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Morrigan's official artwork


A fun-loving succubus, Morrigan is very powerful and prefers to neglect her duties and spend time in the human world.



Morrigan's Colors


Normal Moves

Down.gif + S.pngAirokay.png - Shell Kick, quick air attack that hits up to three times.

Special Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAirokay.png - Soul Fist | Her signature projectile (direction change based on strength of attack button pressed.)

F,d,df.gif + Atk.png - Shadow Blade | Morrigan's "Dragon Punch-esque" attack.

Hcb.gif + Atk.png - Vector Drain | A special grab, where Morrigan taker her opponent into her embrace, lifts them slowly into the air, then spirals downward towards the ground, implanting the opponent into the foundation below.

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif + Atk.pngAtk.pngAirokay.png - Finishing Shower (Level 1) | Fires a slow Barrage of missiles.

F,d,df.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Shadow Servant (Level 1) | Sends a wave of shadows from the ground, hits OTG.

Down.gifDown.gif + Atk.pngAtk.png - Astral Vision (Level 1) | Creates a clone that can attack but not be hit on the opposite side of the enemy.

Rdp.gif + Atk.pngAtk.pngAirokay.png - Darkness Illusion (Level 3) | Charges slightly forward and does an auto combo attack.


  • α - Shadow Blade: Direct | Tilt Upward Uf.png (Anti-Air Assist)
  • β - Soul Fist: Shot | Direct F.png
  • γ - Dark Harmonizer: Instant | Special S.png (Charges approximately 30% Hyper Meter)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy