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Spencer's official artwork


Spencer is a bionic operative for a special branch of government. However, the government betrayed him, forcing him to go rogue.


Spencer's colors


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Airokay.png Qcf.gif+Atk.png - Wire Grapple | Spencer fires his grapple out in a direction based on the button pressed. L.png directly in front of him. M.png at a 45 degree angle up (down in air). H.png Straight up (down in air). Each version of the ground grapple must be followed up with another input. No followup causes the grapple to release the enemy and return to Spencer. The air version automatically uses the M.png followup.

  • L.png Spencer pulls the enemy close and then punches them away
  • M.png Spencer pulls the enemy close and kicks them away, causing a wallbounce that can set up a combo.
  • H.png Spencer pulls the enemy close and drops them at his feet, which can be followed up with a combo or his command grab.

F,d,df.gif+Atk.png - Jaw Breaker | Spencer's command grab. He grabs the opponent and smacks them up into the air, giving him a free juggle combo when they come back down. H.png version can be used as an anti air.

Qcf.gif+S.png - Armor Piercer | Spencer quickly jabs forward with his bionic arm, sending the opponent flying and bouncing them off the wall for a free combo.

Airokay.pngAtk.png+S.png - Zipline | Spencer shoots his bionic hook out in whichever direction you press, latching on and quickly pulling himself to that location. If you hit an enemy with it it causes a small amount of hitstun. Be careful, you can only cancel the air version of this move with the attack, if you do it on the ground you can't do anything until you reach your destination.

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png - Bionic Manuevers | Spencer shoots out his bionic arm to grab the enemy, which initiates a quick multi hit combo. The initial grab of this attack is identical to his Wire Grapple special.

Qcb.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png - Bionic Lancer | Spencer does a quick, large dash punch with his bionic arm, sending any enemy it touches spinning through the air. The attack can be followed up afterwards by quickly jumping into the air and using the M.png version of his wire grapple to pick them up off the ground.


  • α - Wire Grapple: Shot | Forward Right.gif
  • β - Wire Grapple: Shot | Tilts Upwards Uf.png
  • γ - Armor Piercer: Direct | Forward Right.gif

The Basics

Advanced Strategy