Viewtiful Joe (MvC3)

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Viewtiful Joe's official artwork


Sucked into Movieland, Viewtiful Joe fights for truth and justice using the time altering powers of his V-watch, which is activated by the magical phrase "Henshin."


Viewtiful Joe's regular and alternate colors


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.png - Voomerang | Joe throws a Voomerang, holding for 1 second produces flaming Voomerang.

Qcb.gif + Atk.png - Bomb Toss (Shocking Pink) | Joe tosses a bomb, holding Down.gif kicks the bomb forward.

Qcb.gif + Atk.png - Red Hot Kick (Air Only) | Can do up to 3 times in the air.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.png - Groovy Uppercut | Joe's Dragon Punch.

Mash + Atk.png - Air Joe (Air Only) |

Hyper Moves

Hcb.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Viewtiful God Hand | Speed debuff on hit. If enemy switches out while effected and switches back in, debuff will still be in effect.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Mach Speed | Can combo after.

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Desperado |


The Basics

Advanced Strategy