts Upward Uf.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy