Tron Bonne (MvC3)

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Tron Bonne's official artwork


A pirate and mechanical genius, Tron Bonne uses her servbots to do her bidding.



Tron Bonne's colors


Normal Moves

F.png + M.png - Gustaff Fire | Flamethrower attack, minilauncher.

F.png + H.png - Bandit Boulder | Rock Projectile.

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.png - Beacon Bomb | Causes temporary stun on hit, button used determines angle.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.png - Servbot Launcher | Shoots a servbot up into the air, that then parachutes down. *does button affect angle?

Rdp.gif + Atk.png - Bonne Strike | Charging Drill attack.

Qcf.gif + Atk.png - Bonne Strike (air version)

Hcb.gif + Atk.png - Bonne Mixer |

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Servbot Takeout (Level 1) | Beam hit to canned animation.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Servbot Surprise (Level 1) | also known as King Servbot, Servbot gets large and attacks, provides some cover from attacks that would go through the animation

Hcb.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Bonne Slam (Level 3) | Command throw, can be cancelled from Bonne Strike.


  • α - Bonne Strike: Direct | Front F.png
  • β - Gustaff Fire: Shot | Tilt Up Uf.png (Flamethrower Minilauncher)
  • γ - Bandit Boulder: Shot | Front F.png (Rock Throw Projectile)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy