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She-Hulk's official artwork


When Jennifer Walters received a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, she gained the power to become She-Hulk.


She-Hulk's colors


Normal Moves

Right.gif+H.png - She-Hulk's overhead that transitions into her "Runner's Start" (Hold Right.gif) or Wallbounce (Hold L.png)

Down.gif+H.png - Sliding Hard attack that, upon successful hit, allows her to transition into "Runner's Start" (Hold Right.gif) or "Wallbounce" (Hold L.png).

(While in Air) Down.gif+H.png - This attack resembles She-Hulk's "Senton Bomb" attack.

Special Moves

Qcf.gif+Atk.png Heavy Strike | She-Hulk's Command Grab attack that dizzies the opponent for a moment afterwards.

  • L.png - Forward Version
  • M.png - Anti-Air Version
  • H.png - Ground Dash Version

F,d,df.gif+Atk.png Somersault Kick | She-Hulk's "Flask Kick-esque" attack.

Down.gifDown.gif+S.png Runner's Start | She-Hulk's starter for extra attacks.

  • Right.gif+L.png Torpedo | Hits the opponent low. (Has OTG properties).
  • Right.gif+M.png Clothesline | Hits the opponent with a crumpling clothesline attack.
  • Right.gif+H.png Somersault Kick | She-Hulk flips backwards and performs a "Flash Kick-esque" technique.
  • S.png | Cancel Maneuver

(???) Wallbounce | She Hulk rebounds back towards the wall to follow up with a series of different attacks depending on the attack button used.

  • L.png - Flying Cross Chop
  • M.png - Drop Kick
  • H.png - Senton Bomb
  • S.png - Cancel Maneuver

Hyper Moves

Qcf.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png Emerald Cannon (Level 1) | In this powerful sequence, She-Hulk kicks her opponent, rebounds to the wall, hits them with her chest, rebounds again, then finally sends the opponent plummeting to the ground with a devastating booty drop. Extra attacks must be input after the initial drop kick attack.

  • Qcf.gif+S.png - Attack No. 2
  • Qcf.gif+S.png - Attack No. 3

F,d,df.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png Taking Out the Trash (Level 1) | She-Hulk's Anti-Air Hyper attack.

Hcb.gif+Atk.pngAtk.png Sunday Driver (Level 3) | She pushes the opponent to the ground, and then accidentally tosses an intruding car on him. The car then explodes for additional damage. There are reports that even if the grab portion whiffs, the car can still drive on to the screen and hit the opponent for minor damage.


  • α - Torpedo | Shot | Forward Right.gif (Hits Low)
  • β - Clothesline | Direct | Forward Right.gif (Crumples on hit)
  • γ - Somersault Kick | Direct | Tilts Upward Uf.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy