Hulk (MvC3)

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Hulk's official artwork


When Bruce Banner was exposed to radiation from a gamma bomb, the power of the Hulk was unlocked. Now, whenever Banner gets angry, he becomes the massively strong and powerful Hulk.


Hulk's colors


Normal Moves

Special Moves

B.gif(charge),F.gif+L.png - Gamma Wave

Qcf.gif+L.png - Gamma Charge

F,d,df.gif+L.png - Antiair Gamma Charge

Hcb.gif+L.png- Gamma Tornado (grab)

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png - Gamma Tsunami

F,d,df.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png - Gamma Quake


  • α - Gamma Charge
  • β - Antiair Gamma Charge
  • γ - Gamma Wave (Quake)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy