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Dante's official artwork


Dante, the main protagonist of the hit series Devil May Cry. A demon hunting mercenary, known through heaven and hell for his sharp tongue, and even sharper blade. In Marvel vs Capcom 3, Dante is based around his incarnation in Devil May Cry 3.



Normal Moves

Df.png + H.png - Wild Stomp | Downward angled volley of bullets. Hits OTG and can be cancelled into Stinger

Mash H.png - Weasel Shot | Fullscreen gun attack, like Deadpool's Trigger Happy. There is also an up/forward version of this move

  • Mash S.png Prop Shredder | Cancel any pistol move into quick circular sword slash. Can be jump cancelled.

Mash H.png Airokay.png (Only) - Rain Storm | Shot a volley of bullets straight downwards.

B.png + H.png - Million Stab | Rapid Sword Stabs.

F.png + H.png - Stinger | Quick Forward stab, causes wallbounce on airborne opponents.

  • Mash H.png - Million Stab | Cancelled from Stinger

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + L.png - Multi Lock | Fires a number of particles that quickly shoot the opponent. He can charge the move to get more particles, and can move while charging.

  • Qcf.gif + L.png - Acid Rain | Cancel Multilock and fire a pink beam into the air, that splits and shoots a number of beams down around him.

Qcf.gif + M.png - Crystal | Creates pillars of ice that shoot forward. Short-ranged 'wave' projectile.

  • Qcf.gif + M.png - Million Carats | Cancel Crystal and surround yourself in ice, works as an AA

Qcf.gif + H.png - Hysteric | Fire a number of homing missiles in a forward fan. Slow startup.

  • Qcf.gif + H.png - Grapple | Cancel Hysteric and fire a grappling hook that pulls the opponent to you.

F,d,df.gif + L.png - Twister | Surround yourself in a twirling blaze of fire.

  • F,d,df.gif + L.png - Tempest | Cancel Twister and create an even larger multi-element storm.

F,d,df.gif + M.png - Volcano | Creates a Seismo blast like effect directly in front of him. Can be jump-cancelled for air followups.

  • F,d,df.gif + M.png - Beowolf Combo II | Cancel Volcano and do a series similar to lightning legs, ending in a ground bounce.

F,d,df.gif + H.png - Jam Session | Creates a purple column of lightning centered on his body.

Qcb.gif + L.png - Reverb Shock | Shoulder Barge, hits OTG

  • Mash H.png - Fireworks | Cancel Reverb Shock into a Spinning Shotgun Attack. Hits OTG, causes Float.
  • Mash S.png - Dance Macabre | Cancel Reverb Shock into a Sword Combo. Knocks Away.

Qcb.gif + M.png - Revolver | Spinning Nunchaku attack, Bounces, possible Crossup.

  • Mash H.png - Fireworks | Cancel Revolver into a Spinning Shotgun Attack. Hits OTG, causes Float.
  • Mash S.png - Dance Macabre | Cancel Revolver into a Sword Combo. Knocks Away.

Qcb.gif + H.png - Jet Stream | Charging, spinning Sword attack. Knocks Away.

  • Mash H.png - Fireworks | Cancel Jet Stream into a Spinning Shotgun Attack. Hits OTG, causes Float.
  • Mash S.png - Dance Macabre | Cancel Jet Stream into a Sword Combo. Knocks Away.

Qcf.gif + L.png Airokay.png (Only) - Killer Bee | Diving attack that causes Ground Bounce

  • Qcf.gif + L.png - The Hammer | Cancel Killer Bee into a quick double Hammer blow. Causes Ground Bounce.

Qcf.gif + M.png Airokay.png (Only) - Air Play | Creates a cluster of bats that attacks downwards. Charge for a larger Cluster.

Qcf.gif + H.png Airokay.png (Only) - Sky Dance | Straight Downward spinning attack.


  • Qcf.gif + S.png - Drive | Cancel Launcher and send a shockwave across the screen.

D.pngD.png + S.png - Air Trick | Teleport above and behind opponent.

F,d,df.gif + S.png | Front Flip.

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Million Dollar (Level 1) | Fires a series of bullets across the screen, followed by a powerful final blast.

Qcb.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Devil Trigger (Level 1) | Enters a powerful Demon state. Regenerates Red health, and you can do the following moves while powered up:

  • Qcf.gif + S.png Airokay.png (Only) - Air Raid | Fire energy beams downward.
  • F,d,df.gif + S.png Airokay.png (Only) - Vortex | Dash rapidly forward in the air.
  • Qcb.gif + S.png Airokay.png | Flight Mode

F,d,df.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Devil Must Die! (Level 3) | Does A series of Stinger blows, followed by a charged slash. Knocks away.


  • α - Jam Session: Direct | Front F.png (column attack)
  • β - Crystal: Shot | Front F.png (Ice Explosion)
  • γ - Weasel Shot: Shot | Front F.png (Bullet projectile)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy