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Wesker's official artwork


Albert Wesker was part of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team. However, he was secretly working for the Umbrella Corporation. He has since betrayed Umbrella and is now working for Tricell.



Wesker's colors


Normal Moves

Right.gif+H.png Samurai Edge | Shoots gun forward.

Df.png+H.pngAirokay.png Samurai Edge (Low) | Shoots Gun towards the ground (OTG effects).

Special Moves

Qcf.gif+Atk.png Ghost Butterfly | Wesker dashes forward with a palm thrust that has various effects on the opponent depending on the attack button used.

  • L.png (Knockback)
  • M.png (Wallbounce)
  • H.png (Passthrough)

F,d,df.gif+Atk.pngAirokay.png Phantom Move | He teleports from where he is and appears in a different area of the stage depending on the attack button used.

  • L.png (Forward)
  • M.png (Backward)
  • H.png (Up-Forward)

Qcb.gif+Atk.png Jaguar Kick (Command Grab) | L.png / M.png / H.png (Allows for follow-up.) | This is Wesker's command grab attack.

Rdp.gif+Atk.png Tiger Uppercut | Wesker's Special Counter attack.

  • L.png (High Counter - Auto Launch)
  • M.png (Low Counter - Wallbounce)
  • H.png (Projectile Counter - Wallbounce)

Qcf.gif+Atk.png(L.png) Cobra Strike |

Qcf.gif+Atk.png(H.png) Jaguar Dash |

Hyper Moves

*** These names are just temporary substitution until we learn the real attack names. ***

Qcf.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png Phantom Dance (Level 1 - Airokay.png) | Wesker uses his great speed to hit the enemy back and forth repeatedly, similar to Spider-Man's Maximum Spider.

Qcb.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png Rhino Charge (Level 1) | During this Hyper, Wesker gets into a stance where he positions his arm for an attack. If the enemy lands a melee attack on Wesker during this sequence, he unleashes a powerful thrust, which does exceptional damage to the opponent.

F,d,df.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png "Missile Unleashed" (Level 3) | This is Wesker's Level 3 Hyper. Wesker hits the opponent with various attacks from every direction incredibly fast, and finishes with a missile to the face of the opponent.


  • α - Ghost Butterfly | Shot | Forward Right.gif
  • β - Samurai Edge (Lower Shot) | Direct | Tilts Downward Df.png
  • γ - Jaguar Kick | Direct | Forward Right.gif

The Basics

Advanced Strategy